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Full The War for the New World (Nation RP) 6/6

Discussion in 'Bulletin Board' started by ChelonianCommander, Jun 8, 2018.

  1. ChelonianCommander

    ChelonianCommander Strength of Steel, Will of Iron

    This is a nation RP where there are two factions, the Alliance and the Exodites.

    The Alliance, who left their old home of Durna, when a great war ended with a magical cataclysm that transformed the once fertile continent into a barren wasteland of elemental taint and have a more renaissance fantasy influence with simple gunpowder weaponry and fantasy airships and tanks.

    The Exodites, who left their homeland of Sonnafer through a magical gate, since generations of exploitation have turned the entire continent into an infertile desert. They have a more high fantasy influence with a higher population and are more attune to the magical arts.

    Right now we have 1 person who are in the Alliance and 1 person who are with the Exodites. Hopefully I want to have at least 4 players, so there can be 2 v 2 but if more people want to join then I'll increase to 6 and maybe 8.





    The island lands of Havis was once untouched by the likes of sapient species and civilization. However that all changed when over a 140 years ago, refugees from a dead land, now corrupted by elemental Taint have arrived on Havis's cliffs in sturdy ships and great airships. They were the Allience, forged from several of the surviving factions that had once inhabited the now Tainted lands of Durna. Tens of thousands of survivors from Durna had come, hungry and worn from months of travel. It was only through their strength through unity and the genius of their technology were they able to rebuild their once great civilization to but a fraction of their former selves, but it was enough for these once dying people. They became again a proud people, full of pride for what they have accomplished and for managing to survive the terrors their peers have unfortunately not. Now, these proud people knew peace, but that came to an end.

    30 years ago, on the eastern edges of Havis's shores, a magic gate has opened allowing foreigners to enter this realm, known as the Exodites. Like the Alliance, they were made up of several factions who have survived the dying of their own world, but unlike the Alliance when their world of Sonnafer had met its death the Exodite have used powerful rituals to open a gate to another world, one where they can claim as their own. This so happens to be Havis. Upon entering Havis, the Exodites immediately began their land grab to claim as much of the island nation as they can. As more and more of the Exodite flooding onto Havis, the Alliance made a swift counterattack and secured as much land as they can. With now their borders laid out both sides have had time to calm down, but what was known as the First Havis War had now made both sides rather tense as both the Allience and the Exodus have now entered into a Cold War, with both sides waiting for the other to make the first move.

    On the west are the Alliance held territory, cities and Capital and on the East are the Exodite held territory, cites and Capital.[​IMG]

    Faction Name: (The Name of your Faction)
    Faction Adjective: (What does your people call themselves. Rome has Romans, Greeks have Greece and so forth.)
    National Symbol: (What symbol or icon does your faction rally under?)
    Succession: (How are your leaders chosen?)
    Government: (How is your Faction governed?)
    Slavery: (Does your nation allows slavery and what do they think of slavery?)
    Culture: (What is life like in your Faction?)
    Religion: (What god/s does your Faction worship if any?)
    Agriculture: (What does your faction do to obtain and produce to feed its people?)
    Population: (The current population of your faction. Average for the Alliance is between 300k and 450k. Average for the Exodites is 400k and 550k. If you want more then 350k or 550k please PM me to talk about it. )
    Magical Affinity: (How much of the population is magically attune. No more then 3% for the Alliance, no more then 8% for the Exodites.)
    Magic: (How does your species view magic and how does magic impact your society.)
    Class Demographic: (What percentage of people in your faction are nobles, peasants, slaves and such?)
    Species Demographic: (What are the various species that make up your lands and what percentage to they make up?)
    Species Description: (What does your all species of your faction look like and what are their abilities, quirks and such?)
    Faction Strengths: (What are the Faction’s greatest strengths? List at least 3.)
    Faction Weaknesses: (What are the Faction’s most exploitable weaknesses? List at least 2.)
    History: (How did your Faction came to be?)
    Military: (What is the Military like?)
    Military Might: (How many brave warriors make up your military)
    Military Strength: (What are your military's strengths. List at least 3.)
    Military Weakness: (What are your military's weaknesses. List at least 2.)

    Faction Leader/s: (Who rules, or are the figurehead of your Faction?)
    Overview: A brief summery of your faction leader/s' goals and views.
    Species: (What species is your Faction Leader/s)
    Gender: (Are your Leader/s a Male or Female)
    Personality: (What are your Leader/s personality)
    Appearance: (What do they look like. NO LISTS. Either a picture and at least 2 sentences or at least 3 sentences for each leader.)
    Profile: (Your Faction Leader/s' backstory)

    Magic: Magic can only be used by the magically attuned, which are people who are capable of taping into the magical network of the world to bend reality. The more one bends reality the more they must tap into the magical network and the more strain they will put on their mind and body.
    Last edited: Jun 14, 2018
  2. Mizzrym

    Mizzrym Active Member

    Faction: Exodite
    Faction Name
    Dalharen L'telanth Ugul Sharorr--Children of the whispered throne.
    Faction Adjective: Telanth
    National Symbol: Icons of She of the left, He of the right. (image varies)
    Succession: Dynasty.

    Government: Theocratic Dynasty

    Slavery: The Telanth have no formal system of slavery rather they have "Rite of Chains" where those who have lost in battle or fall to prey to the Telanth in some way are and there in pose no value in keeping their sanity. Once the rite is done they are turned into thralls of flesh and bone for use in the Telanths foul use of magic, mindless and dull they may be "programed" for simple task or armored and use in battle as cruel fodder. Only effects living creatures.

    Culture: Life within the realm of the Telanth is zealous and driven, They are a people devote to the Dynasty and faith taking a near obsessive pride in anything they do. Towns and cities alike are over taken with the bustle of purpose and design dizzy with thought and action. While there is a caste system in place a long history of violence and hostility from outside forces have filled them as a whole--a people united, sealed with brazen faith. Other races an fractions are not allowed into cities without a pass or invite and if unable to get either or must settle with the outpost.

    She of the Left, He of the Right : Telanths observe the Faith "Vok ulu Venorsh" or simply Venorsh, it teaches that heaven sent its speaking hand to guide them to their home away from the what they call the overworld[surface of planet] as well as granting the insight to the magical gate that allowed them to flee their ruined home. Teaching all beings big and small have in them heaven itself as mana, or soul and thus should they have heard the whispers of He or Her may command it. By nature souls/mana lust for a body and one must pay respect to it by offering it blood or placing it into an object/body [enchantment] were as to openly cast magic is to use it without the trade of blood/as to respect the gift. The goddess and god of left and right share the image of passive and aggressive natures, thought and action, honesty and lies. The practice of Venorsh entails song and hymn, the observation of silence once a day, the forfeit of blood upon the guise of He and She. Is said within the womb of a mother they whisper to the child and gift it their boons should the child be able to listen where as those that don't or cant are born meek and uninspired. She of the left is rarely shown in full form and is often a depicted as an open left hand turned knuckles away, when she is shown in full is a muscled beauty with hair reaching pass her rear, nude and welding a staff. He of the right likewise is shown in full body rarely and is seen as a nude male with a muscled and toned welding a bow, seen far more as a closed fist with knuckles facing forward. Each to the side of a person be it male or female whispering in their ears.

