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With blood comes life, with life comes death.
Emptiness casts us into a dark abyss where we cannot see. We outstretch our arms and search for a path to guide us, yet there is nothing; not even our hands are visible to us when they are inches from our face.

It is after this emptiness becomes our entire world and existence do we truly begin to fear it. The blackest of the nights have the stars to guide us to hope, but in the dark room where light ceases to exist, we are nothing. Everything is nothing.

And our blood runs cold and eventually stops to run at all. We struggle to breathe, choking upon an invisible force. We here laughing in the distance, but it is too distant to reach for. Laughter, joy, happiness; it seems so close yet too far to see or grab. Yes, it is the laughter that mocks you, for you are blind and helpless where you stand.

You open your mouth to call to it, but you fail to procure even a wheeze. And the longer you try to shout and scream and cry, the further away the voices were. They leave you alone-- cold, afraid,

And empty.

Whatever the [insert preferred censored word here] I just wrote xD. Hi, I'm ArQane.

Imperatus Rex

Semper Imperatus
It is the poetry phase, I think essentially he is saying that he craves Doritos Loaded: Nacho Cheese. Though I am not 100% certain.