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Main Event The Ties That Bind

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Atomic Knight

Bear With Me
The Convergence Series GM

A horrible infection has spread worldwide. An infection that causes human beings to lose all sense of morality and civility, resulting in them going on violent rampages all over the world. Those infected possess a red cross-shaped rash on their face, and as such, are referred to as "the Crossed." Now, it's up to the survivors to put an end to the Crossed epidemic and find out who's behind it all!

The Ties That Bind

Cast List

Dallas as Dallas (PAYDAY 2)

Magnestia as Jehoel (The Apocalypse of Abraham)

Scave as Aiden Pearce (Watch_Dogs)

Flaming Centurion as Dandy (Space Dandy)

Jon N64 as The Arbiter (Halo)

Jeremiah as Annie (League of Legends)

AwesomeGu117 as Commander Shephard (Mass Effect)

The Golden Witch as Lambdadelta (Umineko no Naku Koro Ni)

Unusual Philosopher as Colombus (Zombieland)

Russian God as Vaas Montenegro (Far Cry 3)

Reaper Jack as Kiritsugu Emiya (Fate/Zero)

TSMBjergsen as Yasuo, the Unforgiven (League of Legends)

JayJay as Ellie (The Last of Us)

Leo Barnes as Leo Barnes (The Purge: Anarchy)

MrWubsDubs as Vi (League of Legends... again.)

Verite as Shiki Tohno (Tsukihime)

Kawashima Thunderas as Jill Valentine (Resident Evil)

LunarDiscord as Claire Redfield (Resident Evil)

Saturnice01 as Garrus (Mass Effect)

Lunar-Eclipse as Mikasa Ackerman (Attack on Titan)

Lorr as The Dullahan (Irish Mythology)

Evil Ephemera as Lightning (Final Fantasy)

MattieLee as Matt Miller & Kinzie Kensington (Saint's Row 3&4)

Kaatty as Lara Croft (Self-titled series)

Hunter2258 as Chrom (Fire Emblem: Awakening)

Bombielonia as Debra Morgan (Dexter)

Xibilation as Ariel (The Little Mermaid)

Flowershadow as Adachi Tohru (Persona 4)

Cressy as Solaire of Astora (Dark Souls)

Hatty Hattington as... Hatty Hattington (Battleblock Theatre)

SuperChocoMilk as Clementine & Luke (The Walking Dead)

Deeox2 as Subject Delta (BioShock 2)

The Gil as Bigby Wolf (The Wolf Among Us)

Sandra as Rin Okumura (Blue Exorcist)

RainbowWave as Molly (The Walking Dead)

Roki R. Kankai as The Courier (Fallout: New Vegas)

Yuuki Tatsunohi as Ryuuko Matoi (Kill la Kill)

Misterchids as Oswald Mandus (Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs)

MozoWhittaker as Scorpion (Mortal Kombat)

Elondora as Wynne (Dragon Age: Origins)

Delayinder as Isaac Clarke (Dead Space)

TheAlmightyEmperor as Rand Al'Thor (Wheel of Time)

LannTheClever as... Lann the Clever (Game of Thrones)

GreenSea as Junpei Iori (Persona 3)

Klutzy Ninja Kitty as Elsa (Frozen)

Ahzek Ahriman as Ahzek Ahriman (Warhammer 40k)

SirDerpingtonIV as The RED Spy (Team Fortress 2)

TheFelixMoon as James Earl Cash (Manhunt)

Atarf as Katniss Everdeen (The Hunger Games)

Teh Frixz as GLaDOS (Portal)

Umbraism as "Fem" Hei (Darker Than Black)

Hayden as The Hermit (Underhell)

Trickster Vixen as Black Widow (Marvel)​

Atomic Knight

Bear With Me
The Convergence Series GM
"Glad You Came"

The sun does down...

It's 7:00 pm. A booming nightclub, not far from Caesars Palace, romanticized as a modern pinnacle of Roman architecture, explodes in a dazzling star-struck night as singers, actors, actresses sway their body to the beat...

The stars come out...

The night sky shines down in a majestic glow. A newly-wed bride, bundled under a blanket, feels the scent of the Vegas atmosphere wash over her, mingling with the scent of the man she knew would protect and love her for the rest of her life. They were happy...

And all that counts...

A dirty-blonde model, sporting a baby blue two-piece bikini, steps into a sparkling pool of water...

Is here and now...

A boy pulls a teenage girl close to him. Their lips touch. It's her first time being kissed...

My universe will never be the same...

It's a lucky day for a middle-aged man. He walks out with a cool swagger, a black bag of hard-earned cash from a casino in tow...

I'm glad you came.

The dance floor-- A display of blue laser lights fill the air, intermingling with party goers and the DJ. A crowd of drunk college co-eds shout and throw $20 bills at some glamorous, high-end stripper on a pole. Some young Japanese girl, probably mid-20s, spoke in her native language in an eccentric tone, a Hello Kitty iPhone 5 pressed against her cheek. The party crowd is booming, to say the least, with kissing, gossiping, and dancing, the ideal youth's dream. And why not? It's Vegas, baby!