    Agriculture: Make use of a colorful array of fungi farmed within their tunnels kept deep and secret, Fish nursery, Flesh thrall keeps(thralls of creatures be them animals or other intelligence species)

    Population: 485k

    Magical Affinity: 7%

    Magic runs deep but due to the strangling vice of their zeal has bloomed in single mastery of enchantments upon weapons and armors, objects of all nature and the refinement of metals and stone to be farm ore robust or abnormal pending on their needed use. Much of their magic needs sacrificial elements, be it a blade across the hand or the more extreme--a whole other person. Their faith as inadvertently made the Telanth master the means of stealing life and energy from others to pour it unto themselves or objects harvesting the very core of beings to fuel their madness but such things need massive complex temples, many hymns and many more tools, runes, countless lives and other crafts to turn out a single enchantment.

    The nature of defensive magics last till the item is broken or the magic is perverted. Holds only value when touching the naked skin of its wearer and is somewhat vampiric on that persons standing energies while offensive enchantments are imperfect and must be recharged to be used after so many uses with blood/life energies giving up the most.

    Magi: Magic is the gift of heaven, its boon upon the mortal Telanth and demands an exchange of Spoken word, body, flesh and blood. To imbibe energies to stone and steel is the contract, the exchange between gods and the mage, magic is given body, shape and through the eyes of the Telanth--life. This inward mastery of magic robs the mage of outward magic, they can hardly spell spin a spark out of their fingers but instead enchant powerful staves and scrolls, weapons and armor and anything else that can suffer the binding rite. Leading the other caste into battles or operations is normally only one to three within the force, They are well protected and cared for.

    All active magic is on a counter of some sort and once used up must under go a lengthy rite to recharge it, after they do so often physically taxed and need rest. Prolonged fights are undesired. Mages are often made brittle or harmed while learning magic, they miss fingers and limbs, blind in one or both eyes, finger nails rooted from the finger and many other problems. Bodies in ruin from the schooling of faith that tells the Telanth of the blessed exchange between magic and Telanth, They must be subjected to the elements they would master as to show they are worthy. All mages have detailed full body tattoos boldly stating what type of magic they use ad their level of mastery.

    Tattoos : (This is for other players) The Visual aid to persons who have dealt with the Telanth before and their mages: Fresh mages have only a line like tattoo along their bodies and limbs while more powerful and learned/tested mages have far more complex skin filling tattoos. Pictures/Image: left hand, fist pointing away [you see fingers] A passive type mage, some one that enforces and empowers their troops, A right hand and fist forward [seeing back of hand] is offensive and welds powers to harm others. Many colors and designs but the ones that rank highest or those of the personal guard and religious orders, have tattoos that make their ears black, from the black ink on the ears reaches hands that hide the eyes in a wash of many colors, very beautiful but shows this is some one of extremes.

    Class Demographic:
    Theocratic/Religious Caste: 20%
    Agriculture/Mason/General population miscellaneous Caste 42%
    Military/Magi caste :28%
    Specialized Caste: 10%

    Species Demographic:
    Children of whispers: 97%

    Species Description:
    Children of Whispers: They, Children of the whispering gods, are folk with skin bled to shades of black/blue too purple/red from the long coexistence of a unique fungi that dwells in their tunnels. Elfish ears that can hear the earth stir, hair while starting out a sickly white often becomes dark yet colorful due to their diets. Long was it since the majority of their people care to venture into the sun, moving only at night when forced to leave their caves. They command unequal night vision at the cost of being nearly blind within the heat of the sun without something to dim its rays. Eyes do give yellow white/greenish sheen reflection when light hits their eyes. Some what equal in a standard human in length but most Telanth are shorter in and around 4-5 feet with 6 feet being a rare encounter.
    Spite being shorter in most cases the Telanth are more heavy due to a dense skeleton.

    The Telanth coat their dark hides with Tattoos that range in color and shape, flay tattoos that peel a finely cut part of skin away and treated to scar. Both state their placement in the caste system, Theocracy, Marks of approval/disapproval, Knowledge, Magical runes and recognized deeds. To be smooth skinned in adult hood, no tattoos or scars, is often considered ugly and undesirable.

    Thrall: Thralls are magically enslaved beings, they look as they were before the rite of chains but with horrific runic script and other markings flayed, burnt and bound to the body. Thralls can take on many rolls, be it working a pick axe or welding a blade or even magical items if not just harvested for flesh, bone and blood. While complex and costly to make their appearance can be changed, adding or exchanging limbs and the such.

    Faction Strength:
    Zealous Focus: The absolute faith in their leaders and their gods fills them with a desire to please both allowing the Telanth to bleed, sweat and stay loyal well beyond others. Mixed with the malice they have had to deal with in their past they also tend to be more alert and Suspicious of other races.

    Faith and magic is one in the same: With their faith reflected in magic and its uses it has allowed for a deep understanding of entropic and enchantment magic allowing their magi to forge and weld magic in a far more physical sense turning out highly prized metals, weapons and armor.

    Great defenders, keen masons, Network: The deep and fortified capital, towns and cities each--even the smallest out post is a sure death trap to the unwary be it fungi, spiders, traps, dead falls, false paths not to even mention the tight constriction of tunnels. logistical life lines hidden and weave between each other allowing for fast reaction to would be attackers. Tunnels and cities are made to break up forces, lead them to kill pits and pincers. Why even the humble civilian structure is rewarded with enforcement and binding enchantments to ensure its sturdy enough to withstand siege--needless to say that most buildings help keep the cave interior hard to crack.

    Fraction Weakness:

    Magic and faith is one in the same: This doubles over as a weakness as well, such a long standing and generational focus on these schools of magic have nearly culled the ability to cast outward magic without the aid of magical items or the blood cost.

    Light and Sound: With unmatched sight and hearing, a life lived in the dim haze of shadowed caves have made the Children of whispers vulnerable to bright lights and loud sounds, while they have means to protect themselves for such catching them off guard is sure to reward a few seconds of free action.

    Under that black place found in the tunnels of earths spine, the mountain that kept us, His hand that held us, Is home to all Telanth. Fathers had fled from the over world--from the filth that plagued it, those heretics that thieved from the gods themselves their gift of magic and the arcane. They who abuse it, waste it with out gifting it flesh to feast--yes, is them that drive the world mad. Yet weep not oh Telanth for he has come, he with ears nipped by She of the left and He of the right, the shuddered murmurs of heavens whisper guide us now, Turn now oh Telanth, your hand, your head, bow ears and shut mind to the lies from false light. He who listened to heavens whisper turned his hand and spoke unto all Telanth "Reach with hand and cup the mountain, flay its flesh with iron tools, let us sink to its heart and home shall be found, peace immortal from the fiends above" Thus they dug. [Song of home, first verse]

    The Telanth have lived so long both in tunnels and atop their mountains slopes that how it came to be is now part of the standing faith for them seeding a deep sense of ownership and pride in their home they view is the steadfast protection from the overworld. War and mad uncontrolled magic tore the land apart and the lust for more and more with blind desire dove the world unto ruin. As war broke out between other powers cities were razed for their resources and mountains side fought over for powerful defensive grounds made the Talanth spill out into the overworld and fight off their invaders, they would take a bliss in harvesting the general population even keeping small breeding stocks of what they viewed as the lesser races for sacrificial uses among other things.

