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Aelora: Realm of the Lost
Aelora is a land forgotten. Legend tells of a blight known only as the Void that spread through Aelora two millennia ago. As nation after nation fell the last of the Aeloran races joined together to seal the continent of Aelora away in a final effort to contain the blight from spreading to the rest of Valore A veil was erected and Aelora was lost to time and memory.

For two millennia the veil held and none could enter nor leave Aelora, and for two millennia the war with the Void raged on. Nations were shattered, and entire races driven into extinction. What survivors remained retreated into mountain strongholds until the tides were turned with the return of the Elysian Vanguard - a fabled order of heroes and legends.

With the blight driven back the races of Aelora have stepped forward to reclaim their ancestral homes. It will be an enduring struggle though as much of the land remains tainted by Void corruption and unforgiving wilderness.

Note: Aelora is a part of the Valore setting, but due to this continent being sealed off from the rest of the world and undergoing two millennia of divergent history and lore we opted to give it its own thread to avoid confusion with mixing information from Aelora with information from the rest of Valore in the same place.

OOC Notes:
  • The flora and fauna of Aelora is highly fantastical in nature and deviates greatly from that found within the real world. Feel free to take creative liberties with creatures encountered within Aelora.
  • The world of Aelora has plenty of room for expansion. Things listed here are things other players have at one time or another created and given permission to be permanently added to this setting for use in multiple roleplays. People are at any time welcome to add their own countries, cultures, races, and species to what we have listed. Just run any large additions past me for approval before you use them IC.
  • If people submit any personal additions to the setting for this roleplay, it will not be re-used in future roleplays utilizing this setting unless they've given permission for it to be.

Native Races of Aelora
(More Races and links to racial Group Pages pending)

Geography, Countries, and Noteworthy Places

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