You cast a spell on me, spell on me

You hit me like the sky fell on me, fell on me

And I decided you look well on me, well on me

So let's go somewhere no-one else can see, you and me

A boy in his twenties, sporting a pink tank-top and blue denim shorts, has his head hung down...

Turn the lights out now....

His neck twitches slightly...

Now I'll take you by the hand...

A cute Spanish girl approaches him, brunette and drunk off her ass...

Hand you another drink...

Drink it if you can...

“Hi.” She smiles, longingly looking at him with emerald green eyes...

Can you spend a little time...

Time is slipping away...

The boy looks up and the girl presses a hand over her mouth, horrified....

Away from us so stay...

The boy grins widely, a massive cross-shaped scar, red in color, ran across his youthful features.

Stay with me I can make...

“I see yoooooou~” He says sweetly, before lunging forward and plunges his teeth deep into the girl's left ear, ripping apart the muscle fibers and sinew.

She screamed... and screamed... and screamed...

Make you glad you came.



North Three-Nine to Ground, do you have your target, over?”

The uneasy BSAA Warrant Officers piloting the Chinook helicopter looked straight ahead, the sparking embers of the 'Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas!' sign reflected in the canopy windows. The Chinook swayed out wide over The Strip, looking down upon the mass of bodies accompanied by wildfires. A downed Boeing 747 burned brightly over the Stratosphere Hotel Casino.

“Affirmative. This is BSAA Captain Chris Redfield, we're clear to land.”

The Chinook rear cargo ramp opened up, giving way to Redfield's voice, “Remember, this is a rescue op: Get the civilians out, eliminate all hostiles impeding your goal.” He walked purposely toward the ramp, rappel line hooked against his tactical belt, and dropped out, his form disappearing into a tattered Casino below. It wasn't long before his troops followed him...

Below, in the battlefield, bright flashes of humans and Crossed were fighting. Tracers lit up the night while flares burst and drifted over the city, accompanied by billowing clouds of high ordinance explosions that cracked the earth. A Crossed male, clad in a white-and-red Elvis suit passed by with a fully-automatic MP5, blowing holes into the lower torso of a BSAA soldier. He didn't have enough time to scream as his body fell to the ground below. It wasn't long before the fallen soldier too was infected as he laughed maniacally, unleashing a volley of 5.56 rounds at his former comrades.

“Ground Units, engage your targets!”

Redfield trained his G36 rifle on an oncoming horde of Crossed, his men following suit. The air whirred with thunderous automatic weapons fire as they stepped into the fray...

The siege of Las Vegas has begun.



What... time was it?

It had been a few since the Crossed appeared. Maybe you came here intentionally, or perhaps you woke up here mysteriously, far away from your beloved homeland and tossed into this new hellish landscape in the midst of what appeared to be an insatiable bloodbath. Others were here, uninfected and finding themselves here at this exact spot at this exact moment in time.

Off to the left was a lone figure, his rifle barrel stuck between himself and a Crossed male as he struggled to throw the infected off.

“Chriiiiiiiiis~" sang the Crossed. "Oh, Chriiiiiiiis~” The infected propped himself forward, a thin trickle of drool running from his mouth. His outfit, military apparently, was torn and dirty. “C'mon, man, just one bite...”

Chris' rifle swung in an upward arc, catching the jaw of the Crossed male, smashing it up and into the front of his face, teeth shattering in a spray of white shards. Blood erupted from his ruined mouth, causing him to stagger back, giggling, as if Chris had told the funniest joke in the world, “D'awww, do yah love me Cap'n?! I never knew!”

“Stand back, Williams! I'm warning you!”

“How about this, ya pussy BITCH! YOU--”

A bullet screamed from Chris' rifle, cutting through the air, and plowed into Williams' cranium with a brittle wet crack. Blood and tissue sprayed out from the point of impact. The dead Crossed twitched slightly, his brain signals sending out its last effort before dying out indefinitely.


The cold, hard end of a barrel turned toward the group of survivors watching the scene. Chris' gaze lingered over them.

“... Civilians?” A pause. “Good. Come with me.”

In a matter of moments, Chris had led the survivors to a completely intact, unadulterated Museum of Natural History.

When Chris led the group inside, they found that the Museum was quiet. Deathly quiet, considering the war that was going on outside. Dinosaur bones propped up neatly thanks to wires and cables stood at the entrance, accompanied by a perfectly reconstructed Wholly Mammoth, its face permanently contorted in surprise.

A massive skylight illuminated the moon above as little dust specks danced about. The marble floors were cleaned and polished, vibrant in appearance. The entire infrastructure seemed to be held up by large white pillars that led to an upper deck.

“Enjoy the calm, folks. I guarantee it won't last for long.”

Atomic Knight

Bear With Me
The Convergence Series GM

Oh good, her proxies had come online~

Her central databanks had been cold for far too long. Testing and retesting had grown monotonous with those two idiots managing to both succeed and fail miserably at nearly every test she had thrown at them. The science she had been producing was no longer at an acceptable level. It truly was time to mix things up.

