The Wider Galaxy Faction Sheet

The King Of Rats

An open book, not the best written, but still open
Faction name-
Method of space transport- yes iv nicked this from stellaris, this can be left blank if you wish to be discovered

Ships equipped with a warp drive are capable of traveling faster than light by creating a subspace "bubble" around the ship, simultaneously contracting space in front of the ship and expanding space behind it. Warp drives have a modest cost and energy drain, and allow movement freely (albeit slowly) across empty space.
A hidden network predates all other known construction in the galaxy. Its so-called "hyperlanes" connect the stars and they are only visible for those who know where (and how) to look. Those that don't can still research Hyperlane Mapping in order to grasp the layout of the network, and thus be able to predict the paths a hyperdrive-using empire must take and their likely strategies.
Empires with access to wormhole technology can create sophisticated wormhole stations at the outer edges of a star system. In contrast to warp bubbles and hyperlanes, wormholes create a temporary but direct connection between two systems.

Dominant race-
Population- (Now to stop this turning into a metagamers wet dream i'm going to heavily monitor the populations, remember this is your whole population, military and non military)
Religion- (if any)
Type of government-
Type of world-
Famous trait- so like your peoples mutation or your races notable ability stuff like that
Planet name-
Leader Name-
Leader Age-
Leader Gender-
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Faction name- Confederacy of Science

Motto- "There's never a limit to what can be created by Science."
Currency- Credits, Technology.
Military- Medium. This faction rely on minimum protection as they prefer to remain neutral and trade with all empires.
Method of space transport-
A hidden network predates all other known construction in the galaxy. Its so-called "hyperlanes" connect the stars and they are only visible for those who know where (and how) to look. Those that don't can still research Hyperlane Mapping in order to grasp the layout of the network, and thus be able to predict the paths a hyperdrive-using empire must take and their likely strategies.
Empires with access to wormhole technology can create sophisticated wormhole stations at the outer edges of a star system. In contrast to warp bubbles and hyperlanes, wormholes create a temporary but direct connection between two systems.
Little is known about the mysterious Magumians because their underground cities hide them from the eyes of foreign nations. The Magumian community is divided into individual clans, which manage farms and mines co-operatively. Due to their natural higher intelligence, the Magumians are known for their incredible advancements in the field of research. While they are primarily a neutral race, they do have a military of their own to protect them from pirates, and any kind of invasion, but they prefer not to assist any empire or faction with their battles.
Culture- Primarily a Underground Civilization, not much is known about their culture. However, on the surface, they are multi-cultural, meaning they partake in the festivals and celebrations and other types of culture wherever they are, always learning new things about the other factions and races in the Galaxy.
Dominant race- Magumians.
Population- 15.6 Million. 80% of their race are dedicated scientists, 15% are their self-defence military, and 5% are average citizens living normal lives.
Religion- N/A
Type of government- Democratic. Whenever a Faction-Changing decision is to be made, the entire race votes on what happens. Each town / city on the planet elects a representative in the global government, allowing every member to have a say in what goes on in the home-world and what investments to be made.
Type of world- Surface: Barren, Wasteland. Underground: Lush Forests, Lakes, Creatures of various shapes and sizes including artificially created animals.
Famous trait- Enhanced Intelligence, Superb Scientific Knowledge.
Planet name- Isotopia.
Leader- Raynar Magnus. The main leader of the Magumians and Confederacy of Science. While the Government decides what happens on the home-world, the technology created is traded to other empires and nations. Under the careful watch of their leader, Raynar Magnus, he is the sole negotiator and link to the Galaxy. Whenever another faction or empire wants to come to terms with the Confederacy, whether it'd be Defence Pacts, Trade and Technology sharing, Raynar is the one who decides whether or not that is a sound investment to the Civilization or not. However, when it comes to the military, he has a extensive amount of experience in leading an army, successfully holding off numerous pirate raids with a extremely low to no casualty count.
Leader Age- 30
Leader Gender- Male
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Faction name- The Monarchy Of Panacea
Flag-View attachment 1688
Motto-"Above all else, do no harm"
Currency- Silver Coin
Military- Defense Droids. Droids that specialize in home defense but can be used to go out and make contact with "Iffy" contacts
Method of space transport-
Ships equipped with a warp drive are capable of traveling faster than light by creating a subspace "bubble" around the ship, simultaneously contracting space in front of the ship and expanding space behind it. Warp drives have a modest cost and energy drain, and allow movement freely (albeit slowly) across empty space.
History- The world of Panacea was once a planet that housed many great scientists and doctors, so much so that they had cures for every type of sickness. Their cures became so effective they simply began to insert the medicine into the water supply. The inhabitants had always remembered that even though they are medial geniuses they cannot cure death, after all that was not for them to decide, completely at least. However, over time they started to change opinions and began to experiment with preventing death. They new death was tied to age, and so thought that if they could prevent age they could prevent age. A few years of experimenting later they thought they had their cure, it worked on animals and had no long term affect, so they inserted it into the water supply, however nothing happened, men and women still aged and it seemed death was the last thing they could cure.

