Toxicity [1x1]


The Eager Rper
Footsteps beat against the ground as a woman ran through the forest. She panted as she looked behind her, and saw the stampede of men on horsesback racing after her. Damn it. She wasn't ever going to outrun them. The young woman jumped across logs and ran around bushes to get as far away as possible, and without warning, she ended up falling to the ground with a hard thud. The young woman gasped as she met the dirt with blurring speed, and her body rolled in the ground before coming to a stop.

Even in her daze she felt her stomach clench with the fear of being caught. But unbeknownst to her, there was just barely in enough foliage to cover her body, therefore making her body hidden from the pursuing men. They ran right past her, thundering hooves pounding past her as they ran.

When the horses left the vicinity, she got up slowly. Who knows when they would come back this way? Going the direction she just ran from, the young woman began her backtrack...


Only to bump into some other other man before getting too far. With a gasp, the woman was snatched up, and she screamed as she tried to get away.

"Let me go! I didn't do anything wrong! Moooommmmy! Help! Let me go!" The woman shouted as loud as she could. But alas, she was tied with rope by the wrists and dragged back through the forest to where this huge group of men were.

'No no no! What did I do? What is happening!? I want to go home,' the woman thought as she struggled in her binds. Suddenly, a roar echoed throughout the forest. She gulped and hoped that she wouldn't be dragged towards those roars. She hoped really hard.
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He opened his eyes. He slowly sat up, smacking his lips to flush away the morning taste that lingered beyond arousal. With a swift stretch of his arms, he sat up, and rose from his makeshift cot. His eyelids protested, and he stumbled in his dark abode to find his oil lamp. As he's done many mornings before, to light his oil lamp he struck a jagged piece of flint against a firesteel, and lit it ablaze, the oil keeping the fire burning. He flinched, as light filled the room, his pupils dilating to accommodate.

He stepped out of his abode, and into the fresh morning air, watching the sunrise in the distance. So, he began his daily routine. He grabbed a bucket, and began heading for the water pump, making sure his footing was careful in the dark fields, barely lit by the dim dawn of the day. Walking past a few working peasants, and a few patrolling guards, he wandered off a bit further, until he reached the well, attaching the bucket to the pulley system, lowering it into the murky liquid below. He raised it back up, setting the bucket on the ground, kneeling before it as he washed his face, to make him more alert and attentive, taking a few sips of the water, before letting out a long sigh.

It was at this point, long rays of sunlight beamed onto his back as the sun rose higher, when something obstructed the light that shined on the well. Galath turned, to see what it was, and flying one hundred feet above was a huge, golden-scaled dragon flying high above. After a quick spit take, Galath began a hundred meter dash back to his hut, narrowing avoiding a few gawking serfs.

He pushed open the door, and called out for his mentor, saying:

"Alcimus! Wake up! I saw a dragon!" Galath cried out, his gaze turning to the door of his mentor's room, which promptly opened with a slight creak. A slender man with a slight tan and dark hair, which was graying in some places walked out, scratching his stubbly chin.

"Oh come on, when's the last time our kingdom was attacked by a dragon...?" Alcimus asked, shaking his head in disbelief. However, Galath's fear stricken gaze and his trembling hand seemed rather convincing. After a quick moment of consideration, Alcimus chuckled softly. "Alright, I'll humor you, boy..." He said, trudging out of the dwelling earlier than he'd like to. Galath quickly whipped around, nearly dropping the oil lamp, and ran outside, spotting the huge reptilian creature in the sky, and marvelling at it's radiance as it flew overhead. It looked directly at Galath, before it suddenly disappears in a quick glimmer of golden light, leaving a disheveled Galath, and his cranky roommate, who tossed an exasperated glance at the boy. Galath, noticing his glance, pointed at the sky with a dropped jaw and eyes as wide as plates, and he began stuttering.

"The...! He was right here- and, and he was golden! Giant, and, and he looked at me!" He said desperately, but in vain, for Alcimus just kept scowling at the boy.

"Wake me like this again, and a dragon will be the least of your problems..." The man said, and trudged off to his bed again, leaving the boy panting in the humid air, sinking to his knees in the dew laden grass. He knew he wasn't crazy... He knew he wasn't hallucinating. He knew what he saw, and even worse, what he saw knew that Galath had seen him. A second sighting wouldn't be likely. He extinguished his lamp, and sat in the grass, recuperating after such a shocking event. 'I saw a dragon and no one will believe me,' He thought... However, that thought quickly changed, after hearing the screams of a woman, followed by the roar of a dragon.


The Eager Rper
'Damgar! You wretched monsters - let me go!'

Silvia snarled in her head as she violently shook around. Just her luck - when she thought she found some stray carcass to feast on, a pack of humans ambushed her. All she wanted was some food to eat - how was she supposed to know that it was a trap? She should've kept walking and hunted on her own. She looked up to see several other dragons trapped in their own prisons. Her eyes widened in horror. What where they goingnt o do to these dragons? What about her?

"Let's go you lazy men! Move it!" A human shouted as the others tugged at her binds. She snarled as the ropes around her muzzle and wrists tightened. It hurt, and she didn't like the burning pain they began to inflict, but she didn't know how to free herself... At least not yet. She refused to be trapped by these humans.

The young dragon fought squirmed wildly, but the humans were surprisingly stubborn in releasing her. They had been dragging her behind their moving human cages as she was wrapped up in ropes. But Silvia refused to give up. She had to free herself and call to her parents. They'd save her if they heard her crying out.

