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The Treasury


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In the basement of the palace one will find the treasury; the kingdom's home to all of which is found to be valuable. The room is guarded with two heavy wooden doors fitted with large deadbolts. Two guards are on watch of the treasury at all times. Once inside the room, which is rather large in size, there is gold, artifacts, paintings and anything and everything ever once thought to be valuable. The room has no windows and only one entrance.

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Dante - The Treasury
Dante continued down the palace corridors on the way to the treasury. It was eerily quiet, though he supposed that was probably because most of the soldiers were outside fighting off the skeleton army. Still, he kept his guard up, prepared for anything. He was not disappointed. As the treasury door came into view, two guards were keeping watch on either side of it. As soon as they saw Dante approaching, they lowered their spears. "Halt!" one of them said. Dante obliged.

Only two? This is too easy.

The sword in Dante's hand changed into the shape of a bow, and before the guards had a chance to react, the one on the right had a glowing, orange arrow sticking out of his face. The second guard didn't hesitate any longer and charged, but it was too late for him. He collapsed as an arrow was buried deep into his neck. Dante stepped around the body of the collapsed man and moved to the door, sliding off the deadbolts before heaving it open. He left the door gaping open as he stepped inside.

Something just doesn't feel right... Was all he could think.


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Jonathan Gold - Entering the Treasury

With young Micah in tow, Jonathan made his way into the mostly untouched treasury. "Guess the Underground was planning to rule from the palace from now on." He mused, looking over all the gold and jewels along the walls. "Search the other side of the walls for anything that looks like a safe." He ordered Micah. They'd find what they were looking for sooner or later.