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Training TheGreenerGrey/Raffia Kiryuin


Self-proclaimed everything expert.
The training grounds were silent, the wind rustling the leaves and winding through the cleared area. In the distance, minute shouts and noises can be heard from training teams.

With a flash and the crackle of flame, Gōon appears in the area, leaving the Shunshin. Looking around, the Jounin decided it would do well to train Zenith. He had hoped to cover the basics today, maybe start moving on to some more advanced techniques by the end.

Checking his watch, he starts counting. He had given Zenith the general location (‘North of the forest, good luck.’) and told her to try and find her way her as fast as possible. He figured it would take a few minutes, so as he waited he focused on getting the flame around his wrists to catch and stabilise.

@Raffia Kiryuin

With all the exploring Zenith did yesterday she knew straight away just where he meant and didn't waste time heading that way as soon as she had gotten her pack and put it in her back. as building after building passed by she took a skidding turn towards north and headed right for that forest.

It took her a couple minutes to get there as she suddenly popped out of the forest and suddenly lost ground below her feet as she went flying in Goons direction, just barely landing it as she skidded to a halt a couple meters ahead of him. "Sorry im late." Zenith said as she took a moment to catch her breath then straightening out.

“Mm.” Grunts Gōon as he dispels the flame around his fists, no closer than when he had started really. Straightening from where he had been hunched over, he looks towards Zenith.

The girl was small, almost tiny, and her body was quite obviously light and thin. He would need to fix this if she was going to be any sort of a threat in Melee. A few fattening dishes and a bunch of exercise should help that.

“Take a stance.” He says, voice commanding as he tried to replicate his old Jounin sensei. First things first, he would need to correct the inevitable flaws in her second hand Taijutsu style before being able to get her working.

"A stance huh..." She muttered and took up her standard unarmed stance with legs wide apart yet firm looking with her left arm already prepared to throw a counter with her right arm was ready to defend. all in all her stance seemed highly defensive even the pack that contained her weapon was almost like a turtle shell covering her fairly open back.

"I have mostly been defensive in nature when it came to this and it has worked out pretty well so far." She explained the reason why she took such a stance.

Stepping forward, Gōon analyses the stance.
It was... okay. The person who has taught her had done a pretty good job, for a kid, and he only needed to correct her a little bit as he lowered her left a little and having her body angle a little forward.

With that out of the way, he steps back a few metres. “Okay. Now, I want you to attack me. The goal here is to hit me in my face, okay? I will not attack you, but I will counter. Got it? Attack when ready. Oh, and drop the pack unless you’re going to use it.”

"Oh i fully intend to use it." She said as she suddenly began making hand seals as the pieces from her pack burst out all at once and began orbiting her. with each passing second the chunks sped up more and more before suddenly two pieces shot out at him while she remained in her defensive stance.

As the two pieces headed for him she shot out two more following those shortly after two more and then two more. all together launching 8 chunks of her weapon at him. if they were somehow deflected or miss they would immediately return back yo her like boomerangs and resume orbiting around her.

Moving to the side fast enough to blur, Gōon watches the first two pieces sail past before ducking and moving to the right underneath the rest, watching as they curved through the air and leaving the way before they went back to orbiting Zenith.

“Interesting. Talk about an odd weapon. I haven’t seen one of those since I was a Chuunin, and that was being carried by some old man. Deon what I hear, very few people are able to use that properly. However, this is about you hitting me. Your next attack better have you actually approach me, or I will be the one to attack.” He tells her, eyes glinting as he cracks his knuckles menacingly.

Zeniths eyes went wide open as the man basically turned into a blur and avoided her first attack, trying to adjust for his speed she was too late as she avoided the rest of her chunks which returned. 'So you want up close and personal then' She thought to herself.

The chunks orbiting around her moved in closer and closer tot he point they locked together forming a solid ring of granite which she grabbed a hold of herself. with the ring rock still active she had 0 troubles wielding the giant chakram like weapon as she ran in a curved path towards Goon. With the weapon splitting in half for a moment to let her pass right through it before snapping back together as it headed right for his face while Zenith herself passed by his side.

Good. This was good. She had a smart mind about her, Gōon noted as the small girl launched her attack. Had he not known about the Chakram's ability to split, he might have actually been caught off guard. As it was though, he was more than ready to counter.

In the few precious seconds of her movement, Gōons hands raised. One brushed against the chakram and pushed, sending both the weapon and Zenith off course as he arm was forced to follow. His other hand, the left one, curled into a fist and backhanded the girl, impacting her cheek and sending her through the air and past him, landing behind his left.

Turning, he smiled at her. "Good! That was good! Splitting the chakram to let yourself through was a smart move, and had you lead with that you might have gotten me!" He tells her, still in a casual stance. "However, you need to realise something. You're never going to land a hit on me by playing it as safe as you are. The only way to defeat someone so clearly superior is to take risks. Now, it may not always pay off, but it's your only chance." His voice changes at this, becoming serious again.

"Your future sensei may not agree with what I said, but it's the truth and I want you to remember that. Now, let's keep going."

Zenith never expected the man to simply push her weapon aside. unlike everybody else who simply grabbed her weapon. its was clear the guy was one a whole other level than her as the weight of her weapon sent her swinging around only to come into contact with his fist as he sent her flying and rolling across the grass behind his left side.

Standing up she split her weapon again as it returned to orbiting her. Once again she began flinging chunks at Goon to keep him distracted as she made hand seals before punching the ground as transparent rocky armor surrounded her body only visible in places where light reflected off of it.