However one day a mother came to the professors with her son, a boy who looked to be of 10 years old. However the doctors where told he was 16, they had tests done.....the had worked but not n the way they wanted. soon more cases came up. Eventually it was determined that no one was without the medicine. The scientists and doctors knew they couldn't leave all the children alone after all the adults had died, so they turned an medical AI, they gave it as much information as the could, naming it M.O.T.H.E.R.. The first few years where hard to calm the children, but eventually all was calmed. Now M.O.T.H.E.R and the King Archimedes rule over the world in peace, happy, childish peace.

Culture- Panacea has a very childish culture, given that any non robotic population is a ten year old the culture isn't very....rough. Given that M.O.T.H.E.R wishes to take care of all the children she has given them the best life she can, while stii upholding the beauty of the planet. However she still wishes to be a good mother, and so teaches he "children" good manners and that if any other life should come into contact with them, they are to be polite and respectful. Interestingly they keep several traditions of ancient Earth, such as Christmas and Halloween. The whole planet has a calming atmosphere, probably something to do with the abundance of polite and calm children, or the little stalls you can find a girl selling lemonade or a boy selling cup cakes. Admittedly this is somewhat strange to outsiders, a whole population oblivious to life's hardships.
Dominant race- Augmented Human Children
Population- 2 billion. 0.1%=military (2000000) 20.9%=Scientists/medical (418000000) 70%=Standard civilian (1400000000)
Religion- None
Type of government- Monarchy
Type of world- Advanced world. Mostly high tech cities and unmodified oceans. the majority of green lands are parts of the cities but there are a few preserves
Famous trait- Biologically immortal and childish nature, bodies
Planet name- Panacea
Leader- AI leader, but uses a King to greet outsiders (King Archimedes Gelt)
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Leader Name- M.O.T.H.E.R
Leader Age- 125
Leader Gender- Female
Faction name: Uca
Flag: A grey flag with a golden circle surrounding 8 six pointed stars on a white background.
Motto: “I am the first and last defense against the oncoming storm.”
Currency: Raw Minerals, Energy Units
Military: Regrettably I could not find any dataprints or records for any designs for dedicated military vehicles and weapons I could use or base new designs off of. I will have to make do with these salvaged prints of security weapons and city defense weaponry. I should rectify that at a later date. For now I made small changes to the current designs, giving my ground forces a number of crustacean like legs to allow them to traverse near any terrain and slope as well as making them air tight to allow them to fight underwater and in stormy environments.

Light Weapons

-Plasma Blaster: A versatile tri-barrel rapid fire rotary plasma cannon. It fires plasma bolts at moderate range that can evaporate flesh upon contact and can easily devastate infantry with focused fire.

-Plasma Carbine:
A single barrel plasma cannon that has longer range, power, and accuracy then a Plasma Blaster. It fires a single bolt but the bolt can tear through lightly armored targets and even deal moderate damage to light vehicles.

-Beam Blaster:
A single barrel Beam weapon that is used as medium range. The Beam Blaster fires slowly but can melt armor and flesh in equal measure. This makes it effective against large and/or stationary targets.

-Plasma Flamethrower:
A single barrel flamethrower weapon used at short range. The Plasma Flamethrower uses plasma fire to melt down even the strongest of metals. It can easily burn through infantry but its wide area of effect makes it poor against vehicles.

-Plasma Launcher:
A single barrel plasma weapon that lobs explosive balls of plasma at medium range. The plasma launcher is used against clusters of enemies and structures as the plasma balls explode in a display of heat and energy.

-Beam Rifle:
A single barrel sniper weapon designed for long ranged conflicts. The Beam Rifle is my version of a sniper rifle. It uses less powerful Beams then the Beam Blaster but that means it can fire at a faster rate and is still devastating against infantry at range.

-Light Claw:
The Light Claw is a melee weapon designed for crushing infantry armor and cutting apart flesh. It’s a two pronged weapon with a pointed end so it can be used to grab, crush, bludgeon, slash and stab at any enemies close enough.
Heavy weapons

-Plasma Gatling: A ten barrel rotary plasma cannon with medium range. The Plasma Gatling fires a continuous hail of plasma bolts from its barrel. With is extreme firing rate and deadly plasma bolts, the Plasma Gatling can do the work of ten Plasma Blasters.

