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"I would like to know about what you think would be the certainty of success of this process. And perhaps, if there are any backup plans in case an unexpected variable presents itself?" Yamato asked in a semi-curious tone, "I just want to be sure that I get back to my world and see if it has not fallen apart yet. Regardless, I will place a sizeable amount of faith into this."

For him, it felt like more than half a year has passed ever since he had been away from his homeworld. Although he had people of great potential ready to keep the Administrators at bay, as well as Alcor who had provided his part in assisting humanity, being unable to know the current state of his world and everyone in it did not sit well with him.

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Kiba found after a quick look that the woman that had been inside the machine was very much dead.

"I don't know," The Doctor replied to Miguel. "But I think I know what had been causing the TARDIS to stick around. It was the Time Gate. Even in its inert state the time energy it was pulling from all over somehow caused it to get locked in this time and place. Twice over in fact."

"Doctor, that does sound rather far-fetched," Picard remarked to the Time Lord who just shrugged.

"Well what do you want? To just say I have no blooming clue about how any of this fits together? I'll look like a real fool if the TARDIS is still nonoperational when we get back. Speaking of if I was here before, how come I don't remember it at all? I'm old but I'm not THAT old, you know?"

Picard went next to the corpse and knelt down. "If what you're saying is true. We were embroiled in an invasion a hundred years in the making. I believe I know who this Kirk was that this woman was so clearly obsessed over. The thing I can't understand is why this wasn't in any of our databases."

"A lot of things in this situation makes very little sense," Riker chimed in. "A puzzle with missing half the pieces."

To this Picard solemnly nodded. "It will take awhile but I think we'll manage to get some sort of understanding of what we were part of here. For now let us leave this place and return to the Enterprise."

The next day

Captain's log supplemental

I have informed Starfleet of what has transpired and understandably they've had a hard time swallowing everything I've told them, but they agreed that studying the technology and the planet is in order. Meanwhile it seems like the Doctor's intuition was correct and they are ready to leave with the rest of the displaced group in their TARDIS. I just wish it had happened under better circumstances.

"Is everything in order?" Picard asked the Doctor as they stepped out of the blue phone box still situated where it had originally emerged on the ship.

"Just about! I should be able to get everyone back to where they belong...after a few trial and errors I bet. Speaking of," She looked over to the group. "If you have anything to say now's the time to say it because otherwise we're getting this show on the road!"

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While Kiba only had one or two people he wanted to talk to before they all hopefully went home, he also wanted to try and find any of his remaining pack members back home. If any of them were even there alive and well.

He took a sweeping gaze of those present to look for Five and Max and give them a brief goodbye at least.

Once that was out of the way, it seemed like one of their own asked the Doctor about the chances of mistakes or miscalculations. Which was understandable.

"Are the chances of sending someone to the wrong place high?" He pondered aloud.

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Miguel O'Hara: Epilogue - Man of the Future, Back in Time

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While Miguel had half expected to find himself transported back to his native time of the year 2099, a part of him was admittedly a bit relieved to find himself back in the primitive time of 2014 instead, where he had been stranded previously. He couldn't exactly explain why, but perhaps he didn't really need to. He just plainly had unfinished business here with the people of this time, and he couldn't just disappear back to the future without any warning.

Of course, this meant that he'd have to find his own way back to his native time, short of another chance encounter with the Doctor, but the way things go in this world, the hero was sure that wouldn't take too long, whether by his own doing or by the greater fates that be.

But... as Miguel swung through the streets of the Big Apple, it didn't take long for him to realize something was just off.

At first, it was just the little things, but they quickly built up into bigger things. People and places were different. The reactions people had to Miguel swinging around felt off, different. Companies and corporations had slightly different names, or simply didn't exist at all. At first, he had to wonder if the entire timeline had been disrupted by his absence or whatnot, but that wouldn't have accounted for everything.

With an uneasy breath, Miguel landed on a rooftop, perching over the edge to look over the city. He needed a moment to process everything, but just before the answer could dawn on him, it slapped him in the face instead, in the form of an unfamiliar voice behind him.

"You lost or something, my man?"

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Gwen Stacy, also known as Spider-Woman, clung onto a nearby wall not too far from Miguel's position, looking down toward him with a furrowed brow underneath her mask.

Miguel turned around, his body tensing up as if about to spring into action, until instead freezing up as he saw the unfamiliar woman before him. Miguel was no stranger to the sight of another spider superhero; after all, last thing he knew, he was stranded in the Age of Heroes with his own namesake, Peter Parker, but... this woman was obviously not him.

"Uh... Yeah. I think I am," Miguel said dryly, standing up to face her. "Not to sound, uh... chauvinistic or anything, but I take it there's no Spider-Man in town?"

"Wow, okay. Amazing. That's literally the first thing you say to me?"

"No, no, I mean that's how it was here last time I checked! You know, guy who doesn't really stop talking, dripped in red and blue, that guy. Or did he get a new sidekick while I was gone?"

Gwen clicked her tongue in audible irritation, before hopping off the wall onto her feet. "Okay, first off, I'm no one's sidekick. I'll have you know I've fought baddies from other dimensions on like, three separate occasions! I'm a pretty big deal here, you know!"

"Hey, so have I. Just got back from another dimension myself! Doesn't seem like you've got much to brag about," Miguel remarked half facetiously.

"Second," Gwen continued, deciding to ignore Miguel's slight, but also taking note of his casual giveaway that he has allegedly been to another dimension and back now, "... Okay, I think I see what the problem is now. That Spider-Man you're talking about. Are you thinking of Peter Parker by any chance?"

Miguel froze for a moment. He didn't want to spill Parker's secret identity so fast, but then again, there was no need for pretense if she already knew the truth. "Uh... Yeah, that's right. What's the deal?"

Gwen let out a soft sigh, a twinge of sadness laced in her voice. "Well, sorry to say, but... In this dimension, Peter's long gone. I'm the only spider hero here," she said with a wide shrug. "So if you recognize Peter as a Spider-Man, then... I'm pretty sure you're actually looking for the dimension next door. Sorry."

"Oh..." Miguel put his masked face in his hands, letting out a long exhale as the dots were connected for him. The Doctor had taken him back to the right time, but the entirely wrong dimension!

"Shock it all to Hell!"

Hopefully, it wouldn't take half as long to get back to his dimension as it was taking to get back to his time. But knowing the luck of Spider-Man, no matter who it was, things never went as planned.​
As the TARDIS of both eras vwoorp'd away from each of its Enterprises the two crews were left to pick up the pieces of their grand adventure of the past, present and perhaps even the future? Unknown to either group however someone with sinister machinations in mind had been with them the entire time.

"Hahaha! It seems that your mission was an utter failure!" One of the men replied with voracious laughter.

The other man however seemed nonplussed by the situation having a knowing smirk on his face. "Ah, once again you showcase the lack of foresight. And to think you were once considered a great detective." He got up from his seat looking out into the vastness of space in front of him. "This was only a proof of concept, and the more individuals the good Doctor comes in contact with the greater our web continues to spin. So you see," He turned towards the man.

"This is still all part-"


"of the Master plan."

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