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"The Safety of the Normandy"

They were coming...

And any who knew about them could not stop them...

For they were the Reapers.

With the help of Elliot, the Reapers have traversed across the multiverse; starting their massive purge of all organic and synthetic life. Made of metal and flesh, the Reapers stormed planets with ease. Most, if not all, planets resisted, pushing all their strength into their weapons and armies. Many planets fell within the first few hours, while others managed to last only a mere few days. None have been able to stop the inevitable. Instead, they've only slowed it. Now, it's your planet's time.

Your planet, your home, has finally been invaded; or you managed to leave your home before you watched the massive beasts arrive. Few planets knew of the incoming arrival of the Reapers, and those who did have failed in stopping them. However, you managed to escape one way or another; and find your way onto the Normandy, a ship that's housing all who wish to flee from the Reapers. However, the ship's commander, Commander Shepard, has a price. Her price is that all who is on her ship do their part in whatever way they can.

"Please make your way to the War Room, a yellow light path will show you your way," said a robotic female voice.

It seemed a familiar face to some walked with you to the War Room, although she now looked different and had yet to say a word.

You all stood in the ship's War Room, where a galactic map showed all worlds within the galaxy currently under invasion by the Reapers and the ones that had been left in ruins. Commander Shepard spoke plainly:

"So, I have gathered you all in this room for a single reason. The planets on this map are dwindling and I can't stand here and do nothing. So, we're seeking a man named Elliot, one who has given the Reapers a great deal of power. In the grand scheme of the multiverse, the number of planets hit is pretty minuscule, I'll admit, but this can't be allowed to continue."

Shepard waved her hand, changing the map to an image of a strange device that looked like some kind of gate.

"Using something known as Fuse, Elliot has turned devices we know as Mass Relays into portals that can shoot his Reapers across universes. This is what has allowed his Reapers to evade those who wish to stop them for so long. Alliance military has destroyed all modified gates to stem the invasion into other worlds, but unfortunately..."

The image changed again, this time showing a Reaper in full.

"The Reapers are on the warpath. They are stuck here in this universe where they originated and so seek to eliminate us all. Presumably, once we are wiped out, Elliot will rebuild his modified relays and continue his conquest. It is for this reason that we must survive. Many of you are refugees from planets hit by the Reapers, while some of you are those we have desperately reached out to for help. Whatever reason you're here, it is imperative that you assist us in our cause."

"Ma'am, I'm sorry but we have an urgent matter," interrupted Edi, the ship's onboard artificial intelligence, who was currently in the body of a robot.

"What is it?" asked Shepard as she began to power-walk towards Edi.

"Our fuel tanks have taken massive damage, and we have almost completely run out of fuel," answered Edi quickly, her metallic voice almost charming with its sense of femininity.

"Great," sharply spoke Shepard as she stopped mid-step.

"However, I managed to recourse; a world offers resources to those who need it. It also implies that any refugees who seek a safe haven from the Reapers should come, for it offers protection," said Edi matter-of-factually.

Shepard's face twisted into a form of anger, then relaxed.

"You need to ask me before you make these decisions next time, okay?" Shepard said, it was far more a command than a question, but it had the sense of softness like a freshly new pillow. Edi nodded, only to then walk back the way she came. Shepard looked to the crowd.

"You all are dismissed from your duties 'till we arrive at this new planet; however, be careful because this safe haven might not be what it claims."

And with that, Shepard walked back to the galactic map.

Chapter One

It seemed you had plenty of things to do!

Go to Deck 1: Captain's Cabin, Go to Deck 2: Combat Information Center, Go to Deck 3: Crew's Quarters, Go to Deck 4: Engineering, go to Deck 5: Hangar , Go to the Med-Bay, Stay in the war room/talk to Shepard, or talk to Elizabeth.

