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Name: Coby [Face Claim]
Age: Mid 20s
Sex: I am Coby
Bio: [You open the soft leather-bound book and trace over the worn pages. Flipping to the earliest pages, the words are faded but still able to be read. There are discolourations, dark, rubbed in… charcoal, but not from the drawings that are purposeful here and there that you saw flipping through…]

'Keeper gave me a journal and said that information is important; a record of us and who we are. Who am I? I am the offspring of Redival and Gervais Visser. I am sibling to Ygraine, Vaan, and Elias. I am a child of Grux'Altor, The Word Bearer. We live by the words, but he’s never really brought words to us, not that I’m aware of. One of these days, maybe I’ll see something, but til then, I’m happy here in the mountains away from everything. We don’t here about the goblins, or the wars, or the orcs. It’s just us.'

[You thumb through the pages. You see a few sketches of nature scenes and what must have been the village and even a few important people in their life. However, the words suddenly begin to bleed red across the page and discordant iconography is strewn across the pages intermittently in symbols you cannot read…]

It happened! They came! Theycametheycametheycame I cannot believe it they came. There are no words to express this. This moment of the demonic, no, the divine, which walked upon the earth for but a moment. And the words, THE WORDS that they spoke and fell upon my ears in a rhapsodic chorus, so many streams to follow, and I, not enough tongues to speak it, not enough words to express it or the mind to relay

[It stops suddenly and falls into discordant scrawling that you are unable to decipher. It continues on like this for a number of pages. The feverish scrawling of one lost in their madness, perhaps, written in layer upon layer. There are no more sketchings for some time… until you come upon one. A finely sketched drawing of nothing more than a slender chain ending in a claw-like hook. There appears to be a number of pages ripped out after it.]

I met someone who taught me much and showed me a new way to view the world.

[The next many pages are filled with rough sketches of devices fitted together or various plants, compounds or extracts combined and their effects. A time or two, there is a scene sketched into the journal… a cityline from West Vulgo, a forest or mountain in the Wildlands, or as they make their way to Gyrus… You read snippets here and there as you go.]

Discovered a new regent for a rather explosive combination today.
String keeps snapping, need to adjust tension. Try new material?

Completed contract in West Volgo, Eitic. Prince Pallor Guin III.
Took the royal amulet as evidence. Awaiting payment.

Collecting information for a month on demon worshiping goblins.
Tired of eating rabbits.
All they’re doing is worshiping a stuffed bird with a deer’s head.

Latest mission got a bit of attention… King sent messenger.
Maybe making the ham explode was a bit much.

