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Kasin the Faceless

Turiel, Angel of the Mountain by Pete Mohrbacher

Domains: Fauna, the Dance, and Loyalty.

His colour is purple.

Powers/advantages: Kasin has incredible sway over animals to the point that he can convince them to give their lives for him.
When he sings, he compels mortals to dance endlessly until he wills. They will often dance till they faint or die.
All traitors belong to Kasin. If you commit an act of treachery, you will be claimed by him and slowly become Turned, barely alive, soulless demons walking the earth forever dancing and singing his song.

Quirks/disadvantages: Kasin is an envious god and often steals from other gods. His influence powers work to some degree on mortals but not completely.
Kasin is blind, so he does not venture out of his cave very often and as a result, he cannot claim traitors for his cause very often.

Motivations: The first time the sun moon stole over the sun, hiding it from the world, Kasin was born. Blind and lost, he relied on his ears and feet to move around. However, the first sound he heard was a song: the sound of the world forming, volcanoes spitting and oceans roaring. Almost involuntarily he started dancing, moved by the music. Since then he has gone seeking a song on a scale that big, be it the sound of a world forming or the world being destroyed.
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