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"Falling Skies"

Captain Commander Kieran stood in the Coalition Headquarters command room, watching his fellow members tap hurriedly away at displays and keys he couldn't even begin to understand. It was a little embarrassing as the guy with the most bureaucratic power in this place, but everyone knew he was fiercely determined to the Coalition's cause. He was a passionate fighter-- not someone who could sit behind a computer for any length of time.

That wasn't to say it wasn't an impressive feat. Kieran watched Jennifer as her delicate fingers flew across the keys, her eyes staring intently at the screen before her. The girl had come from an age where all of this wasn't even the wildest fantasy. After her initial shock had worn off, she'd taken to the technology in a manner that had surprised just about everyone. She'd assisted Makoto and Rex in the production of their training program, but of course, that had entirely gone awry. It didn't dissuade the girl, who still worked tirelessly every day to make sure every system was operational.

Jennifer and many others were currently operating the transportation of a number of Coalition members into their most dangerous mission yet. They were to travel to the Arch Demon's home universe and finally put a stop to his machinations. For Kieran and the Coalition, it had taken the better part of a year in order to finally obtain the coordinates needed to enter Akibahara's realm. It was a relatively short time, all things considered, but time worked strangely in the multiverse. A year could pass in one, while hundreds passed in another. They'd made use of this to some degree, and Kieran had felt safe with this. He had advocated waiting until they were more prepared, but Makoto said it was too late. The time to attack was now.

"It's starting!" an engineer announced. Kieran looked at one of the cameras, watching as the many people they had gathered be pulled into the strange blue portal of one of the two Gate rooms. They were ultimately a strange group, to say the least, and not the most powerful of warriors in all. That would be to their detriment, but those warriors were available and willing. Though they didn't all share the same motivations, that they were going at all is all that mattered.

Due to their limited resources and scattered operations, the Coalition had no means of gathering the force they wanted. A signal had been put out, in case anyone independent was willing to join in their battle. Many Coalition members had to stay behind for security purposes, but G.O.R.E. had sent a strike team to reinforce the main group. Everyone just needed to arrive safely for any of this to matter, and that was the part that was currently worrying Makoto.

The boy had stood beside Kieran patiently, but as he watched the group be transported, he began to pace. Kieran watched the boy as all that hope he seemed to have quickly faded away. "Can we really not get in touch with Julius?" Makoto asked, talking to the engineers. "He's the best on-site transporter we have... How could he go missing?" Jennifer turned in her seat and gave the boy a frown. She was thinking what Kieran was thinking, he knew. Akibahara was likely already aware of their plans. The Arch Demon had a knack for spying, but even worse was the leak they suffered recently. There had been little time to investigate the matter before this operation went underway, and so Kieran could only hope it didn't end up biting them in the ass.

"Jennifer," Makoto said, sounding alarmed. He was pointing at her display. "No, oh no. That's what I think it is, isn't it?" Jennifer turned and stared in horror at what she was seeing.

Kieran almost asked for them to fill him in when another engineer spoke up. "Something is pushing them. They're heading off-course, into an adjacent dimension."

Kieran swore under his breath. "Makoto, it's okay." He moved and grabbed the boy by his shoulder. "We prepared for this, at least."

"But, that's not all," said Jennifer. "We've never transported these many people at once. I never reasoned this would happen." The girl leaned forward, staring at the display at such a distance that Kieran felt would burn her eyes out. "There's an anomaly. Not just our men and women, but everyone heading into the dimension is being funneled into this new dimension. G.O.R.E. is outside the range... but whoever else heeded our signal will end up there as well."

"Then we need to get a man down there," Kieran said. "Makoto, work on establishing contact with the team. I'll call Leia."

Kieran briskly turned, leaving the command room. He felt like he was on fire, his hands tingling with dread and anticipation. This upset wouldn't be the end of their plans, but it would make their goal more difficult than they could have ever imagined.



New York stands in shambles, and it is in the ruins of this city that you have been transported to. Your arrival is far from peaceful, as you have appeared scattered amidst the rubble of a once-great skyscraper. Some of you end up underneath stone and debris, requiring assistance to escape. Up above sits the remains of another building, destroyed and leaning against a tall building on the other side of it, staring down at you. The sudden noise and activity cause a few bricks to fall from above.

The building threatens you with possible collapse.

Those of you arriving via the Coalition have all been given a wrist communicator. It flashes now, as someone tries to contact you. You hear garbled static.


"... ease... by... wait... urther... tion. We--"

And then it just cuts out.











@Atomyk as Claire Redfield [Resident Evil]
@FireDrake150 as Izana [Original Character] and Ace [Final Fantasy]
@Gummi Bunnies as Red [Pokemon] and Rinato Dormi [Original Character]
@BarrenThin as Lisa Castle and Frank Castle[Marvel Comics]
@The Tactician as Kazuya 'Abel' Mineshigiand Naoya 'Cain' Mineshigi [Devil Survivor]
@Verite as Shiki Tohno [Type-Moon]
@Krieg as Jon Snow [Game of Thrones]
@TheBombMan as Plutia [Hyperdimension Neptunia] and Gnar [League of Legends]
@Emperor Palpachu as Darth Vader, R2-D2[Star Wars] and The Doctor [Doctor Who]
@Mari as Bayonetta [Bayonetta]
@Klutzy Ninja Kitty as Aqua [Kingdom Hearts]
@Hospes as Teresa Agnes [Maze Runner] and Ridley Duchannes [The Caster Chronicles]
@york as Sophie [Cry of Fear] and Ruby Rose[RWBY]
@TheColourlessRainbow as The Charmed Ones [Charmed]
@Mighty Roman as Joseph Aniphage[Original Character/The Noble Magi]
@DapperDogman as Soul 'Eater' Evans [Soul Eater] and Ulysses [Fallout]
@Proxymoron as Nicki Minaj [Real Life]
@Nassi as Dante [Devil May Cry]
@MrDubWubs as Vi [League of Legends]
@Thuro Pendragon as Ezio Auditore and Desmond Miles [Assassin's Creed]
@Infinatis as Grail Trigadon [Original Character] and Specter Knight [Shovel Knight]
@M a r s as Lucy Heartfilia [Fairy Tail]
@Ryu Keiko as Ryu Keiko [Original Character]
@Josh M as Travis Touchdown [No More Heroes]
@Jenny as Margaery Tyrell and Loras Tyrell[Game of Thrones]
@Maddeline as Emily "Hunter" Grimes[Original Character/End the Cycle]
@Librarian Cat as Corvo Attano [Dishonored]
@Raven as Jake Long [American Dragon] and Stitch [Lilo and Stitch]
@TheBlueBurch as Chloe Price [Life is Strange]
@Jeremi as Storm and Crusader [Marvel Comics]
@SirDerpingtonIV as Nito [Dark Souls]
@Wedge Antilles as Legolas Greenleaf [The Lord of the Rings]
@Sandra as Sylveon and Umbreon[Pokemon]
@Dinoteen as Cell [Dragon Ball Z]
@OrlandoBloomers as Maxine Caulfield [Life is Strange]
@Schnee Corp Lawyer as Alice Margatroid[Touhou]
@ShadowPrime as Felix [Red vs Blue]
@OrionsHammer as Belphegor [Dark Souls]
@Unlimited RP Works as Archer [Type-Moon]
@Chris Lang as Kalifa and Kaku [One Piece]
@Meira as Revya [Soul Nomad & The World Eaters]
@FancyForrest as Wander [Shadow of the Colossus]
@The Silver Paladin as The Lone Wanderer/Riley [Fallout]
@Mtntopview as Frenzy [Transformers]
@Nater Taters as Booker DeWitt [Bioshock]
@ResistingTheEnlightened as Joshua Graham [Fallout]​

