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Chapter One:
The Daughter of Fortune and the Daughter of Sunlight

The bright, life-filled sun beamed down on the peaceful, sleeping creature. It sat immobile in its slumber as if the world must travel around its eternally restful position. Soft breaths fill its lungs, causing its plush belly to rise, and left in a soothing snore. The warmth of the sun blanketed the creature to send pleasant dreams in its rest.

The sun, as a protector and an eternal symbol of all that is good in the multiverse, gave its light selflessly to a young girl only eleven years old. She drew the light towards crisp, newly purchased book. As the girl leafed through its fresh pages, she traded glances between the pictures displayed within the book and the sleeping, snoring beast in front of her. She sat with her legs splayed modestly to the side and the encyclopedia of this world's creatures resting on her lap.

She was patient with her task so she could carefully look over each individual creature captured within the book's pictures. Likewise, the sun watched patiently. It watched over all that happened on that quiet path: from the dark cave connecting to other paths, past the quiet-yet-studious chateau, to the small plot of land abundant in berries, and the wooden bridge that became the snoring creature's makeshift bed. The sun took special care in lighting the girl as she sat and read. Sunbeams bounced off of her soft, voluminous blue hair as if the hair itself were luminescent. To keep her hair out of her emerald green irises, a hair band wrestled with a ponytail's worth of sky blue follicles.

Silk gloves, matching in color to her hair, at last reached the page which held the image of the sleeping creature before her. A gloved finger traced along the name and her lips followed in parallel.

Her voice carefully pronounced each syllable, "Snore, Lax, Snorlax."

Her lips curled into a bright smile.

"Great! Snorlax. Now we know what it is! Now, how to wake it up..."

Unfortunately, the girl's face darkened as she read onward.

"How am I supposed to find one of those?" she wondered aloud.

Unexpected, like an explosion out of nowhere, Princess Ilona of Arendelle would seemingly poof into existence. At least, that's how it would look to anyone viewing this occurrence from the outside. As far as the girl herself knew, yet again her teleportation powers had whisked her away to another world. It just so happened to be the same world where the bright-eyed, blue haired girl was reading her book next to the sleeping Snorelax.

But the girl wouldn't have time to assess her surroundings. She had ended up appearing in mid-air, somewhere above where the Snorelax was sleeping. Instantly, she plummeted downward, letting out a scream of surprise as she did. Thankfully she wouldn't hit the ground, but instead would land on the belly of the sleeping pokémon sitting on the bridge.

As if she had landed on a trampoline, Ilona would be thrust back upward after squishing against the creature's stomach, only to once again land on him. This time, however, she stayed on his belly, slowly sitting up after she had regained her senses. While this occurred, the Snorelax would continue sleeping. The creature never even noticed the girl landed on top of it. The bridge, however, swayed from the commotion Ilona had created.


"Eeek!" the princess exclaimed when she would notice the Snorelax. She tensed and looked down, realizing how far off the ground she was. "I-I don't know how to get down," she stuttered, placing a hand over her mouth. "Someone help!" she called out, not yet noticing the blue-haired girl who was nearby.


"Eep!" The blue-haired girl squeaked in surprise. The appearance of the princess had sent the girl a small frighten. The cries for help stole her attention away from her book and pulled her to her feet as if on marionette strings. "Why, hello there, friend. Who are you?"

As the shock subsided, the smile returned to its mistress's face. Excitement boiled inside her. The boiling broth steamed into a cry of excitement. "Don't worry one bit! I'll save you in no time!"

The bridge beneath the princess and the Snorlax croaked in reply. Its foundation shook beneath the weight. Although it had carried the lethargic beast for many years, Ilona became the straw to the proverbial camel. If actions weren't taken soon, the bridge threatened to collapse, dropping her into the river!

The shaking of the bridge sent another frighten down the blue-haired girl's back. However, she recovered much more quickly this time. She picked up the encyclopedia she was reading in one hand and her purse, (which was blue with a purplish hue forming a large letter M on the side of the aqua-dyed industrial material,) in the other. In a softer voice, as if talking to herself, she muttered, "Auntie really surprised me with this mission. What fun!"