@Atomyk as Steven Cortez [Mass Effect]
@Hospes as Hiyori Iki and Kofuku Ebisu[Noragami]
@Verite as Joseph "JoJo" Joestar and Lisa Lisa [JoJo's Bizarre Adventure]
@Kaykay as Haruka Kaminogi and Karasu[Noein]
@Bomb as Deemo and Little Girl [Deemo]
@The Silver Paladin as Emmeryn [Fire Emblem]
@Crow as Producer Kido and Hoshi Shouko[The Idolmaster]
@Prince Shattered Charming as Niklaus "Klaus" Mikaelson and Elijah Mikaelson [The Vampire Diaries/The Originals]
@CCC Kouhai as Sugar [OFF]
@Archmage Jeremiah as Applejack and Applebloom [My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic]
@Lizzy as Toboe [Wolf's Rain]
@Sen as Sal [Wadanohara and the Great Blue Sea]
@CrunchyCHEEZIT as Dio Brando [JoJo's Bizarre Adventure] and Big Daddy[Bioshock]
@Gwazi Magnum as The Master [Doctor Who]
@C.T. as Qrow Branwen [RWBY]
@Jeremi as Skeletor [He-Man and the Masters of the Universe]
@The Tactician as Shizuo Heiwajima[Durarara!!]
@DapperDogman as Koro-Sensei[Assassination Classroom]
@Josh M as Starman/Thom Kallor [DC Comics]
@OrlandoBloomers as Boba Fett [Star Wars]
@BarrenThin as Gregory House [House]
@Sir Ni!-ck as The Tenth Doctor [Doctor Who]
@Raven as Ezekiel Jones [The Librarians] and Deathstroke/Slade Wilson [DC Comics]
@Crimson Spartan as Courier Six [Fallout]
@The Great Detective as Esper and Mastermind [Elsword]
@york as Dust and Fidget [Dust: An Elysian Tail]
@Mari as Rey [Star Wars]
@Librarian Goat as Asriel Dreemurr[Undertale]
@DBZ7 as Jonathan Joestar and Johnny Joestar [JoJo's Bizarre Adventure]
@Schnee Corp Lawyer as Deadpool [Marvel Comics]
@Krieg as Bane [Nolanverse Batman]
@Hazel-rah as Jeen [Super Mario RPG (AU)]
@Gibbons as Sogiita Gunha [Raildex]
@IntrusivePenDesperateSword as "Manly" Dan Corduroy [Gravity Falls]
@Kakarot! as Broly [Dragon Ball]

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Shizuo Heiwajima

He still remembered the day the Reapers attacked Earth and claimed Ikebukuro.

The day that the district and all of Tokyo were burnt and turned to ashes.

The day that the Dollars went silent.

The day that he couldn't find Celty or Shinra, and Tom and Vorona were nowhere to be found.

The day that Akane had disappeared from his sights for one moment too many.

The day of chaos that not even Izaya would have reveled in.

The day he lost his brother.

Shizuo remembered that day, having fought against the sudden invasion with his strength and failed to protect the ones he cared for. He didn't know how he had managed to wind up on the Normandy in the end, only that he had been knocked out during the fighting and rescued in the escape. Now, he was stuck here, stuck sitting around as they went to some unknown world, stuck unable to get payback against the monsters, the real monsters who destroyed his life. Stuck with nothing he could punch and vent on.

He was stuck and couldn't do anything about it, and it was starting to piss him off.

"Shepard." His eyes were visibly tired, and his teeth held back a growl as he approached the woman. He couldn't keep sitting around here, nothing to do. He needed to do something, to find out who started all the madness around them. "When the hell do we get to that safe haven? I want... No, I need to fight something, something big and ugly and... Something to make up for what happened..."

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Prologue ~ Black Notes

*yawn* the little girl goes, just waking up.

Huh? Where am I? the girl wondered. The last she remembered, she was with Deemo, listening to him play a piece she found in the tree of the castle. Now they were in some kind of spaceship? If this was her imagination when Deemo was playing a piece called Space Colony, and she was somehow thrust into her own imagination, well, she better find a way to get out of that, but it turns out it was the real thing.

By the way, where was Deemo?

"Deemo?" The girl stood up, and looked around, only to see Deemo, the long slenderly figure, come towards her.

"Where are we?" she asked him. To that, Deemo didn't respond, but gave off a shrug. After that, Deemo held the girl's hands and the girl deduced that Deemo doesn't know too, and that it might be dangerous.

"Ok..." the girl said, and when the woman came in and asked everyone- wait, who was everyone else here? How did they get here? Well, that will have to wait, as the woman instructed them to go to the war room.


As Deemo and the girl listened to the conversation, they were indeed in space, and on course to another planet. What were these reapers?