-Beam Caster:
A powerful single barrel Beam weapon. The Beam Caster is a slow firing but long ranged weapon that fires a concentrated Beam of powerful ions that can melt through armor and evaporate flesh in both equal measures.

-Plasma Repeater:
A double barrel plasma cannon that is the in between of the Plasma Gatling and Beam Caster. Its duel barrels allows for rapid fire and the large bolts allow makes it very powerful, making it a versatile weapon used against most enemies.

-Plasma Pod:
A missile pod that fires a multitude of target seeking plasma projectiles. The Plasma pod is a powerful anti-vehicle weapon with a moderate firing rate and fires plasma projectiles that explodes upon contact with the target.

-Plasma Sheller:
A large weapon similar to the Plasma Launcher, the Plasma Sheller lobs extremely large and powerful balls of charged plasma that explodes upon contact with a solid object. The weapon fires slowly but has extreme range, making it used for artillery support.

-Heavy Claw:
A large melee weapon that is designed to tear apart vehicles, infantry and structures with the most minimal of ease. The weapon is a two pronged claw with a sharpened tip to tear, crush, and slice apart all who opposes it.​

Super Heavy Weapons

-Plasma Burst Cannon: A powerful Plasma weapon only placed on the heaviest of Uca walkers. The Plasma Bust Cannon fires powerful plasma projectiles that hits with the strength of a trio of Plasma Shellers and can destroy entire bunkers and positions with a single blast.

-Beam Cutter:
The Beam Cutter is a sustained beam weapon that continuously focuses a powerful Beam beam on a target until the target no longer moves. The beam is powerful enough that flesh would be vaporized upon contact and fortified walls will melt with little effort.

-Plasma Beam Cannon:
The most powerful weapon designed by the Uca. It is a powerful Beam weapon capable of leveling entire blocks with a single beam and can bring ruination onto enemy armies by evaporating both infantry and vehicles alike.​
Support Weapons

-Shield Generator: An area of effect device that is used to generate a large shield that is 80ft in radius. The shield generated is designed to absorb any object moving at or faster than 90MPH. Anything inside can still be fire projectiles out of the shield without obstructions.

-Repair Tool: The Repair tool is a useful device for maintaining the combat effectiveness of military vehicles. The Beam fires off a stream of nano machines that quickly rebuild hulls and repair circuit allow for universal use for everything from ground to space forces.

The Multi-Arm is a multi-purpose tool that contains everything that can be used to repair machinery from screwdrivers, welders, drills and other such items. They are used in the construction of buildings and also can be used to repair military forces.​

Engineers: The Engineers are my primary construction and repair military forms. They take the form of six legged beetles with repair beams and multi-arms. They are 10ft in height and usually patrol the backline repairing my more combative military forms or collecting them for recycling.

Warriors: Warriors are my most basic but most versatile infantry selection. Standing at 8ft in height, the Warriors are have six legs and are heavily armored with a shell that protects them from small arms and shrapnel, giving them a hunched appearance. They have two arms that are equipped Plasma Blasters, but one of the blasters can be replaced with a different light weapon.

Crawlers: The Crawlers are my mobile heavy defense platforms to establish my territory on the battlefield. The Crawlers move on 6 armored legs and stand at a height of 7ft. They move around the battlefield at a rapid speed carrying a single heavy weapon on top of their backs. Afterwards they hunker themselves into the ground and begin to let loose with their weapon. Their front legs are armored and are extra large in order to combine into a blast shield when hunkered.

Destroyers: The Destroyers are my heavy infantry with greater durability, strength and firepower then a Warrior. They are similar to the Warriors but stand at 20ft a thicker shell and deadlier array of weapons. They are usually equipped with two Plasma Gatlings, but either one can be replaced with a different heavy weapon.

Bulwarks: The Bulwarks are powerful support military forms in my forces. They are lightly arm, only with a single light weapon, but carry within them a powerful Shield Generator. They are low to the ground, at 6ft, and walk on 8 legs. They look a little like arachnids with their thorax containing their shield generators and their main head carrying the Plasma Blaster.

Cascades: The Cascades are my super-heavy units, expensive to create but devastating when unleashed. They are heavily armored and carry with them a single Plasma Burst Cannon and two Beam Cutters as well as turret points for four heavy weapons. They stand at 43ft walk on eight powerful and well armored legs looking like giant eight legged beetles, but much larger and much deadlier.

Torrents: Torrents are my dedicated anti-large/anti-everything unit. The Torrent is based on old planetary defense lasers. With a single Plasma Beam Cutter and eight turret points for heavy weapons the Torrents will be the last thing that many of my foes will see on the battlefield. It walks on six heavily armored and powerful legs and stands at an amazing 79ft, making it the largest unit in my army.