Atomic Knight

Claire - Intro

Claire sat in anticipation, her hands balled into fists on the metal desk in front of her. She stared blankly ahead at the door, as there wasn't much else to see in the tiny gray room. It looked like an interrogation room, and Claire figured that's exactly what it was being used for today.

"It concerns Chris," they had said, the assholes who'd decided to use her brother to lure her to this place. She knew the Coalition wasn't a fan of hers by any means, not that she blamed them, but she didn't imagine they'd use their own members in such a way. "It's urgent, and he needs you to visit the HQ."

Chris was ashamed of her, and it was largely why he'd joined the Coalition. She couldn't keep the secret to herself all those years without saying something. She'd killed people to save his life-- but not just his life. Her world was at peace. Thousands who'd died due to Umbrella and Tricell were alive now, and all thanks to her.

And all thanks to the deaths of about thirty-nine others.

Their worlds were safe, as far as she knew. Whatever lonely places they'd been banished to were not in actuality the homes they once knew. Claire had not destroyed thirty-nine universes, just thirty-nine lives. She repeated this to herself just about every night.

Chris had managed to contact the Coalition soon after she told him everything that she'd done. He didn't speak to her for a while and didn't tell her what he planned to do. When they arrived, she'd thought that Chris had asked them to take her away for what she had done. Instead, Chris had asked them to forgive her and said that he would work for them to make up for what had transpired. They still wanted to take her anyway, thinking she still held a link to Akibahara. Thankfully, Claire hadn't heard from him or Claudia at all in the decade that had passed. Neither did the thoughts of that other Claire, but her memories lingered.

Claire hadn't wanted her brother to leave, and so she had asked to join him. The Coalition was cautiously okay with the idea, surprisingly (perhaps they saw it as a way of her making amends), but Chris had refused, stating that he didn't want to put his sister in danger. She had almost reminded him that he was the who had been brought back to life, but that would have likely just worsened the situation. Her brother had always been a stubborn one.

So, while Chris went off risking his life, Claire had to stay behind to worry. She had to admit, she was lonely without her brother around. Despite her friendship with the Birkin family, Claire had a terrible social life. She couldn't maintain a friendship for very long-- hadn't even had a steady boyfriend since college. Everything always fizzled away, and Claire never knew why. Perhaps she didn't really feel worthy of anyone's friendship.

Chris was routinely unable to contact her for long periods of time, and the latest period of radio silence had been the longest yet. She'd figured the worst had happened, and with these Coalition agents knocking on her door... Well, Claire couldn't possibly say no to them.

Her arrival was kept secret, as far as she could tell. Certainly, there would be those who wished her harm, and the Coalition at least didn't seem intent on killing her. It became obvious that she wasn't going to see Chris, as she was bluntly told he was still on a mission and shoved into this small waiting room. They wanted something from her, and Claire dreaded to find out.

"Well, well," said a man as he entered the room. He smiled devilishly, and Claire thought it just made him look smug. He seemed a bit younger than herself, but with his thick brown hair and beard, he appeared older. "This is the traitor extraordinaire. Who would've known." He moved to the table and sat across from Claire, and she realized she wanted to punch him. A girl came in after, looking rather nervous to be here. She wore an attire that suggested to Claire she was here to report on this, rather than participate.

"Alvin, please..." she muttered under her breath. Great, this girl was scared of her. Claire resisted the urge to roll her eyes.

"What do you want?" Claire asked bluntly, causing the girl to jump slightly. The man apparently named Alvin tugged at his ascot, and Claire found it a terribly fitting attire for him.

"Jeez, you don't want to talk a bit? Maybe about an Arch Demon, or something?" Claire gave him a blank stare in response. As the girl shrunk in her seat, Alvin seemed emboldened by the silence. "Well, we are going to talk about him. Your brother's protected you this long, but it's time you do something to rectify your poor decisions. It's kind of sad how hard you worked to bring him back, and now he's the one working on your behalf."

Leaning back, Claire crossed her arms in defiance. "I've explained myself again and again. Your lecture is wasted on me."

Alvin's mood worsened slightly, though Claire wasn't sure why. Perhaps he suspected her to squirm more. They did put her in here for a very long time. "I see," he muttered, pulling out a photo. He placed it on the table, and Claire instantly recognized it as Sherry Birkin. "There is an operation being planned. We're low on numbers and we need everyone we can get. Due to your previous time working for Akibahara, we feel you'd be a strong candidate. Besides, isn't it about time you did something for us?"

Claire could only stare down at the photo. Alvin's words seemed to bounce off her head. He wanted her to... what? What did Sherry have to do with any of this? "Would..." Claire paused, licking her lips. She was suddenly incredibly thirsty. "Wouldn't you be worried I'd turn on you guys?"