"Umm... excuse me," the girl asked Shepard. "Where are we, and how did we get here?"

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-Diabolic Esper & Mastermind Prologue-
"Unknown Variable"


System has failed to execute...


System must restart to correct...



Within the many hubs of the Elysion Tower, a steady battle was taking place deep within...

"Kukuk... is that how you'll defeat me? Well... you're more interesting than those Nasods, so there's the only piece of recognition you'll get from me, Code-Maya."


After a few minutes of searching for her opponent, the sentient machine locked her eyes over to the foolish human's location. Upon another platform, her opponent was there, sitting upon one of his many Dynamos as he was preparing some sort of ranged attack against her.

"What's this? You want to get all close and personal with me? Well... you could've asked instead, but I don't think you're much of a talkative type... hm?"

Those words only agitated the hostile machine further, to where she immediately blinked out of his sight. The next moment... Add would be put face-to-face with Maya, the other appearing before him and ready to strike him down. However, he had thought this out ahead of time, his drones positioned between himself and Maya.

"Yes, just stay right there... keheheh... Panzer..."

"... BUSTER!!"

Not even a sign of action coming from his drones, a powerful laser blasted Maya away from him, and due to its aftereffects, she was left in a dazed state... leaving her open for more of his attacks.

"Phantom Seeker!"

With that command, more of his drones went into work, two of them being released in their bladed forms, and just like the name of the command entails, those drones sought out to repeatedly slash through Maya again and again before having to return to the master's side. Once the deed was done, Add took the time to approach what was left of Maya... scrap metal was all there could be seen.

Before he could take whatever leftover codes he could rip out of Maya's damaged system, the entirety of the Elysion Tower began to fall apart now that the supposed leader had fallen...

"A-Already? Dammit... guess I'll have to pass on those codes..."

Knowing that being too greedy and taking the extra time to retrieve those codes could only spell his unnecessary death, Add hopped onto his Dynamos as if they were his hoverboard out of here. Narrowly avoiding each piece of metallic debri as the entire tower was crumbling apart, he couldn't get himself out of the blast radius of a malfunctioning server console over to the side.

Yet... he didn't have to do anything in response, because something else had interfered... and whisked him away from the impending chaos.


"Wakey wakey... you shouldn't be slacking off like that... knowing you... keheheheh..."

... w-w... why the hell does that voice sound... familiar?

Add couldn't tell why, but he couldn't find any other words other than "familiar" to describe the voice. For some reason... maybe it wasn't familiar, but more of... "similar." Opening his eyes after being unconscious for an unknown period of time, he could only delve himself into more confusion than anticipated...

"... w-w... what the...?"

"What's the matter? Not used to seeing another version of yourself? Is that it... myself?"

No response... he had no idea how to even process this in his head...

"Here, how about a short and sweet explanation? Something went amiss in your timeline, and due to my powers to manipulate time and space, I simply did you a favor and saved your life by dragging you out of the falling apart timeline. Is that enough for you to comprehend, other me? Plus, I'm sure that people would get confused by the both of us being named 'Add,' so how about some alternative names?"

"...tch, fine. If that's the case behind it all, I suppose I wouldn't mind being called "Mastermind" until your time travelling abilities can fix the timeline problem... and you?"

Mastermind felt the need to doubt that his other self would be able to fix the "falling apart timeline" with his time-space abilities, but he didn't have any other leads as to how he'll be able to return to his own daily routine.

"Well, I've gotten myself the name of "Diabolic Esper" from my original timeline, but for the sake of simplicity, "Esper" works just as fine as well! Keheheheh..."

... why do I feel like teaming up with this version of myself will only lead into further messes and troubles?

Mastermind only shook his head once that thought came to mind, and figured that he would try and piece together on the location that his time-traveling counterpart had brought them...

It didn't take long for them to be acquainted with this new setting, and while Esper didn't say much on how his timeline was destroyed or whatever, the case of the Reapers was made clear, and it all began to make sense for Mastermind.

"I don't know wha you'll be up to, Esper, but I'll make myself comfortable and on top of my game over at Deck 4... Engineering is my expertise after all."

Not getting a response from his time-traveling counterpart, Mastermind sighed and went off to Deck 4 before that opportunity would go away.

