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Side Story Tomorrow Never Lies

Discussion in 'Convergence In-Character Forums' started by Ver, Mar 2, 2018.

  1. Ver

    Ver Endearing Misanthrope The Convergence Series GM


    The world of the Secretariat, as it was informally called, was hectic as always.

    The plaza was filled to the brim with people with somewhere to go. A worker bee going here, a civilian going there. The place bustled with the sounds of vehicles and chattering, and it was easy to bump into someone if one didn't watch where they were going. It would have been easy to suffer from some sort of brief, sensory overload if they were more sensitive, to say the least. And among the many people moving about to wherever they would rather be, Deputy Secretary-General Akane Tsunemori (relatively recently promoted) braved to traverse back to the main headquarters, binders full of important documents hugged tightly against her chest, trying her best to maneuver through the crowd like a mouse. This was how a normal day looked to Akane, but even she knew, not everything was always as it looked. Everything may have looked the same here as it was most days, but certainly, there was a different feel to the people around her, and she couldn't really fathom why.

    ... Well, actually, that was something of a lie. She did know why this mysterious different feeling existed, and she did know why this feeling was directed toward her like a malicious beam, but it was something that depressed her. For her to be associated with this stigma... It was fitting, but frustrating. Understandable, but unfair.

    After their relationship with the private organization known as the Coalition was fractured in the infamous incident known as the Coalition Civil War, an incident which had ramifications that were still fresh in the minds of the general populace of the world of the Secretariat, everything had been put into a state of disarray. Along with the Coalition's own internal shake-up, the United Nations, or rather United Universes, had its own fair of internal problems, with the former Deputy Secretary-General, Ritsuko Akagi, being fired from her position (the woman insists that it was a mutual leave), not only for her actions during the Civil War, but also what she had done behind the scenes. What specific charges she was taken with were classified, and perhaps that was the only detail that remained clandestine from the general public.

    The Coalition Civil War revolved around a conflict over a certain young woman named Ilona, whose being was connected to the dark origins of the "Murder Games," and as such, was imbued with dark, unstable power that she could not control. The Coalition, along with the United Universes and others, were embroiled into a grand conflict with each other, debating on whether Ilona's unstable power should be put into check and regulation, or whether that might have violated her freedom and liberty to live as a normal human. In the heat of the moment, the latter option had gained the most traction from those involved. Whether it was because of malevolence generated in the air, a possible malevolent aura generated by the girl, or a genuine conflict of interest, even Robin Aquilus openly opposed the notion of regulating and securing the girl's unchecked power. Commentators around had seen this to be a duplicitous and inconsistent move, considering that the Secretary-General founded and managed the United Universe's very own SCP Branch which specialized in its own namesake tasks; securing and containing potential mysterious and anomalous entities that could pose as potential threats.

    Of course, such "commentators" would not even exist, considering the entire incident happened behind closed doors, if not for a recently up and rising news outlet called "Tomorrow" exposing such secrets to the general public, not only to the world of the Secretariat, but also other worlds connected to each other such as Wolfgorge, Ash, Avalon, and Columbia. In the few months that had passed since the incident, Tomorrow's founder, Elliot Carver, had become a somewhat influential public figure in recent times. Some had questioned the legitimacy of his claims, especially as he claims that his sources are "anonymous tips," but the evidence was in Akagi's resignation and the United Universe's refusal to substantially comment on Carver's claims of the organization's so-called "dishonest practices." As the saying went, it wasn't libel or slander if it was true. And with no move to deny the allegations of the truth, it was then that the public came to turn against them.

    And that was the chronicle of then to now.


    In the present, Akane continued to shuffle through the crowd to the main headquarters. She tried her best to sneak through, but the closer she got, the harder it became, as she started bumping into people more often. Or rather, they were bumping into her. Akane wasn't oblivious to the tense atmosphere that she seemed to radiate just because of her high standing; she knew exactly what this all meant.

    She could feel the eyes of judging passerbys pierce into her soul, but she tried to shrug it all off and keep forward, hugging her binders tighter as she kept moving. This was all troubling to say the least.