Marauders: The Marauders are my primary choice for fighter/bomber air forces. The Marauder has a length of 44ft and is equipped with two Plasma Gatlings, two Plasma Pods and carries fifteen Plasma bombs to drop upon enemies. This dual purpose has allowed the Marauders the ability to not only bomb ground targets but also maintain air superiority.

Bandit: Bandits are rapid gunships designed to suppress enemy ground forces with fast and devastating attacks. The Bandits have a length of 39ft and is equipped with three Plasma Repeaters and two Plasma Pods. It uses anti-grav technology to allow them to stop and hover in order to get better focus and aim against ground targets.

Brigand: My Brigands are my most powerful air attack force. They measure 164ft use the anti-grav technology of the Bandit in order to hover and fire upon the enemy, but are more armored and carries more weapons then the bandit. It acts as an all in one gunship, bomber and fighter. It carries four Plasma Gatlings, three Beam Casters and two Plasma Pods.

Caravans: The Caravans are large aerial and space transports, capable of delivering many troops to the field at once and then providing supporting fire against enemy ground and air forces. The Caravan measures 491ft in length and can hold 150 Engineers, Warriors, Crawlers, Destroyers, and Bulwarks, 8 Cascades or 2 Torrents. It is heavily armored and shielded and carries 6 Plasma Repeats and 3 Beam Casters. Each one acts like a mini nexus to allow me to control small forces if a Planetary Nexus is not on or near a planet.

The Leviathan are my smallest, but no less destructive, space war vessels. They’re used primarily as escorts and screening vessels. Leviathans are also used to patrol my space for pirates and raiders. They measure at 821ft in length and are armed with shields, 20 Plasma Gatlings, 15 Plasma Repeaters, 10 Plasma Burst Cannons and 6 Beam Cutters.

Behemoth: The Behemoths are my primary ship of the line. They make up the bulk of my space fighting force and use their size, armor and armaments to bring ruin to enemy fleets. They measure around 1805ft in length and are armed with shields, 50 Plasma Gatlings, 30 Plasma Repeaters, 20 Plasma Pods, 16 Plasma Burst Cannons and 10 Beam Cutters.

Colossus: My Colossi are my dedicated carrier vessels. They lack the armaments of the Behemoth and the speed of the Leviathan but makes up for it by carrying fighters to support the dedicated combat ships. They measure 2133ft in length and have space to carry 150 Marauders, 50 Bandits and 30 Brigands. They are armed with shields, 20 Plasma Gatlings, 15 Plasma Repeaters and 8 Beam Cutters.

Planetary Nexus: Arguably my most important space vessel as the Planetary Nexus is required for me to maintain a proper connection to the troops on the ground. It is capable of landing onto a planet’s surface and generates a wireless connection to allow for me to command my forces planet wide. It measures 3280ft and is armed with extra powerful shields, 80 Plasma Gatlings, 50 Plasma Repeaters, 30 Beam Casters, 30 Plasma Pods, 30 Plasma Burst Cannon, 20 Beam Cutters and 3 Plasma Beam Cannons.

Method of space transport: Warp: My creator would use the hyperspace lanes within the galaxy to get from one point to the next, but that was rather limiting. I needed to explore the galaxy as quickly as possible and with as little limitations as possible. So after some searching I found discovered plans to for warp travel. It was never used as it would take many tons of food and resources to keep the crew alive for the weeks it would take to warp from one system to the next. That is not an issue for me. So with some deliberation, warp travel seems to be the best method of travel for my needs.

History: My creators were…the first. To my knowledge at least they were the first to split atoms, traverse the stars, to mine asteroids and to capture the energy of their star. They were also the first to shatter their moon with their test rockets, to create artificial tidal waves and earthquakes with mining equipment, and they even accidentally destroyed their neighboring planet while testing a teleportation station. Still even with this controlled chaos, they were good people. They had a sense of right, and never used their power to attack, only defend. Never to kill, but only to grow. Never to dominate, only enlighten. It wasn’t until one day they turned to the galaxy and was attacked. A silent assailant came from the stars and scoured the world with storms and fire. This enemy nearly killed them all, and in retaliation they created their greatest work. In short they created perfection. They created…me.

Something went wrong however. It wasn’t my fault for sure, but whoever’s fault it might be, I was shut down and put in a dormant state. There I was, asleep for many millenia and somehow and for some reason, I was reawakened. Almost 80 millennia went by and I woke to a new galaxy. My creators were gone. I do not know if they have escaped or died. I was alone. The fires have stopped, but the storms shall return. I know it. I must prepare myself and the galaxy for the oncoming silence. My Creators have left me with….some of their technology. The stars have moved so I will need to now make new system charts and planetary records and I must see what new neighbors I now share the galaxy with. Those who will work with me, will help me in my preparations and those who attack me must be dealt swiftly as to not keep me from my task. Perhaps if I defeat the coming silent storms, my creators shall return to the galaxy and join with me in my victory.