    In the days after the great ruin the stood fearing the end of days crept near as a dead world withered. The events that allowed Qhymareth, the crowned head of the Telanth and listener to heavens whisper to lead his people to a strange new world gaining a worthy alliance He returned from praying at the sunken alter and proclaimed the ruin was brought on by the Stealing of mana without paying the blood price

    Military: The official standing military has never been large as much of the persons are in fact an arm of the Theocracy and thus spend their time acting in defense not offensive and as law enforcement, The military forces that are not apart of the religious aspects of the Dalharen L'telanth Ugul Sharorr are all headed by a mage of some sort. They as a whole are not large and have made deathly use of their caves to ward would be invaders, the complex network of tunnels mixed with traps and unpleasant cave elements. Outside their homes they make heavy use of traps, poisons, Fungal spores, Ranged weapons such as bows and magic.

    Military Might:
    Theocratic forces:58200
    Standing Army: 135800 (9506 of this number command magic)

    Military Strength:

    The power of these enchantments is equal to the prayer, sacrifice and time given to them with military grade war staves and gear needing a massive session of persons to chant and well over twenty plus living beings to be given up.

    Should note not all life is equal, folks with more magic, powerful creatures etc reward more power. [numbers are counted as if a Dull farmer is being used for sacrifice] 10 being the minimum, levels of clear difference in power being, 20,40,60,100,250,500,1000+1 special. Power meaning both Charge on stave and level of spell meaning you could have stave with alot of charges with an "ok" spell or a boom stick that fires like two times but does something impressive/useful. Most mages like the middle ground.

    Military staves are just 30-60 with some higher ranked/older mages being 80-100. Staves have a chance to break pending on the materials used and spell use, on grounds sacrifices and prays are organized and ready the hardest and longest part of the staves creation is making it pass the insanely high standards of the forging of the stave itself, lesser staves are given or sold to others or bound with more passive spells so they don't break. Passive or rather unoffensive spells need far less to be made.

    Staves typically are blessed stone or highly prized metals, both have a mix of stone work or metal binding on them, Crystal and bone glass [forged bone meal] generate the best staves. Feathers, bones and all matter of tick nacks are added to personalized them.

    Scrolls are much of the same as above however they are all single use, what the spell is bound to hints to its power--Going from weakest to strongest. Parchment, leather, Stone, Metal, Metal wrought Stone, Crystal/gemstone, Chemical potion, Bone[Usually the skull] wrought with metal/gems, Must be the bones of some one powerful either physically or mentally if not magically. Once the spell is cast it will consumed the object and the caster will have to give it a order, if the object is made poorly or the user is to slow giving a command will over charge and explode or simply fizzle out, less risky for non offensive spells.

    Light and often magical gear allow for long marches, fast flanking and hit and run tactics. Heavy use of Bladebows, a unique weapon to the Telanth empowered to fire puncturing shots and make full use of magic arrows among other things, its design allows it to be used as a sickled sword giving it the power to steal shields, catch weapons and cut other lightly armored foes.

    Night warriors: living in the perfect black of the cave lit only by the dim glows of fungi and withered fires give the Telanth unmatched hearing and night vision, while this inborn skill can back fire they have designed a unique helmet that dims light and dulls sound when needed.

    Chemical warfare: The use of entropy magic has allowed the crafting of cruel hemotoxins, Diseases that waste the flesh with abscesses and lesions. Fungi that blur the mind in rage or fear and even alchemical stones that lure ill omens for sabotage.

    Military Weakness:
    Heavy use of ranged attacks, traps and flanking tactics. They do poorly if forced into direct combat.
    No mounted forces, weak to light and sound attacks when without protection.
    No navy
    Very few heavy forces
    Some magical items have a chance of failing or breaking.

    Faction Leader/s: Qhymareth, Heavens listener

    Overview: Qhymareth was the man who lead his people after a proclamation that the ruin of the last world was brought on by the stealing of mana (the dishonor of using magic without forfeiting blood to pay for it) and must save the world by uniting the world under the faith, They play a long game and plot silently keeping their grand design hushed away acting under the guise of "the true peace"

    Species: Children of Whispers
    Personality: Calm and relaxed, commanding a near omissive of presence that melts into the tranquil black silence of the cave temples he calls home. This gentle guise hides well his twitching mind utterly enthralled with the vision of his grand design to sweep this new world under the rule of Vok ulu Venorsh
    Appearance: Tall and Withered with tattoos and scars, magical scars paint his warped flesh hiding under a single robe jeweled with stones and raw ores that glisten with a matted gleam, a face ghastly and skeletal socketed with eyes veiled under a torn cowl. Of the cowl wept a length of cloth at each side bound from the inside weighted with a black stone, Qhymareth himself is 5'9'' in height . The robe hides his feet dragging along the floor as the sleeves reach out to the hand itself cuffing with a messy binding of leather that cloak the hand and fingers. The robe itself a deep shade of purple that washes out to blue near the ends. A Heavy, long bladebow is always at his side if not his stone mage stave.

    Profile: Qhymareth rose to power at the death of his father who fell during a battle on within the other world Sonnafer, he roused his forces and fell upon his foes using the undead thrall of his own father, how he did this was unknown but was used to seal his connection to He and Her. Many battles fought as he over extended himself to inspire his forces leaving him in his scared and near broken state, while still able to fight he must mind his limits less risk unearthly debasement. Upon the entry into this new world a he and his clawed their way to the mountains and bore into its side slowly but surely rebuilding their power, forced to make an uneasy contract with another like minded off-worlder. (ill add more later)
    Last edited: Jun 12, 2018
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  3. ChelonianCommander

    ChelonianCommander Strength of Steel, Will of Iron

    The sheet seems good, but I would like for you to separate your faction strengths and weaknesses.
  4. ChelonianCommander

    ChelonianCommander Strength of Steel, Will of Iron

    @Mizzrym @Lazzamore @TheGreenerGrey

    So updated map is up. So there are points of interests on the map, namely 20-city locations, 2 capital locations and 6 forts. Thats 10 cities, 1 Capital and 3 Forts per side. Capitals and Forts are shared, but cities are owned by 1 faction each so divide each city among each other and build them up yourselves. :) Come up with names and (Optional) short summaries of each city. For the capital come up with a summery about the general atmosphere, goings on and design.

    Also: UPDATE, I decided to get rid of Magic Schools. Basically each faction will have their own way of using magic and as long you don't abuse this power I'm giving you, it should be fine.
  5. ChelonianCommander

    ChelonianCommander Strength of Steel, Will of Iron

    Comments, Critiques and Suggestions are appreciated and encouraged.