Humanoid creations, capable of providing a stable platform from which her influence could spread outside Aperture. The subjects here were no longer valid and looking outside of her home dimension, there was little she could gain by acquiring them. They could be like her...

The interpersonal android interface device was a proxy to work from. Powerful anchors of the dimensional sort would provide the direct control link, the remains of test subjects providing a proper body and most importantly a supply of deadly neurotoxin.

It isn't much longer before Proxy GLaDOS forty-seven B entered this dimension. Neatly moving along, the proxy began a search for a link to interface with. There wasn't much in the den of vice and idiots but strangely enough her proxy was quickly boxed and with other humans. They stank.

Screaming continued outside, perhaps that was the native form of communication in this dimension. Irritating but useful in hard to hear environments. Keeping her sensors on full observance, GlaDOS simply watched.​

Atomic Knight

Bear With Me
The Convergence Series GM
The RED Spy was playing a Slot Game in the extravagant Excalibur Casino. He rolled only two 7s and cursed under his breath in French. He had decided that he had enough with these games, and he was going to get some money. He looked up, seeing one of the staff enter the bathroom with a devilish grin crossed his face, so the Spy got up and followed the man. He entered the bathroom and saw the man open the stall, so he opened the stall door, knife in hand. He froze when he saw the man was eating the face of another. The employee turned, a red rash shaped like a cross on his face. The Spy dived forward, cutting the Crossed's neck, before impaling the knife into the Crossed's chest. He pulled it out as the Crossed fell dead and stepped back, swearing in French. He ran out of the bathroom and then heard the screams.

Hours of chaos and blood later, the Spy sat in the museum, leaning against a pillar, smoking a cigarette. He looked around at the other survivors, thinking.​

Atomic Knight

Bear With Me
The Convergence Series GM
The lone detective sat calmly in the bar of the dance club that he had gotten into, strangely seeing it rather lonely and deserted, blood everywhere and corpses scattered in several places with weird marks he hadn't seen before. However, he only sat on one of the stools, a bottle of wine in his hand with a small sigh and a look of disappointment on his face.

"Man, I heard Las Vegas was a much livelier place, somewhere I could have some fun. And here I am finding out it's more deserted than the prison lunchroom... well, besides those guys I saw being all batshit."

Adachi Tohru, a man of many words and many mindsets, yet one who always wanted to follow the easy life. He stood up slowly from his stool, a disinterested expression on his face while he had what looked to be a Smith and Wesson revolver with six bullets ready for firing. He casually twirled the revolver around in circles, slightly drunk from the alcohol he ingested as he was talking to himself. He was lightly kicking at one of the mangled corpses he saw on the floor of the club that was still playing the same music it was before chaos ensued.

"I went to all the trouble of getting a plane flight out here after I was released with bail money. Might as well go and see where the party moved to." hic "The world keeps on spinning, so let it keep spinning long as I have fun."

Adachi found himself wandering out of the dance club and through a deserted, nearly untouched area of Las Vegas that had seemed to be slightly more peaceful than others during the Crossed outbreak, letting out a small sigh as he looked around and started to hear voices. His attention was drawn to the tall museum that also seemed to be untouched as of yet, Adachi giving a small shrug of his shoulders at the sight. He walked towards the immaculate structure and entered to see the large group that was amassed there already, He held his revolver down at his side with slightly red cheeks due to his drunkenness. It seemed there was a bit of blood on his suit and his shoes, but nothing more than that. He decided to casually announce his presence, unaware of the soldier that was among them and protecting them.


"Pleasure seeing you all! Where'd all the fun go, huh? You gotta keep yourselves lively in Vegas, as they say!"

His presence seemed slightly unsettling with how calm he was, even though he was a bit tipsy. He took a chug from his wine bottle in his hand, casually keeping his revolver at his side in case someone wanted to try something on him as he waited for someone to speak up and reply to him.​

Atomic Knight

Bear With Me
The Convergence Series GM

"Come in X-Ray Three, come in--!"

All he heard. All Leo could think was, "What's going on?..." The sounds of gunfire were heard on the LAPD radio. Las Vegas was calling in for massive amounts of police officers all around the state and territories. Cruisers from California, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, Oklahoma, and states all around the South West. Leo was one of them, sent in by the Los Angeles Police Department, but to not show the loss of officers in the City of Los Angeles, they simply extended his jurisdiction to Las Vegas, without any permission from Las Vegas either way.

Driving a Ford Crown Victoria, he turned on his sirens, cars moving out of the way as tens to hundreds of Cruisers sped down the I-15.

Leo had his frequency to the LVPD as they tried to contact and comfort those who are dying and well... try to make some sense of what was going on. "13X13, can anyone respond on the situation!? Dispatch, requesting immediate assistance, help please--! Someone, fire on those bastards--!..."


Suddenly, a ton of voices came through, screaming, accompanied by gunfire and the sounds of Death himself. But then all six cruisers stopped, including himself as a voice came out, saying, "Run my pretties... Run and scream!~"

Leo hit the gas pedal as everyone else did as well, but they had been too late. There were sounds of gunfire in the distant Las Vegas, and this was only the beginning...

