The Vampire and the Detective


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Ladislaus Wilhelm Venlian Kienlien. An illustrious name. Not exactly fitting with the modern trends of names here in the New England area of America, but one that reminded him of the bygone days of glory! Days when he ruled by the sword, commanded mighty men of valor, and bowed only to men greater than he. Those days… no, they were not perfect. He knew better than to look at the past through rosy-tinted glasses, but at least those days he did not have to deal with Cretans as often as he did now. And even when he did, people were far more understanding if you lost your temper and beheaded a particularly vulgar one, and that knowledge really discouraged the vulgar ones from entering his presence.

William let his cold, dark eyes roam over the oval table as he leaned back in his chair. Directly ahead of him sat a thin little businessman with rodent eyes. This little businessman was directly responsible for much of the prostitution that lurked in the corners of this so-called “sleepy little town” in Massachusetts. To his left sat a large, bald man of Eurasian descent. He looked like a hairless ape stuffed in a suit and bribed with bananas to sit in the place of an actual human at a boring staff meeting. Yet this monkey-man controlled the nightclub industry and its offshoots in its entirety. Last, but not least, on William’s right sat a child who defined every stereotype possible for a street thug. This boy – though he was likely in his mid to late twenties – could not have filled people’s stereotyped expectations more if he had a checklist. He was the leader of one of the two gangs in Questing, and he had the confidence of a high school girl with acne.

Such a diverse table of royalty. He glanced at the last chair, which still sat empty even though this meeting was supposed to have started three seconds ago. The one he had expected to be on time was late. Frustrating and somewhat puzzling.

“I hope the coffee is to your satisfaction?” William asked the little man at the end just as he took a sip.

The man jumped. “Er… yes, thanks. Thank you. Good,” he stammered.

“Excellent. More creamer, Mr. Gerald?” William asked the monkey-man, his icy voice smooth as silk.

“Thank you, sir, but this is good,” Mr. Gerald rumbled. His coffee looked almost milky from creamer.

“Good.” William was about to continue when the door across the room opened, and a muscular man with chocolatey skin entered. He looked like he worked out, and his wardrobe wasn’t much to speak of, but he’d done his best to be neat like the two men in suits.

The man walked to his chair next to Mr. Gerald and almost bowed his head to William. “Sorry, sir, I know you hate lateness. My tires were slashed,” he said brusquely and sat down.

“Indeed?” William asked, noting the grease smudges on the man’s hands that hadn’t wiped off. “Most unfortunate. Any idea how that might have happened?”

The man’s black eyes darted briefly toward the gangster on William’s right, and the gangster hid a smirk, but the man’s eyes were back to William in a second. “Don’t know, sir. Might’ve run over something, but it’s just part of life here,” he stated.

William murmured slightly and twined his long, pale fingers before him. “Now that you are here… at last… we might discuss the purpose of this meeting.”

“Yo! I ain’t payin’ you no more money!” the gangster on his right burst out.

William’s eyes cut over to him and narrowed ever so slightly. On either side, his massive, black great Danes shifted where they lay, one of them growling softly. “Please relax, Mr. Slit. Have some coffee. I hear the warm liquid can calm the nerves.”

“I ain’t touchin’ yer coffee, neither. It’s prob’ly poisoned!” Mr. Slit grumbled.

Mr. Gerald looked down at his cup then took a swig. “Damn good tastin’ poison,” he stated.

“As I was saying,” William said, each word falling like lead. The sentence drew their attention back to him. “I have become aware that an unprecedented number of young females have been reported missing, and the police have a particular interest in this. I find myself curious as I assumed you would be wise enough to inform me if you were delving into such trades as human trafficking.”

The four exchanged quick glances, their expressions quizzical before closing off to their usual masks.

“Human trafficking? Girls? Nah, there’s nothing like that around here,” said the small businessman, shaking his head quickly.

“And you would know about this, would you not, Mr. Leeds?” William mused quietly. “It would not be a venture dissimilar to the one you already control. Are you certain you have not begun exploring other avenues of profit to escape my greedy clutches?”

“I… uh…” A bead of sweat formed on the man’s forehead. “That is…”

A hand slamming on the table stopped all conversation. Mr. Slit bounced to his feet, dark face pinched into an angry scowl. “What’s it to you, huh? HUH?? You come in here all hotty and totty and think yer our king, huh?”