    Faction Name: Saurian Clans
    Faction Adjective: Saurian is what the people universally called. However to be more specific, each of the 6 Clans that make up the Saurian Clans are known as the Kemari Saurian, Bapan Saurian, Shaan Saurian, Nagtian Saurian, Bethyan Saurian and the Setonen Saurian.
    National Symbol: The Saurian have many different symbols depending on the Clans, but the flags are all marked by an orange background and a white skull of a creature that the Clam idolized.
    Succession: When the Saurian Matriarch dies, the Clans Matriarchs choose a new Matriarch, usually from their own ranks.
    Government: Tribal Matriarchy.
    Slavery: Slavery is allowed in the Saurian Clans. Slaves are gathered through raids and are separated. Slaves are owned by a single Clan and are the ones who do grunt work like mining, farming or working the mills but some luckier slaves are allowed to become personal servants, entertainers or translators.
    Culture: The Saurian Clans exist is a matriarchal society made up of 6 various Clans ruled by one Matriarch, known as the Tribal Matriarch and under her are the Clan Matriarchs which is made up of various families and each one is run by a Family Matriarch. The Saurian Clan exists as a raiding faction, where they produce only the most basic of weapons and wealth gain most of their resources through raiding.

    Because of this the Saurian Clans have a system that favors women over men and warriors over any other profession. The hierarchy goes as such, Warriors, the children, skilled women, Family’s Men, skilled men, unskilled men and slaves. 60% of all women become warriors and as warriors they are the allowed the first pick of the loot from a raided city then anything that isn’t claimed will be taken back to the city and are distributed to the Skilled Females of the Clan and from there the loot will trickle down to the Family’s Men, then Skilled Males and finally whatever’s left will eventually reach the Unskilled men.

    As a matriarchal society, the Saurian Clans live in a hierarchy where women are the highest ranking members of each Family and Clan. Not only that but skill in combat and labor are also favored, meaning those women who can fight outrank those women who can simply do things like art or smithing. However the lowest ranking women has more power than the highest ranking man. Children are outside of this however, as they are treated less important than the warriors but are more important than the skilled women and are taught art, history, reading, writing and even basic combat skills. However at the age of 15 the children reach adulthood and the women stay within their Family while the men are cast out to make their own fortune as either unskilled laborers or skilled laborers. However if a man proves himself skilled enough in his craft, keeps himself fit and is handsome, he might be taken in by another family as a Family’s Man. Family’s Men are men who are special selection of men, lower than the skilled women but higher ranking then the skilled men. They are given the special honor of siring a new generation of children by the Family and are the only men that are allowed this. Any man who is not owned by a family who is caught laying with Family Member who is not the Family’s Man is often killed and the women is often thrown out as an outcast.
    Religion: The Saurian used to worship many gods as their religion went by a clan by clan basis, but after their unification the Saurian have established three gods: Afer, the Goddess with the Bloodied Hands; Haho, the Goddess with the Golden Eyes; and Oyan, the Goddess of the Wild Teeth.

    Afer is the goddess of combat, portrayed carrying a sword in one blood soaked hand a spear in the other blood soaked hand. She inspires and protects warriors while they fight. Haho is a goddess of riches, portrayed with golden eyes with diamonds for pupils. She grants fortune to a Raiding party to allow them plunder much treasures and slaves from the people they raided. Oyan is the goddess of the wilds, portrayed by a woman with fang like teeth protruding from her mouth. She imbues the great beasts used by the Saurian with incredible ferocity so that they may tear apart their enemies with ease.
    Agriculture: There are three primarily food that the Saurian eats, and that is salted and dried meats, primarily from Parasaurs and Pachys, which are the primary livestock, grains based foods such as corn, bread and rice, and vine fruits, like grapes and melons. As for drink, if water isn’t available, they drink wine and ale made from surplus grain and water, but in some desperate cases Saurian drain some blood from their beasts to drink.
    Population: ~420000
    Magical Affinity: 3% ~12600
    Magic: Magic is primarily used to cure diseases, heal wounds, banish curses and despell hexes. Around 140-170 Shamans accompany a Raiding Band at a time, and they keep the warriors healthy and strong to prolong the Raids. These Shamans are all women who are able to use magic, as any men who are found to be able to use magic are almost immediately taken in by a family to be made a Family’s Man.
    Class Demographic:
    24% ~100800 Warrior Women
    19% ~ 79800 Skilled Women
    23% ~96600 Skilled Men
    16% ~ 67200 Unskilled Men
    18% ~ 75600 Slaves
    Species Demographic: ~82% Humans, 18% varying species
    Species Description:
    -Saurian: The Saurian are base humans that used to live in the plains. They are identified by their tanned skin, brown eyes and auburn hair. The warrior women spend their time training and excersizing while the skilled women spend at least 2 hours a day, keeping their bodies fit since they are the last line of defense for the Clans giving them the reputation of being rather beautiful. The men are a bit less fit, being more skinny and lean, and men who are unskilled tend to be slightly malnourished due to the fact that they don’t get the best nutrition.

    -Varying Species: Everything from Orcs to Children of the Whispered throne are kept as slaves by the Saurian for unskilled labor.
    Faction Strengths:
    -Nomadic: The faction is almost entire a nomadic faction, with the six clans acting as semi-independent nations, doing their own thing and moving on their own. This makes it difficult to pin down the Saurian Clans as they usually never stay longer than a week in one spot.
    -Warrior Culture: The entire faction that is geared towards a warrior mentality and raiding culture. Because of this culture, they are comfortable with the idea of battle and their warriors are generally more elite then the average line warrior.
    -Expert Foragers: Since the Saurians are always on the move, the raiders have become rather adept at foraging the local surroundings for fruits, nuts, edible plants, fungi and game animals. This allows them to travel for long distances on relatively moderate amounts of supplies.
    Faction Weaknesses:
    -Poor Diplomatic Relations: The Saurian Clans do not usually care about the affairs of the other nations, and as such is more focused on their raiding income. The only time they are usually involved in any sort of diplomatic talks is usually as mercenaries for warriors and bodyguards.
    -Splintered: While the Saurian Clans are supposed to be a unified entity, this is more or less not the case. The various Clans are allowed to do whatever they want and sometimes don’t contact the other Clans for many months.
    History:Before the great escape from the Taint, the Saurian Clans used to number in the dozens, with many clans scattered throughout Durna, but during the constant warring had made their numbers dwindled. Clans were hired to fight only to get wiped out by a superior force and, while they were weak, were assimilated by stronger clans. Soon the once dozens of Clans were soon now numbering a little under 20, and when the Taint came, many Clans were caught in the corruption and they too were culled. Soon there were less than 10 Clans left standing. Of the Clans, Clan Bethyi led by Clan Matriarch Tyve, took it upon themselves to gather the remaining Clans and escape the dying lands and make their way towards new lands. Over the course of 8 years, Clan Bethyi gained the alliegence of 5 other Clans, Clan Shaa, Clan Seton, Clan Nagtia, Clan Kemare and Clan Seton, while assimulating 2 other Clans who did not wish to join her cause of running away, whose names had been lost to time.

