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The West Quarter

Discussion in 'Fate Circle' started by Knosis, Jan 1, 2018.

  1. Knosis

    Knosis Grumpy Badger Staff Member Moderator

    This area is sparsely populated. The schools are located in this area as well as a few residential buildings for wealthier class families. There are a few buildings designated for different companies.
  2. Hoshu

    Hoshu (Verified Quester)


    In a white two story house secluded apart from the mansions of the neighbor hood
    Sachi looked in the mirror. He still didn’t really like to disguise himself. But his preferred traditional clothing was just too noticeable and easy to remember. And his eyes and hair were truly peculiar. He needed to blend in especially in a war between magi. His shoulder length grey hair was dyed black. His red eyes were now black hidden by the contacts. He now wore black jersey jacket with white sleeves over a white shirt instead of his traditional black haori, black pants and now sported black running shoes instead of his geita.

    Looking at the mirror again Sachi shook his head and took his backpack as he started to went out of the house he rented. It was a two story house a little farther from the neighborhood giving him some seclusion. He had also turned the basement into his very own workshop. But that place itself would be inadequate to use as a place of summoning since it had no history of murder and such would be an inadequate for a necromancer.

    Sachi walked through the city streets looking at his phone to guide him through the city. His thoughts began to descend to the Holy Grail it was said to be an omnipotent wishing device that could lead to The Root. He himself merely wanted to find the very core of what is a soul and how it achieved its function as a record of the body containing the memories, mind, and Magic Circuits. Such things could only be created by godly beings yet the knowledge itself would be fascinating enough. Turning to the shadier parts of the town.
    Sachi had arrived at his destination an old abandoned warehouse said to have been a suicide spot in the city. Judging by the wooden planks that were littered around rotting it used to be boarded up till he guessed the people started jumping from here.
    Places like these were filled with souls of the deceased who are trapped by things such as regret, anger, and hatred. Such places of death are considered to be where necromancers are at their most powerful.
    Going up the stairs to the top floor Sachi began to prepare for his ritual. Pulling out his Bone Chalk from the bag he began to slowly draw the summoning circle.
    Sachi carefully looked at the circle he drew on the floor. Looking for even the slightest hint of imperfection.
    Raising his eyes he unclasped the vial usually secured near his hip. He wondered for a second what kind spirit would be summoned from this ritual. As a necromancer he procured parts of both humans and beasts for this ritual hoping for a powerful servant. Shaking his head knowing wondering wouldn’t do him any good he began to pour the contents of the vial. The scarlet ichor of blood began to flow down dropping on the circle. He began to chant.

    Let silver and steel be the essence.
    Let stone and the archduke of contracts be the foundation
    Let my great Master Tatsuki be the ancestor

    The circle began to turn red like the blood the chalk greedily suckled onto the liquid.

    Let rise a wall against the wind that shall fall
    Let the four cardinal gates close.
    Let the three-forked road from the crown reaching unto the Kingdom rotate.
    I hereby declare.

    The circle ignited in red energy as wind began to blown on his face making his hair go wild.

    Your body shall serve under me.
    My fate shall be your sword.
    Submit to the beckoning of the Holy Grail
    If you will submit to this will and this reason…Then answer!

    His voice became louder, yet more firm as if it was steel. Torrents of red energy began to light up the ware house.

    An oath shall be sworn here!
    I shall attain all virtues of all of Heaven.
    I shall have dominion over all evils of all of Hell!

    The circle hummed as everything itself went silent but his voice the red electric like energy began to focus on a single point.

    From the Seventh Heaven, attended to by three greet words of power,
    Come forth from the ring of restraints,
    Protector of the Holy Balance!

    Last edited: Jan 8, 2018
  3. Lucifer

    Lucifer Lord of Twats

    @Machina Somnium

    A large mansion sits upon a small but far-reaching hill. Its white walls decorated with small intricate details which, from afar look beautiful, but up close can be quite disturbing to see. The images themselves depict gruesome images of what seemed to be human experimentation and people going mad. The silence and general atmosphere of the mansion would lead anyone from the outside to presume its residents absent.

    Of course, that is not the case.

    There is no other sound to resonate within the abode but the scraping of a wooden chair against a hard surface, this sound quickly followed by soft but firm footsteps made by none other than the young lady Kakusabi. A magus only in ability, but one can argue that her behaviour and priorities are far from what is expected of one. Grinning to herself with anticipation, the revelation of a specific marking on her person that had appeared a few days before had her face etched into a permanent smile. Her father, the only other resident of the house, had left for an important meeting or another, one she had not cared enough to know about. Patiently awaiting his leave, she had set out to further confirm her participation in such a large scale event.

    The back of the house faced nothing but an endless amount of greenery, there was no infrastructure within eyesight and the wind blew softly but with a steady flow. Grabbing the large blank white sheet she had found tucked away neatly in her father's study, she carefully laid out the corners of her soon-to-be canvas, far apart, in a massive field of grass.