Strengths - - + - - Weaknesses

  • Child of Grux'Altor: Born and raised in the West Wildlands, Coby was brought up in a demon worshipping cult and has come to be quite familiar with the topic of demonology. While the topic of demons is vast, they understand more than the average layman and is more familiar with the worship.
  • Insight of the Word Bearer: After hearing the words of Grux'Altor, Coby was granted a boon of knowledge. Though much of it is a mess to them, they have managed to work out Alchemy, Arcana, and Clockwork how they all work together into various works, contraptions and pieces. These pieces tend to work in conjunction to be more powerful, precise, quick, or overall deadly.
  • Disciple of Hook and Chain: Coby was a disciple of a master assassin and learned the art of stealth, subterfuge and misdirection and general proficiency in an assassination arsenal from them.
  • Into the Woods: A life that was spent largely in the West Wildlands meant needing to be able to have skills that could survive in it. That meant basic wilderness survival skills such as hunting, foraging, navigating, and setting up a shelter. However, in so much time, Coby has learned to track in rural and wild areas and have a cursory knowledge of flora and fauna.
  • Called Shots: When you are trained from the best and have been at the game for a bit, you learn to go for the weakspots and do the most damage. Coby is proficient in being a disabler when not aiming for the kill-shot.
  • Magically Muted: Coby has no real significant powers with magic, at least, not in the traditional sense. No healing words. No grand illusions. No fireballs or lightning bolts. If they start showing any sort of magical gift, it is likely of an innate, and one that they are not working any grand spells with.
  • Of Few Words: Ever since being visited by The Word Bearer, the words Coby has spoken themself have been exceptionally few and far between.
  • Some Call It Madness: Coby’s inventions are typically advancements before their time. They cannot just be picked up around the corner. They have to be made, painstakingly by Coby one-by-one and it takes time. If it breaks, they have to go through the process of making it again. If they want to make something new, it is a process of trial and error and some things are… unstable.
  • Of No Account: Coby is a person whose presence in in the world is quite minimalistic. Of their family, there were no survivors… No one really knows their real identity. They can count on their hand the number of people who know their face, their full name, and their gender as they are relatively androgynous and go through the world relatively little ripples… And when you do, you have no one to fall back on, no one to ask favors of, no one who supports you, cares for you, stands by you… No one.
  • Diminutive: Coby can take a few hits, but by no means are they a tank. They are not meant to be in the front lines slugging it out and will feel the effects of each and every hit.
  • Clockwork Courier: A mechanical bird with the appearance of a owl that has arcane etchings into its every piece to bring about its functioning. At its most base, it its designed to deliver things in some manner or another, either delivering a destructive present from above or a written letter over a distance.
  • The Gibbering: The blade upon Coby’s back is most typically sheathed upon most every situation. Etched upon it are a number of minute, painstakingly careful arcana sigils with room for more along its length. Low muttering begins every time it comes out and ends every time it returns to its sheath. If there are an effects upon the blade from these sigils being present, it’s not apparent.
  • Shortsword: A shortsword, made of metal chemically treated to be darkened so that it does not reflect off light as much.
  • Survival Hatchet: A hatchet, actually rather simple and small.
  • Buckskin Leather: Soft leather armor and cloak that is neither restricting or hard. It offers slight protection from harm but more from the elements.
  • Beastly Visor: Coby’s Visor is a full helmet that covers their whole face and leaves but a small room to pass food and drink up through. It offers slight protection and has an arcane sigil painted in blood upon it that seems to, for no other reason, keep it in place except for when they wish to take it off, even when others attempt.
  • Personal Journal: Coby’s journal, plain and simple. They have charcoal to write with.
  • Wrist-Mounted Bow: A small bow that is collapsible and folds into a gauntlet in Coby’s wrist that houses the bolts that Coby currently has prepared.
  • Bow Gauntlet: This gauntlet houses the mounted bow on the top segment and has three chambers of 3 different bolt types in stacks up to 6 that are fed by spring to the top of their chamber to be loaded.
    Sleeping Toxin Bolts: A potent toxin that is capable one to sleep. (6)
    Envenomed Bolts: A concoction discovered that sears the contacted flesh and causes an entropy of strength as time wears on. (6)
    Sparkflash Bolts: A mixture that upon impact will splash together and their volatile nature will explode and let off a bright flash. (6)​
  • Rope Dart: A throwing knife attached to a rope that can be thrown into pierceable materials or
  • Bandolier of Wonders On this mysterious bandolier are a number of fun things including throwing knives, crush glass eggs, bolos, bottled clouds, sparkwhistler bombs, shadevenom smoke bombs, cherry bombs, caltrops, small flasks of oil, ball of red twine.
    Bottled Clouds: In case of an emergency fall, Coby can drop this. As it interacts with oxygen, it foams up and produces a vast foam protective padding in an area. (2)
    Sparkwhistler Bombs: Bombs that Coby throws down in front of enemies that emit a shrill noise and a bright flash of fire in order to daze and disorient in order to escape. (2)
    Shadevenom Smoke Bombs: Choking smoke bombs that can be deadly if people stay in the smoke too long, but ultimately used to distract and dissuade pursuit. (2)​
  • Wrist and Ankle Catches: In case of an emergency and there is no time to grab a bottle or other such devices, there are small hooks (that could also double as dire emergency tearing weapons) on Coby's's ankles and wrists to catch them.
  • Thieves’ Tools: An basic kit of tools for picking locks and disarming defenses, including a glass cutter.
  • Creative Toolkit: All the tools Coby needs for their clockwork, alchemy, and arcana work, at least, that they can carry around including a metal etcher with runes over it used for etching arcane sigils.
  • Snap Striker: Flint and steel plates worked into Coby's glove with parts that can be changed out. Essentially, an effective solution to the problem of needing to light fuses with one hand quickly.
  • Ratskull Charm: a skull of a rodent-like creature, simple enough, merely fashioned into a necklace goodluck charm.
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Name: Skylar Orbe
Age: 27
Sex: Female
Bio: While war had formally ended in the years before her birth it had left enough of an impact on her family in Gyrus to result in their arming every child that survived infancy. Femininity was not encouraged as it would only lead to further pruning of the family tree. The only evidence of her female nature she has retained is her long hair. Otherwise she dresses like a man and does her best to act like one. Her mother did manage to sneak in a few finer arts, such as dancing and singing, but needlepoint was a disaster and painting only led to her seeing how far she could throw the paint.