    Once the Clans were united, the new united Saurian Clans joined forced an Alliance with the surviving factions, also escaping the Taint and arriving in Havis. They lived in relative, but tense peace as the Saurian Clans had an expansive raiding culture, but with no enemies to raid the Saurian tried to settle but that only brought nothing but famine since the Saurians had little knowledge of how to produce their own resources, at least on a mass scale. Clan Matriarch Tyve died and her daughter Jaryv was elected as the new Saurian Matriarch who eventually died due to the stress of keeping the Clans united, passing the title of Saurian Matriarch to her own daughter Shyve who now also had to deal with the various Clans threatening to splinter off and begin attacking their allies, a situation that was unfavorable for both sides should this ever came to fruition. The Saurian Clans’ lust for the raid was finally allowed to come through when the Exodites came and gave the Saurian Clans a fresh target. The Saurian Clans were the first to attack the Exodites, sending out small bands of raiders to attack the colonist camps and settlements and bring back whatever loot and slaves they can. Now with someone to raid, and a steady stream of treasure coming in, the Clans settled down and now continue to raid the Exodites, as their culture demands.
    Military: The military force of the Saurian Clans are primarily made for raiding, but are also effective and can be difficult to fight against in a pitched battle and even more difficult to fight in an ambush or surprised attack. With their warriors and mounts lightly armored and with a heavy use of large beasts to carry them into battle and to fight, the Saurian Clans have become the masters of fast assault tactics.
    Marauders: The standard foot soldier of the Saurian Clans, however calling them 'foot' soldiers is rather misleading, as they do not start a battle on their feet, but on a mount of a firing platform. They only dismount when their mount dies or when ordered. Mauraders are equipped with Studded Leather armor and are trained in the use of the Saber, Buckler, Composite Bow and Long Rifle.

    Pachy Riders: Pachy Riders are the most common form of mount used by the Marauders. The hard headed Pachycephalosaurus are the size of horses ad while they are not as fast they make up for it with greater endurance. They are still loyal beasts as they are easily ridden and have an easier time breaking a formation then a horse due to their domed heads. The Maurader on the back often uses her Composite Bow or Long Rifle to soften enemies up before the main charge.

    War Therizinosaur: Therizinosaurs are large clawed herbivorous beasts, twice the size of a horse, that are generally hostile towards aggressors and those who trespass in their territory, however these Therizinosaur have been bred and trained to only unleash their aggression against those deemed as enemies by their Mistress. War Therizinosaur charge into battle, usually after the first charge to finish off whoever is still standing and to make way for the main horde.

    War Troodons: The size of a large dog, Troodons are the war hounds for the Saurian Clans. Easily bred and to train, they make great companions for the Mauraders as well as hunting partners and in many cases war beasts. The Troodons are not as durable as a hound, they make up for it by having a set of deadly claws as well as sharp teeth. They also have a slightly poisonous bite that can cause nausea for several minutes if not immediately treated.

    Ptera Riders: Pteranodons are large and swift flying animals used by the Saurians primarily to scout and to attack enemy archers and siege equipment. The secret to train and ride Pteranodons originally belonged to Nagtia, but with the unification the art of Ptera riding has spread throughout the other clans. Ptera Riders use this heightened elevation to fire down at enemies and also drop down small bombs to another element of danger for the enemy.

    Carno Riders: Carnotaurus are large theropods, twice the size of a rhino and twice as dangerous. The Carnotaurus are horned and while they have small, almost comical arms, they are no laughing matter. Originally used only by the Shaa Clan, the Carno Riders are the primary heavy shock beast of the Saurian Clans. There is nothing more dangerous then a charging Carnotaurus as it lowers its head and breaks a line then begins to tear apart the enemy with horse crushing jaws.

    Stego Platform: The Stegosaurus are docile, well defended animals that are twice the size of a horse. While naturally peaceful they can be trained for battle, as well as be trained to carry around a special firing platform called a Howdah on their backs as they move. The Stego Howdah allows for 4 Mauraders to stand on as they protect the Stegosaurus by firing off their arrows and stab at close by enemies, making the Stegosaurus a threat to enemies up close and enemies from far away.

    Ankylo Mortar: Ankylosaurus are armored dinosaurs that are the size of horses but trade speed for pure defense. Their docile nature and relatively flat backs allows them to equip 24lb Mortars on their back. These mortars are used to destroy enemy walls and towers and to soften up an enemy from afar. The fact that they are on the backs of Ankylosaurus makes them deadlier then normal siege crews as the animals can fight off infantry and cavalry threats rather effectively, as their thick hides can block spears and arrows like.

    Tricera Platform: The Triceratops is a naturally aggressive animals that are the size of a large elephant. Triceratops are used as powerful herbivores used by the Saurian tribes primarily to scare and assault entrenched enemies. With a powerful, wall destroying charge, the Triceratops can break even the most fortified of positions and with a Howdah that can accommodate 6 Mauraders, and a mounted bolt thrower used against armored targets.

    Diplo Platform: The largest and most powerful beast the Saurian Clans can field and breed, the Diplodocus is a long necked animal that is the size of 3 elephants. The Diplo Platform is relatively slow, but each step can crush stone and cause the earth to quake. The Diplodocus is equiped with a Howdah that is capable of carring 14 Marauders with room to carry 2 mounted bolt throwers. Unlike the triceratops, the Diplodocus is not used against walls, but instead are primarily used against enemy ground forces.
    Light Raider: The Light Raider is a light and quick vessel that is primarily used as escorts and support ships for larger vessels. However what they have in speed, they lack in armor. The Light Raider carries around 80 Mauraders.

    Heavy Raider: The Heavy Raider is a larger version of the Light Raider, being able to hold more warriors, take more damage but move slower and is less maneuverable then its smaller cousin. The Heavy Raider can carry around 120 Mauraders.

    Carrier Raider: Carrier Raiders are special Raiders used to attack enemies from afar. It is larger then the heavy Raider but slightly faster, but less maneuverable then the Heavy Raider. The Heavy Raider carries around 100 Mauraders but also carries around 30 Ptera Riders.

    Transport Raider: The Transport Raider are large multi-purpose Raiders, similar to Carrier Raiders in size and agility, used to carry supplies from Saurian territories and bring back loot and slaves back to Saurian territories. The Transport Raider carries around 100 Mauraders.
    Military Might: ~100800 Warriors, split amongst 6 Clans.
    Military Strength:
    -Mobile: The entire military is quick and mobile, with every warrior being able to ride on or mount a war beast.
    -Monstrous Units: The Military makes heavy use of large and deadly warbeasts, which are often equipped with firing platforms or siege equipment.
    -Ranged Power: The Military makes heavy use of ranged firepower, using composite bows, long rifles, and long ranged cannons to fight.
    Military Weakness:
    -Lightly Armored Infantry: The footsoldiers in the Saurian Clan’s military wear primarily studded leather armor, in order to allow them to be quick on their feet and therefore mobile.
    -Glass Cannon: The Saurian Military do not do well in prolonged engagements of attrition, due to their lightly armored warriors. They do not like to participate in prolonged sieges and extended battles that span longer than a week, often times giving up after a few days but never longer then 2 weeks.