On the other hand... Esper saw at least one familiar face...

"...Shizuo, was it? Funny to see a familiar face in a place and situation like this. I suppose a lot of time has passed since we last ran into each other... well, a lot more time on my perspective... kekekek..."

Well, Esper was Esper. He wasn't going to try and avoid irritating people, because that was his thing.​

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Explosions brought city after city to it's knees on some poor unfortunate planet in the southern galaxy. It's people ran in terror as the buildings their ancestors spent their blood, sweat, and tears creating for their children to watch over. All of it was turned into rubble before the might of the invaders who were composed of two saiyans. Only one of them was much more than your average saiyan. He carried the same traits of course. Lust for battle, excitement to spill someone's blood. All traits of a saiyan worth their blood! But imagine these traits with much more emphasis and raw power! It was the kind of saiyan that one only heard of through rumors that were often dismissed as hogwash or lies. But as the saying went, their was truth to every legend.

Well, this was one legend that might have been better off staying that way.


He was Broly, the Legendary Super Saiyan!

As Broly sent ki blast after ki blast towards the defenseless natives of the planet, his father watched on from the sidelines. From Broly's birth, Paragus knew he had something special on his hands. With a power level of 10,000 Broly's power nearly matched that of King Vegeta! But the news was not received as positively as Paragus would have hoped. Despite his pleas that Broly would grow up to be an excellent warrior and a great aid to the King's own son, he along with his son were tossed aside like common trash. All out of the same hunch that would invoke Frieza to wipe out the saiyan's homeworld later that day. Broly and Paragus would not die like the rest of their kind however! They would survive and only then did Paragus realized the king was not understandable in his effort to try and murder Broly before he grow older. As the sayian matured, his power continued to grow becoming far too much for him to be able to reasonably control. Leading to outbursts that'd wind up with multiple planets destroyed and Paragus without an eye.

Enough was enough Paragus decided. He couldn't keep going like this, either Broly's outbursts would grow worse to the point that he'd die trying to calm him down. Or their would be nothing left in the universe for them to call home! So coming across a scientist who would create a device that restrained Broly's power/destructive personality, Paragus forced the device on his son and had been using him to carve out an empire for them in the Southern Galaxy. Any planets that didn't wish to have their able-bodied troops join under Paragus's flag? Their planets were destroyed and so they were as well. Naturally, the army's numbers began to swell.

Not that they would serve anything other as a facade for Paragus's eventual plan to get revenge on Prince Vegeta. But that would come much later on down the line. For now he saw it best to let Broly get out his urges the only way he knew how.

"I've enjoyed seeing your terrified faces run for cover, hoping that this is just a bad dream that you'll wake up from. No..THIS IS A NIGHTMARE! HAHAHAHAHAHAH!"

Casually flinging a ki blast down at the center of the planet, he'd throw up a barrier to engulf himself and his father. For as powerful as Broly was, he couldn't breath in space after all. Besides, this gave him a front row seat to watching as the planet began to erupt from within, and the people got out their last few screams before the entire planet went up in smoke. Leaving nothing left but space debris floating around the two sayians. Broly cackled and threw back his head, reveling in his slaughter. Paragus was as always put off by his son's appetite for destruction and quickly raised his gauntlet towards his son.

"Easy my son, you've had your fun. Now it's time to calm down..."

Broly's maniacal laughter rang out through the endless depths of space before his aura faded away from him. Soon, his hair returned to it's normal black color and he no longer had the fierce physique of before. He actually seemed harmless though the denizens of the planets he's visited would certainly tell one otherwise.

If any of them were still alive that is.

"I'm sorry father..."

Relieved that he had actually managed to calm his son down, Paragus glanced around and saw what appeared to be massive figures flying towards the two of them.

"It's quite alright, my son. Soon we'll have our revenge on Vegeta and we'll form our new empire with you at the helm. Do you recognize those creatures, Broly?"

Broly turned to face the Reapers as they approached and Broly tilted his head. The restraining device upon his forehead did an excellent job of keeping his murderous tendencies in check but he was sure he could have easily destroyed these creatures. Whatever they were, they angered him and that didn't end well for the recipient. As he stared to head in the direction of the Reapers, Broly stopped. It seemed something with the Reaper's technology was interfering with the restraining device Paragus had installed. Sparks flew from it and Broly's aura began to flare up again.