    Sighing, she stopped herself and took in a deep breath, the physical work needed to lay out such a large sheet proving too much for her lack of physical prowess to bear. Grabbing a paintbrush and a bucket of red paint, she set out to create a large circle, in hopes that whatever servant she summons will feel comfortable when they initially arrive into the present setting they will be thrust upon- with only basic knowledge to guide them.

    She had struggled greatly trying to draw a circle of the size she had set for herself, she didn't want to mess up in summoning a servant just because of her ineptitude in drawing large circles proved to be so poor the summoning failed.

    Stepping back, she muttered incoherently to herself, trying to reassure herself that the circle was absolutely fine and that no other material objects were needed in the summoning. If her father had been present, he would've urged her to obtain a catalyst, or even blackmail a Magus family with information on summoning to assure that she got a class of her choice. Shaking her head at the thought of her father, she opted that the grail must have excellent judgement to choose her, so it would be best not to question it's judgement.

    Slowly inhaling the air, the Magus closed her eyes and started to chant.
    Last edited: Jan 2, 2018
  4. Machina Somnium

    Machina Somnium Dream machine Staff Member Designer

    As the chanting ended, there was a disturbance in the air. Invisible vibrations in the air, shaking the atmosphere. Bit by bit, energy started to gather in one spot before the eyes of his master, then, a flash of purple light. Warm, hot as a fire, easily blinding anyone present for the few seconds that would take the creature to appear. In a kneeling position, already a formidable height, there was... something. Clearly somewhat humanoid, he stood up, bright purple eyes staring down at the woman before him. Their mischievous glint, also curious as his head tilted. From the bottom to the top, his hooves were dark like carbon, the fur on his goat-ish like legs were a wenge wood shade of brown, dark and rich. The fur was plentiful and short, becoming longer and thicker around his nether region and stopping at his hips/waist. From there, his upper half looked human, the torso did, the only discrepancy being ocasional dark brown blotches, big like a paint horses'. That, old scars and innumerable spells written over his skin, around his arms more prominently, over his chest and on his back, with what seemed to be black ink.
    His long wavy black hair was long, it'd make one think of lion's mane and down a bit past his shoulders, but his face looked more feline than anything. His eyes, his nose, his features were cat like, lion like, and so were his ears, pinned back in visible annoyment. If this gesture wasn't enough, then the long lion like rail that whipped the air next would surely confirm it. It was a wonder how he stood up right, how his head wasn't weighed down by the ram horns that came out of his skull, thick, dark, and curving in menacing spirals, but then again, the being didn't look weak.

    He felt disconnected from what had been a world wide web of constant information being fed to him. So much that all he could do was sit and put it in order inside his brain. It made him feel disoriented, new. But then again, he was. That was the only explanation as to why his curses didn't exist anymore. The beast wouldn't say a word to the woman before him. Not wanting to say more than was necessary. But some things he was aware of;
    He was a Caster, the woman before him was his new Master. And him?
    His name was Astaroth.
  5. Ver

    Ver Endearing Misanthrope Staff Member Moderator The Convergence Series GM

    "Good grief. What a pain."

    And from the surging red energy arose a man. Or at least, an entity that took upon the appearance of one. In reality, a being beyond humanity, with powers beyond any ordinary man. The energy began to slowly die down when the entity made itself known to the world, his very being encroaching upon the natural world, and such energy dissipated as his outstretched arm reached out and brushed it aside, as though swatting a fly, all the while his appearance slowly became more visible, though not completely, as his form became more and more clear in the midst of the energy.

    Standing within the circle, the voice that met Sachi was surprisingly laid-back, hardly a booming or deep voice that one might have expected from most Servants. Standing upright, easily at least six feet tall and perhaps a bit more than that, the blonde man had one hand pocketed while the other was placed nonchalantly upon his own hip shortly after adjusting his own framed glasses. As he stepped out of the summoning circle, revealing more of his features to the man who had summoned him, the Heroic Spirit cleared his throat, before speaking again, a serious expression growing on his face.

    "I ask of thee, are you my Master?"

    Nonexistence was a tiresome experience. Of course, there was no feeling in nonexistence. That is, within the mythical Throne of Heroes, where spirits such as him resided. It was only until after he had been summoned that he realized what it was like to not be conscious. To not exist. It was like waking up from a dream, a deep slumber that he never could recall when he slipped into. The Assassin-class scratched the back of his neck as he awaited his response, not so much out of a need to relieve an itch, but rather, to feel again. The sensation of his gloved fingers scratching against his skin... Yes, this was certainly "existence" again. What a nostalgic thing...

    His black clothing, jacket and all, blended well in the dark warehouse in which he stood. The shadows had always been among his greatest allies, and one of his most dangerous opponents. Assassin had to admit, he would have felt more comfortable outside though. Not to say that he was claustrophobic, being summoned into a place and not have immediate access to fresh air was a bit unpleasant. Where even was he now?


