Timeline of Events

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Events are listed chronologically in the order that they occurred in-universe. Events separated by | occur relatively at the same time.

The Dawn of Reality

  • The multiverse, once comprised of pure chaos, is put into balance upon the forming of the Great Spirits and the creation of the seal around the Dark Place, the demonic source of true Malevolence
  • When all universes were still isolated, demonic beings made their first mark on reality from within the Dark Place, forming the first Murder Games to imbalance the multiverse
  • Malevolence is kept in check by the Great Spirits and the guardians of the Utopian Parallel, but the first imbalances gave rise the Kresnik clan learning of universes outside their own
  • The Great Spirits worry about the possible convergence of universes and so give the Kresniks a gift as a test
  • The Kresniks war with one another and the multiverse fluctuates in balance, spelling the beginning of a great change for all
Progenitor Era

The Progenitor Era refers to the first known Murder Games recorded, as they were in their early stages. During this time, the Arch Demon, for the most part, had remained behind the scenes, letting others do his work for him while he fine-tuned his creation. This era contains the event known as Point Zero, for it was the beginning point of universes more commonly converging with another.
The Lost Period

The Lost Period refers to the era in which the Coalition had been formed, its initial struggles to combat the phenomena, and the subsequent rise to power of the Arch Demon.
Rise and Fall of the Arch Demon

The Rise and Fall of the Arch Demon, just as the name implies, refers to the Arch Demon rising to power, and his subsequent defeat at the hands of those who defied him. On the side, a new threat by the name of Elliot, influenced by the Arch Demon's work, begins to rise to power as well.
Age of Reconstruction

The Age of Reconstruction refers to the mass attempt to restore order to the multiverse in the wake of the fall of the Arch Demon, including a large number of reforms that had happened as the Coalition rose to fame with his defeat. However, alongside reconstruction came destruction as new threats began to loom over the horizon, including a familiar face who manages to continue the Murder Games phenomena despite the Arch Demon's death, and a sinister plot behind the scenes that threatens to shatter the relative peace throughout.
Flash Point Era

The Flash Point Era refers to the period of time that follows the grand overhaul and reforms of various multiverse organizations. Nearing the end of the Age of Reconstruction, a sinister plot had been realized and fulfilled by forces of evil that shattered the peace that others had tried so hard to build. Now, the reputations of the Coalition and the United Nations have been tarnished as a result of certain revelations, and trust in others and in one's own organization has become scarce. However, as the power of the Revanchist grows, so does ODMA, a new organization created to protect the multiverse and perhaps eventually unite the other organizations toward their common goal.
Phase 4

The new age in the wake of the Flash Point Era.
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