Somewhat miraculously, the reporter-looking girl managed to find her voice. "You... it's been ten years for you, right? Chris said... you're reliable, and we trust him. We can trust you, for this." The girl managed a smile, and Claire felt as if she was supposed to be the good cop here.

"We trust you," Alvin agreed. "But not by much. That's why we've taken Sherry. She--" Alvin continued talking, but Claire felt like he'd punched her in the gut. She moved her hand, grabbing at the photo and pulling it toward her. Alvin eventually stopped when he realized Claire wasn't listening. She brought a hand to her forehead.

"Fuck you," she said, the room going deathly silent. How could they do this? Threaten Sherry to get her to work with them? The Coalition said they were benevolent, but clearly, they were just as bad as any other. Claire had worked so hard to change all this, and yet Chris still fought far away from home, risking his life. Sherry was still a pawn to be used. Perhaps some things were destined to stay the same, no matter how much was changed.

"We're, uh..." The girl was grasping for something to say. She didn't seem the type to be okay with this kind of behavior. "We're sorry. It's just a precaution. Necessary."

"We know the lengths you're willing to go to save your loved ones," Alvin said, his eyes lidded.

Claire shook her head, folding the picture of Sherry before stuffing it into her jeans pocket. "Necessary. I did what was necessary once, and none of you seem to understand." She stood up, standing over the table and looking down on the two agents. "I will do that again. I'll fight whoever you want me to. Just get me out of this room."


She found herself underneath something she couldn't quite describe. It was suffocating her, her eyes going wide as panic overtook her body. She opened her mouth to scream, but dirt fell into her mouth as she did so, causing her to cough and choke. She desperately wiggled her body to navigate this cramped space and found that she was able to manage some leeway. She felt metal cut into her hands as she pushed against whatever was on top of her leg. As her eyes adjusted to the darkness, she realized it was solid stone.

"Fuck!" she cursed, as her body finally moved an inch. She gulped greedily at air, finally able to breathe. Despite the narrow escape from death, Claire wasn't scared. This situation felt familiar, and Claire had been in too many closed spaces in her life to worry about the latest one.

It'd been ten years of relaxation, but it all was coming back to her.

She ignored her communicator as it beeped at her, turning herself around os that she was on her hands and knees. With a grunt, she managed to crawl forward, pushing through the cracks in the stone. This was certainly debris, but from what? Was this Akibahara's realm, or somewhere else? Claire wondered if he'd try to call out to her. She wasn't scared of a near-death experience, but the thought of being near that demon scared her. It scared her more than she'd like to admit.

After what felt like ages, Claire saw light coming from above. A crack in the debris above her showed a dull sky, and a ruined building leaning above her. This was not a safe place to be by any means. "Someone! Anyone! I need help here!"

Who knew if anyone would come to her aid. Claire reached down and touched at her pistol. She smiled, knowing it to be far more reliable than any human.
Plutia + Gnar

“We’re hereeeeeeeee~~~~~~~~~~”


Holding Gnar in her hands, Plutia had made it to this... shambled city.

“Ovagarava!” Gnar was trying to shake out of Plutia’s hand.

“Oh my. Do you want to play with the others? Go ahead~~” Plutia said as she let go of Gnar to “play” with the others.


@anyone who wants to meet up with Plutia or Gnar​


"Miss grimes," Emily looked up at Spader.
"It's time to wake up"
When Emily opened her eyes, only one opened. She tried to stand, but her head was pinned- her left eye was impaled to a block of concrete.
"Hello!?" She called out. She didn't know where she was- but she was stuck between a car and a wall.
Looking around, she saw a basketball net above her- so she was near a street or somehow was in a stadium.
Emily reached for her revolver, and pulled it out. Sparingly, she squeezed the trigger to signal for help.
It sounded like a mini explosion due to the small barrel. She still heard mostly silence, so she aimed the pistol as high as she could. Then, reluctantly, she fired three times.
"HELP! Is some out there?"
No response.
Fuck it. Hope it grows back!
With the last bullet, she places the barrel to the diagonal portion of her head, and pulled the trigger. She didn't hear the gunshot as she was deafened. The .44 blew a hole through the corner of her skull and mushroomed through the rebar, releasing her head. Emily grabbed the rebar piece in her head and pulled it out, a portion of her eye going with it.
"FUCKKKKKKKKKKKKKK AHAHAHAHAGHAGAHAHAHAG!" She yelled out in pain. Taking a cost from inside the car, she used her glove tips to slice a patch and put it over her open eye wound. She stumbled- her body contemplating shutting down from shock.
No...come on...get up...that's it...alright, get somewhere obvious.
Looking around, she only saw dead streets. Dead people empty buildings.
"whatin the fuck happened..."​

Gummi Bunnies

-Pokémon Trainer Red Prologue-
"A New Journey"

"Pi! Pika pi!"


The ravenette blinked as he took his attention one of his Pokémon, Pikachu. It has been a long day of training at the peak of Mt. Silver, and as night settled in, the cold did as well. While it did seem unbearable, they were able to endure the weather patterns up at the peak of the mountain for a period of time.

Most people stemming from the Kanto region would know of this trainer to be the one to beat the short-lived champion, Blue, and yet he rejected the offer of being the new champion to go off to train in solitude.

This Pokemon Trainer was otherwise known as Red.

Seeing his Pikachu shiver from the cold, he finds a small blanket from his backpack, and hands it over to the small Electric type Pokémon. It gave a happy cheer upon seeing the cloth, using it to warm itself up from the cold.


Wanting to add more warmth for the very Pokémon that's been with him since the beginning, Red wrapped his arms around the Pikachu, sharing the warmth until the Electric type Pokémon would fall asleep peacefully.

Holding Pikachu close, Red felt tired as well, his eyes slowly closing. What would a little nap hurt? Letting his eyelids drift downwards, the ravenette dozed off without anything else to say, hugging his Pikachu tight in his arms.

Yet... he could had sworn he saw a small blue flash in the distance before he let slumber take him over.


Upon the transition of them being on the peak of the snowy Mt. Silver, to ... well, a ruin of a towering building that could topple over at any moment, Red's Pikachu was the first to awaken, the trainer himself was out cold from the earlier cold.

