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Interest Check Twisted Gifts

Discussion in 'Bulletin Board' started by Rachel Rider, Jun 11, 2018.

  1. Rachel Rider

    Rachel Rider Smol Turtle Girl

    "Gifts," they called them. "We will give you gifts. In return, you will let us test your gifts and we will keep you in our testing facility. You can leave after we have all the data we need."

    And to a orphan with nothing left to live for, it sounded nice. Shelter, food, and powers? I could even be free from the street gangs. It was too good. And it was. When they took me to the chamber, I felt like everything was heavy. As they submerged my into the water, it felt like chains were weighing me down from the inside. The water stuck to me, it whispered promises of power and freedom. They told me to listen. I did. I didn't want to be heavy. I was so weighed down that I just wanted to float away.

    The scientists didn't lie. They just didn't understand how much was needed to be sacrificed for the gifts. And it was a lot. Some didn't care. Others were devastated. Many took their own lives upon seeing the children as they emerged from the chamber. And the leaders, well. They were ecstatic. They could get all the data they could want! How could they return to society like that? It was perfect.

    As I look in the mirror, a ghostly figure greets me. I am free, just ;like it promised. Free from hunger. Free from gravity. Free from touch. All I have are the memories. This is my twisted gift.

    The roleplay will be set in the facility. For background: The world is essentially in anarchy, with certain influential people controlling certain sectors. Farm families are controlled by these people, the people working overcrowded and usually under watch by guards of the people controlling the sector. Food is scarce and abandoning children is common. Most of the kids will either be orphans or from especially poor or large farmer families. You can chose either play as a kid or as a scientist. I will have the CS template and guide in spoilers to stop this post from being too long.

    So you don't have a half ton of stuff to delete:

    Please read this before filling it out:
    Name: (Self explanatory. If you want, you can choose to omit the last name or first name if you plan on having your character be referred to as "Dr. X")
    Gender: (I'm only going to allow male or female as the organization doesn't like to over complicate things. You put if your character is uncomfortable with their classification if you want.)
    Age: (Be reasonable. 24+ will be fine, anything under will have to have a good explanation in the bio)
    Rank: (There are four ranks: Caretaker - Takes care of and looks after kids as well as interacting with them in experiments that do not require and Overseer. Researcher - Submits research reports and puts forth possible tests for each kid, but does not interact with them directly. Overseer - Monitors Caretakers and Researchers. Will be used in experiments that require more violent methods as to keep the kids attached to the Caretakers. Council - Votes on experiments and checks in with Overseers. For a general rule of thumb; There are unlimited Caretaker and Researcher slots, 10 Overseer spots and 7 Council spots. I don't know how large or how many people will want to be a scientist, but this is to keep the role play from being too complicated with the Council and Overseers having a lot of power and not wanting there to be too much conflict.)
    Description: (PHYSICAL description; please. Picture will work.)
    Bio: (What happened in their life leading up to the roleplay. Include anything significant, e.g. What happened one random day when playing tag that they don't remember: Not significant. A birthday where a sibling gave them a cherished gift they still have: Significant. It can be long or short, just enough to justify why they're here and give the character some rooting in the setting.)
    Personality: (What they're like. How they act. What they think. What makes them tick. Basically, a rough description of how you will be playing the character in the roleplay.)
    Alignment: (No: Not the typical one with Good/Neutral/Evil Lawful/Neutral/Chaotic(But if you like using it include it in personality), how they feel about the whole shebang. There are three main alignments, but you can and should elaborate. These are: Pro-Council: They are either loyal to the council/enjoy the research and thus do not mind the whole essentially kidnapping and abuse of kids. Neutral: They either don't care or don't like it but tolerate it because of certain reasons. Anti-Council: They find the thing disgusting, and either don't leave because they can't or because they want to try to help the kids escape.)