She just had to free her muzzle. If only she could move her claws well enough. Even though her paws were up against her face, she wasn't able to move them to free herself. It frustrated her to no end. The dirt scraped across her skin and she groaned in pain - the occasional rock and sharp twig managed to withstand her temporary weight, stabbing against her body.

Where was she going? No, she wasn't going to even find out - she was going to escape now.

Suddenly, she stopped moving. Silvia strained her eyes to see the humans stop for a single man and horse..... And something else was behind them. But Silvia didn't care. While the humans were distracted, Silvia moved her paws back and forth. She hoped a claw would break free, or would snap a piece of rope. She tried multiple times until a claw pierced some of her binds. She panted as the humans talked, hoping that she wasn't seen.

When her claw broke another rope, Silvia breathed harder and harder until her breath began to heat up her muzzle. The ropes tied around her snout slowly got hotter and hotter, until they burned away and freed her muzzle. With a relieved growl, Silvia hurriedly bit at her binds and freed her wrists. Once she was fully freed, Silvia hopped up on her feet and roared a full blown roar. These humans were going to pay!

Humans scrambled all over the place as Silvia towered over them. She snarled and roared in a rage, using her claws to break little things around her. She used her breath to free some of the dragons before they grabbed their little weapons. Before they could catch her again, Silvia dashed off and into a random direction, hoping to lose the humans as she ran off.
The guards seemed uneasy, and stood their ground, peppering the dirt pathway. Two knights in shining armor raced past Galath on two huge stallions, which galloped off into the thick of the foliage, quickly disappearing. Galath would be like them one day, clad in plate-mail armor, serving a benevolent master. The knights were the spark that lit the flame of passion inside of Galath, and he promptly returned to his shack to grab his sword, and sprinted to his next destination, which was the source of the dragon's cry.

As he approached the scene, he could make out a dragon, who was fleeing from the scene, and the knights began pursuing the loose dragon on their horses, steadily gaining on the creature. Galath knew that the dragon sorely outclassed him in speed, and thus, didn't pursue the dragon, and surveyed the rest of the caravan. He spotted a few disheveled humans, and caged distressed dragons, as well as a man on a horse, with something behind him... It's quite obvious a dragon attack happened here, but what use did the kingdom have for dragons? Galath has never seen a dragon before today, let alone seen a dozen captive. Galath decided to stay, so maybe he could make heads or tails of the strange, yet intriguing situation, yet he didn't exactly make himself present, and stayed in the foliage along the side of the road.

Whatever happened here, Galath would get to the bottom of it. First and foremost, he needed to find out the purpose of captivating all these dragons...


The Eager Rper
Silvia snarled as she dashed through the forest, making sure she was ahead of her pursuers. She had to get away and find her parents; it was the only way she'd be fully safe. A roar reverberated out of her throat and into the air, echoing all throughout the forest. If she kept doing that, hopefully her parents would hear her distressing calls and come to her rescue. The humans behind her began to shoot arrows at her back, and Silvia had to swerve in another direction to prevent being hit.

Another roar went out of Silvia's mouth as she dashed past bushes - the humans were steadily keeping pace, but she could see signs of them catching up. No. No way. She had to escape before she tired out. Soon enough, Silvia broke thought the treeline and entered the territory of humans. Silvia gasped at her predicament - now she was running towards more humans while trying to get away from them.

Women screamed at the incoming dragon that was seemingly about to attack their town. People minding their own businesses looked up and began panicking. They then scurried and scrambled to get away, fearing what the dragon may do.

"Dragon! Dragon attack!" a man shouted out before running for his life. Silvia ignored the screams of the humans and dashed though the commotion that she caused. Maybe with this chaos she could confuse the humans chasing her and get away. She zipped around carts and livestock and humans, stomping around the fleeing people as they shrieked in terror. The young dragon skidded to a stop and turned around, and saw that the humans chasing her were gone.

A smile came across her muzzle. She got away from them rather quickly.

Or so she thought. Familiar shouts and harsh animal sounds made Silvia whip her head around with a snort. The humans that were chasing her never lost her! They simply split up to surround her! With a gasp Silvia ran back the way she came, panic beginning to settle in her actions. Growling huffs sounded out of her mouth before she lifted her head to roar again, desperate for her parents to hear her.

In doing so, she failed to see the small human-made hole sticking out of the ground. Her feet collided with the object, sending shooting pain throughout her whole foot. She roared in pain as she tumbled to the ground, her tail ending up slapping the human den that was closest to it. Silvia laid in the ground dazed and reeling from her collision into the ground.


The woman watched as a dragon escaped their confines and ran off. Jealousy welled within her as she stomped across the forest floor, watching as various men scrambled to contain their prisoners. She wanted out too - to go back home and into the safe confines of her home with her mother.

"Make sure those dragons stay tied up! The King will not be happy if we lose all this progress," the lead man shouted as he rode his steed behind a tree. Dragons roared as they tried to defy their captors, but the humans were swift and coordinated in their rallying.

"Let me go! You're gonna get in a lot of trouble if you don't do it. You ugly evil son of a -"
The woman couldn't even finish her sentence, for the man that was dragging her along had gotten down to the ground and smacked her in the face with enough force to knock her back and make her stumble. She cried out in pain as her feet slipped out from under her, and she fell to the ground with a hard thud. The rope that was tied around her wrists tightened even harder, surely enough to make her skin burn and turn red.

"Shut up you insolent little girl! If I didn't have my orders, I'd kill you. Now lay there while I take care of this mess," the man said before he walked away.

The woman whimpered softly to herself as she slowly recovered from the blow. How was she going to escape with men like him roaming around? Was she destined to never see her mother again?