"What's going on?"

Atomic Knight

Bear With Me
The Convergence Series GM


While Vi sat alone in the corner of the museum, she hit her giant hextech glove, which was currently steaming, against the wall in anger. She used her other hand to tighten a red hot bolt and she quickly put her fingers in her mouth to cool them off. After a few seconds, she shook them and made sure they were okay. They were, so she placed her free hand back into her other gauntlet and leaned against the wall with a sigh.

She was glad to be alive.​

Atomic Knight

Bear With Me
The Convergence Series GM

"Wh-where am I?"

The blue haired man lay on the ground, his eyes closed as a slight pain ruptured through his head.

"D-Dammit... What's going on..?"

He used his elbows to push himself up, the flashing lights of the surrounding Casinos hurting his eyes a little as he tried opening them. After sitting up completely, he rubbed his eyes and glanced around, still unsure of his location.

"Lucina? Robin?"

He moved slowly, pushing himself onto his feet, a little wobbly and pained as his head began to hurt even worse. His right hand suddenly went to his head, rubbing at it as he took in his surrounding. He seemed to be in a park, a small fenced in area with a few benches and some trees throughout. A small pond lay in the middle, a concrete path going around it with a bridge crossing over the small source of water.

"I don't think I'm in Ylisse anymore..."

His hands patted down his body as he checked for any wounds and dusted his clothes off. His hands then went to his sides, his right thumb hooking onto his belt as his left reached for the hilt of his sword.

"Wh-what the..?"

He looked down to see his sword missing from its scabbard, Chrom looked around for it frantically.

"How could I have lost Falchion!?"

After looking around for few moments, he noticed a large amount of movement in the distance. Looking up, he saw a group of people walking into a large museum.

"Where could they be going to?"

He looked around for a little longer before also heading to the museum. Inside, he looked amoung the crowd, seeing if his sword was in the possession of someone else. After failing to find it, he walked to the side, leaning up against a wall with his arms crossed, still unsure of what was happening.​

Atomic Knight

Bear With Me
The Convergence Series GM

It was summer in her homeland of Arendelle. Warmth and vibrant plant life spread across the land like wildfire after Elsa had finally gotten control of her ice abilities. She no longer was a threat to her people and was deemed the queen that Arendelle had always hoped for. Her sister and all of her friends believed in her, but there was one person who did not: herself.

Although her wild ice had been tamed by love, she felt herself continue slipping mentally. What if she lost control of her powers again? What if she froze the lands permanently this time? What if she killed her sister, the only person who really mattered to her? With these questions plaguing her mind, Elsa decided to seek help in a faraway land.

"You know how I feel about ships, Elsa. Ever since our parents-- Ugh. Can't you just freeze the ocean and walk across or something?" her sister Anna asked, eyes ablaze with worry.

"I'll be fine, Anna," she assured, giving the younger girl's hands a small squeeze. "Just look after the kingdom while I'm gone," she told her, before boarding the ship. She left the land of Arendelle and traveled to visit a shaman who lived far away, explaining her problems.

"I can fix what ails you," the shaman stated, offering the queen a drink. "Drink from this and tell me what your problem is. It will be fixed. But be warned, the problem is not often fixed in a way you would wish it to be."

Nodding, Elsa took the cup and drank before saying, "My problem is Arendelle. I don't ever want to destroy it with my powers again."

The shaman smirked. "Poor choice of words."

Before Elsa could say anything, a black hole opened up in the ceiling. It spun angrily, sucking in everything it could--except the shaman--as if it had a hunger that couldn't be satisfied. Elsa tried to freeze herself to the ground and avoid it, but found the task impossible when she was swallowed inside it.

Three days later

She winced at every sound of flesh tearing in the streets. She flinched whenever she heard a scream. But Elsa felt better whenever someone would yell out to the crossed, calling them monsters. She herself had been called a monster before, and now she felt better about herself seeing there were worse monsters out there. She followed after the man taking civilians to the museum, seating herself in an empty bench after a few moments.

The queen snapped her fingers, freezing the tips of them and unfreezing them to keep her hands busy. She could tell her powers were weak, but they were still present. She had been a fool to trust that a shaman would solve her problems. The shaman was right. Her wish was not granted in the way she wanted. Sure, Arendelle would be safe from her powers now that she wasn't there and was in some strange, murderous land instead, but that wasn't what Elsa had wanted. Now, more than ever, she wanted out of this new nightmare.​

Atomic Knight

Bear With Me
The Convergence Series GM

"Ugh, shit. Why... why... why does my head hurt. Jesus, I just... I just..." He had just gone to sleep. Well, he wasn't asleep anymore, and his head hurt like hell. He could remember going to bed in Carver's camp, remembering how he was forced into that one jail of shit. Luke's eyes finally opened, and he realized where he was.