    Name: (You can name your character anything, but orphans will more likely just have a first name whereas farm kids may have last names. Or not. Your call. Just make sure it's something you could say in a kids show.)
    Gender: (I'm only going to allow male or female as the organization doesn't like to over complicate things. You put if your character is uncomfortable with their classification if you want.

    Age: (Under 18, above 5. Keep this in mind when writing character, please. Also, just as a general warning, any romantic relationship between very young kids and very old kids or even scientists should not be condoned. If this happens for a story purpose, it's fine. But as a legit relationship no. Sorry, but I just don't think it should be allowed.)
    Description: (PHYSICAL description; please. Picture will work.)
    Bio: (What happened in their life leading up to the roleplay. Include anything significant, e.g. What happened one random day when playing tag that they don't remember: Not significant. A birthday where a sibling gave them a cherished gift they still have: Significant. It can be long or short, just enough to justify why they're here and give the character some rooting in the setting.)
    Personality: (What they're like. How they act. What they think. What makes them tick. Basically, a rough description of how you will be playing the character in the roleplay.)
    Gift: (Specifically what they can do a normal human can't due to their exposure to the substance e.g. They can talk to animals)
    Twist: (What about their gift is considered bad e.g. They can't understand humans anymore. It should be in some way related to their gift, but you can stretch if you want to, just justify it.)

    Merium: Technologicaly advanced controlling a large territory and having a presence in most split cities as a military faction. They don't fight with others a lot and give education to all people under their control, albeit with heavy indoctrination. Their leaders are often the smartest and most innovative and they can seem quiet close to a meritocracy in terms of power structure. Essentialy

    Noema: These are essentialy organized terrorists that believe heavily in individual freedom, their goal being to make the world a "No mans land" with people having to control their own lives without government or groups. They are extremely militaristic and focus on casuing chaos in both farmland and Split cities, having presence in New Tern, Uransi, Sesran, Vrestia and Neyo.

    Verc: More focused on creating a safe haven, they have control over a large amount of farmland, though they pay tribute to Merium for military protection and technology. People in their farms will usualy be given a Merium education but be looked down upon if they further pursue education by moving.

    Thecra: Essentialy a cult, taking in large amounts of abandoned children and orphans, being led by several figures seen as gods and having presence in Neyo, Vrestia, and Old Tern.

    Uransi: Having only presence in their namesake, the split city Uransi, they essentialy control the large mines located there, paying tribute to Merium in return for food. They have a small population of aristocratic families who are uneducated by Merium, along with psuedo slaves, usualy abandoned kids, orphans, and families. These are sometimes given a very light Merium education.

    Farms: Farms and farmland are under a lot of military watch by any group controlling them. Every group will have some Farms under their control and access to education will depend on the Group.

    City, Controlled: These areas have better infrastructure. The current cities that fall under this category are called Ciran, New Era, and Krasia. Ciran and New Era are both under Merium rule while Krasia acts as the base of operation Noema. Characters that live here will be able to get some education.
    Ciran: Satelite city of New Era, having decent colleged and hospitals, but a larger population. Abandoned kids here would go into Orphanages.
    New Era: Capital of Merium, has many advanced universities and hospitals. Characters from here will usualy have a Merium education unless they are abandoned kids that bum on the streets and not sent of to Ciran.

