This ain't a Scene, it's an Arms Race


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Over the course of the war, many people took advantage of one another, especially in areas where the poor outweighed the rich. The places where people starved, where they were desperate. Those were the places where people broke down, began to do whatever it took to survive.
As the first flakes of snow began to fall on the streets, people hid from the small convoy that stopped in the center of the town. Soldiers began setting up everything they needed to maintain order within the large civilization. They knew they had to do whatever was needed to maintain their hold, or else the confederacy would not last.
Stalingrad was their main point of trade with the Chinese line, and without it they would be starved out in Moscow and the rest of eastern Russia(Excluding Siberia).
As their checkpoints on the roads leading out of town began to set up, a single black hummer stopped in the town square. 3 soldiers stepped out of the vehicle, followed by a man in a black coat, medals covering his left side. His hat was donned with a metal symbol, the symbol of the confederacy.
As he walked through the streets, he looked around the buildings and scowled. "Common rebellion is something we must squash. You must think of these heathens as a fire in the woods. At first site, you must smother it and destroy it, or else it will spread and soon be out of hand. However, if you contain it, cut off any kind of movement... it will burn out."

A young woman stood in front of the hummer upon the man's return. Her dark blue hair made no mistake about her identity. However, as she stood by, a metal crate on the ground beside her, the man chuckled.
"I appreciate your service. As does the confederacy."
The woman saluted, and the man nodded, her signal to be at ease. 2 soldiers took the crate and in exchange, he handed her a small package of funds. She walked away, clutching the case.
"Your next move is to take away their fuel. Make sure that when you smother the fire, you are not burned."
As the 2 soldiers carried the crate into a small alleyway, the girl returned again, out of sight from the others. Opening the case, she gave the men each a fourth of the money. The case was sat down, and they walked away. She took the case and crate, walking away into a large building.

"Ladies and Gentleman, this city is now under Martial law by order of Emperor Romanov. Any resistance to this order is grounds for treason, in which the penalty is death. In which the penalty is given on the spot." As people gathered a bit away from the man and his soldiers who stood behind him, fear was obvious through the crowd. "That said, all normal activities may carry on, under the regulations that follow. Any infraction of these regulations is considered treason and is penalized by death."

A mandatory curfew of 23:00 is now enforced. Anyone caught outside without a soldier escort is infraction.
The curfew ends at 6:00, normal activities after this time may continue.
All celebrations and festivities both city-wide and private are to be supervised by one or more soldiers.
All civil rights and civil laws are suspended for the time being.

As the girl looked outside, the man spoke. She could barely see him from the window she looked through. As she shook her head and carried the crates downstairs into a basement, she looked at the 2 men waiting below for her. One of them had another case.
"Our weapons?"
She nodded and set the crate down. They opened it and looked at the variety of guns, from sniper rifles to assault rifles to handguns, and most things in between. The men nodded and gave her the case, and she quickly walked out.


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3 days later

"Today we hold a celebration in honor of our great leader, the man who protects us through these harsh times. Emperor Romanov!"
The man watched over the crowd as they reluctantly cheered, a slightly bitter sound emitting from the large group. "Come on, cheer! Your leader, your Emperor is the reason for this!" The soldiers raise their weapons before people slowly began to cheer mostly happily. "Much better..."

The woman sat in a building, watching as the ceremony took place. Although she was a neutral force in this, she knew that if all went well for the rebellion... then this parade would get rained on. And fast.

"So come now, it is a time to celebrate!"
Just as the words were spoken, gunfire rang out. one soldier after another fell as they returned fire, while the crowd cleared. Tiffany looked up and saw, a few of the soldiers were firing on the crowd. She ran out of the building, running across to another. She wasn't the most generous of people, but seeing people being gunned down while doing nothing to deserve it... that was where she crossed the line. She took out a small handgun and fired, shooting one man in the back and another in the shoulder before skulking off into the building and out the back door. She saw jeeps rolling into the town square, the officer hiding away from the podium. No blood was around it, unfortunately.
As she approached a small cabin, she heard the click of a hammer behind her and she froze.
"So, let me ask. Did you miss a few, or did they get them back?" She slowly set her gun on the ground.
"Either way... you know how this ends. You must be the example, so that nobody else follows your path.... goodbye." He fired the gun just before bullets started raining towards him. He quickly ran towards his convoy as she fell forward. She landed on all four's, feeling her back soak in her blood. She slowly crawled and stood after a minute, her movements slowing the closer she got to her door. As it opened and a young boy looked at her, his eyes wide, she looked at him and smiled.
"E... Er-ren."
She fell forward at his feet, unable to keep herself up from the loss of blood.
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Eren's body shook as he thought about what had happened that time ago, and everything that had happened since. 2 months after, he and his mom had left his father because of his heavy drinking and abuse. Of course the confederacy had done nothing to stop the man, but Eren was willing to forget about him after they moved into Moscow. But when he returned on Eren's 14th birthday, only to beat the woman who took care of him... that was when he had enough.

The man entered the door, seemingly angry as he entered. He threw an empty bottle of whiskey on the ground, the bottom smashing as Eren stood in the doorway, and his mother watched in terror as the man walked towards her.
"You thought you could just leave? That you could get away from me and just hide here?"
Eren watched as he pushed the woman against the wall and as she struggled, he wrapped his hands around her neck. Eren looked at the bottle and walked over to it, picking it up by the neck and looking back to his father, his mother's life almost visibly fading from within her. Eren ran at the man, shoving the bottom of the bottle into his back. He yelled and Eren pulled it out before plunging it back into his chest, the man lieing on his back as Eren repeated this several times before the man stopped moving. His own father, the man who raised him... he had become an evil, and was now dead.

His mother looked to him, still shaking.
"Eren... thank you." She sighed. "I need you to go to the military barracks. I'll be there soon enough, just wait for me there, and no matter what, don't come back here." Eren nodded as she sent him away, and ran to the barracks.

About 3 hours passed before he became nervous, walking back to the building to see a couple soldiers talking outside the building, the door open. Eren's eyes widened before he sprinted back into the house and saw the image.
His mother, only a silhouette as she hung from the ceiling, a single rope connecting her neck. Eren shook his head as he backed up, one of the soldiers running inside. "Hey, no, no, don't look at them!" He tried to spare Eren the sight that had been burned into his mind, but it was too late. The man pulled Eren outside and kneeled in front of him. "Hey... do you know who lives here? Do you?" Eren nodded a bit. "My mom... my dad was there..."
The soldier nodded and stood, looking to the other one, who only looked down. "I think this confirms it... murder suicide." he looked back to the boy. "Here, come with me. I'll find you somewhere to stay until we have a good home for you." He smiled a bit and Eren looked down before nodding, walking with the man.