    Ah, yes. There it was. It was all coming to him now, information rushing through his head like a torrent as he began to process it all in the blink of an eye. Accepting where he was, recalling the knowledge instilled into him the moment he had been summoned, Assassin let out a soft breath as a small smile tugged at the corner of his lips, as he moved his hand down to his hip.

    This would hopefully prove to be a stimulating time.

  6. Lucifer

    Lucifer Lord of Twats

    As the extravagant show of light died down, Kakusabi ran a single hand through her hair. Through the quick scan of the servant's attributes, she skimmed the knowledge that she had obtained of her servant through a brief glance. Lightly tucking the strands of her light pink hair behind her ear, she examined the being that stood before her; her eyes trailing the outline of its impressive build as well as the large horns that protruded out of its head. Momentarily widening her eyes at them, she smiled politely at the servant in front of her and placed a hand to her chest and bowed. Making eye contact with her servant, she greeted them. "Hello, you are of the Caster class, are you not?" Not awaiting their response, she gestured towards the entrance to the mansion behind her. It was a giant set of double doors, painted white- although in her younger years, Kakusabi did add a few additions of pink, much to her father's chagrin- the door was too large for any normal human to reach the top properly. Why anyone would need such a massive door, she did not know. However, looking back at her servant, she was partially grateful for her father's ridiculous expenditure on their mansion alone.

    "If you'd like to chat over a nice cup of tea, I'll be glad to oblige."
    Last edited: Jan 3, 2018
  7. Hoshu

    Hoshu (Verified Quester)

    Looking over the man he could quickly see he was from a much earlier time period probably between 1700 to 1900. Judging from his appearance he was probably european. Still looking at the materials he used he couldn't fathom how he summoned a human.

    "I ask of thee, are you my Master?"

    Hearing his voice Sachi snapped out of his thoughts before saying his name. "I am though currently my persona is 'Daichi Kitano' a normal college graduate. Who has unexpectedly summoned a servant do to having a magus bloodline." Sachi replied. "Now I shall ask a simple question-" A serious tone was in his voice. "Would you like to eat?" Sachi switched to a jovial tone. "I can't imagine how long its been since you last ate? Sachi said before grabbing a spare set of a simple longsleeved button up shirt and pants from his bag and handing it to the servant. "I'll fomally introduce myself once we get back to base but for now, call me Daichi."
    Last edited: Jan 5, 2018
  8. Ver

    Ver Endearing Misanthrope Staff Member Moderator The Convergence Series GM

    Persona. What a curious word to be using, Assassin thought to himself. But if that was the name that would be given at this time, even if it was a fake one, then so be it. His Master already proved to be an interesting individual with just two sentences.

    The Heroic Spirit didn't bother asking questions such as "who are you really" or anything to that degree; the man who stood before him calling himself "Daichi Kitano" looked like an individual who had a reason behind everything he did, so he pushed forward not. Besides, it wasn't as though Assassin would be exactly eager to give out his own true identity either, nor did he not understand the need for secrecy, especially when dealing with matters as dangerous as a Holy Grail War.

    Assassin's expression shifted from a cool, collected one to a perplexed one in the blink of an eye, the familiar raising an eyebrow as he was asked such an inane question right off the bat. He let out an amused breath, not quite sure if his Master was deliberately jocular, or if that was just something unintentional, but it happened either way. Placing a hand on his hip, he looked upon "Daichi."

    "I am a Servant, Daichi. If you are referring to conventional food, I have no true need for it, so long as you're able to provide me with mana as a skilled mage would... but I imagine if you're asking, I suppose that means there is a need for food for myself, hmm?" He said, adjusting his glasses frame with a gloved hand, before taking the clothes offered to him and tilting his head. Not even five minutes into being summoned and he was already expected to change? He wondered what the need was if he could just change into spirit form... unless, of course, he couldn't.

    All the telltale signs, but all Assassin could do was sigh and nod.

    "I'm to change into these? How distasteful," he only said facetiously, beginning to take off his dark coat if that were the case.
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  9. Hoshu

    Hoshu (Verified Quester)

    (Gonna refer to him as Daichi for now)

    "I know you don't need food. I also know you don't need to disguise yourself. The reason is simple really. I'd like you to expirience the feeling of life again." Daichi replied before starting to walk around the room.

    He pulled out his spellbook and began to draw a small circle in the middle of the summoning circle. Opening a vial of blood he driped a single drop. In the middle.


    The circles began toglow blue before dispersing into dust particles the leaving no trace of the ritual on the floor. "Well I took care of the evidence." Daichi then looked at Assassin. 'So what should I call him. Judging from his clothing he is from an earlier era so 1700-1900 is my best bet. And since his powe-, actually I feel nothing, unlike the inhuman presence servants usually exude according to accounts made by survivors. So that means.' Daichi then stopped his train of thought and turned to the clothed Assassin in a button up long sleeved shirt and black pants. "Well seems your ready. Let's go Assassin. I hope you like Burgers' Daichi said smiling before picking up his bag. They began to head to the the North Quarter
    Last edited: Jan 5, 2018
  10. Lobos

    Lobos The Big Bad Wolf Staff Member Moderator Chronicles of the Omniverse GM

    Some time later, Archer found himself standing at the top of one of the tallest high rise office buildings, looking over the sprawl of the land around him. The details were committed to memory, and he had to admit, the vantage was fantastic. Fifty stories off the ground, there wasn't much to conceal from his raptor's eyes, periodically glowing as he augmented his sight with his skills. Hands in his pockets, the silver haired man took in the sights like a sponge, mentally marking this place as a likely spot to initiate an attack from. There were a few other candidates within a half dozen or so blocks, but this was the closest to the city center, offering the most open avenue to strike at range from.