    Akane thought back to the influence that Carver and his Tomorrow outlet had been reaching. It wasn't enough that they were reporting the happenings of the Civil War, classified accounts obtained under questionable circumstances, but more than that, their opinion pieces had been littered with the belief that the United Universes ought to make a public statement concerning the Coalition Civil War, calls for impeachment or overthrowing of the management, and so on, most of which were written by Carver himself. Evidently, the contents of such pieces struck a chord with the public and the man had practically managed to gather the crowd behind his corner, and though Akane never bothered to read such pieces, she could only imagine the magnitude of the aggression headed her way...

    Finally, in any case, after her long walk, Akane managed to reach the top of the steps leading up to the doors of the headquarters. The closer the young woman grew, the more relaxed she got as she slowly began to break free of the suffocating crowd that seemed hell-bent on giving her a hard time. She pulled her binders and documents away from her chest and held them under her arm now, but almost like karma, just as she did so, she ended up bumping into another passerby, far rougher than the others, and before she knew it, she dropped her binders onto the stone ground below, papers falling out of their pockets and sprawling across.



    Akane could only sigh in defeat as she looked down at the papers, the culmination of her morning's work, shoved into the ground. Story of her life.

    If only she had a Good Samaritan around these parts; at this rate, she was almost afraid that if she were to try to pick her papers up again, she'd risk getting deliberately smacked in the face by someone's stray bag, deliberately or not.


    "... Hmph. What a load of rubbish. How do people actually buy this schlock?"
    Nobuchika Ginoza, prominent member of the organization's Security Council, mumbled to himself as he held an eBook in his hand.

    While Akane was busy with her own trials outside, Ginoza, an old associate of Akane's who was already sitting in the building itself, sat by himself at a desk, reading up on whatever the Tomorrow paper had written about them this time. It was honestly staggering to think about how quickly the outlet had gained momentum, Ginoza thought, especially with flawed prose like this, and with half-baked ideas like calling for impeachment or something of the sort. The only thing more troubling about the thought that someone was out there making his voice heard about these things... was that other people were eating this up, nodding at his words like he was some grand prophet.

    People like Elliot Carver used this platform that he invented out of thin air in order to call for rebellion. To take down those in power. And to establish a new power all over again. It was that last part that people failed to think ahead toward. But Ginoza was not so keen on being a part of some grand cycle, to be shuffled out into nothingness. If this kept on going, he would have to do something like this.

    "Well, you certainly look engrossed in it," Carth Onasi, senior Peacekeeper of the UN, spoke up, approaching Ginoza with a mug of coffee. Leaning against the side of the other man's desk, the bearded man tilted his head slightly, "Having fun there?"


    "Hardly..." Ginoza tiredly said to Carth, tossing aside the eBook onto his desk and crossing his arms, "... But I'll admit, it has plenty of crazy ideas. And I think it's inspired me to make up my own crazy idea," he said, just as quickly uncrossing his arms and resting his chin on his arm, gloved hand rubbing against his chin.

    "Oh, yeah? What kind of idea?"

    "The kind where I go up to Tomorrow where they printed this paper, and give them a stern word," Ginoza spoke, "Honestly... If the public keeps eating up this garbage, then they'll end up vomiting it back up in the form of acting out, and we'll have to be the ones to clean up the mess. He's dangerous, Mr. Onasi, and I don't know what makes him more disconcerting; the thought that he doesn't realize how dangerous he is, or the thought that he does."

    "A stern word, huh? Guess you'd be well within your right to talk things out with him," Carth said with a shrug, as though it wasn't exactly his business, "Might look bad if you're not careful though. The big bad bureaucrat rears his head and toward the little guy wanting to make a difference? Won't end well if you're not careful."