"Broly?! Broly, calm down this instant! We're not going to fight these creatures! Not if we don't know what they are! They could serve us!"

But Broly wasn't listening anymore. The restraining bolt snapped off his forehead and Broly was free once more to pursue his own goals. Monsterous and destructive as they were. Looking at a ship on the horizon, Broly grinned and quickly flew towards it with the barrier still intact of course. Once they landed on the Normandy however, Broly looked down at his father and smirked.

"Sorry dad, their's only room for ONE OF US!"

With a swift backhand, Paragus was sent flying into the cold void of space. Leaving the Legendary Super Saiyan all by himself to walk around the Normandy as he pleased. Off in the distance he heard something about orders and 'Reapers' but none of that really mattered to him. He saw those creatures and it seemed the denizens of this ship knew something about them! When he learned what he wanted to? Then he'd blow up this ship with everyone on it and destroy those creatures!​

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Shepard looked to Shizuo, the man looking like he hasn't slept since the start of the invasion. Shepard couldn't blame him, she hadn't been sleeping either.

"With warp drive, we should be able to get there in a day or two," she answered him, but she quickly spoke again, "if you need to fight something, head down to the Combat Information Center. you should be able to find someone to spar with down there. Unless you think you can take me?"

Shepard then broke her conversation with Shizuo and looked to the newcomer, a little girl.

"You're on my ship. I've been saving people since those big monsters started to arrive. Do you remember the big monsters?" asked Shepard.​

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Oh great, this guy again, Add or whatever. It seemed he was in some sort of trolling mood. Just what Shizuo needed.

"...I'll going to go ahead and say that I am not in the mood for your shit, Esper."

Cue a crack of his knuckles to match his irritated and downright pissy mood. He looked back to Shepard.


For a moment, he fell silent, unsure of what to do. Should he really risk hurting someone on the ship, especially Shepard herself? It wasn't like he would have much self-control if a fight did start, and his strength wasn't something to be trifled with... But the Commander seemed like she could handle herself. Besides, it looked this place was plenty advanced enough to be able to quickly any scrapes, bruises, and broken bones he caused.

"... Then if you're up for it, I'll be down in that... Combat Center place, ready for the fight."

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"Monsters?" the girl said curiously. Were they the Reapers that they spoke of?

♫♪♪ Flashback ♪♪♫

"That was awesome!" the girl complimented on Deemo's piano skills.

Deemo didn't reply. He flipped the page of the book, only to find out there were some pieces missing.

"I'm going to look around." the girl said, as the girl knew that the tree grew even more; it was just impossible to see that it grew if seen from the bottom of the tree. Deemo gave a nod, and also went with her.

On the second floor of the tree, there was nothing new that they seen. However on the floor then seemed to be a roll of paper.

"Oh, is this a new sheet?" the girl went to pick it up, but was thrust backward as the sheet suddenly released a dark energy, and something came out of it.

Deemo quickly catches the girl, but the monster was too powerful and the next thing they knew, they were flying out of the window.

"Deemo... what-"

Deemo held onto the girl as they fell from the castle. They fell into the void that is nothing but a dark space. They continued falling until there was nothing else they can remember.


"Umm... I think I remembered that..." the girl answered to Shepard. "Why did they attack, and what were they?"

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-----Prologue: A nuclear winter would've been much better than this------

......A road.....

.....This man walked the same road as he always had......

.....But today something was different.....

.....Something that would change the Mojave Wasteland forever.....

They hit harder than anyone could've anticipated. These... Reapers..... would take the Wasteland by storm..... And there wasn't a damn thing Six could do about it. As if this man hadn't lost enough the NCR were wiped out with little to no effort.... Everything he knew was wiped away by those damn Reapers. The last thing Six ever recalled was a red laser then everything went black.

------Present Time-----

Six was finding himself following Shepard and everyone else as he woken up only moments before. How he had gotten there even he didn't know. One thing was for sure however as he listened to Shepard speak. He glanced around an found that all of the stuff he had before that red laser had hit. He glanced down a moment thinking it all over.