However, to Ilona's eyes the truth would become apparent: There was someone else present, although they weren't quite human. As the blue-haired girl rose, a stray sunbeam shone on the golden necklace that clasped around her neck. The necklace held a heart-shaped pendant with a design of a keyhole close to the girl's breast. As the sun glanced the pendant, it began to shine with its own ethereal light. The light, colored a soft magenta, flowed from the pendant. It pooled into the air around the girl. It took the shape of a small sphere, about the size of a baseball, with wings, before solidifying. From the sphere came a voice.

"Actually, Lady Macy, the sudden appearance of the girl before you is not a result of Miss Athena's actions. In fact, helping her may possibly prove detrimental towards completing the mission."

"Well, Rachel, we're still helping her. What kind of people would we be if we didn't help those in need? I would choose making new friends over a silly mission." The talking sphere of light remained silent. The blue-haired girl, addressed as Macy, continued talking, "The book says that Snorlax will only wake up for food or music. Since he doesn't look very hungry, I say we try music."

Macy snapped the book shut by squeezing its spine and stored it within the confines of her purse. In return, the purse produced a small, orange instrument. It appeared to be some sort of flute.


"Hey, new friend," Macy called up to Ilona, "Are you any good with music?"


Instinctively, Ilona would try and grab onto the Snorelax's belly in attempt to hang onto it, only for her hands to slide off. Really, there was nowhere for her to grab onto the large pokémon. Looking outward when she would hear the voice of another young girl, Ilona attempted an answer.


"I'm-- SCARED!"

Ilona ended up yelping, cutting off her introduction with a yelp when she would hear the bridge creak underneath herself and the massive pokémon. Unsure what to do, Ilona's eyes fell upon the necklace the girl was wearing, not a thought in her head as she would look at it. Snapping from her gaze, Ilona would then realize this blue-haired girl had offered to save her.

"Y-Yes, if you would be so inclined to aide me, I would very much appreciate it!" she called back, wrapping her arms around herself protectively. While she was very uncomfortable and hadn't had much time to figure out in what world she had landed in, Ilona already sensed a feeling of familiarity with this place.

"Um," the blonde began to say when questioned if she was any good with music. "I don't know how to play any instruments, but I do know how to sing a bit," she replied, letting out a gasp when she would feel the pokémon's belly move up and down as it breathed.


"Singing helps! I'm sure I can do this one on my own, but any bit helps! Just try to follow along with my little tune!"

The strange pan flute with colored tubes flew to the girl's lips. Wind poured from her lips and transformed into two soft, silver notes. They created a short song, despite only being a pair.


The song began picking up tempo, the beats playing faster. If Ilona paid attention, she might hear a chorus of spirits joining the song of the flute, enticing her to sing alongside the tune in a sugary sweet duet. The name of this song? The Song of Awakening.


And awaken it did, as the Snorlax beneath Ilona began to rumble. Its eyes burst open with sparks of golden aura ready to battle. With the speed of an opening jack-in-the-box, it sprang into the air, carrying Ilona along with it. The beast's feet quickly touched the wood of the bridge and it ran off into the woods on the far side of the river. The force of Snorlax's landing and sprint was enough to force the wooden boards away from their confinement on the bridge.

However, the princess of the sun had not yet landed on solid ground. Instead, the arc of her flight sent her careening straight towards the blue-haired girl. The girl held her arms out, open, and ready to catch the princess. "I got ya," she called out confidently.

Her statement was proven false as the two of them began tumbling up in impact. Although her shoes held adequate soles and were only an inch tall in the heel, they were enough to create an imbalance which sent her falling backwards. At the very least, Ilona should be unharmed, and the girl only received a couple small scrapes and dirt on her skirt.

As the girl sat on her glutes and the princess sat in her lap, she stared into the princess's eyes with the same expression that Ilona had when looking at her golden necklace. After a moment of pause far too long for any canned laughter to fill, the girl finally introduced herself.

"Hi there, new friend. My name is Macy Moretti. I'm an explorer and a healer. I'm here to help people out all across the multiverse!"