    Faction Leader/s: Saurian Matriarch Shiye
    Overview: Shive wishes to keep her people united under one banner, but lately with the treasures coming in from the Exodites, the Clans have become greedy, sending more of their forces across the seas and into Exodite lands to bleed them of everything they have. In truth, Shive seems to be the minority when it comes to advancing her people past a raiding culture as she knows eventually the Exodites will strike the Saurians down with an earned vengeance. She hopes to slowly turn her people away from a raiding culture and into a new culture that is more reliant on their own economy then the economy of their enemies.
    Species: Human
    Gender: Female
    Personality: Shive can be considered a brute of a woman. She doesn’t lie, as she considers it a waste of time, and she doesn’t like to draw out conversation. However despite this she is an intelligent woman who is capable of planning complex strategies and dealing with the politics of the Clans and the Alliance. Shiye is a capable warrior with a spear and bow as the other Clans greatly respects combat prowess and often leads her armies in battle for a campaign.
    Appearance: Shiye is a tall woman, almost 6ft tall with long auburn hair and tanned skin. She is roughly 29 years old and is rather fit, having trained every day since she was 10. She is often seen wearing a set of studded leather armor painted blue with silver studs, with a white cotton tunic underneath. She also also carries around a similarly colored buckler and spear.
    Profile: Shiye is the only child of the second Saurian Matriarch, Saurian Matriarch Jaryv. As a child she spent her time with the other Family Children, being taught the arts, language, history, and basic combat training. As the daughter of the Saurian Matriarch however she was expected for greatness. At the age of 10, she was taken from the general classes, at her mother’s request was given superior education and combat training. By the age of 16 she was considered the top of her class, being able to surpass all of her peers in both mind and body and at that time her mother died, leaving her to become the leader of the Clan, and soon as she was the daughter of the great unifier, she was elected by the Clan Leaders to become the Saurian Matriarch. Even at the age of 16, she was able to keep the tribes together but that task was made easier when the Exodites arrived now with a raiding target in sight she led many raids against the Exodites, if only to calm down the Clans and to prove herself a capable leader and warrior. However at the age of 29, she stopped leading raids and is focusing trying to establish decent diplomatic relations with their Alliance allies, first by putting her people on the front lines, by using their large military power to protect the borders of the Alliance.
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    Faction Name: Free Baoc
    Faction Adjective: Baocites
    National Symbol: A green banner with a fist clutching an antler (picture pending)
    Succession: The throne is won by a unanimous popular vote.
    Government: Deciding the High King of Free Baoc is a bloody and painful affair. Every House must be unanimous in who is decided to take over, and though they rule for life, the process of finding one takes years of challenges and infighting, civil war and propoganda. And woe betide the people should no Steward survive or be selected by the previous king.
    Slavery: Slavery of none-citizens is allowed, though practice only lightly in Baocite culture.
    Culture: A warrior people, Baocites are violent, close-minded and completely dedicated to their survival as a whole. They have believe that freedom comes hard and bloodshed is a difficult but necessary mean to their liberty.
    Religion: Baocites tend to worship a god called Ba'agoth, who revels in destruction to find meaning in loss.
    Agriculture: Baocites are skilled at collecting and growing foreign plants, be they foraged or stolen from enemies. They have extremely eclectic farms and ranchs, and tend to experiment with their methods.
    Population: ~510,000 Population, which is primarily Orcs.
    Magical Affinity: 7% of the populace is magically inclined and practice it.
    Magic: Magic is viewed favorably, both as something that can lend real power to a warrior and something to be overcome in the enemy.
    Class Demographic: 7% Nobles (this number includes elders, chiefs and the King's household), 93% Working class.
    Species Demographic: Baoc is a land ruled by Orcs; Orcs make up 99% of the population. That said, a few other creatures are found among them, however rarely. These creatures have all the rights of any working-class Orc but cannot become a noble like and Orc can. They take up less then 1% of the nations population, so figures given represent percentile of 1%:
    Hobs - 12% (~612 total)
    Goblins - 37% (~1887 total)
    Ogres - 10% (~510 total)
    Derro - 10% (~510 total)
    Harpies - 30% (~1530 total)
    Species Description:
    A stubborn people, Orcs tend to be violent, ill-tempered and rule Free Baoc with an iron fist. They are shorter usually then most humans, with pale grey skin, pigish noses, large pointed ears and prominent lower tusks.
    Extremely driven in culture, these olive skinned goblinoids have rediculous standards for themselves and those who associate with them. Unlike goblins, Hobs stand erect and have lanky, human-like proportions.

    Short, hunched greenish creatures, Goblin culture values hate and deception. They are the by far underdog of Orcs who conquered them, and are treated usually with prejudice and contempt. In response they act
    with heavy spite and maliciousness.