"Pi.... Pikachuuuu!!!" the yellow-furred Pokemon squeaked as it tried to nudge its trainer awake. Surely someone would hear it... right?​
Prologue: A Siren & Her Slave

Teresa eventually left the training room of the Coalition HQ(where she'd been staying the past few weeks), after a while longer of vigorous training. She'd worn herself out, and was totally exhausted. She'd been at this for days, since the Illusion incident.. Training to try to keep her mind off of what had happened. Off of Will. Of Yuki. Of Mal. She needed to focus on who she'd been preparing to face for a long time now...


Ever since The Reapers' Game, all Teresa had done was train. She'd done quite a bit around Shibuya; helped around quite a bit. Gotten promoted. Trained Little Guy. And now, she felt fitter than ever.. Or, she would've, had she not have been dragged into the illusion conundrum. Or.. Half of her. An essence of her? Whatever. It shook her up more than a little, though the Reaper pushed through as strong as ever.

And hey.. It at least got her the one thing that had been scarce for her since the Reapers' Game...: Friends.

She often thought about them.. Sometimes, visited. Hell, when she wasn't helping with The Reapers' Game, lending a hand around Shibuya, or training herself and Little Guy, she could likely be found with Mal Reynolds and/or William Herondale. But, she had a job to do, and had had to bid them all a farewell.. After making sure they knew she may not be coming back.

And though she wouldn't admit it, and was too proud to say it to their faces... She would miss them. Already did, in fact, and trouble hadn't even started...

But there was no turning back. She had to do this...

For Yuki..

Too drawn up in thoughts of what Teresa had slipped up and thought of as 'home' with these other people and of finally being able to reunite with the purple-haired alien, the Reaper failed to notice the other presence coming up just around the corner.. But it had certainly noticed her. The other person- no, no.. this wasn't a person.. this was a dangerous creature -allowed a sly grin to creep across her face as Teresa drew nearer, readying herself for the oncoming impact that would occur in...

3.. 2... 1....


Teresa had absolutely no idea what hit her.. No, really, she'd run straight into some young woman she didn't recognize and had accidentally knocked her over. Frowning deeply and shaking her head in attempt to clear it, Teresa rather nonchalantly offered the blonde on the floor a hand. "Err.. Sorry 'bout that. Guess I.. need to..." Suddenly, Teresa's words trailed off, and she found herself staring at the blonde, mouth hanging open slightly.

And damn she was cute.


The blonde grinned slightly, gladly taking Teresa's hand and pulling herself up before brushing herself off rather absently. "Don't sweat it, short stack. I can handle a little rough play," she assured with a slight wink, licking her signature red lollipop. Had that held a double meaning...? "What's your name, anyway, hot stuff?" she asked passively, golden eyes(that were a Dark Caster trademark) raking over Teresa's form.

Taken aback by what Teresa assumed was a compliment, the Glader could only gawk at Ridley, opening and closing her mouth helplessly. It wasn't like Teresa to fumble like this.. What was wrong with her today? "I, uhh.. I-I'm Teresa. Teresa A-Agnes..." she stammered, emerald eyes growing almost foggy. Wait... Teresa never stammered. Nor did she stare at people..

"Mm.. I think I'll stick with short stack. Oh.. And I'm Ridley, by the way, babe. And don't forget it," she added with a sweet an innocent smile that betrayed the fact this woman was a vicious predator. With that, she linked arms with Teresa without the slightest hesitation, giving her another smile. "Care to show me around, babe?"

"I.. Uhh.. O-of course..." Teresa spoke, though something seemed off about even her voice. Something was definitely wrong here.. And somewhere in the back of her mind, she knew it. Felt it. But yet, she found herself too transfixed with and caught up in Ridley's beauty to fully notice or care, obediently beginning to walk and show the other girl around.. Occasionally even finding herself glancing over Ridley as well, as though the entirety of her couldn't get enough of the Caster. Which, when you're under the Siren's spell... You really can't. As they walked, the Reaper was completely oblivious to the fact she was sharing much more information with Ridley than she intended.. Or liked, for that matter.

"So.. You come here often, short stack? You don't really strike me as the blind and boring heroics type.. Which I totally dig," Ridley mused, still licking away at the lollipop. Teresa found herself responding again before there was really anything else she could do. "No. I work for an angel named Joshua.. I have someone I need to bring back to life, but I need him to help me do it.. So he made me a deal. Said if I help take down Aki, he'll bring her back for me.. 'Cause Aki's coming. Joshua knows Coalition needs all the help they can get, and Josh thought I'd be able to help take him down.." Rid was lucky that Teresa couldn't help feeling suddenly smitten with her.. Or boy, would she have gotten a punch for the heroics remark.

The provocatively dressed blonde woman paused thoughtfully for quite a while, before cocking her head to the side in fond thought, pursing her lips. "Hm... Interesting. Very interesting, indeed..." Ridley finally replied, a plan slowly forming itself in that sexy little mind of hers, causing a small smirk to play at her lips. "..I don't suppose you've got a spare invite, babe?" she asked, innocently, golden eyes fixated on Teresa as she sucked away at her lollipop.

Oh, this was going to be too fun...


That was days ago. And damn, those days had been hell. Almost every little bit of info about Teresa had been sucked right out of her by the blonde with the red lollipop, and she almost seemed to enjoy it. Having someone that knew everything about her.

But if Teresa had been in her right mind, and hadn't fallen to the Siren's spells... Oh, that Ridley bitch would be paying.

But now.. None of that mattered to Teresa or Ridley. No, the Siren and her slave's thoughts were drifting elsewhere. The Siren's slave thought of Will, Mal, Jen, the crew, Yuki.. That, if she survived this, she'd get to see them all again.

She just hoped she would.

On the other hand, the Dark Siren thoughts were much less pleasant. Well.. They were pleasant to her, but to anyone else, they wouldn't be. The blonde with the hot pink stripe in her hair and the enticing golden eyes thoughts roamed to ideas of what sort of mischief she could cause.

As per usual.

Was that really all Ridley cared about? Causing couple drama by making someone her girl/boy-toy? Just because those dear to her had disowned her the minute her claiming happened, just because she turned dark, when it wasn't even her choice? Probably. She wouldn't admit to having mommy and daddy problems, though.

After all.. This was Ridley Duchannes we were talking about. Siren extraordinaire. The girl who didn't give a damn about other people. The girl who wasn't to be your role model.. Or she shouldn't be. The one who was 'supposed' to be a bad guy..