"I would advise you to refrain from mentioning the multiverse in future greetings of new people, Lady Macy," came the chiding voice of the magenta fairy.

"Well, she popped put of thin air. Unless Pokémon do that, I think she's from another world. Friend, this is my babysitter, the Oracle. I call her Rachel. She looks into my future and keeps me out of trouble. What's your name?"


When the girl informed Ilona that singing could indeed help, the girl opened her mouth to try and sing something, but no words came. Being put on the spot, the princess would find that her mind went blank. Instead, she would listen to the notes Macy produced, finding the tune to be sweet and catchy. Wanting to help at least a little, Ilona would hum along to the tune, only cutting herself off when the Snorelax awoke and sprung upward.

Ilona immediately let out a yelp, flying up into the air in a manner that felt like slow motion to the princess. She would land in the arms of the girl who had been trying to help her, only for the blue-haired girl to stumble backwards and cause the both of them to fall. The blonde ended up in the lap of her rescuer, indeed unharmed. She wasn't afraid, but was rather startled and confused as to where she was.

When the girl would introduce herself, Ilona would snap back to reality, realizing where she was sitting. "Ah, forgive me! I'm in a rather unlady-like position!" she exclaimed, jumping up and bowing to Macy. "How rude of me; I didn't even thank you or introduce myself. I'm Princess Ilona and I very much appreciate that you helped me, Miss Macy."


She perked up a little, realizing everything Macy had said. "I am indeed from another world! You're saying that you are from another world too? Praise the sun! I've never met another individual from another world like I am!" Ilona appeared excited, her blue eyes sparkling. She scratched her head, however, seeming a bit confused.

"Miss Rachel, am I not supposed to tell people I'm from another world?" she questioned, a naive look on her face. All this time Ilona hadn't exactly kept her identity or the truth about where she was from a secret. She had a big mouth on her, and told everyone she met who she was and that she came from another world.


"You're... You're a princess?!" Macy's enthusiasm drew her to her feet as if on marionette strings. Shining emerald eyes matched Ilona's sapphires in excitement, sparkle for sparkle. "And along with that, you're a Traveller! That's wonderful! Princess Illie, can we be adventure friends? I've always wanted to be a princess." At the mention of such an exciting prospect, the golden heart that held onto Macy's neck began reacting. A soft blue light shined around the pendant. The color of the light paired well with the color of Macy's hair.

"To answer your question, Princess," came Rachel's voice once Macy's attention was drawn away, "Macy here is a special case. That necklace of hers is a special thing. We need to keep it safe. If the wrong person finds out that Macy's a Traveller, they might try to take the necklace." The body of the tiny fairy shuddered and shook. She darted closer to Macy's side, then flew over to hover by Ilona's shoulder.

"But that's why I do these missions that Auntie sends me on! I go to different worlds and find people to help out! It helps me learn to keep this heart safe." Macy's smile beamed with confidence. "Right now, my mission is to return a lost key card to my friend. She's in a city nearby, just across... This... Bridge..." The toothy grin melted away from Macy's face. Along with it, the blue light from her necklace faded and disappeared. She gathered her purse and any items which may have fallen from I side it when she caught Ilona as she walked to the edge of the water. The brook babbled softly, carrying away the wooden pieces of the destroyed bridge.

"Your auntie didn't exactly plan for princesses to fall from the sky onto that bridge, Lady Macy."



"You'd... want to be friends with me?" the blonde child asked, her eyes widening. "I can't believe it! Someone like me who wants to become friends! How wonderful!" she exclaimed, seeming excited. "I-I've never met another person like myself who wanted to be my friend--outside of Murder Game participants. That would be lovely!"

Ilona would then turn to Rachel, bowing in front of her. "Then mayhaps it would ease thine worries if I were to say I have no intention of stealing anyone's necklace. I'm simply a traveler like Miss Macy who would rather not run into too much trouble."She would then smile at Rachel, hoping to be reassuring.

"I cannot say I have anywhere to go, so mayhaps I could go along with you?" Ilona asked, sounding hopeful. "I would like to learn more about this world so I can feel comfortable here, and it would likely be safer if I am to travel with good company rather than traversing it alone..."