    "Noted," Ginoza curtly responded. He could have said something more cocky if he so desired, something along the lines of demonstrating how he was, remembering his past activities in his home world with Akane, but frankly, he wasn't in the mood at the moment. It was an idle thought, but now that he said it aloud, Ginoza found himself wondering... Why didn't he mount such an investigation? Still musing on it, the idea growing more and more solid as he did, the short-haired man pursed his lips, "I'd need backup if I were to go through with it, though. On one hand, if I were to go in by myself, I'd be defenseless just in case some people would want to jump me, and I can only imagine that bringing along a weapon would only give people all the more incentive to feel the need. But... on the other, going up to someone and claiming that I want to just talk, all the while my so-called "bodyguards" are staring from behind? It's practically a lose-lose situation in at least one manner of thinking. Tell me, Mr. Onasi, would you be willing to accompany me? You are a respected Peacekeeper, after all."

    "Aha. I don't know about "respected," but while that may be, I'll have to pass. I'm a bit tied up at the moment as it is, and besides..." Carth began to trail off.

    "... Besides, what?"

    "I don't think it's a very good idea to begin with, but you've already made up your mind about it, haven't you?"

    "I wouldn't worry about it. I used to be a detective, after all."

    But now, the question remained. Who would accompany him?

    @Minerva @Yun Lee @Siege @Donder172 @Neko Shogun @Lucky @Raptor Jesus @Takumi
    Last edited: Apr 14, 2018
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  2. Yun Lee

    Yun Lee Rada Rada Staff Member Assistant Administrator The Convergence Series GM

    How easy it was for things to change.

    Umi Sonoda knew this all too well, even before she arrived at the United Nations. From a simple life working at her parents' dojo while going to school, she wound up pulled into a wild year as a school idol which, while fun, was incredibly turbulent. Trying to get ready for college, she looked for possible internships, and was delighted to find one at the United Nations. Of course, she hadn't expected to join the wrong UN; in her defense, she only thought there was one! In just one day, Umi learned about the Multiverse, something she never thought logical by any means, but still existed even so. And she'd somehow managed to make friends with a convict. A convict! But Uno was really nice (albeit a little flirty), and only in jail for underage gambling, so it wasn't all that bad.

    It was too bad, though, that he got taken away back to prison. Umi almost didn't get to say goodbye, but she fortunately managed to do so-and get the address of the prison, so they could write. Uno had promised her he would find out why he had to leave the Secretariat so quickly, and true to his word, he found out. Nanba Prison cut ties with the UN over some shady dealings that could make them look bad; and the UN probably appreciated that, as Umi could only imagine how badly their image could be tarnished with convicts working there. But this place was far less lively without him around, especially with that horrible newspaper that was causing more trouble. Poor Miss Tsunemori, having to deal with all that slander...oh, speak of the devil!


    "Miss Tsunemori! Ah, let me help!" Quickly kneeling down, Umi started picking up any spare items she could. "You aren't hurt or anything, are you?" She shot a glare towards the back of the person who'd bumped into her. The nerve of some people!

  3. Takumi

    Takumi Member of the Yato Club

    Everything was going wrong in some form or another, and no matter hoe much the troubled wolf boy known as Toboe tried to keep it together and keep his nee pack from falling apart things seemed that they were going to fall apart sooner or later. He would just have to go along with whatever course fate had in store for him in the meantime.

    "Ms. Akane, are you alright?" came a male's voice. Approaching Akane and Umi as he was heading into work himself, Toboe had noticed Akane had dropped her papers and was already kneeling down to help her and Umi gather them all.


    "If you're having touble I don't mind helping you guys carry them." Toboe suggested, having picked up the negativity in the air, through both his keen hearing and just the feeling radiacting in the air almost as if the sky turned gloomy and threatened to bring rain with dark swirling clouds. The wolf boy simply gave her a small friendly smile either way, hoping it'd at least brighten her day up a little more. Cheza was at home, and he had planned to go straight to Emmeryn and see if she needed any assistance but with poor Akane practically being bullied he couldn't just let her struggle after all. He did acknowledge Umi with a nod though.

    @Ver @Yun Lee
  4. Siege

    Siege One Part Saiyan, One Part Demon

    Well one thing was for sure, Siege was unprepared for this. Wasn't the UK peaceful this time of year?