    This would work nicely, he thought with a faint smile.

    His relatively loose orders were proving enjoyable, the skills of the Archer class offering him a freedom to plan his own preferences in advance of any scheming by his Master. Thinking of the man, he wondered for a moment at what his choices would be for engagement. Recalling his choice of weapons, back when Ruler had approached...

    His smile increased slightly. This had thus far the promises of a mutually beneficial arrangement.
  11. Lucifer

    Lucifer Lord of Twats

    Looking down at his mistress as she spoke, the only answer he gave to the first question she asked was a soft hum. And once she started walking towards the house, he took a few seconds to study the place before following after her. The white and light colors weren't exactly of his liking, but those were little details. He finally spoke as they started walking through the doors, too big for normal humans. Way too big, but at least he'd fit through them. That was terribly unsettling somehow, but there was no way for them to anticipate his arrival. "My Mistress, may I know your name?" The beast spoke, finally. His voice deep and rich, like a bellow. If she didn't tell him he'd just adress her as -Mistress-. And he could probably find out anyways.
    "Oshiro Kakusabi, only child of the Oshiro family." Smiling upwards to the much taller being, she then continued. "Although you can call me whatever you want." Walking towards the center of the living room, there sat a chesterfield couch doused in white as well as a smaller sofa next to it. Between the seats was a coffee table, rectangular and long, going from one end of the couch to another. The walls were decorated with paintings as well as a large mirror at the other end of the room and a staircase that curved outwards as it reached the floor. The magus walked towards an open entrance at the side of the room- presumably the kitchen- and excused herself for a few minutes.

    More light colours, more white furniture. This woman had no taste. He'd call her Mistress, her name was strange to say the least. Very, and he couldn't risk stuttering when attempting to pronounce it. Aware that he was supposed to sit down, probably, he almost did... but decided to look around the place a bit more. Maybe there was at least one room that wasn't white. It kept reminding him of someone else. After looking behind the couch and through a window, behind the courtainst... he trotted over towards the room, probably the kitchen, where his Mistress had gone. And peeked inside, supposing she'd be preparing the tea... what if she did something to the tea?.

    As the kitchen came into view, the Magus could be seen pouring hot water into a teapot. Firmly holding the kettle in order to keep it steady, she placed it back upon the beige counter. The sound of the teabag dipping into the water resonated around the room, the magus acted upon the manners she was taught by her mother to be a good hostess. Grabbing a tray from a cupboard above, the woman placed the teapot; a pair of teacups and a sugar bowl onto it. As she was handling the tray and turning back around, she inhaled sharply at the sudden sight of her servant’s slightly concealed figure at the doorway. Composing herself, she raised an eyebrow. “Did you need anything else?”
    "No, I wanted to see what you were doing. Do you live in a mansion and have no maids?, or do you enjoy making tea?" The beast questioned, his tail zapping at the air in slight annoyance. The kitchens were for the servants, and the masters were to be attended by them. Not servants like himself, obviously. But if this woman had any he could force them into a curse and hopefully use them as informants. The woman looked at the clock that hung on the wall opposite to them, the minute hand only a few centimetres away from reaching the top of the clock to signify that a full hour has passed. Looking back at the servant, she only breathed deeply and walked past him in a slightly hurried manner. "The servants'll arrive in a few minutes or so. I only wanted to be a good hostess, is all."

    He snorted, amused, arching one eyebrow at the shorter woman. And then, somewhat mocking her, he smirked and said; " D'aww, that's so nice of you, my Mistress." As if he wanted to be here. But at least the woman was being nice. He started making his way back to the living room with the hideous furniture. "Anyways, unless you want me to run around in this form, perhaps I should get a less obvious disguise, hm?" He suggested, not about to reveal all of his abilities, but if they wanted to win it couldn't all be secrets. Setting the tray down on the coffee table in the living room, Kakusabi poured a cup for both of them and turned to look at her companion. Narrowing her eyes at the beast, the magus picked up a slight mocking tone in the voice of her companion. Instead of replying with a snarky comment however, she instead smiled gleefully at his suggestion. Almost eerily so. Noticing his wandering eyes as they glanced distastefully at the state of the mansion's design, she couldn't pinpoint whether or not he had disliked the overall grandiose appearance of it all or the cutesy pastel aesthetic that everything had. Looking at his attire, he probably wasn't used to such... tastes. Covering her mouth to hide-and fail- an ominous smile, she gestured him towards the stairs. "If you want to wait for the tea to cool down, you can follow me. I'm not familiar with transformation of any sort, but I'm sure I can figure out a... nice set of clothing that would fit you riiight in!" He almost seemed offended, his tail whipping at the air as he let out a small growl. "You're not putting clothes on me!, not on this form anyways. Just think of someone I can pretend to be, let me see it, and I'll do the rest." He offered, smirking lightly. He wouldn't have any trouble drinking the tea even if it had been boiling. But he waited anyways.