“Hotty totty?” William repeated in a mild tone.

“I think he means ‘hoity-toity,’ sir,” said the other gangster.

“Ah, thank you, Mr. Davis. I-”

“I know what I meant!” snapped Mr. Slit. “I don’t need nobody translating my words, Creak!”

“Mr. Slit, I do not appreciate being interrupted,” William said softly, his eyes glinting faintly red in the low light. “I suggest you sit down. I will not ask you again.”

“Yeah? YEAH?? Well, I’m through answerin’ to some foreigner!” Mr. Slit shouted, pointing a finger at William. “I am my own man! I worked my way up, and I ain’t lettin’ you-”

“Holen,” William snapped.

Both dogs sprang to their paws and charged at the young gangster, snarling and barking. The young man had only time to blanch in shock before one sprang up, front paws thudding into his chest and knocking him flat. The man would have screamed, but one-hundred and eighty pounds of dog slamming into his chest then standing on his torso had knocked the air out. His eyes popped, and his lips took on a faintly blueish tint as the other dog stood over him, jaws clamped around his throat just hard enough to restrict his breathing. Both dogs froze, growls rumbling deep in their chests as they “held” their target for their master.

Mr. Leeds looked ready to bolt like the rodent he was, and Mr. Davis stood leaning on the table, muscles locked as he fought down his fight or flight response. Only Mr. Gerald did not look particularly phased as he finished his coffee.

“Mr. Slit, you try my patience,” William said, turning his chair so he might better see the lump of flesh beneath his muscular dogs. “I consider myself to have been particularly charitable toward your ventures, and I know you have been doing your best to keep certain… extracurricular activities from my knowledge, and I have allowed it considering you appear to be in need of pocket change to upgrade your hideous wardrobe. However,” a new layer of ice formed on his words, “I will not tolerate further disrespect from your childish mouth. This is the only warning you will receive. Next time, I shall allow my dogs to feast on your flesh. It shall not be troublesome to me. In fact, it will save me some dollars on dog food.” He sat back. “Tuton, Baltic, veröffentlichung. Rückkehr.”

The dogs let go and returned to their posts by William’s side, their black eyes still gleaming as they watched the boy cough and gasp for breath, wiping the slobber from his throat. Still on his knees, he looked up at William with a new fear and deep resentment in his eyes.

“Continue with this insolence, and I will kill you,” William repeated bluntly. “Do I make myself clear?” It was not a rhetorical question. He doubted Mr. Slit knew what “insolence” meant, but he hoped the brat understood the implications.

Mr. Slit nodded, still rubbing his throat. “Yes, sir.”

“Good. Leave.” He gestured to the rat at the end of the table. “You as well, Mr. Leeds, and if you hear anything of these girls, alert me at once.”

The man nodded and scampered out eagerly, soon followed by Mr. Slit. William watched them go then rose, his black suit gleaming as it fell about his slender body in a perfect fit, the silver shirt beneath standing out in stark contrast. He strode to the window and looked down four stories to the parking lot below. It was not long until Mr. Leeds and Mr. Slit appeared and went to their respective cars. He had no doubt that once Mr. Slit’s shaking stopped, he would be back to making his old boasts. He sighed softly. How predictable. How dull.

He turned to the two men watching him, Mr. Davis with appropriate wariness, and Mr. Gerald with a sort of vague curiosity. “Mr. Slit will be a problem, I am afraid. It was most unfortunate that it was he who achieved his newfound status of leadership when his predecessor fell.”

“Yes, sir,” Mr. Davis agreed tightly. “He disrupts my men all the time, and he’s bucking at the borders.”

“If it should come to it, and he attempts to take my life, I shall, of course, be rid of him quickly and efficiently, and if it should happen that you have cause to be rid of him, I trust you shall do the same.”

“Yes, sir. Best as I can. Can’t make no promises.”

“Understood. Please, no gang wars if at all possible. I like the balance the way it is, but I understand how it is to be in the shield wall. Do what you must.” He flicked his fingers in dismissal.

“Yes, sir.”

Then it was only the two. William, and Mr. Gerald. William turned his gaze out the window. “These missing girls annoy me, Mr. Gerald. If there is a new player in this game of criminal pastimes, I wish to know about it. Do what you can to discover the source, if you please.”

“Yes, sir. Thanks for the coffee.”