The blue-haired child suddenly leapt from her daze and coiled her arms around the blonde princess. "Of course you can travel with us! We don't need to be alone anymore, now that we are friends. You don't know happy it makes me to have a friend I can travel with." Macy's arms gave a tight squeeze.

A giggle left Macy's lips with a musical tone as she released Ilona from the embrace. Once again, her heart-shaped pendant shone for a brief moment.

"Princess Ilona... That's a long name. Do you mind if I call you Illie? Maybe just Princess? You can just call me Macy."

"Even if you're friends, she is still a princess, Lady Macy. It's proper manners to address nobility with their titles. It's not your choice to address her informally."

"Then I'll be sure to bow whenever I can." To demonstrate her point, Macy gave a small bow to the princess before her, but burst into laughter once more as she rose. Although her attempts at proper manners fell a little flat, Macy genuinely wished to treat her new friend with respect. It was obvious, though, that Macy had been raised nowhere near actual nobility.

"Illie, I'll make sure we have tons of fun, even if Rachel still has a ton of rules for us," Macy added, "but right now, we have a problem. That Pokémon, Snorlax, accidentally broke the bridge that we need to cross."

"Princess Ilona, are you familiar at all with what Pokémon are? If not, I am here to inform you."

While Rachel would begin rambling and explaining every detail of the Pokémon world that she had access to, Macy accidentally tuned her out and looked at her surroundings.

To the east of them was the river, where pieces of the broken bridge were being slowly washed away.

To the north stood two buildings. One was smaller and had a fenced area, where Pokémon were playing. The other was larger and far more extravagant with elements of classical architecture. Perhaps the people inside one of the two buildings could aid them in crossing the river.

To the south were fields of grass and flowers, where wild Pokémon could be encountered, and to the west was a dark cave. Cries of Pokémon could be heard from the cave as well, although those Pokémon might drive one batty if encountered too often.


Returning Macy's hug in a warm-spirited manner, Ilona giggled happily. "Oh, you are so very kind! I thank you, new friend!" she exclaimed, reaching out to grasp Macy's hands when the girl would pull back from their hug. "Why, I've never had anyone call me Illie before, it sounds very cute! I like it, Miss Macy!" she replied back, not dropping the Miss from Macy's name even when the girl suggested that she should.

Ilona would address Rachel afterwards, still smiling. "I care not if she addresses me by a nickname. It's been quite some time since I've even been home to perform the duties of a proper princess. Out here, I'm just like everyone else. I don't feel the need to be strict about titles." She was only strict on herself when it came to calling others by titles. The only time she grew accustomed to not using titles was during her time in Neverland, but the habit returned to her shortly after she left.

When Macy would bow and burst out laughing afterwards, Ilona would laugh as well. While Ilona seemed to have the natural grace, charm, beauty, and even the manners of a princess, the girl was similar to Macy in the fact that she had not been raised near nobility for very long. "You seem very fun indeed! I'm sure we'll be friends for a long--"

Ilona cut herself off, a frown flickering on her face. Sometimes she forgot about it, but she still wasn't in control of her powers. It always seemed that just when she became close to a friend or felt that she belonged somewhere, her teleportation abilities would force her to vanish and appear in another world. She never kept friends for very long. Ilona always ended up alone after a while.

"I'm sure we'll be friends for a while," the girl finally said, correcting herself. She would then turn to look at Rachel, perking up slightly when the fairy would ask if she knew about pokémon. "Oh, yes! I know of Pokémon!" she exclaimed, a smile forming on her lips. "I've been to the pokémon world once before! You're saying that's where we are now?"

Ilona leapt into the air gleefully.




"Soh-Rah?" Macy asked, doing her best to understand the shrill syllables of the excited princess, "I don't know anything about no Sora..."

Macy's hand flew to her mouth with a small "oops." For a moment, the cadence of her voice had slipped into a form completely unlike how her aunt, herself, or Rachel normally spoke. A flash of blush ran to her cheeks, signifying that she was embarrassed by the slip of her tongue. With a cough to clear her throat and a giggle to defuse her own tension, Macy amended her statement. "I've not met a girl named Sora. How about you, Rachel? Have you met any Sora's?"