    The magus perked her ears when she realised that her servant had just shared one of his skills. The ability to manipulate his appearance would be incredibly useful for keeping under wraps and the woman wanted to sought out every advantage she could get. Slowly turning her head away with a small smile on her face, the shorter one of the two looked towards the beast and clapped her hands together. "Oh I know just who you should be!" The image of a young girl popped into her mind, top of the little girl's head barely reaching her shoulders. Dressed in the usual maid uniform decorated with a pinch of bright yellow. The girl smiled gleefully at her and twirled around in her frilly dress, long blonde pigtails following her motion and deep green eyes twinkling with a naive innocence. One of the Magus's maids, of course. Presumably one of the youngest too. Opening her eyes, before the beast could say anything, the Master raised a finger in a 'hush' manner. "I'm always accompanied by a maid, and nobody is incredibly suspicious of young girls! Let's bring a smile on your face!"

    "I'll take her appearance, not her personality, my mistress..." he grumbled. Reaching towards the woman and cupping her face with one hand, he forced her to look up at him in the eyes. It made things easier if he could look through them, less energy wasted. He wasn't careful either, no need to be subtle. She'd feel his presence momentarily, a rough shove to her own thoughts so he'd adjust to his new appearance correctly. He'd growl softly and pin back his ears at her earlier comment, but the appearance wasn't something he cared much about. The next time she blinked she wouldn't see a seven feet tall creature before her, but the little girl she had imagined. Holding the cheek that was held by the, now small and young, servant, she looked away for a second with a furtive look in her eyes. Hastily getting back to the matter at hand, she smiled brightly at the sight of the young girl before her. The technique was flawless. Everything was done as beautifully as projected in her mind down to the soft fabric of the dress that was worn. All except, the evident disdain on the servant's face. "Aw, come on now! If it makes you feel better, you look absolutely adorable!" Spreading her arms out, she leaned in to hug the smaller figure. Abruptly, a loud ring from the doorbell stopped her from continuing the affectionate action. Five servants opened the door and lined up behind each other in a formal and robotic manner, the man that stood at the front, Head Butler Souji, declared his arrival to the mistress and bowed down. The others followed and soon went on to do their respective tasks, a few glances towards the person standing next to the lady of the house but no questions were asked. Turning to the now-small girl, Kakusabi grinned. "Do you happen to have a plan?"

    "Why would I have a plan, Mistress?. We could start by figuring out what we could do. What can you do, hm?." His voice was also that of a human girl now, too, but he was still himself. "Are you going to need constant baby-sitting? hm?"

    "Well... I've studied thaumatargy since I was six, mostly focusing on Alchemy but..." A deafening silence ensued, the magus brought her hands together and fidgeted with her fingers. "I switched my priority to learning elements. I... found I had an affinity with wind." Looking sideways, she crossed her arms and tilted her head to the side. "I am able to conceal things under multiple layers of dense air as well as release the pressurised air to propel myself in a certain direction. And... while I was learning alchemy... I learnt quite a lot of healing magecraft."

    "That's good, because I don't do healing. Can you use your wind to levitate other things?, besides yourself, I mean." He asked, obviously thinking of what to do. "We need to locate the others first... are you very attached to your servants?"
    She flinched. Although she shrugged her shoulders and looked on with a disinterested look, the action from before was still very prominent. "Not really. Why do you ask?"
    "No reason~" Astaroth answered, practically purring, with an innocent smile on his/her face. "Can we drink our tea?... What kind of experience do you have when it comes to fighting?" Laughing into her hand, she looks at the 'maid' strangely. "You have no need to ask to drink. It's fine." Sitting down onto the couch, Kakusabi picked up her cup and took a small sip. "Experience in combat huh...? I've been in a controlled spar before. Not much other than that, unfortunately."
    His amused expression turned into a groan. "So I AM babysitting. Have you ever even killed someone?. What spells do you know to kill someone quickly?" Suddenly lurching forward, Kakusabi placed a hand over her mouth to avoid spilling her tea. "K-kill?" Placing down her teacup, since it started shaking in her hands, she looked at Caster. "I-I've never. ...They don't teach that. There's no easy information on thaumatargy that could... kill someone easily."
    "How on Earth are you planning to win, then?. We have to kill, murder, eliminate the rest. Well, some of them will fight as well so not everyone. But you have to be ready because they WILL go for the kill and I'm not a goddamn nanny. Or a shield." He growled at her, taking his own teacup and drinking.

