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Character’s Name: Trey Daman (Damien) Griffin
Character’s Nickname: Wapi
Sex and/or Gender: Male
Righty or Lefty: Right
Age: 34
Height: 5 feet 10 inches
Weight: 185 pounds
Hair Color: black
Eye Color: Blue/ Silver


Parents: Died in an Accident after he was born, Grandfather and Grandmother raised him
Siblings: None
Marital Status: None
Significant Other/s: None Currently
Friends: Last friend he had was in school
Ethnicity: Native American and some other race he's unsure.
Religion: Pagan


Education (Highest): High School Graduate
Degrees: HS Diploma
Vocation/Occupation: Chose to become a guide, trapper, woodsman and hermit like his Grandfather.
Employment History: had during school worked with animals at a shelter
Salary: None
Status and Money: Saving people from being lost on the mountains tends to provide what he needs
Own or Rent: owns a tiny mobile home RV gifted to him on his land given to him from his grandparents.
Main Mode of Transportation: Walking


Fears: having love or developing relationships
Secrets: had an unpleasant childhood full of reminders that his parents didn't survive the same crash he was in.
Eating Habits: Minimal. He eats when his body demands and tries to only relay on the land.
Food Preferences: He prefers fruits and vegetables and meat.
Sleeping Habits: Sleeping the the RV is hard on him as he still feels it belongs to his grandparents. Sleeping outside under the stars and sky allows him to get a full nights rest but he is always listening for things that could disrupt his sleep.
Music Preferences: He on occasions sings rarely near other people but its not any of the music from the current generation as he graduated school in 2005 and that was his last time with music from society.
Groups or Alone: Alone
Leader or Follower: was in school considered a Leader, Now he's just a loner
Planned Out or Spontaneous: being unique as planned things never seem to work out he's learned to be Slightly Spontaneous also due to his isolation.
Journal Entries (Do They Keep One): No
Hobbies, Recreation: Nearly all Outdoors Activities
How Do They Relax: slow walk in the park or a long hike on mountain trails.
Pet Peeves: Someone pressing him on a topic he doesn’t want to talk about, and poachers
Stressors: Large gatherings of people, witnessing something he couldn't prevent, and loosing those he's close too.
Obsessions: surviving.
Ambitions: He aspires to be the best outdoors man in the world.


Birth Date: June 3, 1986
Time of Birth (Morning, Noon, or Night): Night
Western Astrological Sign: Gemini
Traits Associated With Western Sign:
expressive, clever, adaptable, quick-witted, outgoing, enthusiastic, intelligent, intellectual and ready to fun people but they can also be tense and restless.
Chinese Zodiac Sign: Tiger
Traits Associated With Chinese Zodiac:
1. Manly, passionate, brave, with unusual spirit of adventure, love to take challenges;
2. Ambitious, energetic, optimistic, and dare to blaze new trails, think and act;
3. Trustworthy and never break promise;
4. Philanthropic, righteous, open and upright, and easy to be trusted by others;
5. Dignified and confident, born to be a leader;
6. Resolute, uncompromising, and never give up until achieve the goal.
1. Stubborn, arbitrary, like to flaunt superiority and play hard to reach the goal;
2. Quite rebellious, overconfident, poor coordination and communicate with others, like to come and go freely and tend to be extreme;
3. Lack of romantic sentiment and happy family life;
4. Many friends but no intimate friendship;
5. Arrogant, immodest and tend to be opinionated;
6. Careless, emotional and readily believe others.

Handwriting: Overly Messy sometimes even he can not read it thus why he doesn't keep a diary or journal.
Sexual History: Had a few people he found cute in school but never followed through on any of them.
General Health: overly Healthy
Medical History: Marked with Depression and anxiety as a child but as he's been away from society doesn't appear to have either.