"The Sora I've met isn't a girl, nor is he from the world of Pokémon. I've not met Miss Illie's friend, Miss Macy," the fairy replied. Rachel gave the two girls each their own title. She had little choice in the matter of treating Macy with the respect of a title, but at least she could make a choice of what title to give Macy. Still, every time she would mention Macy's name, or mention some fact about where they were, the fairy's voice would tense for just a second, sounding cold and robotic compared to the rest of her speech.

Rachel would grow quiet for a moment, thinking to herself about when she had met a child named Sora. She wasn't much of a nostalgic fairy, but a nostalgic person she once was. She called her mind back to memories where she was once as free as Macy felt. "Y'know, Sora, maybe one day you'll be able to open this heart," a memory echoed.

Filling in the silence, Macy added, "There are a bunch of different regions in the Pokémon world. Like Kanto, or Hoenn, or Alola. Right now, we're in the Kalos region. This is the region I've been to the most. I have a friend of my own here!"

Macy's green eyes suddenly sparkled with epiphany. "Maybe somebody nearby is friends with Y, too! If we can find another one of Miss Y's friends, then she can ride over here on a Pokémon! Mission complete!" Macy hopped onto the air with excitement, startling Rachel and bringing her out of her daze.

"Careful, Miss Macy. The mission isn't complete until we return Miss Y's lost item. Be careful not to lose it yourself."

"It's fine, Rachel. I have it right here!" Macy reached into her purse and pulled out an electronic pass card.

"So, Illie, where do you think we should ask to see if anyone knows Miss Y? Um... Not that I have no idea where to go, just... I wanna hear your idea!"




Ilona's shoulders would slump when her acquaintances seemed unfamiliar with the girl. She shouldn't have expected they would know Sora. After all, there was probably a one in a million chance they were even aware of her existence, right? For all she knew, the Sora who was her friend could've lived in another version of the Pokémon or even a different time period.

"That's okay," Ilona would say after a moment, not wanting to seem down in front of the two. She smiled before adding. "Sora is from the place you mentioned called Ah-low-laa so I guess that's why she's not around here! I've never been to Kalos before, but it seems like a pretty nice place," the blonde child would comment, starting to look around the area now.

Listening to what Macy would explain next about Miss Y, Ilona would clasp her hands together and nod. "So you're looking for a lady named Miss Y? Well... if she is a pokémon trainer, like many of the fine folks of pokémon worlds usually are, mayhaps she is visiting a trial site?"

Because she had only been to Alola, Ilona was only aware of the trainer trials and not aware of the fact that most trainers took part in the gym challenge in other places.

"Or, I have one other idea," Ilona began to say as she pushed herself up onto her tippy-toes and outstretched her arms toward the sun, her eyes sparkling.

"WE PRAY FOR THE SUN TO TELL US WHERE SHE IS! THE SUN NEVER LET'S DOWN HIS CHILDREN! DEAREST SUN, I IMPLORE YOU TO BESTOW YOUR KNOWLEDGE UPON US!" she exclaimed, directly staring into the brilliant orb in the sky, her eyes burning as she did.

To be honest, Ilona should've been blind at this point due to how long and often stared at the sun. It was only due to her malevolent power--which she is presently unaware of--protecting her body that she still had perfect eyesight.


"Miss Y is definitely a Pokémon trainer, but I don't think she's at a trial," Macy said. She would have said more, had she not been taken off guard by Ilona's sudden hailing of the sun. Ilona's actions puzzled Macy, but the girl did her best to accept and understand her new friend's eccentricities.


"Um... Illie... Auntie always told me to not stare right at the sun..."

Wondering if maybe some sign would appear in the heavens, Macy spared a glance up at the sky. Her eyes were immediately assaulted with pain, so she withdrew her gaze. As a solution, Macy procured two pairs of sunglasses from her purse. One pair had light purple frames to match her dress, which she wore, and the other had light green frames the same shade as her eyes. The second pair Macy gently placed on Ilona's face to protect her eyes.