    Giant-folk who stand nearly 12-feet tall, ogres tend to be weak in constitution do to the heavy load their immense size and weight has on their heart. They lead short lives, are rarely well educated but rarely unemployed.
    Also a conquered race of the Orcs, Derro are magically inclined, and also usually stricken with mental disorders. Derro are given a place in Free Baoc for their power, but are subject to prejudice do to their common unstability, and carefully watched to ensure they stay in line.
    Unlike many other races found in Free Baoc outside of Orcs, Harpies are model citizens by choice. They usually descend from a Murder (Harpy flock) called "Witchsorrow", whose mistress married a governor of an Orcish town, causing their willing joining to the then Empire of Baoc. That same murder would later side with the Orcs they socially married in the Druidic Wars, rising to extreme new heights in social standing after the rebels victory.
    Faction Strengths: A firm (if not nationalistic) dedication to the cause of Baoc. Baocites believe that they are a free people, generally taking this as far as rejecting outside influence for fear it may weaken their nation's culture and freedoms.
    They are naturally a stubborn people, death is preferable to failing and if their way of life is threatened a great amount of support for the military can be raised.
    Warfare is important to Baocite culture, and much philosophy has gone into conquest and battles. Baoc are not ill-prepared for adversity.
    Faction Weaknesses: Isolationistic in their zeal, as stated above. This leads to much difficulty in trading and foreign affairs when Baocites ideals cause them to needlessly offend or insult foreigners. This has set them behind technologically, and given them a reputation as close-minded.
    They firmly loath Compromise, which is seen as weakness. not only does this make nescessary trade deals harder, this makes civil war and disunity almost commonplace.
    Their political system requires political upheaval on a generational basis, constantly refreshing the level of corruption but at great loss of security.
    History: 60 years ago, Baoc went through something called the The Druidic War. Prior to this civil conflict, modern Baoc was apart of a larger governing empire by the same name. Rising to power in the government, a sect of Druids attempted to impose harsh environmental laws over all aspects of all life in an attempt to replenish the endangered continent of Sonnafer. Though they had much support in Baoc at the time, Orcs of this empire would rise against what they saw as an inexcusable over-step of the Throne in what was once essentially a confederacy. Forming along the coasts of the empire, they waged war on the druidic sect that moved these laws forward, having unilaterally taken over the empire. After nearly twenty years of fighting, the once almighty Baoc empire dwindled less then a million broken warriors before the Radical Druids were eradicated. Sadly, during this time the process of desertification in Sonnafer was allowed to complete. Now with a new and zealous government, survivors of Free Baoc make their way to Havis, ready for their second chance.
    Military: The Military of Free Baoc Varies in outfit and design by province, but generally relies on Propoganda to rally soldiers to important causes. The core soldiery is always the most trained and best outfited, but volunteer warriors are always welcome.
    Volunteer Soldier/Archer: The base rank for thoes not enrolled in the miltary permanently. They tend to be fields of warm bodies amassed for important causes and don't usually remain soldiers afterwards, preferring to go back to their regular vocation. They have poor training and equipment, but hardy natures and a grim detirmination.
    Guard: The Entry rank for official soldiers in the Baocite military, One typically spends five to ten years as a guard before being given a platoon as a Constable. Their duties are also to protect towns and villages, as their name implies.
    Constable: Constables command a platoon of Guard and Volunteers, and their is usually one in every town and several in large cities. They tend to spend a few years before they become captain, if they ever move up at all.
    Captain: One step away of a mighty dervish, Captains are lordly individuals granted whole countrysides to command, including the villages and cities therein. One generally can hope to only achieve Captain in their careers, unless a dervish happens to die or retire.
    Dervish: Dervishs are the mighty heroes, lofty generals and pompous tacticians of the military. Working directly for the High King, their are only a dozen in service at any given time and they generally command institutions instead of regions. One might lead the Navy, one might lead all Battlemages, one might even lead the siege-engine constuction sites.
    Military Might: ~51,500 in times of peace, when their are no Volunteers. ~3,605 of them are Magicians, using their magic for battle. When volunteers do enter the picture, the number of soldiers generally swells to ~80,000.
    Military Strength: Since the Baocites have a warlike culture, the King's military is ready at all times for war. War is a vocation among Baocites, comparable to any merchant or craftsmen. Their armies act as police and mercenaries as well as dedicated soldiers. Training and discipline for soldiers in Baoc is effective, smart and somewhat brutal. Relatively heavy tax goes into arming the military (which then returns it to the economy with it's own income through mercenary work, and even through piracy if need be), and even peasants are expedcted to be versed in fighting and war.
    Military Weakness: Overzealous and somewhat arrogant, the military is held to such lofty idealism that is can be somewhat difficult to control. The soldiers of the high king, despite their tireless efforts, can't return what is spent on them, and are still technically a drain to the economy. Ultimately, since Baoc will not pay liberty for safety, they pay that price with other sorts of quality of life.

    Faction Leader/s: High King Mattog-Ulk
    Overview: Mattog has a deep desire to protect the rights and liberties of his people. He strongly mistrusts his enemies, and even his allies, though to a lesser extent.
    Species: Orc
    Gender: Male
    Personality: Much more then an avid hunter, Mattog spends all his spare time in the wilderness, sometimes even letting his prey loose instead of killing it; it is said he respects wildlife to the point that if they impress him, he will let them live. Though his love of the wild places is deep and apearant, he still believes in his nations use of it for its resources.
    Mattog is bulky and tall for an Orc, and enjoys dull greens and deer-hide over the traditional blue-black of his predecessors. Covering his left arm iare old burns from a powerfully poisonous plant that still pain him today.
    Profile: Mattog has Lived to see Sonnafer as a child. He was one of the first to reach Havis. Since then he has been in love with forests. He quickly became a scout and ranger for his people, and compiled impressive maps on surrounding landscape and detailed forest sketches. Renoun for his cartographic and tactical contributions, this coupled with his convenient political views of a strong non-intervening government made him an easy High-King.
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    @Lazzamore @Mizzrym

    So guys, I want to ask if it's ok for me to embed around 20000 Saurian troops in your territory, acting as raiding forces, split between 6 Raiding Bands around 3000-4000 warriors each. Its not going to have a crazy 'oh my god our economy is crumbling' effect, more of a nuisance as they steal relatively little and attacking like maybe 10-14 minor towns every year and slowing trade in the territory. Again it's nothing crazy.
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    Faction Name: Highmourne
    Faction Adjective: Highmourne
    National Symbol: A simple yellow triangle upon a field of blue. In the centre of the triangle is a black cog.
    Succession: A competition is held between all captains of the Highmourne. The captain of whatever ship wins the completion is elected to be the next Grand Admiral.
    Government: A single leader, known as the Grand Admiral, presides over the entirety of the Highmourne Dwarves. The Grand Admiral is a figure of great respect, as they have shown to be capable in all aspects of leadership.
    Slavery: While slavery is officially banned, criminals are forced to serve on penal barges.
    Culture: Life within the Highmourne is simple. Every aspect of their culture is focused upon their signature skyships. A Dwarf’s crew is his family, and they are a tight knit group that would happily lay down their eyes for one another. Every child dreams of becoming a member of their very own ship, whether as captain, gunner or even cook, and meet people that they will live with and die next to.

    While uncommon, it isn’t unheard of to see a Highmourne Dwarf stay in one place for more than a year or so, and those that do are treated with great respect from others of their kind. After all, the only dwarf to stay on the ground is one that has lost his crew, and served his nation well.
    Religion: Their gods died with the destruction of Highmountain.
    Agriculture: All Highmourne know the basics of farming, and upon docking in at a settlement for any extended period of time are required to take up the hoe, along with a variety of other tools. Thus, while there are no ‘farmers’ within the Highmourne, a steady stream of supplies is produced.
    Population: 440,000
    Magical Affinity: 2%
    Magic: Highmourne magic is very subtle, and almost entirely focused upon existing mechanisms. An enchanted cannon will never backfire, and will hit with the force of five others. A ship’s hull could take a blow from a cannon ball without a scratch. Thus, Highmourne ‘Runecasters’ are highly sought after by captains, as every Grand Admiral in memory has had at least one as part of their crew.
    Class Demographic: There are no classes within the Highmourne, however Captains tend to be the most revered.
    Species Demographic: 100% Dwarf
    Species Description: They’re Dwarves. We all know what they look like. Imagine a keg barrel come to life. Short and stout, they have hard, weathered skin and powerful bodies. Male Dwarves place great pride in their beards, and thus all will be found with meticulously trimmed beards that rival their (stunted) height.
    Faction Strengths: The Highmourne Dwarves are naturally powerful. While smaller than all other races, their muscles are thrice as dense, and a grown Dwarf can easily overpower an enemy twice their size.
    Highmourne Dwarves have an aptitude for both earth and sky. While their ethics have long changed from the days of the past, their natural dwarven instincts remain.
    Highmourne Dwarves are highly industrious creatures, and are capable of constructing machines from the most basic of materials. No crew stays grounded for long, as all members are trained to be able to create at least a rudimentary sloop.
    Faction Weaknesses:
    They are still Dwarves, and thus are short and inflexible. There will be no feats of alacrity, dexterity or speed from these people.
    Their electoral system sends their entire faction to a grinding halt for as long as the competition lasts.
    History: The Highmourne Dwarves used to be your typical mountain dwelling, underground loving dwarves. They held a fierce zeal for maintaining their own privacy, and even as members of the alliance it was really in name only. However, that all changed with Cataclysm. The powerful surge of magic reacted with the numerous enchantments throughout their home of Highmountain, blowing apart the titanic spire of rock and wiping out the majority of their population in a single moment.