With the pieces still orbiting her she dashed at Goon once again this time trying to strike him with her bare hands as she used one of the chunks as a stepping stone to reach his height more easily.

Gōon dodged the hurled weapon easily, never taking his eyes off of Zenith as she completed the jutsu she had been doing. Ah, so that was that rock armour he had heard about. It looked like it could be quite useful, if used correctly. Doubly so at night, where there was too little light for the enemy to be able to see the telltale glint.

Using the chakram piece as a stepping stone was a good move as well. Unexpected, and unexpected was good. However, while attacking dorectly from the front is a technique he used often, it didn't work for here unless she had some sort of plan.

Leaning backwards, Gōon goes underneath the smaller girl's fist, raising his hands up to touch her in the stomach as he does so. Normally that had would hold a kunai, and this armour would be gone. However, this was hand to hand training, instead the man grabbed, heaved and spun, sending the small girl crashing to the ground at his feet with a slight tremor.

"Good. You're getting better, and it's only been a short while." He tells her, suddenly glad he hadn't seen much of a difference between the beginner fighting style and hers after he had corrected the most obvious flaws.

Her swing goes right over Goon head as he grabs her by her belly... Something she was waiting for. While out of his view she made a few hand seals for the shadow clones before getting smashed into the ground. Luckily her armor absorbed most of the impact. 'i hope this pays off...man my back hurts...'

Meanwhile her 3 fresh shadow clones behind his back prepared for a little sneak attack as the two threw the third right at him before going in curved paths towards both of his flanks.

The one who got thrown curled up into a ball as she attempted to be like a living rock bullet and smash into his back while the two runners tried to punch his face from the sides.

It was the signature loud puff of smoke that tipped Gōon off to the shadow clones. It wasn't the most original attack, but it was a staple for a reason. And to be able to make three shadow clones at such a young age. It was... impressive, to say the least.

Crouching as he spins and sticks his leg out at the same time, Gōon finds himself sweeping two off of their feet while another goes over his head like some sort of small boulder. He allowed himself a small smirk, already figuring out what to say, when he felt the light touch on his head as the thrown clone extends a hand and lightly taps his forehead. For a moment he was surprised that a Genin had managed to pull it off, he certainly hadn't factored in for the clone to act outside of being a projectile. He supposed that was his fault.

Standing up as the two closest clones disperse, he gently helped Zenith up and dusted her off, smiling only a little as the last clone disappeared and the memories came to her.

The two clones that came in on his sides suddenly lost their footing and popped as soon as their backs crashed into the ground. The third one that went over his head managed to lightly tap on it and say. "Got you~" Before going off and rolling into the distance where it would eventually pop.

Meanwhile the real Zenith still winded a little tried to get up to her feet before being helped up. Her armor would feel like cold rock yet as smooth as glass. A quite bizarre feeling for something that's supposed to be basically invisible. "You really did get me with surprise by pushing my weapon away...your'e the first ever to do it."

"And I won't be the last. Your weapon is large, and if you're going to use it to clobber someone over the head, an annoying teammate for instance, keep it close to you." He advises strictly, before stepping back from her and cracking his neck. "Now it's my turn. At least try to dodge." He says with a small grin, flames bursting to life on his fingertips and a spark dancing between his teeth as he shows a menacing smile.

—Hours Later—

The final explosion of flame oight up the darkness of night as the fire bloomed and disappeared. Panting a little at his chakra expenditure for the day, Gōon looks around proudly at the charred, cratered and still partly burning training grounds as the smoke clears.

The nearby trees had been reduced to little more than stumps of ember, and the grass nearby was now nonexistent. Of course, he hadn't used his actually deadly jutsu, because tere would have been no way to use those for as long as he had. Still though, he liked to think he gave Zenith a proper workout. Her speed, reaction times and ability to judge a situation had improved dramatically once he actually started aiming for her.

Where was she, anyway?

As the flames and explosions finally died down Zenith came out of her hiding spot completely black and covered in sweaty soot. even her snow white hair had turned to jet black by the end of this. While he looked around ti find Zenith she approached goon completely unseen as she perfectly blended into the surroundings and pulled on his pants a bit. "Im hungry..." She muttered as she looked at him with her still light blue eyes...the only part that didn't get covered in soot through out this ordeal.

Her rock armor by now was heavily cracked or completely missing in places thus giving her that irregular rock golem look for any random bystander. Raising er free hand she made the pieces of her quite badly worn down chakram return to her and pack themselves neatly in her backpack.

Although he was surprised at her managing to sneak up on him, Gōon didn't show it on his face. Instead, as the small girl tugged at him and gave that puppydog look, he found himself smiling gently. "Yeah," he replies, putting an arm on her slim shoulders. "Me too. I'll make us dinner, you can just go to sleep afterwards. You did well today." He congratulates her before he begins to walk back home, making sure not to let go for fear the girl might actually fall.

"Your muscles are going to be so sore tomorrow." He says lightly, breathing in the fresh air of the night as the duo walk. "Speaking of, if you don't think you can make it back without collapsing just tell me. I can carry you there. I know it was exhausting"

Zenith made a whte tooth smile back at him and nodded. "That sounds good...i usually just end up training with my shadow clones until i drop." the girl said as she adjusted the straps of her backpack now that it was packed with the chunks once more.

As they walked back she was noticeably shaking but walking still despite her own exhausted state she shook her head. "Thanks for the offer but i can walk." 'after all if a cant make it back home after a mission...am i even suited to be a shinobi?' Zenith finished that sentence in her mind as her belly decided to make itself noticed by rumbling loudly. At least the blackness of the soot hid the embarrassed look on her face.
(Scene end)
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