He thought to himself thinking of where he would be most useful. Glancing around he saw Shepard herself with some other people. Slowly he headed down to the medical bay. He thought he may be useful there given his medical expertise..... When he isn't drunk that is....​

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Shepard's expression was now almost plain as she looked down at the little girl, her lips pursed into a small frown.

"We don't know what they want beyond the destruction of all living beings. They won't talk to us. Now, I think that's enough about the monsters, why don't you go to deck one and look at some fish and play with some toys? Ask one of the people around you to go down with you, so you're not playing all by yourself. I'll be in the combat center if you need me."


Shepard then made her way down to the Combat Information Center to meet with Shizuo.

Arriving in the room, Shepard grinned.

"It's not roomy, but it's sure to keep us close for our fist-fight. Are you ready?" she asked.​

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"Must be a dream... is it? Where's Ben?"

"I... I don't like this place.... my friend..."

"Me neither, Shouko, me neither."

"I want to go... home..."

"Me too. This place feels pretty alien. Speaking of aliens, did... nevermind. I'm sure he's alright."

Producer and Shouko were somewhat lost with what had just occurred.

"Hey, that looks like that guy from that one Scifi game, whatever it's called," Producer comments. "Let's talk to him. Her."

With that, Producer proceeds to strike a conversation with Shephard. "Good day, if it still exists," Producer speaks as he tosses a business card at Shephard, his way of introducing himself, apparently. "Just call me Producer. Might I have a little more... clarification of some topics?"

Shephard mentions 'big monsters'.

"Our friend, Benjamin Tennyson, he risked his life like he always did. I'm sure he'll find a way, come back to life somehow. We were in his world when it was destroyed."

Shouko then looks at a little girl with a black, bogeyman beast. She begins to squeeze the beast's soft and squishy limbs.

"What kind... of shroom... is this?" Shouko asks the more petite hime-cut girl.​

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Esper only snickered in response to Shizuo before doing... well, his time space abilities to appear behind Shizuo to poke him in the back of the head.

"Pokeeeee... Ehehehe..."

Esper just liked to work up some hotheaded people. Now that he thought about it, Shizuo was much like his Lunatic Psyker counterpart... easy to piss off, physically strong, it all lined up together.

Mastermind was still on the way to Deck 4: Engineering, because he wasn't going to deal with Esper at the moment.​

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"Umm... ok." the girl said to Shepard as she left.

Deemo began to look at Shouko, who was feeling him.

The girl looked back to see this.

"What are you doing to Deemo? He's my friend." The girl said in response to Shouko.​

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Upon seeing Six enter the Medical Bay, the doctor inside shook his head in disappointment.

"Oh look, it's another Courier," stated Arcade. "As if I needed to meet another." It seemed he had a distaste for Six.

As Mastermind entered Engineering, he would see a figure in a suit rapidly typing away on a console.


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Broly hadn't been on the Normandy for very long and yet he already had a pretty good idea of what 'monsters' Shepard was speaking of. He'd sensed them and seen them pass by after he destroyed his most recent planet. Seemed like oversized insects in his opinion. Which simply meant it'd be all the more satisfying when he squashed them like the bugs that they were! But seeing this woman explain to the child about monsters earned a series of demented laughter from the Legendary Super saiyan. It reminded him of the stories he heard about himself from the slaves his father had kept in his would-be army.

'Look at that monster! He destroyed our planets without a second thought! He's a freak!'

But the truth wasn't that simple. For Broly was much more than a freak! No, he was the devil himself!

"HAHAHAHAHA! You speak of monsters! If you refer to those mechanical looking beasts I saw before I boarded this ship? Then you must be crazier than I am! They're nothing more than oversized pests waiting to be crushed!" The saiyan bellowed before glancing down at Shouko with a mad sneer on his face.

"But who's to say I'll kill them before they get you, child? You'll be their first and last victim! Hahahahaha!"

Broly had listened as Add went on and on and once he finished, Broly scoffed. He found many things annoying. Whiners who'd rather cry and beg for him to not destroy their planets.Weaklings who didn't have even the slightest hope of giving him even close to an entertaining fight. But something about this creature's attitude just got on his last nerve. Flaring his ki up, Broly held out a hand towards the Esper.

"You'll be quiet or die where you stand!"