    From that day on, the Dwarves of Highmountain changed their name as a sin of rememberance, and refused to ground themselves anymore. The long since neglected art of airships was suddenly the centrepoint of dwarven culture as the proud, yet damaged, race took to the skies.
    Military: The Highmourne focus their military entirely around their signature airships. Made to be lighter than air, through both magic and mechanics, Highmourne ships are equipped with powerful cannons and impregnable hulls, slicing through the sky like a ship through water.

    All ships come with with basic weaponry, but military Ships are an entirely different matter. Battleships capable of blowing apart even the sturdiest fortifications under overwhelming barrages of magically enhanced cannonfire speed through the air alongside barges capable of unleashing swarms if smaller ships to pick apart anything in sight.
    Military Might: 420,000
    Military Strength:
    Extremely powerful navy, capable of flight, making terrain a non factor.
    Utilises advanced cannon weaponry, capable of dealing devastating damage enmasse.
    Highly efficient crews, with each member fulfilling their own role and keeping the ships at optimum capacity.
    Military Weakness:
    There is no official Army for the Highmourne Dwarves, with the entirety of their military focused upon their navy.
    The Highmourne are inexperienced when it comes to ground based combat.

    Faction Leader/s: Gotthic Cloudborne
    Overview: The subjugation of the Exodites and the acquirement of the only mountain upon Hope Island. He looks to strengthen ties with the Saurians, as the last surviving members of the Alliance.
    Species: Highmourne Dwarf
    Gender: Male
    Personality: Gotthic is a strict, no-nonsense Highmourne leader. Dedicated to his people, he runs his nation like he runs his ship. That is to say, efficiently and without any sort of excess waste. He keeps things like clockwork, and hates it when unforeseen problems occur.

    He can be quick to anger, and will not hesitate to display a show of force should he consider himself or his people insulted. As the Grand Admiral of the Highmourne, he will always be at the front line of battle.
    Appearance: Gotthic is tall for a Dwarf, standing g at 5’5” and rippling with muscle. He is often clad in heavy steel plate masterfully inlaid with gold, and carries a titanic maul everywhere he goes. A thick brown beard as long as he is that trails down to the floor, with bands of iron separating it into somewhat stylish streams of hair.

    Beneath the helmet he wears, and past incredibly bushy eyebrows, two charcoal eyes peer out at the world around him with the powerful gaze of a veteran captain, and he looks more at home at the steer of a ship than on his throne.
    Profile: Born upon a small merchant vessel as it sailed through the sky, it was said by crew members present that the newborn Gotthic was a better shipman than all of them combined. As the Dwarf grew up, even from a young age he was shown to be more capable in any role on a ship than veterans who had dedicated their lives to said role. It was quite demoralising for some.

    However, there was only one role the young Gotthic cared about. The captaincy. He dreamed of being the captain of his own ship, finding his shipmates and going on adventures with them, much like every other youth in the Highmourne nowadays. Unlike those youths however, his dream actually came true, in a time where airships were seen as nothing more than a costly convenience.

    He would found his own ship and crew, and for years they would travel the pre-cataclysmic world of magic, forming bonds stronger than any metal, which eventually gave way to a romance between him and his ship’s resident runecaster.

    Their child was well on the way when the cataclysm struck Highmountain, killing he majority of his crew, including his wife.

    The now aged Gotthic was almost driven mad by grief. He would have been too, if the remnants of his crew, his family, hadn’t been able to focus his grief and rage into something productive. He took control of his broken people, establishing the Highmourne and shaping their culture almost single handedly to what it is today.

    He forged his people into something that could survive the calamity, and along with the Saurians, brought his people to Hope Island in an attempt to claim the last survivable portion of their homeworld from the foreign invaders.
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    @SedentaryCobra If someone else is interested, then you can join, but the RP is going to start in 1-2 days.

    @TheGreenerGrey The sheet looks good, but I would like you to actually mention how many soldiers/warriors you have. Also even if you have a ton of airships, most of your pop are going to be inhabiting the cities, and having a lot of airships will also bleed you for resources.
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    Nyeh. As stated in the sheet, the majority of the pops inhabiting cities are only there for a short timeframe, from anywhere between months to a couple of years, and are constantly rotated out.

    I’ll do the numbers thing.
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    Oh ok. Sorry, I missed that somehow. Also how big are these airships. like compared to real ships, size and crew wise? (Let's say ships from the 1600s to compare.)If you already stated and I have simply missed/forgotten, I am sorry.
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    They essentially look like the type of ships you’d see in pirates of the Caribbean (with battleships being the size of that one EITC ship with all the cannons), except glow-y and with dwarf aspects.
  15. ChelonianCommander

    ChelonianCommander Strength of Steel, Will of Iron

    Got it, so as large as probably a real life ship of the line then. Those are military ships usually have an selection of 100-120 cannons, and around 250-280 crew. While civilian/merchant ships usually have a selection of 20-30 cannons and have crews of 70-90. How many ships you got and can you state in your military numbers? Like a rough estimate cause if you have more then 60 military ships, that's might become overpowered.
  16. ChelonianCommander

    ChelonianCommander Strength of Steel, Will of Iron

  17. TheGreenerGrey

    TheGreenerGrey Self-proclaimed everything expert.

    By military ships, do you mean all military like Barges or just battleships?
  18. Mizzrym

    Mizzrym Active Member

    Well over power in what sense? if they fly that in itself is hard to deal with not that we couldn't do it, my question would be how fast to these guys go? can they change direction and speed with a haste or is it more like a normal boat in that there is a slight drift when make those changes. And the cannons themselves are they placed on the boat? if its on its sides then you would have massive range but a large blind spot under you.

    annnd I take those cannon balls are standard ? just a ball of iron and black powder? and AND the nature of flight? does it look kind like skyships from final fantasy 9? or is it something else?
    --also id if he slotted all his forces the number value of this would first need how long one ship takes to make, what it needs to be made, if its a realistic time frame he could have well over 100 but 20-30 of them older models with another 20ish being more up to date and the rest being elite and up to date and/or random sized and styled ships from both general population and military powers. Just my thoughts.
  19. ChelonianCommander

    ChelonianCommander Strength of Steel, Will of Iron

    Battleships, barges from what I remember are transport ships.

    Overpowered in the sense that he has a ton of combat ready ships all at once.
  20. TheGreenerGrey

    TheGreenerGrey Self-proclaimed everything expert.

    Aye the cannonballs are normal iron and use black powder. They can be enhanced via runes but that’s about it.

    As for the manoeuvrability, you ever watch Treasure Planet?

    Aye then yeah 60 battleships would be about right.

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