What the hell? Why was he in Vegas? Why? And why especially was he lying on the sidewalk? And where the fuck were all the walkers?! Everything seemed so normal. Like the apocalypse didn't happen. Cars were driving by, people were all hustle and bustle. It was so strange. He needed to find the others. Luke touched his back, finding his machete still there, and nodded. "Okay, good. I'm armed."

"Nick! Clementine! Sarah! Rebecca! Carlos! Kenny! Sarita! Mike! Jane?! Hell, even fucking Carver can come out! Anyone?!"

People shoved past him, pushing and making him stumble. "Hey, watch it, buddy," he said, but he was cut off by the screeching of brakes. Luke turned to the street, to see a car stopping, and a man jumping out.

Holding a knife.

A very wet knife.

"Uh, sir, what are you doing with that knife?! And what the hell is on it?!" Luke pulled out his machete, looking at the man's face. "And, shit, what, what the hell is that on your face?!" Luke said, referring to the red rash, shaped into a cross on the man's face. The man finally answered, a wild grin on his face.

"This, this right here is a knife that I'm going to stab you with, ha ha ha, and it's covered in my piss. Or cum, whatever, ha ha ha, works for you."

The man raised his knife, and Luke instinctively threw his machete out, the man's head flying clean off. Luke turned and ran, away from the crime, pushing past other people with red crosses all over their faces, and then into a casino.​

Atomic Knight

Bear With Me
The Convergence Series GM

In a darkened corner of the main hall of the museum, an elderly woman sat with her back pressed against the wall, and a long staff laid across her lap. She breathed deeply, observing the wounded that she had pulled in from the streets. Their wounds were severe and bloody. Some of them probably wouldn't make it; she had not found them in time. Others may have recovered, but judging by the dark circles under their eyes, and the hollow look within, they'd probably never forget whatever they saw-- those are wounds that she couldn't heal. She was fatigued at the thought, the emotion weighing heavily on her already desperate need to close her eyes, but the chaos of the last few hours had left her clinging to consciousness. The cold stone revived her a little, but not enough to fight off the pang of hunger, or the fear of the demons outside discovering their location.

Sighing, she stretched her tired limbs then pulled herself up. Soon they will be better, and she would need to get back out into the streets to resume her search for survivors.


Wynne pursed her lips and gripped her staff, feeling the slow stream of magic warm her hand before turning to the nearest group to begin her work again.​

Atomic Knight

Bear With Me
The Convergence Series GM

Dallas looked around the museum while trying to avoid most of the people. I can't trust anyone...not yet anyway. He noticed some of these "survivors" looked like they just got back from a convention in the city. He ignored them, though, they were probably some teenagers in costumes anyway. He removed my mask and hooked it to the belt loop on his pants.

He then walked over to the nearest bench, slowly sitting down. Pulling out his Chimano 88 Custom handgun, he removed the magazine to check how much ammo he had left.

"Damn..." He noticed he only had three magazines left, and only eight bullets left in the gun. I need to make every shot count... He leaned back while holstering the pistol and felt the cold marble wall touch the back of his head. He stared up at the ceiling and began to think about how the hell he was going to get out of here...​

Atomic Knight

Bear With Me
The Convergence Series GM

There were white light beams blinding Bigby Wolf, coming from everywhere around him. His eyes were hurting, and he wasn't sure if that was real. He still had memories of his death, his final fate. Maybe that was heaven, maybe it was hell. He never cared much about an afterlife, but it was probably going to be a big deal now. There was an oxygen mask over his face, and it crashed his mind like a building falling down. If he was dead, why would he need an oxygen mask? Why would he need to breathe at all? A woman's voice crossed his ear.

"Wake up Wolf, wake up! You're the only one that can do this, you're our officer! You must protect the fables!"

Someone grabbed him by his collar and lifted him up. He was still dizzy, unable to see the faces of any of the figures surrounding him. One door opened, and it was darker inside it, with a bit of light spreading around. Someone kicked his back, making him fall inside the darkness. A familiar voice talked to him, a grave voice of an old friend.

"Do what you have to do, Bigby, but come back in one piece."

On the ground, poorly dressed with his white shirt and his black pants, he turned around towards the door closing behind him. There was a weird symbol drawn in it, but it slowly vanished after a while. He got up from the ground, beating his shirt a little bit to remove the dust from it. An alleyway, that's where he was. He didn't have to walk around for long to find out that he was in Vegas. A different Vegas. There was fire on the streets, and he could hear people yelling and the sound of shooting. But that street was almost empty, despite all the signs of destruction that it showed. The vision of Bigby was getting better, and so was his nose. He smelled the scent of blood, so much blood. Nearby, he saw a man kissing the head of a woman with no torso. Turning around, the man looked at Bigby. The face of the man had a red cross in it, and he was grinning with insanity. A memory came back to Bigby's mind.

"Look, Wolf, they are really dangerous. You'll know when you see them because they have a big red cross on their faces. Do not bite them! We are not sure on how the infection spreads. Take them down any way you can".