As the mention of an arena dedicated to sparring came up, Broly's face lit up once again. He didn't doubt the fact that he was stronger than everyone onboard this ship but an entire section devoted to fighting? He felt tempted to go down there and teach this woman and the other blonde haired man a lesson on who was really the strongest here, completely forgetting his threat to kill Add, for now anyway.

"Where are these 'monsters' that were spoken of?! I want to see their power!"

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How long?

How long had he been still?

Whether it was this universe's Haruka or that other her, he would protect her. So what if it wasn't "the same Haruka?" This world's Haruka was in a stasis. He knew that. And there were an infinite amount of her in other universes that he'd never be able to protect. But none of that mattered. He'd do everything in his power to protect this Haruka. That's what he had decided.

The man with long white hair burst into something that looked like a lab. Ignoring the faces of shock surrounding him, black tendrils flew from his arms towards the object of his current obsession.


He easily tore through the tubes holding her, freeing the young girl from the container. Leaping up to the center of the room, he caught the girl in her arms.

"K-Karasu?" she mumbled to her savior as he looked down disdainfully at a former friend of his. One who had yet to grown up to be this way where this Haruka was from. This former friend called him insane. This wasn't their Haruka. If they didn't experiment with this Haruka, La'Cryma would be in danger. The man holding the young girl knew that. They needed the power of the Dragon Torque to fight back against Shangri-La. Against Noein.

But he couldn't stand back and let this, or any Haruka suffer any more. He'd already made that mistake once, and he wouldn't do it again. With a brief exchange of words, the two friends nodded in understanding, his disdain changing to understanding. No matter which her it was, she was their friend. This one was just as valid as their own.

The rest of La'Cryma would not be so quick to agree, however. So Haruka, the young one he held in his arms, had to go back to her home dimension, where she belonged. Though she'd be hunted down eventually, it was safer than in the nest of the beast.

Leaving through where he came in from, he ran quickly down the halls, trying to get to the dimensional travel unit. There wasn't much time before he was found, and it wasn't unlikely he'd be killed for this. And worse, Haruka's safety would be in jeopardy. He couldn't have that.

"No matter what..." he muttered under his breath.

Just as he said that, a golden choker appeared around the neck of the young girl he was carrying.

"What the-"

But before he could say much more, a bright light emanated from Haruka and they both vanished.

The two reappeared inside a ship of some sort. A map was displayed of various versions of this galaxy. Not quite up to La'Cryma's own technology, but better than that of many timelines. Based on where they were, the way they spoke, and the people around, Karasu figured this timeline had little to nothing to do with anything he'd ever known. In that case, he couldn't care less what happened to it. He wouldn't get involved in some unknown war and endanger Haruka for it.

But they were on someone else's ship, so, for now, he'd just have to wait for this thing to land and get back home. ...Or perhaps simply staying in this dimension would be safest. They'd never suspect he'd run somewhere so...strange. Even Noein probably wouldn't find them for some time.

Putting down Haruka, as she seemed more or less fully awake now, he simply walked to a corner and sat down.

"Where... am I?" the young girl wondered aloud.​

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Was this really where they were going to fight? This seemed a bad idea, brawling in what looked like a command hub for the ship's support staff. Then again, Shepard did say this was the place for duking it out...

With a flick of his wrist, he removed his iconic sunglasses and loosened his bow tie.


He took a deep breath and took a fighting stance with his fists raised to guard himself. Maybe the stance would help him hold back, trying to be more passive with his attacks... But he wasn't going to live it down if he actually hurt the Commander too badly.​

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"Your friend... ehehe..." Shouko speaks. It appears that this little girl liked shrooms too. "Deemo? Nice... name..."

Shouko pulled her Producer's overcoat.

"This is... my friend... too..."

"Adapting well, Shouko. I hope you are too." Producer tosses his business card at the Deemo. "Call me Producer. Who might you be?"​

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Shepard looked to Broly, her expression obviously displeased.

"How did you get on my ship? You seem to have far too many outbursts to be useful," she said simply. This man seemed to be powerful, but rageful and sloppy.​

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Why did all the crazies come near him? First that one weird priest back when he hung around with Riley, then Esper showed up again here, and now this weird musclehead dude was interrupting.

"Wait your turn, asshole, me and the Commander are busy right now! I'll get around to kicking your ass after we're done."
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