"The sun is just a big ball of light, so I don't think..."

Macy's doubt against Ilona's Sun was shattered as she was taken off guard for a second time. Macy held two unique gifts in her heart, and one of them was the ability to feel the force of the hearts, or the "aura," of those around her. She felt a sudden wave of energy bursting from Ilona's heart as her prayers soared across the universe.

The roar of a fierce lion echoed across time and space. As suddenly as Ilona had appeared earlier that day, a portal, a hole in the fabric of the Pokémon world, opened up. What stepped through was the shining steel form of a fierce feline Pokémon, charged with the power of the sun...


Except it was only a couple feet tall. Big for a kitten, but small for a deity.


"This isn't a Pokémon that's anywhere in my book."

Surprise was clear on Macy's face. Rachel held surprised though to a lesser extent in her face and more in her voice. "Of course not, Miss Macy," Rachel said, "because this is a Pokémon from the Alola region. Miss Illie, I believe you just summoned a Sun God from twelve thousand kilometers away."

The sun god in question meowed softly, inching closer to Ilona and gently nuzzling against her leg. It stepped in a tight circle around her feet as it purred with a force that Ilona could feel as well as hear.

"Well, do you think you could ask..."


"... Sir Solgaleo to help us find Miss Y?"

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*Credit for Solgaleo picture goes to czaria on deviantart, but the other two pictures are my own drawings


After staring at the sun for a good solid minute and a half, Ilona would find herself to be entirely blinded when she would look away from the glowing orb. She would blink and rub her eyes, but smiled as if she weren't alarmed. In fact, she was rather used to the feeling of being temporarily blinded due to looking upon the sun's brilliant rays for too long.

"It's most certainly fine!" Ilona chirped in response to Macy. "I stare at the sun aaaaall the time and I'm just fine!" she exclaimed, taking a step forward, only to trip on her feet. The girl would quickly catch herself, however, quickly standing upright. She would giggle afterwards, giving Macy a thumbs up.

It was then that Ilona would feel a strange energy, a familiar feeling of warmth that would just barely trickle along the surface of her skin. It could almost be mistaken for the sensation of sunlight heating her body, however, it was just a little bit stronger. After experiencing the sensation, Ilona would hear the roar of a lion. The sound caused her to gasp and take a step back.

"What was that?" Ilona questioned, unable to see when the portal would open up and the deity would emerge. "What just happened!?" Ilona would ask again, even more alarmed when she would feel something nuzzle against her leg.

"Huh," the child said, reaching down to gently touch the creature which had rubbed against her. It didn't feel like a threatening beast... "You feel like a kitty. Are you a Meowth?" she questioned, reaching back up to rub her eyes yet again. After rubbing her eyes once more, her vision finally began to return. Gasping, Ilona would set her sights on Solgaleo, instantly scooping the small feline up into her arms. Eagerly, Ilona spun around with the legendary pokémon in her arms, lifting him into the air.



Although she hadn't connected him to her prayers with the sunlight just yet, she still wanted to snuggle-wuggle Solgaleo.


"Well, Miss Illie, that is a Pokémon known as Solgaleo. He's a special category of Pokémon known as Ultra Beast, and is also a Legendary Pokémon! He's extremely important to Alola's future."


"He doesn't seem like much of a beast, Rachel. He's a cute little kitty! Are you sure this is the right one?"

In response to all the affection and adoration, the tiny Solgaleo mewed softly and continued purring. He lowered his head, begging to be pet softly on his celestial crown. He wished to bury his muzzle into the crook of Ilona's arms, and would do so if Ilona brought him close. Being held out in Ilona's arms, Solgaleo locked eyes with the princess. Softly, a voice would ring in her head. The voice was filled with the same warmth that Ilona felt with her prayers to the sun. It said, "Hello, Princess. The Sun gives its regards, and promises that I shall watch over you. My name is Sir Solgaleo, but you may call me whatever you please. I'm glad I was given such a sweet charge. Praise the Sun for this princess's cuddles!"