But maybe she wasn't as bad as Light Casters made her out to be. Maybe she wasn't that monster under the bed your parents always warned you to stay away from. All she wanted.. Was to be wanted.

But apparently.. Life was too much of a bitch to let her have even that.

But, then.. So was she.

She wasn't as big of a bitch as she made herself out to be, but it didn't change that, because of the way her family and 'friends' treated her upon her claiming on her damnable sixteenth birthday.. Why couldn't she have been claimed for light, rather than dark? Would anyone love her, then?

She didn't know... And just pretended not to care. Like always. After all, what else could she do? Change the curse on her family, that took away their ability to claim themselves? Of course, her spoiled brat of a cousin had to be the one exception to that curse.

Lucky little Natural Lena-Beana, the pride and joy of the family, huh?

But nobody cared about lost and alone Ridley.. No matter how powerful she was. Even the acts of kindness she let slip gave her nothing.. Not even a simple thumbs up, pat on the back, or even a 'thank you'.

So what was the point of trying to be good, when the world had labelled you as bad? Ridley didn't think there was one.. But yet, the ravenette who she'd gotten to follow her like a puppy thought differently. She'd been labelled as bad, too.. And yet, she wouldn't give up. Kept on pushing no matter what the world threw at her or thought of her.

Maybe that was just the difference between the Glader and the Siren.

It didn't matter now, though.. None of it did. All that mattered anymore was facing Akibahara. Helping save the world, and all that jazz. The differences on account of why the two wanted to do this were great, but they both had their reasons; for Teresa, to not only save countless lives, but also to save a friend. For Ridley? Well, to be perfectly honest.. She didn't quite know.

To get attention? To have the world see her as something other than a monster? Just for the hell of having something to do? To get away from Gatlin- from Link, who had kissed that damnable Savannah Snow -? Maybe it was all of these things, combined.

Who cared?

"Alright, Short Stack.. I hope you're ready to have some fun," Ridley chimed as the pair arrived, red-stained lips forming a smug grin. She hadn't even done anything yet, and yet, she seemed so.. Proud. Probably egotistical, too. But, then, we were talking about Ridley Duchannes; was there really anything else to expect from her? In contrast, the 5'5" Glader at her side seemed much more.. Well, smug. The way she stood straight and tall demonstrated she was proud in some sense, but.. Not in a cocky way. No, this was just confidence. Clear strength. Not a 'Oh, I'm on top of the world and much better than you'll ever be' aura.

One thing that was odd.. Was that, despite this clear strength, it was clear that this was just a girl. Well.. She wasn't human, no; that wasn't what this meant. She looked to be some sort of angel, almost.. Though you'd likely get quite the punch if you said that. This wasn't an angel; this was a Reaper. A Reaper with an iron will, and the determination to go the distance.

What 'she was clearly just a girl' meant was that.. She was so young. And seemed so.. Innocent. But her eyes... That was what betrayed this. Those deep blue eyes.. They had seen the world. Seen dark and terrible things; things nobody would ever want to see in their whole lives. She'd been through and witnessed so many horrible things that so many people wouldn't have survived, had they been in her place..

And yet, Teresa Agnes, 'Angel of Death', had done just that.. Even if she'd died a number of times along the way.

It seemed the young Glader- covered from head to toe in scars from burns, electrical burns, cuts and lacerations, and a variety of fresher bruises and cuts. The freshest was probably a cut across her forehead, a bruise by her left eye, and a small gash on her right arm. -was very strong willed. She'd have to be, to keep from giving up despite all the things she'd been through. Damn mature, too.

Maybe she wasn't as helpless as her appearance made her seem.

"..I'm always ready, Ridley," Teresa finally replied, voice still off. Something was still very, very wrong.. Why was she so sweet? So.. Pleasant? That wasn't like the Glader. At all. She always had a much more tough and uncaring demeanor, as a stubborn and tough tsundere. It was just that there was something about this Ridley girl.. Something so enticing about her. She was scarily easy to talk to; and Teresa had registered that it wasn't just her that this happened to in Ridley's presence. Everyone she'd witnessed talking to her was clearly just as enticed by her, and talked to her about things they wouldn't tell anyone else.

Teresa was too caught up in the trance the Siren had her in to fully notice or care.

"Right, then. Let's go, babe," she chimed with a charming smile, unwrapping a new lollipop after giving Teresa a wink. And, with that, the paior had readied themselves to be sent in.. Didn't exactly take much, anyways. And, next thing they knew, they were being transported into what they thought would be the Arch-Demon's lair... But turned out to be....

"...New York?"

"..Guess I can live with that. C'mon, Babe, let's roll," Ridley hummed, pulling Teresa along through the rubble.. Ignoring the static-y video and sound streaming on her watch.

@Anyone blah​


As time passed on, a certain blue-haired keyblade master began to feel more and more as if she were a lot like her name. It wasn't just because of her hair color either.


If anyone were to see a glass of water poured into another container, they wound find that it would shift to whatever shape of container that it was put in. Water adapted to wherever it was placed. This was similar to how Aqua adapted to whatever situation she was thrown into--surviving long enough to see another day.

When Aqua's friends where lost, she quickly made peace with the situation and vowed to find them. When Aqua was trapped inside the dark realm after failing to save her friends, she patiently waited for a means to escape. After ten years of waiting, when Aqua finally found her means of escape, she ended up in another terrible situation in Gotham City where she was forced to be a mind-controlled traitor in a game of murder. Afterwards, she adapted to a life of travel, continuing to search for her friends and meet new people...

All the situations she adapted to, however, weren't bad ones. During her time in Gotham City, she met Aoko--a woman who ended up becoming a good friend. After her time in Gotham, she met Abel and Naoya on a strange island somewhere out in the multiverse.

Aqua had made new friends.

Now, she was going to fight for them.

The detemined, intelligent young keyblade master found herself joining a resistance force, known as the Coalition, to aid in a great battle to face and destroy an arch-demon plaguing all life. She had been at their facility for twenty-nine days and tomorrow was the big day. The battle would finally begin.

The day before the great battle's start, Aqua found herself in a training room cracking her knuckles and stretching her limbs. She wore a pair of loose workout clothes and had her blue hair partly tied back. Sweat dripped from her face after having trained for a while, but she wasn't done yet.