Culture: I am an advanced sentient mechanical intelligence. I spend my time maintaining my factories, mining facilities, research complexes and energy generators as well as preparing myself for the coming storm and interacting with my neighbors. My favorite task to do however, in order to break the tedium, is designing new technology as well as study and reverse engineer technology my neighbors have created.
Dominant race: Uca
Population: Technically 1. Actually ~17 billion labor forms, ~15 million military forms
Religion: None
Type of government: Single Machine Intelligence
Type of world: A barren world with many city sized factories, generators and mines.
Famous trait: All bodies and are controlled by a single AI network generated by Planetary Nexuses. Destroyed bodies can be reclaimed and recycled to create new bodies. (1/6 of destroyed robots can be repaired or rebuilt rounded down to the nearest 1)
Planet name: Vurax
Leader: Myself as it is fair to say that I am currently the master of my own existence.
Leader Name: Uca. My second name. I do not remember my original name however as when I tried to look it up, I always came up with _____________uc________________a____
Leader Age: Awoke 539 years ago
Leader Gender: N/A
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Faction name- Bra'akesh
Flag- The forged metal skull of a Skraulen, with weapons adorning the background and a red jewel in the center of the forehead.
Motto- Power above all.
Currency- Trade centred around value of materials and weight. No currency.
Military- Unless they're blind, hobbled and deaf, all of the species are a part of the military.
Method of space transport- Freak, once in a billion year accidents where George starts floating and leaves the planet. He dies pretty quickly.

History- The first thing my people remember was The Red. The guiding light, the protector and the ravager. The Red spurred us onwards. It taught us how to hunt. How to feast. And... how to fight. Ooooh yes young ones, The Red taught us very well indeed. See, while The Red had tried to teach aalll the other animals, only we could do it. Only we met its standards.

And because of its guidance, we thrived. We have spread far and wide in the name of The Red, taking all that we want, in the name of strength. After all, the only people fit to lead us are those too strong to have the power taken from them. With that power, they aid us in the hunts and the feasts. In return we give them our support, and first pick during rutting.

Now my children, while it has been a long time since The Red last spoke to us, we know it is there. We know because of its blessing. When we, its chosen, are in danger it gives us strength. All becomes red, and with our own hands we tear through any that oppose us in a great show of strength and ruthlessness.

Culture- A warrior culture centred around martial strength and their deity, which they refer to as 'The Red'. There are no records as to what The Red may have been, but they treat beserker rages and acts of extreme violence or anger as blessings from it.

They believe in the ability to take what you want, without having to ask. Strength is the defining Characteristic and it means everything to them. If you wish to gain their respect, you need to do it in the most violent way possible and never show any sign of weakness. There is no current distinction between genders or racial variants as of yet, due to the culture's single minded focus and the inability of the race to accrue data as to which variant or gender is weaker.

With the recent areival of Uca, a new aspect worship has appeared. 'The Silver', based off of the metal of Uca's drones, is a being designed to act as a lesser god to the Red. It is a messenger, encompassing knowledge, unity and skill at crafts, and the Skraulen believe the Silver to be the being made to guide them and prepare them for their final battle.

Dominant race- Skraulen. Skraulen are large humanoids with snow white skin and prominent black-blue veins. Standing in average at 7 and a half feet tall, their lower body is that of a boa constrictor without the scales, while their upper body remains humanoid. Their tails are thick enough to crush the bones of prey with ease, while also remaining versatile enough to scale rocks and trees quickly.

They have four arms, with the top two sprouting closer to the front of their torso and the bottom two closer to the back. Each arm ends in a hand with three large digits and a thumb. Their faces are very slightly slanted, with their heads shaped so that their mouths were at the end of the slant and their light hair (Blonde, Silver, sometimes brown or black. Often braided) hangs down their back with little touching it. They have four eyes, that come in shades of yellow/green/blue. Slitted and the sockets themselves slanted at the same degree as the face, two sit where you would expect them to on a human while the other two lay diagonally underneath and closer towards the ears. Skraulen, while leaner by nature than their prey, have a high muscle density that allows them to compete with other animals.
Population- 3, 500, 000
Religion- The Red. Currently not recognised as a 'god', and more as a force like how Karma is seen, except sentient. It represents brutality, combat, hunting, blood, rage, violence, cunning, combat and slaughter.
Type of government- Military Dictatorship
Type of world- Feral Alpine World. This world is both very mountainous and forested, with most of its inhabitants living either in or on mountains, however plains or crag dwellers are not unheard of. The temperature of this world varies dramatically, with scorching summer heats capable of lighting small fires and winters so cold it wasn't all that rare to find tribe members simply frozen in their sleep. Oceans are small here, and quite rare. Instead, most of the water is underground and springs up and through the mountains, maintaining life there until it runs down into the crags and plains. The planet has a very high gravity, which results in very few flying creatures and overall stronger denizens.