    Regardless, crazy was nothing new to Siege. This had been most of his life.

    "Just hope that this is a normal day at work." Siege said with a small smile. "Hate to see A hectic day at work."

    Siege saw what had happened to Akane and saw Umi and Toboe with her. The nerve of these people... Siege walked towards them. "Anything I can help with?" Siege asked. Coincidentally, he was showing up for work as well.

    @Ver @Yun Lee @Takumi
    Last edited: Mar 2, 2018
  5. Donder172

    Donder172 Active Member

    Meetra Surik
    Meetra found herself a room alone, sat down and meditated. Much happened in a short span of time. Her return to Republic Space, the Sith, the Peragus Mining Facility, everything. It hasn't been very long ago since the destruction of the Sith Triumvirate wth the deaths of Nihilus, Sion and Traya. And now this 'United Nations' that seemingly came out of nowhere. Yet, perhaps with their help, she could find Revan easier. She didn't know where he was. Yet, perhaps there were people she knew who might have a clue where he was. Yet, these people might also know something. Unfortunately, she was not familiar with the United Nations nor how it worked. That was up for her to find out. For now, she waits.
  6. Raptor Jesus

    Raptor Jesus Earl of Phantomhive

    As Ginoza and Carth were conversing about another bullshit article, Harper Row listened with a smirk from her own desk, the punk's ears perking up as she heard the mention of bodyguards. Despite being a high ranking peacekeeper herself, things had been.... boring for Harper since she had been pulled off Ash and relocated into the much more boring land of The Secretariat. Sure, it was nice and pretty and all, but it lacked the sense of baddassery and mysteriousness that came with being on Ash.

    Oh well. At least she got to work alongside the big boys now.


    "Lemme guess, the paper's writing more bullshit about ya?" Harper asked, having since approached Ginoza's desk and began leaning up against it, a small coffee mug with a Bat symbol printed on it in hand. "Well, if ya need some help going up to the 'Big Mean News Cooperation' I'd be happy to join you. Ain't like I've had anything better to do since I got my ass pulled back here."

    Last edited: Mar 2, 2018
  7. Lucky

    Lucky Better than the RK800

    Winn Schott

    Winn hadn't expected to literally roll out his bed to a begging Great Dane who wanted a triple decker sandwich. Of course, Winn never expected to be woken by Scooby, but he usually was. He gave the dog some food and gave him a wave to be good while he was at work and he headed to work. He had made sure to grab his briefcase and had headed to the office. He was going to go straight in, but he noticed a large group of co-workers had gathered around a young woman. He sighed and looked to see how he could help. " I sometimes think the people here need to slow down and make sure to not bump people. I can also carry some things if you need too.

    @Ver @Yun Lee @Siege @Takumi
  8. Ver

    Ver Endearing Misanthrope The Convergence Series GM


    "Ah, Miss Sonoda? Toboe-san? Fancy meeting you two here. Don't worry about me, I-I'm fine,"
    Akane said, responding to their concerns about her, before Siege and Winn later showed up as well. Nodding graciously in response to the subsequent questions, Akane knelt down to pick up her dropped documents, gathering them back quickly before hopping back to her feet like a jumpy bunny, "I appreciate your concerns, everyone. Please, by all means," she said, giving the others a binder here, a small stack of papers there, "I guess since I'm the new second-in-command, or rather, Deputy Secretary-General for the United Universes, I ought to be a little tougher than before and pull my increased workload more, especially after... you know, the incident, ahaha," the young woman said with a nervous, almost uncomfortable and forced, laugh, as she sheepishly scratched her cheek.

    "If you guys aren't busy, I need to deliver these documents to Mr. Onasi. Apparently, things have been getting heated up, not just over here, but in the other connected worlds as well, so he and the other Peacekeepers have their work cut out for them. I guess after all that's happened, people are a little less trusting of us now," Akane sighed tiredly, beginning to walk toward the building again and beckoning everyone to follow, the motion-sensor doors automatically opening for everyone who came and went.