A ghost of a smile flitted across William’s face. “You are welcome. It is Turkish.”

“Hmm. Tastes good.” Mr. Gerald wandered out, leaving William alone to watch the activity of the night from his high tower.


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Her boss's plan was for her to have an apartment and 'job' in the area of town that the kidnappings were happening from, no one knew her identity she was using an alias, Ana Brooks, for this operation. The hope was that she fit the MO of this asshat that thought it was fun to take young girls away from their life and that she would draw them out. Anastasia Hampshire was one of three women in the junior detective program, a program that trained younger people to be detectives, she was in her last assignment as a Junior detective and would be graduating the program this year and if she passed this final 'test' she would be offered a permanent placement within the police department, FBI or could branch out on her own as a P.I. with full backing of law enforcement programs.

She drove her motor cycle passed a four story building that always peeked her curiosity and it seemed like she could always feel eyes on her as she went by it, she had to pass it to get to the little mom and pop café three blocks away and on the corner where she'd started to work, where it seemed the girls were either being taken from or where being followed away from. Anastasia parked her bike close as close as she could to the worker's entrance and chained it to one of those yellow cement columns that graced some parking lots, she always parked as close as she could to the door and chained her bike up, this bike was her pride and joy, she and her dad, in one of their rare getting along moments had worked hard on it and restored it back to it's former glory. It was painted in her favorite colors, silver and red with hint's of a black shimmer in strategic spots to enhance it's angles.

Anastasia had been undercover here for almost two weeks and had a few slimy people in her sites as possible suspects she was keeping an eye on. When out in public she wore a wire, had false glasses that had a hidden camera in them, she only wore them at work, and was armed with a gun in her waist band and a knife hidden under the boots she always wore, the boots came up almost to her knee or about mid calf, not just to conceal the knife but also had steel toes, if it was her heeled boots she was wearing the heels hid small daggers. She was trained in a unique style of fighting which used various martial art forms as well as some things she'd taught herself, she'd also had fencing classes. So it wasn't like she'd been sent in unprepared. Though she played a meek waitress that appeared unable to fend for herself.

There was nothing unusual about this day but for some reason she was on edge and highly alert tonight. Fog was rolling in and she wasn't happy about that. It was rumored that foggy nights was when the girls were disappearing. When she got inside and checked in she did like she always did, she scanned the front lobby to see a pretty red head, a blonde girl and two guys sitting together at a booth, they were laughing and chatting about school stuff, Prom, graduation and college being the topic of discussion, great, the MO of the type of girls that went missing, like her. She took a mental note to keep her eye on them as she scanned the rest of the diner, 'Pap's Palace', the usual people were there and as she met the eyes of some she gave a friendly smile. Anastasia tied her apron a bit tighter, made sure her pen and pad were in place, tugged her ponytail tighter and walked up to the first table of the night and started her shift.


I don't do mornings...
Five scruffy young men ranging from their late teens to late twenties slunk around the corner of the diner. They took turns peering through the window, snickering, drawing back, and elbowing each other. Only the leader seemed to be holding himself back, seriously studying the layout of the diner and the alleyway behind it. He gave a slight nod to himself and left his four underlings to giggle like the schoolgirls he viewed them to be. He pulled a couple of small trash bins away from the wall and arranged a few other things before returning.

"Enough," he barked. The other four fell silent and looked at him. "Here's how it's going to go down. You and you. Go in, get her attention, scope her out, and see if you can't get her outside. Spill the trash and make a mess so she has to take it out or something. Use your imaginations, but do not get the cops called. Got it?" At the pair's nod, he turned to his second pair. "You and you. Stake yourselves out right next to the back door, flush, got it? Get ready to grab her when she comes out. I'm going to hang back. I'll come in when you need me."

"Yes, Boss!" they barked and split off to their assignments.

The two assigned to go in the diner swaggered their way through the door, joking and shoving each other around as they made their way to one of the tables they new was waitressed by the pretty new girl with the dominatrix boots. This was going to be fun!


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The four teens had just finished their meal and as the four split off and went their separate ways one of the girls approached the counter, they had already paid their bill but the pretty red head had ordered a separate meal to go for her grandmother, Anastasia rang her up and handed over the take out order. As they said their good byes and the girl went out Anastasia noticed two of the hooligans she'd been keeping an eye on come in, she rolled her eyes when they nearly collided with the girl and gave her a wolf whistle as she walked past them, the girl shot them a scowling look which prompted them to get even more into her, they forgot about their target and instead blocked the red head's path out the door.