    With those words the Magus tensed, hands clenched into fists as they applied pressure onto her lap. She hung her head. There was a considerable pause before she spoke up to answer the Heroic Spirit. "I apologise. I... didn't think this through." Shutting her eyes tightly shut, the silence from before had become suffocating, tense. "I'll- I'll kill... if necessary."
    "Of course you will. Either you kill, or you DIE. So for your sake, don't hesitate, hesitation will get you killed as well. What about weapons? Can you use any for physical fighting? Do you have swords here? or something big and made of metal?" Their chances weren't high. "There are swords kept in... the mansion but... I've never... tried to learn."
    "The swords are for me, you stick to magic and smaller weapons. I can't teach you sword fighting in a day" he answered, with a huff of annoyance. The two sipped tea in silence, the one with pink hair with a downtrodden expression, in dismay. The other was only frustrated with the circumstances that they had been given, and, looking like the young girl he currently was, seemed to be pouting. One of the servants descended into the room with her hair tied into a bun and cleaning supplies in hand. Approaching the two sat on the couch, she began to speak. "The west wing has been cleared. If there is anything else to be taken care of, please inform me, Mistress." The servant was an elderly woman dressed in the same attire that Caster was wearing, her face showed her age and hands clearly those belonging to a hard worker. Dismissing her from her initial duties, Kakusabi asked for her to stay near her room for the time being, and inform her if she sees anyone loitering around near the mansion, as well as keep the other servants away. Nodding, the servant went off to put away the objects in her hands and report back for her extra duties. Turning back to Caster, Kakusabi changed the topic of the conversation and the two started to talk about general things, like the modern society and what Caster should expect in this new area.

    -Time Skip for Team 7-

    Decorating the night sky, the moon had been in the place of the sun for quite some time now. The darkness of the night almost seemed to seep through the well-illuminated mansion, the absence of people in such a large abode cannot be simply dismissed. Abruptly, Kakusabi stood up and gestured for Caster to follow her, heading towards the set of stairs that led upstairs. Climbing up, the second level almost seemed impossibly huge compared to the first one. The floor was decorated with a velvet red carpet and a chandelier hung from the roof of the mansion. Statues and artwork sprinkled the hallway, with each piece of artwork startlingly different to the next. In front of the stairs was a set of double doors coloured a brilliant shade of dark blue, a golden doorknob to add to the grandiose feeling of everything that shared a floor with it. Sharply turning to the left, Kakusabi darted towards a door at the end of the hallway, presumably her room. As she twisted the doorknob and opened the door, what laid inside was a puzzling sight. The room itself was nothing like what presented itself outside. It was a white, although unlike the shades from before, it seemed sickeningly so. Suffocating, even. The bed was a simple wooden one with thin sheets draped across, seemingly untouched. A dresser stood next to the bed and a cracked mirror above it. There was a closet in front of the bed, it's hinges rusted and it's contents laid strewn across the floor in front of it. There were a few items placed on top of the dresser, namely a hairbrush; pink dye; powder; a bottle of pills; a music box and a vase filled with bell flowers. Kakusabi spoke up, addressing Caster. "I don't believe Heroic Spirits need to sleep, but if you want, you can always lay next to me!" Giggling at that, she trotted over to her bed and sat down onto the mattress, hands placed on either side of her torso. "I've got Atsumi on guard duty, so it should be fine."
  12. ConquererMan

    ConquererMan Prophet of a Dead God

    Silence hung over the sprawling estate. Draping the mansion in an unsettling atmosphere like a burial shroud. No footsteps echoed through the long halls nor did the fixtures and walls creak as the building settled. The only sound to be heard in the bedroom was the soft breathing of a pink haired girl.

    There was no sleep for the Daemon, even if he wished for it. The lure of power, the constant thought of besting his enemies, and the seething resentment for the girl he laid next to- all of it ate away at him and prevented any sort of meditation or trance he might normally have indulged in.

    He huffed and in an almost comical fashion rolled over as far as he could from his “Master”, and let the unearthly beam shining through the window cast itself over his soft and delicate face. Under the moonlit night, eyes closed for a moment, he almost seemed at peace.

    The reprieve didn’t last long and with another sigh he opened his eyes to glare at the damned room that served as his prison- only to have his gaze met by two glowing orbs looming in the shadowed corner.

    “You assume us weak, don’t you, if you plan on eliminating us from the war, then I invite you to try it,” he hissed at the intruder, letting his diminutive form hide his power.

    The figure lurched forward and out of the darkness, causing the Servant to bolt up. In his hubris he didn’t think about turning to wake his Master, though futile such action would have been. Tiny motes of dust stood motionless in the single ray of light piercing the room, and Oshiro’s breathing now silent.

    Under the moonlight the figure was nearly as enigmatic as before. A thick leather cloak and hood, aged, cracked and grey, hung over the towering figure’s broad shoulders and head. Chains and necklaces criss crossed his chest and up on them clung trinkets and fetishes of alien design. Illogical shapes, eldritch signs, and horrifyings figures no mortal would know created a pantheon across his torso- with a five armed spiral, swirling inwards clockwise before reversing and meeting at an infinitesimal point at the center, as it’s head deity.

