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The worst genie ever

Discussion in 'Forum Games' started by Gypsy, Dec 29, 2016.

  1. geckoguymax

    geckoguymax cool dude

    Wish granted! You get an unlimited steam giftcard, but your account gets hacked into as soon you cash it in and when you change your password you find the account's been deleted :)

    I wish for a plastic princess tiara.
  2. Yun Lee

    Yun Lee Soaring White Dragon Staff Member Administrator The Convergence Series GM

    Granted, but unfortunately it's poorly made and will not only break easily, but the paint job is so poor that just touching it causes it to get all over your hands, clothes, and hair.

    I wish for an unlimited supply of diet coke!
  3. BrookeDi

    BrookeDi Well-Known Member Staff Member Benefactor Warden

    Wish granted! You now have an unlimited supply of diet coke. Unfortunately, it's all come at one time and your friends and family refuse to help you house it. Even if you purchase a bigger house or multiple storage units, you'll never be able to store it all. It's also the only thing you can drink, ever. Enjoy the dehydration and drowning in bottles and cans of diet coke.

    I wish I were done with school and the bar already.
  4. TheGreenerGrey

    TheGreenerGrey Self-proclaimed everything expert.

    Wish granted! High school is over and you’re now piss drunk from skipping the bar crawl.

    I want a reply to my wish.
  5. Darkwing

    Darkwing Old Fashioned

    [Content Deleted]

    I wish for a green finger light.
  6. Yun Lee

    Yun Lee Soaring White Dragon Staff Member Administrator The Convergence Series GM

    Granted, but the light is so strong that it gives you a headache just looking at it. Even worse, whenever its on it makes an annoying high-pitched ringing sound, as if you've got Tinnitus.

    I wish for 5 pieces of bubblegum!
  7. ChelonianCommander

    ChelonianCommander Strength of Steel, Will of Iron

    Granted. You are only allowed to eat those five pieces of gum. Anything else is toxic.

    I wish for everything to end up just as planned.
  8. Darkwing

    Darkwing Old Fashioned

    Granted, your plan to breathe once was a great success.

    I wish for glowing blue eyes.
  9. BrookeDi

    BrookeDi Well-Known Member Staff Member Benefactor Warden

    Granted, you now have constantly glowing eyes. However, because of the bright emanating light, you can no longer see out of them. At least you look cool, though you'll never win a game of hide and seek now.

    I wish I can eat solid food already.
  10. Shadras

    Shadras Illogical

    Granted. However, you can no longer eat liquid food. This includes water at its liquid state, but not ice. However, if it melts quick enough, you'll not be able to eat it. Good luck.

    I wish to be the dance man.
  11. Darkwing

    Darkwing Old Fashioned

    Granted. You become the best dancer ever after the group finds you and throws a party for you, however, during the party something happens and you break both of your legs. You are now a paraplegic.

    I wish for the Nile (River).
  12. ChelonianCommander

    ChelonianCommander Strength of Steel, Will of Iron

    Granted. Now claim it from the gator god.

    I wish to be as snug as a bug on a drug.
  13. ShadowCoyote0

    ShadowCoyote0 Senpai

    Wish granted. You are now a dung beetle who smokes the Devil's lettuce and snorts crack.

    I wish for the worst death imaginable.
  14. Rachel Rider

    Rachel Rider Smol Turtle Girl

    Wish granted. You die a horrible death. That is, your body dies. Enjoy being a vegetable while your real death will be peaceful weather your family decides to pull the plug or you dies of natural causes.
  15. ShadowWalker

    ShadowWalker Member

    Wish granted! Wait... you didn't wish for anything...

    I wish to have the powers of Spiderman.
  16. ShadowCoyote0

    ShadowCoyote0 Senpai

    Wish granted. Your first attempt at web swinging goes horribly wrong and you collide head first into a building, breaking your neck and killing you.

    I wish to be the genie.
  17. ShadowWalker

    ShadowWalker Member

    Wish granted! You are now a Disney cartoon character, doomed to repeat your lines from Aladdin until the last copy is destroyed and your existence with it.

    I wish to be surprised.

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