Meanwhile, the ball of light that surrounded Rachel grew brighter. The fairy, true to her title of Oracle, began searching along the threads of fate which bound the four of them towards their destinies. However, as she gazed upon the threads, a dark, malevolent power began snapping at them. Straight lines of fate became loose. Threads snapped and split, doubled over on themselves, and intertwined with other threads. Whatever visions Rachel once had of potential futures were shattered by Ilona's involvement. The space and time around the princess fluctuated and held no qualms about disrupting fate.

Because the narrative of Ilona's life followed forwards and backwards in time, bringing linearity to its knees, the Oracle could no longer live up to her name. Likewise, the chains, which destiny had placed upon both Rachel and Macy in order to them tied to the track of missions created by Macy's caretaker, began to rust and fall away. In calling upon the sun, Ilona had defied destiny.

The sight of the misshapen future sent a shock through Rachel's form. The fairy flew into Macy's hand, shaking like a dog left out in the rain.

"Are you okay?" Macy asked, "I'll heal you if you're not."

"No, Miss Macy. I am fine, just fine. However, I do need to recant my previous statement. Destiny should be able to figure itself out should Solgaleo join us on our adventures. He has certainly taken a shine to you, Miss Illie."


"So we get a kitty?! A new friend and a kitty friend, both in one day!" Macy was about to explode with pure excitement and joy. Her necklace shone with the same intensity as her joy.



Ilona paused in her spinning to listen to what Rachel would say. She glanced to Macy afterwards and smiled. "I agree with Miss Macy! This little one doesn't appear to be much like a beast at all. He looks like--" Ilona cut herself off, surprised when a voice would ring in her head. Without meaning to, she would even drop Solgaleo and touch each side of her head with both hands. When she would realize she had dropped him, the girl quickly apologetically bowed before the deity.

"I'm sorry, little one! I didn't mean to drop you! I was just startled by the sound of your voice in my head," the girl replied, pausing to chuckle. "Although, I suppose it shouldn't be too surprising. You aren't the first pokémon who has spoke inside my head before." Ilona's eyes brightened after speaking, realizing what Solgaleo had explained. "You have something to do with THE SUN!?" the child exclaimed, folding her hands together eagerly.

Because she was so excited about THE SUN yet again, Ilona wouldn't notice what would happen with Rachel. She would only choose to pay Macy and Rachel any attention again when Macy would speak. "He's a sun kitty! And he's so very lovely!" she chirped happily. "Are you saying we can take him with us?" the princess questioned, still smiling before she would glance back down at the sun pokémon.

"Do you want to come with us? It would be an honor to have you, little one!" Ilona told him. "You're different than my other pokémon friends, Master and Pikaboo, but I'm always happy to have more pokémon friends."
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"Of course, Princess Ilona. I am happy to join you in your travels. Are these your friends? If so, then..."

Suddenly, Solgaleo's voice echoed within all three of their minds. "I shall project my thoughts to the entire party. Hello! I am Sir Solgaleo. I hope you shall let me be your companion for awhile."

"Oh! I'm Macy! And this is Rachel. Nice to meet you! You're definitely welcome!"

Solgaleo, standing a few feet away, turned towards the group. "You're quite alright for dropping me, Princess Ilona. My body is significantly sturdy-"

"-because of his dual Psychic and Steel typing-" Rachel interrupted.

"-YES, Miss Rachel. I am undamaged. I can also help you all in your search. You prayed to find a specific Trainer? Miss Macy, please send me your thoughts. I can use them to track Miss Y's location."

"Um... Thoughts? What kind of thoughts? Like what she looks like? Or where she might be? Because... Well... I have a pretty poor memory."

"Just focus on your heart and speak what it says about her," said the two guides, Solgaleo and Rachel, at the same time. A puzzled and startled look painted itself on Solgaleo's face. Rachel, while having limited methods to express emotion in her fairy form, was equally puzzled.

Macy, however, simply did as she was told. "Well, she has blonde hair, gray eyes, and wears a cute red skirt that I can never find in stores. She is a friend to all Pokémon, but her best Pokémon friend is a cute kitty, kinda like Sir Sol, whose name I can't remember. She's a little clumsy, forgetting stuff like I do. And..."