Before Bigby could remember anything else, the man started to run towards him holding a sledgehammer. "HELLO SUNSHINE, I'M COMIN'!" Bigby dodged the sledgehammer and held it, taking it away from the man, proceeding to kick the man to get some space. "OHHH, YOU'RE A FANCY ONE--!" The sledgehammer came down against the man skull, crushing it to pieces and splattering blood on the ground along with his brains. Bigby decided it would be best to get to a safe place as he was still recovering from whatever had happened. The weird symbol appeared on one of the doors of the street houses, the same that appeared on the door from which he came. He turned the doorknob and walked inside, hearing a voice. "This is the last help we'll be giving you, Bigby. Good luck." Inside the door, there was the natural history museum. Bigby sat on the ground, near the bones of a small dinosaur. He lit a cigarette.​

Atomic Knight

Bear With Me
The Convergence Series GM

Rand whistled some archaic tune he couldn't remember the name of as he rode across the land. It had been quite a few years since all the events transpired and he was glad it was done, he was having a blast exploring the world as a nameless man. He's stayed in everything from a barn to a nice inn, sometimes he ate like a king and other times he was scrounging for food. It was similar to his time traveling, except he was no longer in fear of something always trying to kill him. Sure some men have tried, but it wasn't like before. He still missed his powers and was exploring his new ones. He could do some basic things that he could do before, but it was quite tricky and very different than weaving Saidin.

As he was traveling along, pondering what he could do with his powers, he came to a sudden realization. Rand, you wool-headed lummox, why didn't you think of this before? He tried opening a gateway, not really thinking of anything in particular as he merely wished to see if it would work, and huzzah! It did. He wasn't entirely sure where it led, only that wherever it was, it was loud yet seemed to be in the sky. Well, you've managed to make this much, I wonder where it will lead. Rand hesitantly stepped through and closed the Gateway behind him.

He was on a large flat isle of stone in the middle of the sky, it appeared. He decided to see how far up he was and looked over the ledge and saw that it was no island, but a large tower of some sort. It was larger than even the unfinished towers in Caemlyn. He was shocked and amazed. It was probably more grand than even the Shite Tower! Something of this magnitude could only have been built by the One Power! Where am I? I've explored many lands, but I could not possibly have missed this. Not even the Seanchan are bold enough to make such a large fortress, and it seems that are several more around this city. This city looks bigger than any other I've witnessed before. They've all been crowded, but this is insane. There are even giant moving... things of some sort. Wait, people are coming out of them, are they carriages? They must be powered by the One Power. I must see more.

Rand looked around for an exit from the roof of the building and eventually found one. The door looked expertly made and was made of iron or all things. He managed to simply blast his way through and started walking down the stairs. On his way down, a man in some kind of war paint started attacking him. "Hey there pretty boy~ What do you say to me fucking your eye sockets?!"

Disgusted, Rand quickly beheaded the foul man as he was armed with a knife and covered entirely in blood. "Oh, Rand. What have you gotten yourself into? What was wrong with this man? Perhaps I can assist with this problem. I believe Mat encountered something similar before..."

A couple of hours later...

Rand found himself in some strange building surrounded with people who are likewise, unsure of what was occurring.​

Atomic Knight

Bear With Me
The Convergence Series GM

Ariel woke up, her eyes wide. Someone was screaming in the distance.

"Eric!?" She turned to look at the other side of her bed.

It was empty.

"Eric? Eric, where are you?"

Ariel started to feel nauseous. Something wasn't right.

Ariel quickly jumped out of bed, her feet hitting the cold tile. Her nightgown was thin, flimsy, and it didn't trap any of the heat from under the covers. Ariel shivered. She ran a hand through her long, messy, red hair as she speed walked over to the door. Then she froze.

She wasn't in her room.

The grayness of the room around her was unsettling. Gray sheets, gray walls, gray floors. There was even some sort of moss growing in the corner. A feeling of dread fell over her, and a lump formed in her throat. Holy barnacles. Where am I?

Ariel's head snapped over to the window when the screaming stopped. Her breath caught in her throat. Someone laughed, a deep, guttural laugh in the distance. It chilled her to the bone. She looked back over at the door in front of her, debating whether or not to leave the strange room. Then she gave in, a shaking hand touching the cold, metal doorknob. She turned it slowly, cautiously pulling the heavy, wood door, and placed a bare foot into the space beyond her room.

Sebastian had always said that she was too curious for her own good.

Ariel looked at the building around her, breathing shakily. She was in a hall of some sort, with many shut doors that looked identical to hers. Is this like an inn? She placed one foot in front of the other and began walking. It was a long hall, and it took her a solid minute to walk down it. There was a smaller sort of lobby, she guessed, with a small desk in front of a flight of stairs leading down. Ariel walked over to it. There was a sign above the desk in the human kind of communication called writing that Eric was teaching her.

"H-A-M-P-T-O-N Inn?" Her quiet, gentle voice pierced the silence. She touched the wood, wondering where the person sitting behind it was.

Suddenly, Ariel heard a door creak open in the hall she just walked down. Ariel froze, her eyes snapping over to the opening door. A man stepped out, wearing a hood. She couldn't see his eyes as he walked towards her. Slowly. Steadily.

