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The worst genie ever

Discussion in 'Forum Games' started by Gypsy, Dec 29, 2016.

  1. Gypsy

    Gypsy Gratitude, integrity, and compassion.

    So the game goes like this. You make a wish. The next poster grants it but in a way you didn't really want. Then they post their wish and it continues.

    Example: I wish for a million dollars :)
    Next poster: Granted, a million dollars in monopoly money.
    I wish for tacos

    So I'll go first with my wish.

    I wish for coffee
  2. Cidrae

    Cidrae Smol and soft

    Granted! But it's the terrible gas station coffee, sat in the coffeemaker for hours.

    I wish for a pair of new socks.
    Gypsy likes this.
  3. TheZanta

    TheZanta Reproduces by Budding Benefactor

    Granted. They're made of that really itchy cotton. You know the kind I'm talking about.

    I wish for one unmarked US dollar.
    Gypsy likes this.
  4. AngelicDemon

    AngelicDemon My new phone's autocaress is horrid

    Granted. It is just the paper made for United States dollars without anything printed on it at all.

    I wish for a machbox car.
    Gypsy likes this.
  5. Shadelier

    Shadelier Comparatively shadely

    Congratulations. You get a box car that travels at one speed only: Mach 1.

    I wish thieves' punishment is not incarceration, but to pay back twice the value of what they've stolen.
    Gypsy likes this.
  6. Inconspicuous

    Inconspicuous Super classy secret agent

    Congratulations. They shall pay back twice the value. But only if you're insured by that one obscure provider that only provides insurance in Texas.

    I wish Douglas Adams never died.
    Gypsy likes this.
  7. AngelicDemon

    AngelicDemon My new phone's autocaress is horrid

    Granted. You are now in a parallel dimension where the two of you are the only chunks of matter in existance, about to make the first big bang.

    I wish for a box of cheerios.
    Gypsy and Inconspicuous like this.
  8. Korbinik

    Korbinik Otaku RPer

    Wish granted! You get a box over super small cheerios that's around 2 inches tall. As a consolation, you also get a super small bowl and spoon.

    I wish to be a Persona user! (Google Persona 4)
    Gypsy likes this.
  9. Birdee10

    Birdee10 Phoenix of Wicked Cunning

    Granted! But it's Persona 5, a fan made game that is only two levels and you have to keep buying DLCs and your character keeps glitching through the floor and dying.

    I wish I was good at life.
    Gypsy likes this.
  10. Silaries

    Silaries Lord of Weissburg

    Granted! You now are good at life, life itself, in other words, survival in the wild and reproducing!

    I wish doctors would finally find the cause of my health condition.
    Gypsy likes this.
  11. Tiko

    Tiko Demon Goat Staff Member Administrator Chronicles of the Omniverse GM

    Granted! The doctors have now discovered that you're patient zero of the zombie apocalypse. Unfortunately everyone else dies!

    I wish... that I didn't have to make a wish :( More fun ruining other peoples wishes.
    Gypsy likes this.
  12. Randium

    Randium Member

    Granted! ...although you actually made a wish by wishing not to make a wish.

    I wish for someone saying "Happy birthday" because I've become 18 today.
    Gypsy likes this.
  13. Inconspicuous

    Inconspicuous Super classy secret agent

    Someone said Happy Birthday!---In China.

    I wish the laws of physics obeyed me!
    Gypsy likes this.
  14. Randium

    Randium Member

    Granted! From now on, they will obey you - as long as you don't change the laws.

    I wish for a car.
    Arthro and Gypsy like this.
  15. TheZanta

    TheZanta Reproduces by Budding Benefactor

    Granted. I'd tell you that the car is broken, but it isn't. Congratulations! Enjoy your Ford Pinto.

    I wish for the power to stop time.
    Gypsy likes this.
  16. Randium

    Randium Member

    Granted! You can stop time for exactly 0 seconds!

    I wish to know what a Ford Pinto is.
    Gypsy likes this.
  17. Inconspicuous

    Inconspicuous Super classy secret agent

    Granted. You do! At least, you will. About a thousand or so years later.

    I wish for a space tube.
    Gypsy likes this.
  18. Randium

    Randium Member

    Granted! You could say that there's a lot of space in this tube!


    I wish for peace on Earth.
    Gypsy likes this.
  19. Birdee10

    Birdee10 Phoenix of Wicked Cunning

    Granted!~ A baby has just been born! Her happy parents just named her Peace and because they are hippys imidately set her in a pot of dirt from the earth. Peace on earth.

    I wish I was a pokemon!
    Chris Lang and Gypsy like this.
  20. Randium

    Randium Member

    Granted! You were a POKéMON!

    I wish for peas on earth.

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