    “It is time, the deal must be completed,” the mountainous figure grumbled, his words flowing like water over jagged stones.

    HIs small blue eyes widened as his timeless memory searched for that feeling familiarity the figure cast upon him. Buried deep, in eons before, was a recollection of the Daemon’s first deal. His first taste at striking a bargain.

    “No, no, it is not time to collect,” the blonde haired child squealed in fear, “I am not beyond the time of glory, I’ve yet to reach my pinnacle, you said only after I had fallen, and I HAVE NOT FALLEN.”
    Only silence served as a response to the daemon’s pleas, and in a fury he moved to lunge at the thing. His body twisted and contorted as he began to transform, horns growing from the crown of his head.

    “Cease.” Bellowed the collector, and the Servant obeyed- frozen in midair.

    Twin six fingered hands parted the heavy leather coat like a curtain, slowly reaching for the stuck-in-transition deamon. In the pale moon the leather hands seemed sickly green, with long digits with two too many joints between their tips and knuckles, and adorned with jagged claws. Each hand found its grip on the spiraling horns, engulfing the full circumference of each at their base.

    “No,” the daemon sputtered through clenched teeth as he felt pressure in his skull, and his power flow to his horns. He grunted and let out as muffled scream as figure pulled in separate directions. A moment later, and with a loud snap, the horns had been broken off of their mounts.

    “NO!” He cried out as he dropped to floor, body weak and limp- caught forever in between the blonde-haired maid and the daemon envoy.

    “The deal is fulfilled.” Reaching down the figure touched the tip of his finger against the center of the daemon’s forehead, summoning an imperfect spiral from its long held hiding place.

    The moment the figure’s fingertip released its pressure the spiral began to unwind, and with it time itself flowed backwards, rapidly. The only thing unaffected was the looming figure, who watched as the world around him reversed until the sun had replaced the moon, and chanting engrossed the air. Slowly, and with heavy steps, the figure headed out to the field where his “Master” had just finished her summoning ritual.

    From Oshiro’s perspective the ritual had gone fine up until the point where a flash of energy engulfed the circle, but there was no Servant standing before her. Just a towering figure behind her, his shadow eclipsing her’s.
  13. Lucifer

    Lucifer Lord of Twats

    Kakusabi had expected something flashy.

    A light show, perhaps a bit of smoke here and there and the occasional spooky booming voice that she imagined most servants to have when revealing their presence to their master. What she wasn't expecting, was the immediate scare that presented itself behind her as she slowly turned around to reveal whoever stood there. Inhaling sharply, she placed a hand on her heart as her iris dilated quickly, her hand clenched her dress. It took a few seconds to recover from her momentary shock and she managed to calm herself down enough to focus on the figure that stood before her.

    Regulating her breathing pattern, she looked towards her servant and smiled at them. Quick and automatic information was being relayed in her mind, she wasn't entirely concerned on her servant's class but to know she got Caster was somehow relieving to her. She did, after all, spend most her time learning about magic far beyond the capabilities of a normal human, which would've been deemed useless if she got Saber. Nodding her head towards Caster, she straightened her posture and spoke in a firm tone.

    "My name is Oshiro Kakusabi, from here on out I am to be your master until the end of this... event." Signalling towards the large pale entrance that stood behind Caster, she walked towards it and waited for him to enter the mansion. "Would you like to chat over a nice cup of tea?"
  14. ConquererMan

    ConquererMan Prophet of a Dead God

    Two sickly glowing eyes peered out from the blackness of the figure's hood as he loomed over the diminutive woman, staring her down as if he was examining her very soul. He didn't move or shift in place as she spoke. No noise came from him as she explained her role, save for the clattering of metal as the breeze rustled the trinkets adorning the figure. The only sign he even was aware of her presence was the slow turn of his gaze as he tracked her movements towards the mansion.

    He was still as reserved as ever, and only moved towards the house a moment after she'd arrived at the door herself. Slow and pondering were his footsteps, and completely out of sync. The arrhythmic stride caused his adornments to jingle eerily as his body jolted and swayed along the trek- leaving Oshiro to stand awkwardly as her "Servant" took his time following her.

    Again as quiet as before the figure did not verbally respond. He didn't decline her invitation, but left it up to the pink haired girl to read the silent staring how ever she may and waited for her to, like a good hostess, take the lead again.
  15. Lucifer

    Lucifer Lord of Twats

    Kakusabi turned towards the large double doors, reaching inhuman heights and decorated with pale pink squiggles- courtesy of her younger self- and golden handles. Softly pushing the doors open, the inside of the mansion revealed a large room with a set of stairs that led to the second floor of the colossal mansion. It's interior design could only be described as cliché of a rich family, with the generic pale Chester couch with a matching sofa and red carpeted floor. At the other side of the room from their position was a mirror that went from wall to wall, lined with gold at it's edge and its condition hinting that it was well taken care of. There was light coming from an open entrance of what seemed to be a kitchen and doors on each side of the staircase.