Objects Kept In

Back Pack 1: 1 set of extra clothes a small 1 person tent a collapsible fishing pole with tackle and a knife with flint striker
Back pack 2: used When he is on Search and Rescue Details will come out in roleplay
Wallet: A picture of his last pet, some money from his last rescue, and a tiny charm his grandfather had gifted him when he was a child and explained the wonders of the world unspoiled.
Fridge: Nearly empty has maybe 1 water bottle that seems old and often used, a campfire cooked fish half eaten
Medicine Cabinet: bandages of different sizes, a half filled prescription bottle from his grandfathers time and some gauze a needle and thread.
Junk Drawer: What ever was left behind from his grandfather,
Bedroom Hiding Place: The hiding place would be under the bed. There’s a false floor that can slide and open the crawl space under the rv with an escape to the world outside.
Other: Has a Few different types of guns and ammo around the RV he uses for hunting, has 4 hatchets and 3 saws outside of his RV also seems to always have a knife on his belt or in his pocket.

Roleplay Sample:
Standing near to a road meant to lead people along a directed path towards the reality of what all people have become so use to. A 34 year old man stood deaked out in his gear; coat rugged from many years of use a tattered back pack, Pants that look like they shouldn't be from this era made from buck skin, and a furred hat of some sort covering his black hair.

Blue eyes watching the trees on both sides of the road sway to and fro. Knowledge of the land on both sides of the road his, and he felt it was his alone. Those people who are so focused on the path ahead of them that none knew the beauty of what they drove by so eagerly. Not that Trey didn't know that feeling; he too at one time had the destination of Society and the feeling of living in the town below. But since he turned 18 and graduated and his Grandparents died he chose to remain in the forests of the mountains that span across 6 states of the United States of America so long as you do not include Alaska. The Rocky Mountains all of them were his domain and where he felt he belonged and would always belong.

Shifting the weight of the bag on his back he had a goal today. The Rangers had asked him to help locate a group of hikers who had gone missing on the trails of Tetons.
He had been given the last known coordinates of the group and the direction they were last seen heading. The requested to return with news of them or the location they were currently at if he couldn't bring the group back. The group had been missing for about a week now and the first snows had already fallen last night.

Two kids and five adults somewhere in a forest with recent snow and at a fairly high altitude chances seemed slim to him. Shrugging off his concerns he started off in the direction that he knew the group had last been it would take him two days to reach by foot. He had been offered a horse for this rescue but had refused as a horse wouldn't allow him to check the ground for signs if he simply raced towards the last known location.

Time skip

The afternoon sun was bright through the trees on the snow and he began to think of the things his grandfather had taught him when tracking in a forest full of snow and water droplets from the trees. Only a five miles from the road he noticed something that was out of place. Near to a pine tree lay a white shoe nearly invisible on top of the snow. Moving over to the shoe he bent down and picked it up. looking around no tracks lead to the tree and the snow had fallen in the night. He then looked up and noticed a body laying limply in a branch.

Bracing himself he called out, “Hey up there are you alive?” as he spoke he was taking off his back pack preparing himself to climb the tree anyway to find out. The bark on the tree was gouged by massive claws ones that could only come from a bear. Climbing up he found the person in the tree had passed away and wasn't one of the five he was to locate this was just some poor soul. He could speculate what happened all day long but felt it was best to just send a marker to the gps to mark the body he had found for later.

Climbing back down and gathering his gear once more he started off towards the missing hikers. A soft kaw came from his left, turning to look he noticed a Raven. A chill ran down his back and he turned away walking more swiftly than he had before.

Rustling and grunts; squeaks and peeps from different animals along with the soft crunch of snow seemed to echo for miles as the sun hit about 5 in the afternoon Trey and managed to trek a good 10.5 miles. The time had come for him to set up camp and collect something to eat before the sun fully set.

Time skip

The middle of the night was quite when snow was on the ground for the most part but a sound Trey had never heard before woke him from his sleep. A primal snarl one that no animal he knew of made in this mountain range. Sitting up in his one man tent he felt something cold on his neck. Sweat? He had never before felt scared of a noise beyond his tent maybe it was because there wasn't a crunch of snow that identified the beast. The snarl started to fade into distance and Trey shook his head in disbelief maybe it was my imagination? a dream? His mind tried it's best to reason it out as he laid back down to sleep.

Time Skip Finish the night

After the sun started to peak over the horizon, Trey packed up his tent and gathered his items. A distant scream reverberated through the tree's knocking snow off of some of the lowest branches the mountain felt colder than normal even to Trey. Swinging his bag to his back and looking In the direction of the scream. Maybe the Scream was one of those people it came from the north east the direction he had to continue to travel if he wanted to locate the group.