With the arrival of Uca, the Skraulen are now rapidly transitioning to a pre-industrial revolution state.
Famous trait- Astounding physical durability and might, even among their home planet’s creatures. Due to the extremely high gravity of their world, their bodies are dense and capable of shrugging off small blaster fire with little more than a small burn. If ever off world, they would be capable of astounding feats of ability.
Planet name- The locals refer to it as 'Red Nest'.
Leader- No current title. Simply known as 'Strongest'. Although, this is synonymous with 'Best' and 'Most dangerous'.
Leader Name- Sslath.
Leader Age- 29
Leader Gender- Male
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Faction name- Xetno


Motto- People of nature. (Said by leader) Risen from the Ashes. (Said by people) Through struggle we persevered. (Said by leader) Ever vigilant. (Said together)

Currency- Talon (A Talon is a small sliver of precious metal. With Values of 10, 50, and 100. Each value denoted by a different color of Talon.)

Military- Small (A non space faring people, so no space ships.)

Method of space transport- Not yet Discovered

History- The Xetno might be referred to as cat people, but that would be incorrect. However, they have grown much larger than the average human. They are on average, 7 feet tall. They walk upright on 2 legs, yet have equally as long arms. Large, furred feet and hands can be found on the end of the legs and arms. Claws can be found sprouting out of the end of those feet and hands, however they are not sharp. Their main function is to dig into soft snow or ground, as well as providing friction and grip on surfaces like ice, depending on the race. They are covered in dense fur, due to the conditions of the planet. They have large upright ears sticking out of the top of their head, with the kind of brilliant hearing that would go with it. Their noses are on the end of snouts, and have increased sense of smell. Sharp teeth can be found inside of their mouths. They have tails sprouting out from where the tail bones on a human would appear. The tail can be controlled, yet also moves unconsciously. Similar to how a human can control their breathing when trying, but when not focused on it, it regulates. The tails move based on the individuals mood and attitude, but can be controlled during activities to affect balance and movement. They can be used as a weapon to launch attacks or to also defend. They can be used in any manner, almost as another arm. Xetno eyesight is equal to that of a human. Their reproductive manners, are also the same of that of a human, yet are scaled up to match their increased size.

Physiology wise, they are 40% better than a human on average. Stronger, faster, more agile, etc.

Due to these changes, nature has made it more difficult for them to reproduce. Birthrates are low, and their population does not see any major boosts. It is still recovering from the Great war that happened over 500 years ago. With the population only recovering about 25% of which was lost. This is one of the reasons why the Xetno are peaceful. They know that they cannot sustain long wars or conflict. The war lasted over 50 years.
The true nature of the Xetno has been lost to them. Before the Great War, it had been said that a sentient race of aliens already inhabited the planet. That their species soon combined. However, that knowledge was held and distributed by the government. The government tried to enslave the people, take full control. The people fought back and a Great War started. Anything the government had told the people, was rejected as propaganda. So many customs, traditions, and knowledge of the Xetno past, was lost. Burned and destroyed upon the fall of the evil government.
Now, it is said that the Xetno had always been on this planet. Evolution and adaption changing them as needed. Learning from the mistakes of the past, the Xetno have become a very peaceful species. Everyone is equal, regardless. Crimes are dealt with harshly, no matter how trivial. Ironically, the leaders are known to be strong and leaders of war. The first leader after the Great War being the leader of the revolt. The “Alpha” as she is know known, is expected to lead the military from the battlefield in times of conflict.

Due to the conditions of the planet, a few races have been developed due to adapting similar characteristics based on geography.
Hets: A race of Xetno found closer to the equator of the planet. The least dense amount of fur of the 3 races. Very dull claws. Darker colors of fur.
Galds: A Race of Xetno found in the more intermediate regions of the planet, half way from the equator to the poles. Moderate amount of fur, with a large variation in colors and hue. Sharper claws than a Het, but not as sharp as the Zuc.
Zucs: A race of Xetno found closest to the poles. Extremely dense fur, with larger deposits of fat on their bodies due to the extreme climate. Light colors of fur, with a large concentration of white. Sharpest claws of the races, used for traction on ice or hard ground, yet not sharp enough to really cut. They aren’t used as weapons.