    Walking inside of the Mansion, the door stayed open as Kakusabi calmly proceeded towards the kitchen and stopped to turn around and acknowledge her servant. "I'll make some tea, feel free to explore if you'd like." She then disappeared into the kitchen.
  16. ConquererMan

    ConquererMan Prophet of a Dead God

    The "servant" was a stark contrast to the expansive, and well decorated abode. White, polished, and pristine with expensive furniture was on the opposite end of the spectrum of dusky, drab, and otherwordly. Had the young woman not invited him in any wandering staff would have thought him a vagrant and a criminal who'd broken into the estate. Though unlike the vandals, who'd have no doubt loved to get their hand on even a fraction of what was in the mansion, the figure seemed disinterested in the decor. Dismissive even.

    The massive figure didn't respond as she left him just outside the kitchen. Ever the statue he stood there watching the entrance to the kitchen with a sickly glowing gaze that Oshiro could feel, like a cold hand on her shoulder. Even through any walls or fixtures that might have obstructed the "Caster's" view. When she returned it persisted, but standing face to face with him made it much more tolerable.
  17. Lucifer

    Lucifer Lord of Twats

    Walking back to the servant waiting on the couch, the woman grimaced, the tray in her hold held by clammy and unstable hands as she tried to ignore the clenching of her heart. A persistent feeling of paranoia shook her being and she shivered in discomfort, as if physical actions could help her brush off the uncomfortable feeling. Although, as she got closer to her 'guest', she narrowed her eyes momentarily, holding him suspect to the perturbation. Slightly shaking her head, a small smile made it's way to her face. Placing the tray down onto the coffee table, she poured two cups of tea and sat up on the couch, her posture was relaxed but still seemed to be a conscious choice.

    The air seemed stagnant, not in an awkward way, but similar to when someone presses a pause button on a television remote. Kakusabi focused on the being that sat next to her and tried to cut her prolonged glances short. Taking a drawn out sip with closed eyes, Kakusabi held the tea cup up to her chest before attempting to break the prolonged silence. "Do you particularly enjoy battle?"
  18. ConquererMan

    ConquererMan Prophet of a Dead God

    Methodically he followed her several paces behind her to the couch. Looming as always, it took the figure a few moments to sit down. When he did the furnishing creaked and strained under his weight, pushing Oshiro up slightly. It was a comical sight to behold their size difference, and how the "Caster's" cloak still secreted away his appearance- not even parting as he bent down to sit. The only time the thick curtain-like cloak opened was when his monstrous hand extended out to grasp the cup of tea. The wrinkled and scarred digits easily could have concealed it, but instead the clawed fingers delicately held the handle as he lifted it up.

    He didn't turn to address her as she asked her question, or when he gave his answer. Just speaking towards the empty air in front of them. "No," he said flatly, still holding his full cup at chest height, "The cost of such business often outweighs the value."

    "Do you," he said continuing their quid pro quo, taking a tone that sounded like he already knew the answer.
  19. Lucifer

    Lucifer Lord of Twats

    Kakusabi laughed nervously, quickly placing down her cup of tea lest she drop it. "No, I think it's... barbaric." Furrowing her eyebrows, she turned her head upwards, a fist clenched near her heart as she exhaled deeply. "Although, I believe that this... event is won through battling." Crossing over her legs, she gazed up at her seemingly unconcerned partner and questioned him further. "There are of course, multiple ways to win the Holy Grail War and it is possible to win with minimal fighting, but that'd be very difficult." Now that she had gotten used to his distant attitude, she proceeded to speak more, understanding that asking questions that could be answered with a simple yes or no would be beneficial. However, she'll still try to at least make it bearable for the servant, for she did not want to seem unworthy or boring to him. Sighing softly, the magus decided that the first course of action would be to understand what the being was capable of doing, and what he was willing to do.

    "Are you able to speak of your abilities? Or would you rather not?"
  20. ConquererMan

    ConquererMan Prophet of a Dead God

    The six digit hand lifted the cup towards the black abyss shrouded by the figure's hood, but stopped short. He didn't respond right away, frozen for a few moments before lowering his hand again. "They are all pieces in a game beyond their understanding, the difficulty of achieving my goals does not worry me," he said. His voice bristled slightly, but kept it's flat and gravely tone for the most part.

    Her next question did elicit some movement from the giant. Silently his head turned towards her, and the two glowing eyes were joined by a third- not centered but slightly above and to the left of his right eye. Followed by a fourth in a mirrored position, and then a fifth, taking a spot between the original two piercing lights. All five of his eyes centered on Oshiro, and that feeling from before wrapped itself around her tighter than before. In her distant, dark childhood memories, of childish nightmares and nights spent watching dark closets for monsters, she could vaguely remember seeing those same lights. The most unsettling part was the sense that those memories were supposed to be absent that otherworldly gaze

    "Yes," he answered simply, though confusingly.

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