A scream in the forest with snow on the ground would echo only about 6 miles from his experience. That would put the person who made the sound half a day out from his current location. He would do his best to locate the screamer before continuing his look for the Hikers.

Time skip

Reaching around noon sweat was dripping down Trey's neck now. He had pushed himself to travel faster than he would normally do. Mainly because he had noticed signs of someone running, torn clothes on some branches deep foot dents in the snow followed by body prints in the snow. Taking the gps out he marked the location and cleared his throat to let out a yell of his own. His raspy Voice came forth and bellowed out, “Hello! My Name is TREY! Don't Be Scared! I'm here to help! Please yell or Use a whistle so I can find you!”

The faint plea for help could hardly be heard over the wind drifting the snow and tussling the leaves. Trey listened hard straining his ears. He would wait about 5 minutes then move forward 10 feet and try again. Eventually he heard the plea and pin pointed the person. A teen from the photo he was given roughed up shaking and in the 2nd stage of hypothermia. Pulling off his bag he pulled out first a space blanket and wrapped it around the person the best he could without moving them. Next he brought out a very old looking beacon. Flipping the switch on to tell the rangers the location he was at it wouldn't take them long to figure how where the rest of the group was if they had all stayed fairly close to each other.

Trey looked at the nearly unconscious teen and shook his head, this was the youngest of the group and was alive but only barely to him that meant the others may be in about the same condition.

Standing up Trey looked around and felt that gathering dry fire wood may be difficult but creating a fire now would be necessary to keep the teen alive until a rescue team could e-vac him from the location they were in the trees were thin and a helicopter could fit if needed. But having a signal to pin point the location using smoke maybe the best option still.

Trey gathered as much dry twigs and bark as he could manage. Nodding his head he pulled the knife with flint from his belt and started to strike the flint. The Shredded bark lit on the 5th strike and he managed to get the fire started slowly placing larger and larger sticks on until it was hot enough to dry some larger debris from fallen trees. The smoke was fairly white as the wetness of the wood indicated as such but as the wood dried out it turned darker gray.

When the teen tried to speak Trey looked over and pulled out a flask from his pocket and brought it over to the teen and knelt down. “No dont talk yet you need to stay warm so drink a bit of this and if you can move in a minute we will sit you up from the ground and slowly move you closer to the fire.”

Watching the teen drink the nuke warm tea from the flask that also contained a small bit of cinnamon. And rolling so the space blanket will be under them now trey nodded his approval and sat down next to the teen. He spoke softly though it was still rough sounding, “ the Rangers will be here soon, They will get you medical treatment so all you have to do is hold on now.”

The teen still shivering and seeming confused spoke slightly slurred speech “Everyone's dead?” it came out a question but his face said it was a fact. Trey supported the shoulders of the teen and helped him a little closer to the fire. The Color of the teen's face slowly coming back as the Helicopter could be heard approaching.

“I don't know if everyone is dead but I'll find them regardless.” Standing up and moving to the most open area to finish the signal for the Helicopter.

The Hours had passed fairly fast as Trey Explained the teen's condition that he knew of to the emergency personal. They thanked trey and loaded the teen and took him to the nearest emergency room. Turning off the signal to the beacon and noticing the sun setting Trey set up camp once again he needed to search the area around here for others of the group the rangers had already arrived and had split up to search in the night heading north east.

Time skip
When morning came Trey was already prepped to continue the search. He looked close to the foot steps he had found and noticed it was only the teen he had found so he backtracked to where the foot steps had started. Seeing the fact that the snow had started two nights ago now and the indents of the snow now showed only the one he knew they had split up before the teen had started to run off.

Continuing what he believed was the correct path to find the others if the teens message was correct then he would find mounds rather than people looking to be rescued.

* Time skip after the rescue*

It took 4 weeks to locate all 5 individuals the rangers has found another member alive that same day and yet the other three were so far away from where the first two had been that it turned out to be fatal the two that survived the ordeal were a son and a mother and yet they had a long recovery ahead of themselves.

Trey was called to a ranger station barely a week after this insolent. He approached the station wearily he never enjoyed going to ranger station directly, he felt out of place.

Entering the Station he looked around the regular rangers were inside as was someone he'd never met before...
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