Skylar was taught the finer arts of combat on foot, on horseback, and ranged. She grew to be nearly as tall as a man, at five foot ten, but never as broad or as bulky. Instead she moved quicker than most and was better at hiding than her brothers. By no means was she an expert at stealth, but would outclass the average, hulking knight. In particular Skylar quickly became skilled at wielding a crossbow, as it was easier to pull than a longbow, and a rapier. Of course, this wouldn’t save her against anyone larger than her, but given a chance of surprise she would survive.

When her basic training was done Skylar became more active in the stables. She aided the stablemaster in birthing and breaking the colts and fillies. Her hands on nature allowed her to find a favorite and train it to her specifics. The palomino mare is named Annie. Soon she was riding Annie at a full gallop and striking targets with her crossbow or a shortbow. As this wasn’t an official event at any sort of tournament, Skylar never had a chance to exhibit these new skills. Instead she would dress as her father’s son and duel those who would never see her out of her fencing gear.

Of course her family was known and she was known to be fairly skilled at tournaments. Knight Benedict approached her father and requested her specifically. She was more than happy to serve her king and country. At least it would get her off of the dwindling estate and give her a new way to test her abilities.

  • Mounted Ranged Combat: Skylar has devoted most of her life to finding ways to kill someone before they can reach her. She’s very handy with her crossbow, built to her stature, and her short bow. Not only can she reach people before they can get to her, but she’ll be on a horse riding away from them.
  • Annie: A mare from prime breeding stock is in Skylar’s personal possession. This horse was built for war. She can go the distance and is strong enough to wear full armor if necessary. Skylar likely won’t ever put armor on Annie, as it would slow the mare, but could.
  • Noble Birth: Skylar hasn’t spent her life trying to find every last crumb strangers could afford her. She is sound of body and mind due to her upbringing. She also has a name that will take her further in diplomatic situations.
  • Rapier: If Skylar is forced into close combat she’s not without skills. She can parry and stab with the best of them, even if her sword is a lot smaller and less likely to break through almost any kind of armor.
  • A Woman: In a man’s world Skylar will always be at a disadvantage. Although she’s large for a woman, she’s not as large as a man. Although she’s strong, she’s not as strong as a man. She will also often have to yield to men in social situations regardless of her noble birth.
  • Don’t Touch Me: Skylar will almost always lose in a close combat situation. Unless she has luck of the draw and a gift from the gods (if they remain) she’s toast. Sure she has her rapier, but it won’t do her any good against a broadsword, mace, bastard sword, etc.
  • Comforts of Class: Although she has been afforded the luxuries of nobility, Skylar isn’t quite used to traveling. There will be no comfy inns every night or tents set up by servants. She will have to rough it like a common soldier and deal with it. This will initially prove difficult.
  • Looking Down Her Nose: Skylar has always had people serving her, but hasn’t ever spent time with them. She knows the horsemaster well enough, but he’s a knight in his own right serving at the request of his lord, Skylar’s father. Skylar won’t quite know what to do around them.
  • Annie, the horse
  • Custom Crossbow with a bunch of bolts
  • Short bow with a bunch of arrows
  • Rapier and associated belt and sheath.
  • A purse of gold and silver
  • Her good name
  • A spare pair of riding clothes.
  • Lightly padded leather armor to give her a more masculine form.
  • Thin plate mail armor which goes atop her leather armor. Normally used to cover Annie’s haunches and shoulders.
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(Credit goes to Manuel Castañón.)​