    City, Split: These areas will have many different criminal gangs and high military presence from whatever warring factions reside in the city. There are six different cities that fall under this category, two of which are close and sometimes seen as combined. They are Old Tern and New Tern, New Tern being built on a island next to Tern. The others are Uransi, Sesran, Neyo, and Vrestia. Characters here are most likely abandoned or orphans living under gangs or military supervision and will not have access to education unless in an area controlled by a Merium military group.
    New Tern: Located on a island in Tern river, it has strong ties to Old Tern. It had more of a tent city feel to it, being a melting pot of refugees from other cities that make it past the Thecra priests in Old Tern.
    Old Tern: Almost entirely controlled by Thecra, with Merium having a military presence in the suburbs, giving out a Merium education to those living here, and being barely tolerated by Thecra. If Merium is thrown out it would easily be a Controlled city.
    Uransi: Outskirts controlled by Merium, with many bases for Noema. See mine and Uransi for more info.
    Sesran: A large city with several violent gangs controling small sectors. Usualy kids here get abandoned by their parents after being raided by one of said gangs. Some people here manage to live a relatively normal life by paying tribute to the gangs in return for food they steal from Merium.
    Neyo: Hot spot for drugs and hallucinogens, actually named after the most popular drug. There are lots of abandoned children from addicted parents, usualy put to work by gangs in making Neyo and Savor, both drugs that they manufacture out of fungus and plants that they trade with Verc for, usualy giving them either drugs or kids to work on farms.
    Vrestia: Has a large amount of gangs that focus on theft from the Merium and Thecra controlled areas, often allying with the Noema presence but also stealing from them as well.

    Mine: Located in Uransi, people here are under supervision by Merium and considered part of Uransi. Read Uransi for more information.

    That's it. If a lot of people want to join I might consider making this either a multi-threaded or Epic roleplay. I might put up a poll.
    Last edited: Jun 21, 2018 at 8:40 PM
  2. garlic

    garlic an important addition to any meal

    ooooh interesting ~

    if u dont mind me asking, what exactly is the point of the experiments? or is that like, spoilers?
  3. Rachel Rider

    Rachel Rider Smol Turtle Girl

    The experiments are to see exactly the capacity of the kids ability, and some may include testing the affect extra exposure may have. I’m not going to say anything about the results though ;)
  4. garlic

    garlic an important addition to any meal

    extra exposure of what ? :0
  5. Rachel Rider

    Rachel Rider Smol Turtle Girl

    The substance that gives the gifts. Make of that what you will!
  6. garlic

    garlic an important addition to any meal

    so is there anything i need to know abt it if i want to play a scientist character ?
  7. Rachel Rider

    Rachel Rider Smol Turtle Girl

    It depends on what rank they're at. I'll handle that in private as to keep some dramatic knowledge gaps for the kids and those not-in-the-know. FYI: Overseers, Councils, and Researchers that put forward tests about it (They will be given a briefing by one of the Councils if it goes through).
    garlic likes this.
  8. MelodyMeister

    MelodyMeister The Self-Admitted Twink

    Ooooo!!! I’m interested. Not sure how to play, so maybe a non-Mary Sue Self-Insert will do.
    Anyone else interested currently?
  9. garlic

    garlic an important addition to any meal

    yes, me.
  10. garlic

    garlic an important addition to any meal

    Name: Irene Giles

    Gender: Female

    Age: 32

    Rank: Researcher

    Description: A pallid woman of average height and thin build. Her ginger hair is cut into a short straight-fringed bob. Dark brown eyes above faint eyebags peer through the thick lenses of her spectacles. Despite her worn out appearance, there is an air of restlessness about her and an enthusiastic spark in her eyes.

    Bio: Young Irene never knew her father. Just her mother - a straight laced scientist who only wanted the best for her only child. Unfortunately, these otherwise well-meaning intentions manifested in the form of suffocating parental pressure, bordering on control. This, as well as the heavily indoctrinating education system provided by the controlling organisation, built up a researcher with very skewed priorities and outlook.

    A researcher on the verge of questioning everything she had ever believed.

    Personality: Dr.Giles is the hardworking and goal-oriented sort. With a tendency to overwork and a perfectionist streak, it’s no wonder she appears to be in a constant state of tiredness. Unfortunately, she can be overambitious to the point of selfishness.Good luck calling her out on that though. She is strongly in denial when it comes to her own selfishness, even refusing to admit it herself. Because at the end of the day, she is contributing to progress, isn’t she? But then again, isn’t it just perfectly normal to want to rise in rank? Even if it means, hurting some kids. It’s all for their own good anyways. She couldn’t possibly be wrong. She didn’t want to be wrong.