    "And to think, it's all because of that Elliot Carver... Can you imagine having a media influence so powerful it bleeds into other worlds? Seriously, if he keeps telling people around that we ought to be overthrown, I'm not sure if I'll be able to handle some crude militia. It's all a bit much, don't you guys think?" She continued, running a hand through her short hair.


    "Well, if you're that eager to get away from the paperwork, then by all means, Ms. Row. It'll still be waiting for you when you and Mr. Ginoza are done with your activities," Carth spoke as Harper approached him and Ginoza, "I still think you'd need more than just the two of you if you're really deadset on it though. Just don't bust down the doors of Tomorrow with a small army. Like I said, you'd already be walking a thin line of proving them right or not just by acknowledging them like that."

    Ginoza, in turn, let out a short breath, leaning forward in his seat.


    "Maybe you can look at the break from office work as an application of your fellow Peacekeeper's... skills for an independent investigation,"
    Ginoza said, keeping a stern expression and tone like a robot, "If I do take you with me though, Ms. Row, will you be able to keep civil? You are supposed to be a representative of this organization now, so it'd be best if you refrained from... crude language," he suggested.

    @Yun Lee @Donder172 @Siege @Minerva @Raptor Jesus @Neko Shogun @Takumi @Lucky
    Last edited: Apr 14, 2018
  9. Siege

    Siege One Part Saiyan, One Part Demon

    "Militia? Please, I'm practically a worker/bodyguard. Where you can't defend yourself, I'm here to defend for you." Siege proudly said as he took some papers Akane handed him. He got bumped, but hardly budged. "See? Brick wall. Possibly titanium? Ah, why am I even bragging about myself? That's a bit self-centered of me, isn't it?" Siege added with a smile. "Anyways, yeah, I've always had problems with media... twisting stories, changing them to make us look bad, it makes me sick."

    @Ver @Lucky @Takumi @Yun Lee
  10. Yun Lee

    Yun Lee Rada Rada Staff Member Assistant Administrator The Convergence Series GM

    Umi frowned, holding the stack of papers steady as she entered the building. "Tabloids are nasty things," she said, remembering some of Tomorrow's nasty headlines. "Just because some of the higher-ups got involved in shady dealings doesn't mean you or anyone else should take the blame for it." Really, people could be so ruled by emotions sometimes that it just got ridiculous. "I think that this Elliot Carver is just trying to profit off of bad blood. Eventually it'll die out and move onto the next big scandal later." Umi really tried not to think much on it at all, but seeing how deeply troubled Miss Tsunemori was, and how people were treating her...it made Umi's blood boil. Miss Tsunemori had been so nice to her when she arrived here, and was really a good person fit for this job. Umi actually admired her quite a bit, and the fact that she became Carver's scapegoat...it just wasn't right. Not one bit.

    @Ver @Takumi @Lucky @Siege
  11. Siege

    Siege One Part Saiyan, One Part Demon

    "Oh too true Umi." Siege said. "I hate the news. I hate what's happening to Akane. It sickens me to no end." Siege said this as he walked into the building, showing total malice to the people that were treating her horribly. Akane had treated him so well since he accepted his job. To see others treating her so poorly... he wanted to beat the crap out of them all.

    @Ver @Yun Lee @Takumi @Lucky
  12. Minerva

    Minerva Catharsis


    Camilla stepped out of her office on the top floor of the East tower of the Secretariat Building. She wouldn't stop by Robin's office to see her darling sister this morning, nor would she visit the Security Council room to see the Permanent members debating and arguing over matters that concerned their own worlds. No, the Princess of Nohr had her own agenda today.

    Camilla instead made her way to the office of fellow Security Council member Nobuchika Ginoza. She held a stack of papers tightly in her hand as she stepped into his office. "Here are the reports from the last Emergency Session." She said to him as she entered his office.

    When she was fully inside, she looked around the room "If you're going to do anything rash, Mister Ginoza, take me with you. I haven't had an excuse to wear my armor in a long time. Plus, two Security Council members will get your point across much clearer than by yourself." She smiled at the man as she said that.