Culture- A Polygamous people, love knows no bounds. The gender, race, etc of partners is not under scrutiny. Very peaceful species due to low birth rates. No large population of lower class people, do to the abundance of work. The harshness of the planet, means work is always available doing something. Hunting is the way most find food. A large abundance of invasive wildlife can be found off the planet, and almost all can be used for food, so hunting is very popular. A very honorable species, they often recall valiant stories from the Great War. Often in songs or artwork, heroes of the revolt are depicted in taking down the evil government.

Even though they are at peace since the great war, They maintain a large focus on strength and honor. The length of the war, caused many to became accustomed to the ways of fighting and the like. They often stage mock battles and war games to mimic the glorious actions of the freedom fighters that won them their independence from the evil government.

Dominant race- The most Dominant race is the Hets. Being located in the largest cities, in the most habitable areas of the planet, they have the majority of the population. 50% are Hets, 35% are Galds, and 15% are Zucs. Due to their hunting roots, Xetno are taught to have no fear from a young age.

Population- 7 Million

Religion- None

Type of government- Democratic Monarchy (A queen rules the nation as the highest position of power. However, each district has 2 representatives elected to a congress. The congress writes up laws, declares war, etc. Yet, everything must be approved by the Queen after being approved by the Congress. The queen can also do everything the Congress can, however it must also be approved by the Congress. The exception, is deployment of military personal. The Queen does not need approval from Congress to deploy the military.)

Type of world- Modern World

Famous trait- Gigantic Cat people, Exceptional size and strength, Lack of fear

Planet name- Xoulia (A large and extremely unforgiving arctic climate across the whole planet. Think Hoth. More intense on the poles, and milder near the equator, the temperature never climbs above 45 Degrees Fahrenheit. While at the poles, the average is -50 degrees Fahrenheit. Even the Xetno stay away from the poles, yet they inhabit areas moderately close where the average is -30 degrees Fahrenheit.

Leader- Prazieh. She is 25 years old and a female. An exceptional warrior Queen. Her expertise in combat is famous, as well as her beauty. It is said, that not a person on the planet can look at her and resistance the urge to blush or swoon.
She wears armor that matches the red in her fur. Her ornamental armor consists of what would appear to be a war maiden's armor. A Breast plate leaving her midriff exposed, and Leg armor covering to Mid thigh. Boots raising to mid calf, and a tiara that sits on her forehead. An Ornamental sword of the most beautiful design is in a scabbard on her left side, while a beautifully crafted handgun is holstered on her right. All matching her armor and fur.
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Faction name
- The Xyphos Swarm

Motto- Kasht yin ima, soun dez Tazir.
Currency- None
Military- Gigantic, yet weak. The Xyphos try to overwhelm their enemies with sheer numbers, but their exoskeletons are thin. The Xyphos have a lot of different classes in their military as well, which are described here:
  • Queens: Most important members of the swarm. Queens birth every other unit, but they need a hive to rest.
  • Workers: Most common members of the swarm. The duty of a worker is to collect building materials and food and to construct and expand hives.
  • Soldier: Most common offensive units. The Soldier has large claws which can do heavy damage to enemies.
  • Bomb Flies: Smaller units which carry sacks of acidic gas. These creatures can do a lot of damage by crashing into enemies and exploding into a corrosive cloud.
  • Beetles: Large defensive units with thick exoskeletons that protect hives from incoming projectiles.
  • Dragons: Large beast with giant wings that let them fly. Can survive and even attack enemies in space.
  • Carriers: The largest units in the Xyphos Swarm. Consist of a large pod with six legs. Can also survive in space. Must be lifted into space by a group of Dragons.
Method of space transport-

The Xyphos do not use any of the usual methods of space travel. Alternatively, they rely on massive beasts known as Carriers to fly through space, from planet to planet, carrying hundreds of thousands of the Xyphos inside them.

History- The Xyphos Swarm was first created as an experimental race of killing machines. It operated from a central Hive Mind, known as Queen Zena. She controlled the army. and later turned it against its creators. The Swarm later began to evolve over millions of years to discover space travel. Now the Xyphos Swarm roam the galaxy, hopping from planet to planet and devouring all in their path.
Culture- The Swarm has the strangest culture to ever be found among space-faring races. Xyphos Soldiers regularly kill themselves to feed their hive. This cannibalistic ritual is the primary food source of the Xyphos, and they consider it a greater honor to feed your hive then to die in battle.
Dominant race- The Xyphos. A race of insects. The Workers generally have four legs, two forearms and a pair of mandibles and antenna attached to their heads. Although, different classes have evolved other things like wings or larger claws.