Left kick! Right kick! Left Uppercut! Right uppercut!

With swift movements, Aqua practiced her physical attacks on a punching bag that hung in the room. As a person who was mostly skilled in magic, she knew it would be best to improve her weak points.

As she fought, she heard a voice speak behind her.

"You should take a break, Aqua. Don't over exert yourself."

For a moment or two, Aqua thought the voice may have belonged to her master, Eraqus; it was something he often said to her. However, she quickly realized it wasn't him, but a female's voice instead.

Aqua turned her head over her shoulder to look at the source of the voice, only to see a water bottle come flying at her. With quick reflexes, she grabbed it.

"Elizabeth Keen, what are you even doing in the gym? It's not like you need any training. You are a robot, after all," she said with a smile.

"Hey, robots have feelings too. Anyhow, I used to be human too. Don't say things like that," the brown haired woman said, making her way over to Aqua. "I'm here to check up on you. Ready for tomorrow?"

Aqua smiled. "Well, I was in a murder game before, just like you and many others here were too. I know what to expect. I'm ready."

"Are you sure about that?" Elizabeth asked with a chuckle. "I hear your murder game experience was a little bit... all over the place."

Aqua shrugged. "And yours wasn't? Or did I hear wrong when the Coalition members whispered ghost stories about Elizabeth Keen during lunch hour."

Liz chuckled. "Okay, you're right about that. Still, be careful out there. I may not be a field agent like you, but I'll be watching out for you. Get some rest tonight. You're gonna need it," she said, giving Aqua a pat on the shoulder before turning to leave the room.

Aqua waited until Elizabeth was gone to utter, "I won't rest."

She took a swig of water from the bottle in her hands.

"Not until this war is over..."


Next day

After the accident Aqua found herself trapped under an unidentifiable piece of rubble. Though she had been trapped, the keyblade master had been conscious for the entire event, managing to turn her body just in time so she wasn't crushed. Lucky break. Once she was entirely sure that it was safe to move without the rubble landing on her, Aqua twisted her torso and bent her limber body back, attempting to shuffle away from the object entrapping her.

With a bit of effort, she eventually freed her own self.

She stood from the rubble and glanced around, biting her lower lip. "Hello! Is anyone out there!?" Aqua cried, looking for survivors. The first voice she heard was that of Claire's so she rushed away from her spot, looking to see if she could aid the woman. "Need help?" she cried out, trying to spot Claire's location.​
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Red and Pikachu said:
Upon the transition of them being on the peak of the snowy Mt. Silver, to ... well, a ruin of a towering building that could topple over at any moment, Red's Pikachu was the first to awaken, the trainer himself was out cold from the earlier cold.

"Pi.... Pikachuuuu!!!" the yellow-furred Pokemon squeaked as it tried to nudge its trainer awake. Surely someone would hear it... right?
Plutia + Gnar

"Oh~~~ it's a.... what was it called again?" Plutia tried to remember. "Oh well."

Plutia went to try and shake Red up.

"Wake up~~~~~~~~~~~~"

Meanwhile, Gnar went up to Pikachu and stared at Pikachu, wondering what this yellow creature is.
Naoya & Abel


"Well, it seems we've arrived at a terrible time, little brother," Naoya remarked as he looked up at the leaning building, stepping away from the possible crash site. We didn't come along just to simply be killed. Now then, to find that girl that Abel enjoys the company of... He began checking the group, trying to find the blue-haired woman for his brother.


Abel coughed as some dust entered his mouth, trying to keep from choking, "Y-yeah... Hey, isn't this New York City?" His head tilted to the side in curiosity, recognizing a few landmarks from movies as he looked around. Did Akibahara attack this place too? Man, there's a lot of destruction... I hope Makoto and the others are handling this disaster well... Walking away from the spot they had arrived, he took a place at Naoya's side with a smile, "So, have you seen Aqua yet? She said she would be here with us."​



"What has your team found?" His partner questioned in his trademark cold and emotionless tone upon the duo's arrival.

"This is... huh well, where do I even begin?" The head scientist replied, clearly befuddled, surprised, anxious or maybe all of them all together.

"Well, you could start with what it is." Felix snarked.

"A central hub. Some sort of...device connected to the rest of the temples on the planet, that's our best guess at least, but this energy source in the center is...something else."

"Can it be weaponized?" He asked swiftly.

"No, no no no no. The energy here is reminiscent of the teleportation devices we studied to make the cubes. We think it's a gateway."

"To where?" Locus replied.

"Well, that is the question of the day, now isn't it?"

Easily solved, as far as he was concerned. Felix just smirked, looking left and right. "So...anyone care to take the first step?"

"I would... not advise that. We've been doing our best to decipher the text inscribed on the temple walls. It's all very biblical in tone. Lots of symbolism, but it does seem this gateway has some... well, rules."

"Rules?" Locus piped up again.

"The text is very specific. "Only a true warrior may enter; a being of great strength and mental clarity." The scientist clarified.

"And what would happen to a man who failed these requirements?" His partner was extra talkative for today.

"We don't know."

Again, an easily solved problem as far as the gray and orange tinted armored mercenary was concerned as he kicked one of his subordinates into the energized beam and turning with a playful smirk underneath his helmet. "Guess we'll find out." He remarked before getting comfortable, sitting down and leaning against the wall for the wait. 10 minutes passed.


It was close to a half an hour before--

"Oh God! I'm back! I'm back!!"

...Huh. Felix turned to the scientist. "Guess I owe you fifty bucks."

Locus walked up to the man in measured strides. "What happened?"

"I saw... terrible things... people I've killed..."

Felix just shook his head. "Oh man, if we're gonna meet every person we've wronged or some bullshit, it's gonna take forever."

"Quiet." Locus growled.

"Seriously dude, I'm talking weeks!" Felix retorted anyway.

"Well, aside from his scares his vitals seem perfectly normal." The scientist chimed in after a quick scan of the poor guy.

Locus slowly turned to the beam gateway. "Then I'm going in."

Felix blinked, glancing over. "What, now?"

"We're already low on time. I can get what we came for."

"Oh, bullshit! I know what this is about! How do you know I'm not the true warrior?"

"Because you're you." Locus put bluntly.

" Yeah, and being me is awesome!" Felix instantly shot back. Locus just stared blankly in that crazy way until Felix sighed. "Alright, look, why don't we both go in and let the giant alien thing decide?"