    @Ver @Raptor Jesus
  13. Takumi

    Takumi Member of the Yato Club

    "It's not fair really, but if what Umi says is true they'll find something else to point fingers at." Toboe spoke, trying to keep a chipper tone and optimistic air about it all. Even though he had been working at the United Universes for about two years he still didn't fully understand the whole media and press business. He did know that he really didn't like it regardless. The mentioning of a militia? He knew something about those to a degree.

    "If some crude militia did crop up they probably won't get far." the wolf boy reassured. Akane was a nice lady, and it really wasn't fair to her or anyone else that this was all happening. That Elliot Carver was trying rather hard to get rid of his current purpose and means of making a living, and that just wouldn't do.

    @Ver @Yun Lee @Siege @Lucky
  14. Siege

    Siege One Part Saiyan, One Part Demon

    "You're right on that note Toboe." Siege said. "Both of them. Media's always gonna point fingers at someone. You ask me they do it for a better pay check, and I know exactly what you would say to that, 'Duh!' Well That's just how corrupt media can get. It's all about twisting the story to get that money, money, money. IT SICKENS ME AND PISSES ME OFF!" Siege yelled that with total anger, but quickly cooled off noticing he startled his co-workers. "Sorry guys, It's just stuff like this ticks me off to no end... if there's one thing the world doesn't have, It's honest news people." Siege said with a sigh as they continued through the building. He Didn't like yelling in front of Umi, Toboe, and especially Akane. He had formed friendships with them almost no sooner than he got the job, but still... why do news people have to twist things so damned much?

    @Ver @Yun Lee @Takumi @Lucky
  15. Raptor Jesus

    Raptor Jesus Earl of Phantomhive


    "Hey, you're lookin' at someone who worked with the Batman for a few years. I know all about keeping things professional." Harper replied to Ginoza with a grin, before turning to Carth and sighing, her smile diminishing upon the mention of her dreaded paperwork.


    "Yeah, yeah, I'll get to it when we get back from our little field trip." Harper replied in a slightly annoyed tone, clearly not in the mood to do any sort of paperwork.
    Turning to Camilla, Harper's smirk soon returned as she shot her an almost flirtatious look. "Heh, though who said that there was ever a problem with mixing business with pleasure?" Harper chimed, though it was only playful flirting, since she was known for doing so with various women around the office.

    She'd never dream of actually doing anything with any of them though.

    @Ver @Minerva
  16. Ver

    Ver Endearing Misanthrope The Convergence Series GM


    "That's not... exactly what I meant,"
    Akane could only say as Siege confidently brushed off the thought of a militia. Well, perhaps she ought to kick such thoughts away anyway. Such a scenario like that was hardly reasonable or realistic... Right?

    In response to Umi, the young woman could only let out a breath. "I can only hope so, Miss Sonoda, but... Well, I suppose we'll see about that. Bad news comes as good news to a lot of people, but the question is... I'm not sure what the best scenario is. That nothing ever changes from here on out, or something even worse than before happens that lets us live down our own sins..." She said. Normally, Akane considered herself more of a somewhat optimistic person, but no matter what, it seemed like every world she was in was out to punish the wide-eyed, naive doe by exposing them to the depths of humanity's sins.

    Still, she went ahead and put a (somewhat forced) smile toward Umi, Toboe, and Siege (even after the larger man had his brief outburst which made the situation just a tad more awkward), as though unwilling to shy away from the darkness, nor willing to succumb to such ugliness.


    "Aha, but... um, thank you for the kind words and thoughts. It's nice to remember that at least there's some people on my -- on our, more like -- side..."
    She sheepishly spoke, leading everyone into the elevator with that and heading for the floor that Carth and Ginoza were on.

    "Let's all continue to just do our best, okay?"

    As Camilla entered the scene and handed Ginoza her papers, the raven-haired man took them with a nod, putting them down on his desk. Looking up at the woman, he clasped his hands together.


