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Megalomaniacal Arbiter
We're All Mad Here
As Blindfold followed the bird, he came upon an alleyway, a dingy, dirty place. And in this alleyway he saw a cloaked man.
Now, this cloaked man seemed normal at first glance, but at a second, his hood seemed to be leaking darkness out, smoky, black darkness.
Blindfold suddenly felt ten times more sorrow, coming off the strange man in waves. If the Man wasn't bearing the brunt of it, Blindfold would've been knocked completely over by it's waves.
The hooded one looked up shortly from the gemstone he was holding delicately, staring longingly into, and then looked back, but Blindfold wasn't really paying attention. The gemstone, tear-shaped and everything, radiated power. Pure, creative, wonderful power. The gemstone was full of light.
Blindfold stopped, resisting running into this, deigning to ask Hirata first, asking, "I feel like I've seen this person before. Do you see anything?"

Lila Renn

Hell on Earth.
The Most Random of Powers GM
Hirata felt the sorrow radiating of from of the man, though he didn’t flinch. This man was weak compared to Of what he had felt from the Man. The Man dwarfed this man / creatures sorrow And hatred in the thousands, though it didn’t really affect Hirata anymore. Hirata took a step forwards, towards the gemstone and towards the man, his slitted red eyes gazing at the Man before him. He didn’t play Blindfold much attention, possibly his first mistake, his hand outstretched slightly, the air distorting around his hand.

“I like that pretty stone you have. Give it to me.”