    Of course, she’d rather cause as little harm as possible. She isn’t a monster. She has some sympathy. A little skewed in her priorities, but ...eh, close enough.

    Oh, also she’s a bit of a suck up towards her superiors.

    Alignment: Pro-council. She thinks of the whole experimenting on kids thing as a fair trade for allowing them food, shelter, and (arguably) safety. Besides, aren’t these children better off living in the facility compared to living out in the streets?

    ((I hope this is okay!))
  11. Rachel Rider

    Rachel Rider Smol Turtle Girl

    It's great! Accepted. And yes, Melody that idea is fine! Are you planning on doing a kid or scientist?
  12. MelodyMeister

    MelodyMeister The Self-Admitted Twink

    Scientist. Hang on, I’ll post it up soon!
  13. MelodyMeister

    MelodyMeister The Self-Admitted Twink

    Name: Doctor Melody Mallory

    Gender: Female

    Age: 25 years old

    Rank: Caretaker

    Description: Melody is 162cm, relatively short for her age, and is 46kg. She is dark-brown haired, and ties her hair up in a little ponytail, since her hair isn’t that long, going to the shoulders at most. Her eyes are brown as well, although covered by thick rimmed glasses. She overall, has a bit of a young, optimistic look to her.
    Bio: Growing up in a normal working class family, Melody loved science, as it came easy to her, and she was luckily able to get a high degree despite her poor upbringing. She entered into the field of science to feed her family and help the world go to what she would like best, a balanced world where everyone has a equal chance at success.
    Unfortunately, this will not be the case, since she’s now working here.

    Personality: Melody, is at her very core, compassionate, very emotional and has a strong sense of justice. Unfortunately, she’s a moodswinger, and can lose her temper or get giddy very quickly, which can hamper her work. She is also rather lazy and airheaded, so in even after getting out of a slump or calming down, she needs a logical, somewhat pressured place in order to work. And maybe due to her youth, but Melody is naive, and most of all, weird. She sometimes does things that are so dumb or obscure that people get creeped out or annoyed by her. At her best, Melody is a logical, smart girl with an endearing personality, but at her worst..well, it’s unpleasant to think about. And unfortunately, Melody is low in confidence, and easy to sway.

    Alignment: Neutral. As with everything, Melody’s opinion changes a lot on this, but mostly she’ll be neutral on the council. This is mostly because that while she loves kids, she has no problems with putting them through abuse, as she believes it’s for the greater good and that she frankly doesn’t care that much otherwise. She tries her best to aid the children though, and might switch to anti-council later in the roleplay due to her empathic nature.​
    garlic likes this.
  14. Rachel Rider

    Rachel Rider Smol Turtle Girl

    Awesome! I'll be waiting to see if anyone else joins if that's okay with you two.
  15. MelodyMeister

    MelodyMeister The Self-Admitted Twink

    Yep. Any way to advertise your roleplay?
  16. Rachel Rider

    Rachel Rider Smol Turtle Girl

    I don't know, talk about it in chat? ;-; I hope more people get interested. If I'm being honest the site has sort've stagnated, at least from my perspective.
  17. _BB_

    _BB_ Resident Bard

    This looks fun! I'll play a kid if you guys are keen :)
  18. Rachel Rider

    Rachel Rider Smol Turtle Girl

    That'd be great! Just as a heads up, as well as filling in as council and some overseers I'm going to be playing a kid of my own.
  19. garlic

    garlic an important addition to any meal

    @Rachel Rider
    is it alright if I want to make another character? a kid, this time.....
  20. Rachel Rider

    Rachel Rider Smol Turtle Girl

    Yes, that's great! If anyone wants multiple characters, go for it. Just make sure that you say in your ic posts who you're controlling.

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