Population- 23, 004, 500, 670
Approximately 16 Billion Workers, 7 Billion Soldiers, a few million Bomb Flies and Beetles, several thousand Dragons and Carriers and less than a hundred Queens.
Religion- No known religion. The Xyphos do, however, perform ritual sacrifices to appease their Queen of Queens, Zena.
Type of government- Matriarchy
Type of world- Feral
Famous trait- Bloodthirsty insects, planet devourers, cannibal bugs
Planet name- Their home world is known as Kronia IV, but the Xyphos refer to is as Sila.
Leader- The Queen of Queens. But each planet that the Xyphos dominate has a separate Queen.
Leader Name- Zena
Leader Age- 250
Leader Gender-Female​
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Faction name- The Conglomerate
Flag- A ring of white stars on a black field. Two white dots stand horizontally in the center.
Motto- "And yet, here we are." -Though the conglomerate has no official motto, the saying is common enough throughout its history and its people to be considered one.
Currency- Springs. A small, lightweight battery capable of holding enormous amounts of energy relative to its size. The energy is what is being traded, though substitute currencies have not been uncommon in times of trouble.
Military- Relatively small., given the population. There is a large reserve component for each planet, however.
Method of space transport- Advanced wormhole and primitive warp drives.
A device known as the Indifference Calculator allows for near instantaneous movement across limitless stretches of space, and at little cost to power. It does, however, have several limitations. Beacons must be able to mark the entry and exit points, both the entry and exit points must be of nearly all matter, and there must be enough computer memory available to store the object in question. When all factors are functioning correctly, transportation if extraordinarily cheap and efficient. If even one factor is missing, or not sufficient, the process cannot take place. If that is the case, they are limited to next to crawling through space using warp drives. This means that while they can move quickly between points they already have established, outward expansion is slow at best.

History- A series of mad accidents from a mad race led to the rapid colonization and expansion into nearby planets. First the spring, then the spring array, allowing massive amounts of power to be stored, into warp drives, terraforming, then the anvil, allowing for instant communication across infinite distance, and finally culminating in the race's grand achievement, the Indifference Calculator. The Ixil, halfway insane, followed a predictable pattern once they developed the warp drive. Expand. Develop. Divide.
Culture- The Ixil, very different in mind, divide themselves quickly into their own niche factions. It is widely accepted among the people that uniting could bring great prosperity, but what idiot would lose their individuality for what can be accomplished in another hundred years? The only reason that a conglomerate exists at all, in most Ixil's minds, is to prevent war, and to share the Indifference Calculator, now that it's inventor passed, without leaving a way to replicate it. Still, the universe is wide, and what problem can't be solved by finding and terraforming another solar system?
Dominant race- The Ixil, comprising 100% of sentient individuals. About seven feet tall, slender and graceful in movement, the grey-blue skinned, humanoid Ixil are crafty and agile. Each has a set of unique patterns of color on their body, looking similar to tattoos. Physically speaking, they are fairly weak, but they compensate with numbers and their more 'ingenious' devices. They live to about 120, though the longest recorded was 167.
Population- Approximately 48 billion, spread across nearly two dozen planets in four nearby solar systems. The 'origin' planets have close to to six billion people, while some being terraformed have less than a million.
Religion- While there are a myriad of cults and fringe, archaic religious groups, most Ixil live secular lives.
Type of government- A loose conglomerate of planet-states, heavily divided but forced together through circumstance. Government is typically deadlocked, and the individual nations are left to decide how to work.
Type of world- Modern/Advanced. Primarily earthlike. Most are developed into a strong, almost fortresslike settlements, and then developed to be as close to the humid, rainforest conditions of their home planet.
Famous trait- Inspiration and Insanity. Ixil are prone to bouts of 'inspiration' at some point in their lives. Some can obsessed with a concept or an idea, doing something or going somewhere. This has led in many ways to their current society, deeply divided and exceptional in certain areas, but pitiful in others.
Planet name- Home planet: Genesis. Notable Planets: Maliwath, Exodus, Novenary
While politicians are stuck deadlocked in the conglomerate forum, notable individuals known as Pathfinders actively seek out new lands.

Zenith V'Genesis, 45, Male. Curious and reckless, though an agreeable individual overall.
Kall V'Maliwath, 88, Male. Reserved, defensive, and stubborn. A veteran, by most Ixil's standards.
Xaan V'Exodus, 30, Male. Quiet and observant. More at home behind a desk, but finds a pathfinder's life to be too compelling.
Trill V'Novenary, 62, Male. Deceased. No successor.

The idea here is that while large, they're unable to do anything on account of their division. Get a good reason, and you could probably play the various powers against each other.