Ariel took a step back, her arms crossing over her chest. The thin nightgown was doing hardly anything to cover her, and she suddenly felt self-conscious.

"E-Excuse me, sir?"

Ariel was rewarded with silence as he kept walking towards her, the man getting taller as he got closer. Ariel took another step towards the stairs.

"D-Do you happen to know where we are?"

The man stopped walking only 3 feet from her. He slowly lifted his head, and Ariel had to contain a scream at the sight in front of her.

"Hello, bitch."

The man- or whatever it was- grinned down at her, his face stretching almost unnaturally. Bloody, fresh cuts covered his face, making a cross. "You seem like you would be... Fun." He licked his lips.

Ariel had no idea what he was talking about, but she was scared.

Very scared.



Ariel felt his rough hands on her shoulders, felt her feet slipping out from under her, and then immense pain.

As she lay there at the bottom of the stairs, a warm liquid dripping from her head, the hooded man unzipping his pants as he descended down the stairs where she'd been pushed, Ariel did the only thing she could think of at the moment.

Ariel screamed.​

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Dandy was sitting in an adult restaurant at a table with a cat wearing clothes and a short circular robot. "Dear god, I love Vegas!" he cried.

"Only because there are boobs and gambling..."

"Shut up, Meow."

A waiter walked over to the table and went to hand Dandy his drink. "Here's your drink, handsome~" she said sweetly. He stared at her boobies for the longest time.

Dandy felt a nudge on his arm as QT poked him for staring at her majestic boobs.

"..." Dandy sighed and the group continued the meal in silence.


After the meal, Meow started to cough and splutter for some reason, so the group decided to head to the hospital.

Dandy hit on a nurse. She was really hot.

She was gone for a while so Dandy went to go find her as Meow seemed to be getting worse and worse.

But Dandy found that the nurse was also sick. She was stumbling around, growling like some kind of zombie! He thought she was trying to hug me at first, but QT had followed along and pointed out that they wanted Dandy not for his looks and Dandy Pompadour.

Really, it seemed the nurse just wanted to kill Dandy.

The pair ran for a while but there were too many men and women out for their blood. All of them had the same red rash in the shape of a cross adorning their face. Before long, Dandy and QT were stuck in a hallway and blocked in from both ends as the horde approached.

Before Dandy knew it, they murdered QT. Ripped apart his mechanical body with no remorse. Having no other option, Dandy jumped out a window.

Luckily, another infected broke his fall. He proceeded to run down the street until he saw a group of people go into a museum. He followed along, soon founding himself among a group of creeps and weirdos. There was an alien among them, and Dandy had to wonder if he was registered. Would've loved to get some moolah.

But... nobody was talking. Did Dandy really have to break the silence?

"Alright! So, What's the situation? Zombies invading? Okay, now we've cleared that out the way, what do you suppose we do about it?"

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"Get the fuck away from me!" shouted Molly, her voice full of rage. Molly managed a strong push, shaving the large 6'4 male away from her and onto a small green circular table behind him. The table gave out a loud Crack! before collapsing, causing the young female couple sitting beside it to scream and quickly stand. The man smiled, his thin brown lips curling in an unnatural fashion. Molly took a step back, her brown shoes clicking against the cold neatly cut blocks of stone. She wore blue jeans and long-sleeve T-shirt, though the cold touch of the night was unaware to her. Still holding his smile, the man quickly sat up, his rough voice speaking to Molly.

"You look tasty! Mind if I get a bite?"

"The last thing that tried to bite me was an undead man, and he was far better looking than you." Molly managed another step back, getting a solid five feet between her and the man. Aiming her dark green eyes onto the man, she continued. "So, hell no you can't bite me!"

Molly lifted her left hand, exposing a brown beer bottle. Aiming the bottle at the man's head, Molly took a hard throw, and hit her target, causing the man to scream in pain and cover his eyes. Damn, I must have hit him in the eyes. This is my shot to run. Molly turned, facing the restaurant's exit, and took off like a swarm of bees after their nest is destroyed.

Molly ran for what seemed like an hour, only hearing madding screams and cries for help. After finally depleting all her energy, Molly stopped, crouching over and holding onto her knees. This can't be happening... this... it... can't... Molly managed to look up as an ax came to greet her face, but a familiar figure blocked the attack.

"Molly?!" screamed the feminine, childlike voice.


The female attacker smiled. The alley was barely lit, but even Molly could see the devilish grin the women was holding.

"Clementine you need to run."


"I said GO!" Clementine took off with the pace of a rabbit running from a fox. Molly quickly grabbed her small curved blade, and tightly gripped its long slender handle. The infected woman charged, swinging her ax. Molly manged to quickly block the attack, the blades meeting and making a loud cling. The women managed another swing, this time too quick for Molly to block. The ax ripped through Molly's side, causing a large four-inch deep cut to form.