One thing Anastasia could not stand was bullies, she untied her apron, draped it on a hook and moved from behind the counter, pushing up her sleeves as she came around it, "I think you boys need to step out of the lady's way." she said as she approached them. The two bullies smirked at her "And what do you intend to do about it if we don't, princess?" one of them leered at her coming a couple steps closer to her. Anastasia gave them a semblance of a sweet innocent smile that hid an underlying hint of threat, "I'll just have to show her another way out and come back and teach you a lesson on how to treat a lady." she lightly touched the girl's shoulder and gestured toward the back of the diner, "Miss, would you come with me please?" she leaned closer and whispered, "You can use the back exit." The girl's eyes lit up with a grateful expression and she nodded following Anastasia through to the back of the house as the two buffoons grinned at each other, shrugged then high fived. They had lost track of what the original assignment had been but got it back on track without the boss knowing what really happened, at least they thought they had.

"Thank you Ana. I appreciate it." Cherry, the red head, said to the newest waitress at Pap's Palace, she'd noticed the girl's name tag a couple days ago and was glad she had now. The two headed to the back of the diner, Ana opened the door and held it for her. "I would walk you to you car but I really can't leave my post for long, Pap would have my head." Not really but she had to keep her cover, " But I'll watch you from here till I can't see you. If you have any problems just yell." she added as she watched her head out. As soon as she couldn't see Cherry any more she started to close the door then heard a shout, Anastasia flung the door open again and called out to Pap, "Taking a break Pap!" she shouted as she dashed out the door to find out if the girl was okay.
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I don't do mornings...
The two werewolves stationed outside the door had grabbed the girl and each held her tight. After her attempted scream, the one on the left clamped a hand over her mouth as they slowly started dragging her down the alleyway. The one on the left fumbled in his pocket, looking for the chloroform rag. He finally grabbed it and nearly dropped it before clamping it over her mouth and nose. Despite what media portrayed, chloroform took a couple of minutes to take full effect and knock someone out, though it would instantly start making them feel dizzy.


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Ana knew the scream was cut off too abruptly, which spurred her to move faster, she hadn't taken track in high school for nothing. She was pretty darn fast when she needed to be. As she rounded the corner she caught sight of a man fumbling with a cloth that she assumed had chloroform on it while another man held the teenager, the clumsy one was just starting to put the chloroformed rag to her face when Anastasia slammed into him with a cry of "Why don't you go pick on someone else, asshole!" then she quickly took a fighter's stance, one that put her on the balls of her feet for faster movement when dodging blows or throwing blows herself. She'd taken self defense lessons for moments like this, it was part of her job and a matter of necessity. If any young woman was going to be taken tonight it would not be the teenager she'd assisted in the escape from the bullies inside.


I don't do mornings...
"Why don't you mind your own business and go back inside?" snarled the werewolf on the left, finally clamping the cloth over the girl's face messily. "Get!"

"Or better yet, stay!" The pair from inside the diner lunged out, taking advantage of Ana's distraction and grabbing her from behind. They were a lot stronger than seemed natural, their hands grabbing her arms tight enough to bruise.


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"I am not going anywhere." Ana stated snarling right back at the prick, preparing to launch another attack when suddenly another voice, one she recognized from inside the diner, suggested she stay and then grabbed her arms, she winced and shifted slightly, so that when the time was right she could kick him in the shin or groin. She could feel that her arms would be bruised for a while, she hoped her kick would land and actually hurt him, from his grip on her arms she knew he was strong, if she didn't move right or fast enough he could potentially break one or both of her arms.

"Leave her alone!" Ana shouted at the man who held the other woman as she struggled to break the hold of the one who had her, at this point she only moved her upper body, making him think she didn't know how to properly defend herself, through her training she knew the best play was to make them think they had the upper hand. Suddenly she shifted just slight enough she came down hard on his instep with her right foot then shifted her weight enough to land a solid left heel kick to the inside thigh, close to his jewels, in an attempt to break his grip, her plan was to run to the other girl, break the grip on her and get the girl away, even if she was passed out Ana knew she could carry her and still run, endurance training. But would her plan work? Adrenalin was kicking in, and that would help...