"Fine." He snarled in a low guttural tone, stepping up to point blank range of the beam.

Felix smirked and walked up next to him.






True warrior, huh? Well here I come, he thought to himself as he stepped through.



"Well shit." He stared out a broken window, finding himself in a ruined fucked up building. "Hey Locus, you seeing this? Maybe hurricane or nuke or a really shitty fight?"

There was no reply. That was...actually not a strange thing, given Locus. But there was not even a hint of connection. "So...I'm alone then."

The building shook a bit, bricks dislodging and falling.

"Or maybe not." He continued, heading out to go see what the hell was going on.​

Atomic Knight, Jun 6, 2015

Aqua's prologue said:
Aqua's prologue said:
After the accident Aqua found herself trapped under an unidentifiable piece of rubble. Though she had been trapped, the keyblade master had been conscious for the entire event, managing to turn her body just in time so she wasn't crushed. Lucky break. Once she was entirely sure that it was safe to move without the rubble landing on her, Aqua twisted her torso and bent her limber body back, attempting to shuffle away from the object entrapping her.

With a bit of effort, she eventually freed her own self.

She stood from the rubble and glanced around, biting her lower lip. "Hello! Is anyone out there!?" Aqua cried, looking for survivors. The first voice she heard was that of Claire's so she rushed away from her spot, looking to see if she could aid the woman. "Need help?" she cried out, trying to spot Claire's location.

Claire looked back up at the sound of someone's voice. She didn't recognise them, but made her feel a bit better that someone had heeded her call. "Yeah!" Claire yelled back. "I can see out... I just need help clearing the debris above me!" She looked around a bit, hoping to see who was talking from the crack. Could have been anyone, and that was a bit of a problem. Claire's presence on this operation was a secret right up to before the moment it began. She didn't know everyone that was tagging along, but surely one would recognise her eventually.

Claire would deal with it when the time came.
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Gummi Bunnies, Jun 6, 2015

{Suggested music: Shadowlord's Castle Memory}

-Rinato Dormi Prologue-

Blood. Crimson blood. The red substance glittered in the nightmoon, wherever it may scatter. The color I once thought to be of love, is now the color I associate with death. I am no person free of sin. I am the reaper of poor souls that have a price tage on them. My color... is now associated with death. Blue, I thought to be a color of well-being, only stirs the feelings of despair.

There is a thickening darkness...
It crawls up the walls,
Slithers around ankles,
And grows heavy in the corners.

I stand over the corpse of the unfortunte soul to be ended by my blade. There is no innocence to be had. This world is filled with killers and the killed. I shed away the smiles I once had.

Darkness, layered upon darkness...

The deed is done, and yet I do not move. I am petrified to the core. Who is this victim to my blind slaughter?

There is an impending chill,
It dances up my spine,
Strangles with a shudder,
And silences breath.

I do not know. I am unsure. What did it matter? There is no good left in me, I had no obligation to feel remorse. Such feelings were useless...

Cold fingers, twisting...
A clank of broken bones...

Uncertainty arose. What if this soul survived... and spoke of me? It didn't matter if he spoke of my true name or alias, I cannot compromise my only viable way of life. Such an unfeeling soul I am, the dead do not receive sympathy or respect from my empty heart, and all the dead would receive is more defilement.

There is mouthless, silent scream,
It travels wordlessly,
Cuts through air,
And stops the world.

The trance lingers, I do not stop, the rhythm was rewarding. I lose myself, and there is no return. I did not know anymore. Whether I will be endlessly defiling this corpse with my blade... or to be apprehended by the authorities, I was truly lost in dread.

Blood curdling, design...
Alarmingly eerie...

I was uncertain if I could call myself 'Rinato Dormi,' the name of the pure innocent girl of the past. I have foolishly buried my own name under the corpses of those I've killed, and for what reason?

There is a thickening darkness...
It crawls up the walls,
Slithers around ankles,
And grows heavy in the corners.

I hear the church bells chime in the distance. Stirring up the decency I had left, I whispered,"I'm sorry."

Crimson blood glistened in the moon light as I throw myself out into the sky of a lively city night, falling to the depths of a Hell where I shall rest in agony.

I wish I could imagine
such a world where suffering
wasn't the basis of life
and where we must suffer
to understand the love behind all feelings.

That Hell, in question, was not the Hell that I had in mind. An ultimate lesson, I whisk myself away to defeat a demon to ensure my own survival. A flash of blue covers and consumes me... and it does the same for an individual that also bore the crimson...


"One moment I threw myself off a building... the next time I awaken, I find myself in a ruin of a building. This is some cruel and dark humor..." the girl grumbled in dismay upon taking in her surroundings. The transition was pretty severe. Wasn't she in the most protected and well-guarded districts of the city region? Since when did it appear as if some terrible apocalypse occurred and that she was a sole survivor.

"Hopefully I'm not the only one... would be completely frustrating to be sole person alive. Hate to be responsible with repopulating..." No. Did not want to be a part of that. Rinato shivered in disgust from that thought alone. That bastard Nathan really messed up her innocent mind...

"And that boy... in crimson red... I guess that was a bunch of dream stuff... Then again, things haven't been normal with me when I got this mark..."

Readjusting that mask on her face, Rinato carefully made her way around the area. Oh lookie, there were some people up ahead.

Naoya & Abel said:
Abel coughed as some dust entered his mouth, trying to keep from choking, "Y-yeah... Hey, isn't this New York City?" His head tilted to the side in curiosity, recognizing a few landmarks from movies as he looked around. Did Akibahara attack this place too? Man, there's a lot of destruction... I hope Makoto and the others are handling this disaster well... Walking away from the spot they had arrived, he took a place at Naoya's side with a smile, "So, have you seen Aqua yet? She said she would be here with us."


Smooth Rinato. This is why you swore on a life of solitude in the first place.​
Once upon a time, there was a boy reborn in flame. Everything else before that point had vaporized in the wake of that fire. Family, friends and home alike were quashed under the relentless and horror inducing circumstances that it was. He had stumbled, walked past burning corpses, crushed civilians and people as the moans for help and curses towards who still lived ran as one in his mind. He should have died.

He should have died.

He laid down to die, unable to walk anymore as dead eyes stared up into the sky. And in that moment?