Name: Johanna, the Nameless.
Age: Twenty Seven
Sex: Female

Bio: Johanna was born in the city-state of Ditador, the second daughter and seventh child of the City-State’s royal line. Her position and sex meant she was relatively free to pursue her own path in life, and she chose to become a military force, training from a very young age to master the ways of weapons, and of warfare. Life was simple-if-uneventful for her, as she led near the front as a captain of the City-State’s armies.

It wasn’t until she was Twenty-five that things changed, as Khramer began his bloody coup. On the night the coup happened, Johanna was awoken by some eldritch whisper in her dreams, and she opened her eyes to see an assassin over her, knife poised to strike. She disarmed the man and broke his neck, before gathering her gear to fight. It didn’t take long for her to see that her home was lost, and she was led out of a servant’s exit by a young steward who was fond of her. She fled north by horseback, and never had a chance to look back.

In the Eastern Wildlands, Johanna eventually stopped; overwhelmed by a need to rest and by her feelings of despair. Her life was over, her family was dead, and her purpose was shattered. She had heard rumours and whispers as she travelled north, of Khramer’s claim of the throne of her City-State, and the vast wealth he possessed. She silently swore an oath of vengeance, even as she realised how impotent it was. As if the universe was aware, spiting her weakness, she was startled awake in the night by the sound of her horse’s death throes. She awoke, her little encampment surrounded by goblins, and swore at her own inability to change her fate. The goblins clumsily attacked, and were cut down in droves by the superior warrior, but their numbers seemed ceaseless as she worked herself to exhaustion. Death seemed inevitable, but the shamed Ex-Noble refused to give in.
“I can save you.”

A strange whisper filled her mind, as she cleaved through goblin after goblin.

“I can help you change the world.”

She cut, and she cut, but she refused to yield as the voice offered her newfound energy and strength. Her arms felt stronger, her exhaustion seemed gone. Her legs no longer burned with exertion.

“I can be your friend.”

An image of what she could do burned in her mind, and Johanna leapt up and into the trees. She balked at the sudden strength in her legs, only for the moon above to offer her a glimmering path to salvation through the trees. Her unnatural strength pushed her out of the forest and into a clearing. Once she was safe, the magics faded and she collapsed in an unheard of exhaustion. Many of her possessions were lost with the horse, leaving her only a bag of gold, and her arms. She saw Gyros’ border Fort in the distance, and she heard the whispers one last time before she collapsed into sleep.

“Your fall is just your path waning, Champion. Soon,
the Cycle will have you rise again.”

After her flight from Ragabash, Johanna went on to become a mercenary of some renown, working mostly out of Fort Seina as a Caravan guard and as Monster Hunter. She earned enough coin to live, and perhaps even earned some renown as a particularly skillful - and boisterous - sword arm. When the call went out for warriors to join Sir Benedict’s quest, and of the personal interest the crown had in it, Johanna jumped at the chance to finally earn the good graces, and perhaps even the favour of, Gyros’ most powerful. After all, an alliance with Gyros would be an excellent way to start her crusade to retake her homeland.