    "I don't believe the armor will be quite necessary, Miss Camilla, but then, I suppose one can't be too careful these days, at least when you're a member of the United Universes,"
    he spoke formally, giving Harper a brief side-long glance at her last comment, clearing his throat as though to shift the conversation back to the matter at hand as he stood up. With a ragtag band like the company he'd found himself with, it almost reminded him a bit of home, between the deviants (deliberate or not) and Akane being his co-workers. Of course, it had been a while since he found himself issuing any sort of orders, especially concerning a field assignment, and even moreso, an informal one such as this. In that regard, he was practically more like taking time off than anything else. But then, if he had Akane's supervision, perhaps it could really pass as a formal mission then...

    But alas, it was amazing how much he had changed ever since the incident, but then, a lot had happened in too short a span of time. Even if he were still an Inspector back home, he probably wouldn't have thought to issue a mission like this, formal or not.

    "Well, I guess if you don't think it's overdoing it, then I guess it's not my place to say any more," Carth shrugged, "Are you really sure about marching straight to the lion's den though? At this point, going to the Tomorrow base of operations would be like walking straight into a doghouse."

    "If I have to put down dogs, then so be it, but for everyone's sake, let's hope it doesn't come to that," Ginoza responded almost ruthlessly with a shrug, "We'll have to have a word with Mr. Carver himself then and... clear the air. After all, I think both parties would benefit from not having to dedicate so much energy into thinking about this garbage that passes for news these days, and maybe after everything's over and done with, we can all dedicate our efforts to more worthwhile endeavors."

    "This has all gone on long enough; I imagine it goes without saying at this point when it directly affects the morale of the employees here, especially given the number of resignations during and following the Coalition Civil War. It may seem a bit petty when one puts it on paper, but I don't see any other choice. Wouldn't you all agree?"

    @Yun Lee @Donder172 @Siege @Minerva @Raptor Jesus @Neko Shogun @Takumi @Lucky
    Last edited: Apr 14, 2018
  17. Yun Lee

    Yun Lee Rada Rada Staff Member Assistant Administrator The Convergence Series GM


    "Mmhmm! I'm sure by doing that, we can get the public to side with us!"

    Ms. Tsunemori wasn't the only one who could fake a smile. Honestly, Umi was totally unsure about all of this. It was clearly weighing on poor Ms. Tsunemori heavily, no matter how upbeat she made herself seem. But she already had enough on her plate; if Umi was visibly worried, that might make things worse. So, she would do what any good idol would, and smile no matter what.

    Huh. Who knew all that performing would be good for something?

    @Ver @Takumi @Siege @Lucky
  18. Siege

    Siege One Part Saiyan, One Part Demon

    "Of course Akane. I'll always be giving it my all plus more." Siege said confidently. He wasn't about to slack off in his work. He was going to give it 200%. If that was even possible, which should be if it isn't.

    @Ver @Takumi @Yun Lee @Lucky
  19. Donder172

    Donder172 Active Member

    Meetra Surik
    As Meetra entered a deeper meditation and expanding her presence outwards, lessons she remembered from Kreia echoed through her mind.
    It is Nar Shaddaa, the true Nar Shaddaa that you feel around you. It is this moon, with the metal and machines stripped away and the currents of the Force laid bare.
    Just as then, she felt the emotions of those inside and outside the building. Completely ignoring the material the building was built from. Feeling their emotions, desperation, confusion, stress, and anger being a few to name up. Yet, it wasn't as chaotic as Nar Shaddaa. As there were so many more people on Nar Shaddaa than where she was now. Yet, something did get her attention. She left her meditation and stood up. Walking out of the room she was in, sensing through the Force that several people grouped up together. Perhaps this was for her a chance to speak with several people as well as finding her way a bit through the building.
    After several minutes of walking, she found her way to the room and entered as the door opened. Looking around those who were present.
  20. Lucky

    Lucky Better than the RK800

    Winn Schott

    Winn had silently followed, helping as he could and following them into the elevator. " Hopefully everything gets better, but we should always do our best no matter what. There is always going to be someone who wants to make you look bad, but I know that it's better to ignore them and work towards a better tomorrow," he honestly replied.

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