A miracle occurred.


"Oh, thank god!"


And in that moment, when all seemed lost a miracle occurred. A man appeared, who sought to save at least one person and as he did, it was forever imprinted on that boys mind as he thought to himself.


".....What a happy face."

That was then.

This was now. In following that man, he had crafted a Hell of his own forging. The role of a Counter Guardian, forever cleaning up humanities messes in an endless cycle, in every age and era where his skills were needed.

Such was the man known as Archer as appearing with the others, his first move was to examine the surroundings. From this height and his class? There wasn't a rat around that could evade his sight as he blinked and reinforced his eyes as he surveyed in silence. There was no need to talk to others just yet.

Soul glances down at the communicator in his hand and frowns, banging it with his hand several times to try and break the static, to no avail, of course. He groans and pockets it, looking around and coughing loudly
"Damn thing...did anyone catch what he was saying? My com...thing...doesn't seem to be working too great...Guess it got damaged when I dived into that lake...but er...yeah...anyone catch what he was trying-?"


A deep, gravelly voice cut through his words in the middle of his question "He was saying we should stay and await further orders..."
The male's hands moved to the pole on his back and he let out a soft sigh, taking comfort in knowing his symbol of the old world still held fast, history in the palm of his hand, keeping him anchored and reminding him of his purpose should he forget it, or lose sight of it for even a moment, the eagle a proud soaring emblem of what he was fighting for, he was fighting to ensure history was given it's time to breathe and live, it would come to an end...but not like this

"Aaalright" Soul mutters, shooting the man a wary glance for a moment "Remind me to avoid that guy...he gives me the heebie jeebies"
He took a ffew steps away from him and looked down at the device "So...was it just mine or...?"

"It was everyone's. You were too busy trying to fix it with force to hear the words that did make it through...maybe next time paying attention will be the answer...not hitting it til it agrees with your method..."​
Plutia and Gnar said:
Plutia went to try and shake Red up.

"Wake up~~~~~~~~~~~~"

Meanwhile, Gnar went up to Pikachu and stared at Pikachu, wondering what this yellow creature is.
With a startled look on his face, Red awoke to see that he wasn't on Mt. Silver anymore. Well, that's certainly not good news at all. Silently assessing the new environment, he was glad that Pikachu was still around.


The ravenette only blinked curiously at the new pair in front of him. This girl looked pretty cute... and that other creature looked like a new Pokemon.

While Pikachu tried to nudge Gnar out of curiosity, Red pulled out his Pokedex to identify Gnar, but there wasn't really much that the device could pick off from it. Weird.​

Mighty Roman, Jun 6, 2015

Joseph Aniphage was the best there was at what he did. Or was that Wolverine? Either way, as he walked through Seraph City, a place that could have been taken out of an old Noir movie, he thought about these kind of things. Perhaps the Multiversal nature of his own existence, of how he was one of an infinite number of alternate selves. Sometimes, he'd just think about the pointless things. But soon, he could see a couple of youths tampering with a crime scene that had been set up earlier.
The flames in his coat flashed fiercely. 'And run quickly.'
He clicked his fingers, and his hand now held some magical blue flames. He inspected the bodies. 'They tried to make it look like the gun had gone off, perhaps in a streetside brawl, but Mr Smith was left handed.' He said to himself. 'Why would he hold a gun in his weaker, right hand?'
Joseph was holding two things. A bottle of champagne in one hand, and a sword in the other. He laid them down on the ground. He took a spiralbound notepad, wrote the evidence that he'd just surmised, tore the page out of the book, and left it on the ground. The Police were used to this kind of thing coming from him-he didn't tend to trust the mortal police.

A blue light echoed above him. Joseph picked up the bottle and the sword. He checked his watch.
Thanks for the pickup buddy. You know I don't drive.'
Joseph appeared in the ruined city, a couple of metres away from the others.
Joseph disappeared, then reappeared in a burst of blue flame. He was now closer to the crowd. He approached the nearest people. 'Hello sunshine. Here fir that Arch demon business too?
Grail and Specter woke up. Specter was pinned under some rubble whilst Grail was lying near him, about a meter and a half west from him. Hey, Grail.Help me up! Said the lich, pinned to he ground. Sure. Said the mask wearer whilst getting the rubble off of the knight. Suddenly they got a transmission. The hell was that? Some type of warning? Asked Grail while looking at the communicator.I don't know, Grail. Said Specter's smooth and skeltal voice. All members of the Coalition, this is Grail Trigadon and Specter Knight. Does anyone read? Said Grail in her communicator, no seeing anyone around except for Specter Knight.
While Pikachu tried to nudge Gnar out of curiosity, Red pulled out his Pokedex to identify Gnar, but there wasn't really much that the device could pick off from it. Weird.

Plutia + Gnar


"Hello~~~. May I ask who you are? My name is Plutia~~." Plutia said with a sweet dragging voice.

Meanwhile, Gnar stares at Pikachu. He then says: "Gnar!"

Josh M, Jun 6, 2015

Prologue: No more resting.

Santa Destroy need a hero. Jasper Batts Jr. was dead. The Crownless king had slain the man. It had been a few weeks. So what was the hero doing?

Getting love from a .

His cat, Jean, that is. Jeane, who recently got back into shape. Travis didn't want his "girl" gaining it all the weight she lost back. As Travis watched Jeane use the cat toy he bought, a sense of happiness.


Then he Travis blinked, and it was go. Now he as suddenly climbing out the rubble on ground. Making his way out of the garbage, he would look around and shout.

"What the fuckin' fuck is going on!? "
Readjusting that mask on her face, Rinato carefully made her way around the area. Oh lookie, there were some people up ahead.


Smooth Rinato. This is why you swore on a life of solitude in the first place.

Naoya & Abel

"..." "..."Both brothers stared at the woman with shocked expressions, unable to comprehend why she was yelling at them for a few moments. It had been awhile since the lockdown, and yet Abel couldn't help but have flashbacks to innocents screaming at both him and his fellow demon summoners in those days. Is... Is this going to be another lockdown? Oh Christ... He began to freeze up, remembering the awful situation in those days.

Thankfully, Naoya managed to respond first, returning to his normal cool attitude, "Just a theory. To put it simply, I believe the destruction here is the work of a cosmic force known as Akibahara."​