  • Strength of Arm - Johanna’s Military training was unparalleled amongst her peers back in Ditador. She could fight longer, and better, than many of her family and friends. When Ditador fell, and with the slaughter of so many she held as peers, she was forced to take those skills and make them even more. She is a skilled fighter, favouring Sword and Shield as well as heavy armour.
  • Noble Roots - Johanna’s exile from Ditador may have robbed her of her rightful inheritance, but she seethes and plots her return in the years to come. Her younger days have given her knowledge on how to run a City-State and beyond. She has at least passing knowledge on how to run a Castle, how to fund a kingdom, or how to win a war, and can use that knowledge to try and out-think her opponents, instead of just out-whacking them.
  • A Friend on the Other Side - In the Two Years since her exile, Johanna found herself being saved by the demon Bithiah in some otherwise inescapable situations. It was her voice that roused Johanna from slumber, and saved her from Khramer’s assassins, and it was her that gave her the powers she needed to survive her encounter with the Eastern Wildlands. She now pays homage and offers arms to the Waxing Moon with whispered prayers and a large tapestry-like tattoo on her back; for Bithiah has all but demanded Johanna survive, and Johanna returns these demands to the one friend who survived the scourging.
  • The Auger’s Touch - When she nearly died in the Eastern Wildlands, Johanna was gifted years of fundamental training in seconds as she learned how to use a few basic augmentation spells. She can enhance the power of her legs, allowing for greater feats of running and jumping, and she can augment herself with an ignorance of pain, allowing her to fight through wounds that should cripple her for short periods of time. She is, however, very inexperienced and cannot maintain these augmentations for long, so she finds them best used as trump cards to end a confrontation; either by fleeing with an explosive burst of speed, or by closing the distance in a blink and gutting a foe.


  • Subtle as a Sword to the Throat - Johanna’s fiery personality, larger-than-average stature, and demand to be noticed make it very hard to ignore her. Add onto that her preference for carrying large chunks of metal, and wearing heavy armour, and it’s quite clear that in no world should anyone expect Johanna to be sneaky, or subtle. A smart man likely hears about Johanna’s entrance into a city five minutes in, as she enters a bar, proclaims her intent, and buys herself a number of drinks.
  • The Hunted Woman - Johanna’s exile from Ditador has given her purpose, but it has also given her a number of very powerful enemies. As her fame grows, and her story spreads, no doubt will she attract the attention of those who serve under the usurper, Khramer; perhaps eventually garnering the attention of the man himself. No doubt that such attention might cause a few...complications, in the grand scheme of things.
  • The Damnation of a Demon Worshiper - Bithiah’s worship may be some of the most benevolent amongst demons, but that does not stop the fact that should her secret come out; she could easily find herself with a number of complicated roadblocks set before her. It might be hard to rally a people under her banner if they thing she serves monsters, for example. Her mark is kept secret, mostly, but it is not a subtle mark if her back is bared, and it would require very little investigation to find the meaning behind it.
  • Magical Ineptatude - Despite the basics of Augmentation magic that she was gifted by Bithiah in her moment of desperation, Johanna is not a skilled mage by any means. She can only draw from her personal reserves of energy - which will drain her stamina, and she has not learned anything new in over two-years of having these magics, for lack of tutor and time. In the face of a real mage, her magical power would be dismantled in seconds.

  • Arms and Armour: A set of mundane equipment purchased and maintained by Fort Seina's smiths. They are functional, but not particularly note-worthy.
  • Family Dagger: A Silver-edged dagger, and her last useful memento of her former life. The dagger has her family's signal in the pommel, and is exceptionally sharp to this day.
  • Sigil Ring: A uniquely beautiful ring with her family's crest on it, and the main evidence she has to her claim of nobility. She wears the ring as a necklace, tied around a small chain hidden under her armour.
  • Journal: Her own personal diaries, containing her various scribblings on everything that has happened over the last two years.
  • Dedication to Bithiah: Not so much equipment, but on her back Johanna has a large tapestry-like tattoo on her back, as a sign of dedication to Bithiah. The tattoo is of a sprawling moon, waxing towards a full-moon's glow, with a sprawling mass of illegible and unspoken words underneath. She does not know the translation of the text, and having it inscribed on her back was the price she paid to the hidden worshipper of Bithiah who inscribed it onto her back. Whether or not it has any true meaning has yet to be seen.
  • Personal effects: Various commoner's clothes, a wash-kit, oils, whetstones, and other knickknacks she carries with her so as to live a traveller's life.
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@Blackstone We've gone over your CS many times, so we've already ironed out any potential kinks.