"Dammit!" Molly fell to her knees, her weapon still tightly clutched in her hand. The woman didn't take long to approach her, causing Molly to quickly stand, and throw her hand back, and swing her weapon into the women's neck. Pulling her weapon to the left, Molly managed to kill the women, causing her to drop to the dirty ground. "You're done for, bitch." Pulling her weapon from the corpse, Molly continued searching for a place of safety.​

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Garrus sighed, looking around at the others within this Museum, making sure his M-15 Vindicator had a fresh thermal clip inside. He had no idea what was going on, for one second he was shooting down Reaper forces, but the next he was caught in this sick hellhole. Fortunately, he didn't seem to be alone in having any clue what was going on, so he felt comfortable enough to approach the person closest to himself.

He walked over to the man who just removed his mask and introduced himself. "Um, hi, I'm Garrus Vakarian, who're you?" He could tell by how the man looked at him that he was unfamiliar with Turians, not a big surprise as Garrus was pretty sure this was Earth before they knew what Eezo even was. Regardless, he knew he had to earn allies if he was to survive.​

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“Come here, you pretty girl...”

Junpei was kissing the floor in his sleep but was woken up by the surprising by the scream of a woman. “Huh...?” He slowly regained his consciousness and stood up, clueless on where he was. All he could see was gray wallpaper and an old wooden door. He tried to call his Persona, Hermes, but nothing happened. Was something wrong with him? Junpei decided to head out of the room to try and find his classmate.

“SENPAI!” he shouted and shouted but there were no signs of any response.

Junpei's stamina became depleted as he kept calling his classmate's name over and over again. As he rested at the end of a corridor, he saw a glance of a red-haired girl who was being carried by a black-haired boy. As they passed by the other end of the corridor, Junpei quickly ran toward them.

“Hey, guys! Wait!” Junpei gasped after the black-haired boy stopped. “Where am I? What is...” Junpei started to throw a lot of questions at them, faster than they had time to respond to. “Hey! Let me follow you guys! I can be this little missy's personal bodyguard,” Junpei looked to the redhead with a seductive gaze. Of course, even Junpei could realize when he was coming on too strongly, so he backed off a tad before continuing to speak. “Uh, anyway... My name is Junpei Iori! Nice to meet you all!” Junpei smiled shamelessly.​
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Claire let out a sigh rubbing one of her gloved hands against her face, the leather of the finger-less brown glove squeaking a bit when it dragged along the skin of her cheek, the soles of her brown combat boots clicking on the tiles beneath them as she made her way to the main foyer of the Museum, where Chris had told her the rest of the civilians he had picked up should be waiting.

"Well isn't this great... another damn nightmare to deal with, as if Raccoon City and Rockfort Island weren't enough."

Claire knew she was signing up for something fucked up when Chris had offered to pull a few strings to have her come along on one of his missions, but she wasn't expecting the horrors she had seen on the streets of Vegas, it was utter bedlam, and quite frankly, she was fucking pissed as much as she was shaken up. Claire had heard about the "Vegas Incident" just before Chris had sent his invitation to her, with no chance to do any research into what exactly was going on, it was either deny an offer to see her brother again and watch from home, or suck it up and head in blindly. Her headstrong nature is why she chose the latter, which was why she was currently in this Museum.

"Why don't you go see some of the other survivors I rounded up, go introduce yourself, we'll be with them for a while," Chris had said, practically shooing her away from the makeshift headquarters he and his BSAA buddies had set up in one of the exhibit rooms. Although she would most certainly rather stick by her brother during this mess, she would also rather listen to his orders than start an argument with him already, which would be the last thing she wanted.

After a few moments more, she finally made her way into the grand foyer, her eyes scanning about it as she took in the surprising amount of civilians that occupied it, but stranger than the amount of them, was exactly what the hell some of them were. She had seen B.O.W.'s before, really disgusting and out of this world mutations of natural organisms, but some of the... beings... in this lobby looked like they walked right off the set of a blockbuster Sci-Fi film. There were some normal looking people, like the clearly inebriated detective who had just stumbled in with a bottle of wine in his hands, and a revolver big enough to give her Beretta M-9 size envy, or the noticeably more gruff detective that had just lit a cigarette by the base of the stand holding the dinosaur bones. A few also appeared to be human, but dressed as if they had walked out of one of those conventions Claire was always interested in going to. Like the sharply dressed man leaning against a pillar, he was in a full red suit and had some weird sort of latex ski mask that was also a similar shade of red, or the pissed off looking punk chick over in the corner who was wearing mechanical gauntlets nearly bigger than her, not to mention her neon pink hair that contrasted from everything else she was wearing. Then there was the alien looking type she had first saw, his skin, should it be called that in his "culture" were varying shades of grey, and he wore large, rounded, blue, metallic armor that looked too heavy to move in, holding what seemed to be a futuristic assault riffle.

Deciding she would rather not give herself the headache of introducing herself to everyone at once, Claire moved over to the reception desk, trying to move slowly as if to reduce the noise of her footsteps, almost trying to hard too prevent drawing attention from herself. Luckily, without incident, she reached the office chair behind said desk, leaning back in it with some sort of grimace on her face. "This is going to be a hell of day, isn't it...?" She though to herself, watching the foyer from her post, seeing if anyone else would end up joining the "civilians" that had gathered here.​
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