@Becca Your CS is actually fine by itself. I'm just a little concerned because I don't know how often I'll be able to incorporate mounted combat into the story. I don't want you to feel frustrated that you can't take advantage of your best qualities.

@LimeyPanda Also a really good CS, her backstory will mesh really well with part one of the story. I'm quite happy how often this seems to happen for me

Obviously for everyone else I'm still accepting applications lol. I have a room on Nilum's discord for anyone else interested.
Olivia Rowe
Born a bastard to a minor noble family in the city state of Ditador, she was easily ostracized by a few of her family members, mainly her step mother. Being the second-oldest of the family, she was graced with six other younger siblings that treated her as a second mother, much to the stepmother's dismay. It was a relatively well life as she grew; her young, grandiose imaginations of being a knight encoraged by her father. Up until the age of 17 did she train alongside her eldest brother for the military.

That was until the result of tense bad blood between her father and one of his colleagues was waking to the choking force of smoke and the heat of burning embers. Rolling from her bed to the floor, she crawled her way through the house. Panic rose in her chest as most of the house seemed to have already began to break and burn from the growing flames. Shortly after screams began to fill the air around her as heavy boots slammed into the ground past her and out of an forced exit. Crawling towards it after she was sure it was a way out, she escaped into the dark night.

Weeks had passed since the incident and having no claim to any of her family's wealth, the line of her family was gone. She saw this as her chance to get away and explore the world, even if that was a thin veil of an excuse to escape the place where the memories of her family haunted her. She supported herself by becoming an assassin, something she thought she could handle and for a while she was able to prove her point. She stepped away from the position, scared of the person it made her and the blood she carried on her hand.

"The one who passes the sentence swings the sword." Her father's words would echo through her mind after each kill, each contract made. She grew numb to death. She watched the maiden take lives of the old and young by her hands and despite her leaving the profession all together, she is sure she will kill again.

Animals don't count though. As she spent most of her time trading furs and pelts as another way to survive. She drifted away from common society, taking solace in the serenity of nature in it's purest form. This woken something dormant in her. Something she is still trying to figure out to this day.

Shadows Are My Friends. Silent like the shadows, there yet unnoticeable. She had taken blending in as best she could, as came with her previous career though something that one can never lose. It helps that she always had light footsteps and the ability to catch someone off guard.
Can You Feel the Earth? Her dormant ability, her magic, ties the earth to her and her to it. The energy of the earth empowers her barely discovered ability to bend it to her will.
Hawk's Eye. Her trained eye is unlike most. Spending most of her time in the wilderness hunting and scavenging, she became attuned to the sights of the open. She can spot out oddities in most situation, relevant to the current task or not.
Skills. Her speed, endurance and agility were things her father was quick to beat into her. Given her feminine disadvantages to bring to combat, her father thought that she would have to forgo many other elements needed in combat to be efficient.

Her Magic. What she can grasp of her magic is very useful in times that she needs but what she doesn't know can carry heavy consequences if not practiced in a timely manner.
Her Mouth. While she spends most of the time being silent, when she is tested enough she can cause herself some trouble with the words she chooses to use when angered.
Close Range Encounters. Whether it would be combat or social encounters, she is not one for speaking to a stranger without reason.
Stubbornness. She is undeniably headstrong to the values and morals she was taught. She wouldn't ever stray from that like she had in the past.

Not one to carry much on her, her equipment is the following:
-A bow and two quivers of hand made arrows.
-Two hand axes.
-A bag large enough to carry her pelts and furs.
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