Amidst Macy's rambling, Solgaleo had turned to face away from the rest of the group. After focusing power, he roared once again. As he roared, his body glowed with the brilliant radiance of the sun. Time and space bent to his will, opening up another portal, just like the one he appeared from.


"I have found her. Shall we go, Princess Ilona? Hold on tight as we go through."



"Ah, thank the Sun I didn't do any damage to you!" Ilona chirped, thankful that Solgaleo was unharmed after having been dropped. The girl's eyes continued to twinkle joyfully, revealing just how happy she was that the others could hear his voice inside their heads as well. She listened to what the others had to say, smiling and rocking back on her feet. Since she didn't really have a way to help them out herself, Ilona was more than willing to be patient until her new friends figured out a way to locate the person they were looking for. When the magical portal would appear, Ilona gasped, placing a hand over her mouth.

"Goodness, that was very impressive!" she exclaimed, her voice loud and booming in her excitement. She clasped her hands together and gazed into the portal, amazed by the sight of it. She reached out and grabbed Macy's arm after watching the portal for a moment, nodding when she was told to hold on tightly. "Very well, I am ready to enter the portal whenever all of you are!" she exclaimed, waiting for the others.


Hand in hand, Macy and Ilona jumped through the portal, with Solgaleo and Rachel following not too far behind. When they exited on the other side, they found themselves in a beautiful, bright lit city. The city had an aesthetic of bright colors and displayed Kalosian culture proudly. In the distance, they could see the monument-slash-Pokémon gym, Prism Tower.


About ten yards in front of the portal, which quickly closed upon their exit, stood a girl with long, honey blonde hair, black top and a cherry red skirt. She was in a heated discussion with a man dressed completely in bright orange from head to toe. Snippets of their conversation could be heard by Ilona and company.


"Team Flare is gone! Disbanded! You don't have to continue this life!"


"No way! You're the reason our great leader is gone! For Lysandre's sake, I must defeat you! Let's battle!" the man in orange yelled as he struck a strange pose, forming his body into an F. Then, he threw a small red-and-white orb, known as a Pokéball. From the ball came a wolf-like Pokémon, known as Mightyena.

In response, lady with honey-blonde hair threw a Pokéball. In a flash of light, a Pokémon known as Meowstic burst forth, complete with a shining white coat and pompous atttitude. The two Pokémon glared at each other, growling and ready for battle.

"Ah, that's Miss Y! And her partner Meow-Meow! Are they going to be okay?!" Macy exclaimed.

"Well, Miss Y's Meowstic is a Psychic type, but her opponent's Pokémon is a Dark type."

"Is that bad?"

"It doesn't tip the odds in Miss Y's favor. Perhaps we should intervene?"


Upon appearing in this new location, Ilona stretched her arms to the sky, her eyes twinkling with excitement.


"AHHH PRAISE THE SUN, THIS PLACE IS A DIVINE SIGHT TO BEHOLD!" she exclaimed, much too loudly before pointing toward Prism Tower. "My, that tower reminds me so much of the Eiffel Tower in France. Have you ever seen it? I've been there!" she chirped excitedly before their group would spot the blonde-haired girl in front of them.

"Dear me, so she is in trouble then?" Ilona questioned, frowning worriedly. "Yes, we must come to her aide!" From behind her cloak, Ilona would pull out a small sword, a beautiful weapon her father had forged for her quite a while back. The child also owned another sword, a much bigger one that a friend named Papyrus had given her during a Murder Game, but it was still a bit too heavy for her to use easily enough. So she still continued to use her small sword.

"Have at thee, foul pokémon!" she exclaimed, waving her sword in the air. "I've trained in sword fighting against the Lost Boys of Neverland and even Peter Pan himself! I'll show you what I can do!" The girl seemed somewhat eager to show off her skills with a sword, but hesitated for a moment. "Um, is it even okay to use a sword against a pokémon?"


Rachel was eager for the chance to explain anything, (especially weird multiverse traveling phenomenon,) and began rambling, while unaware of Ilona's sudden charge forward, "Well, you see, Ilona, where we stand now is essentially another universe's version of Paris. There are laws that govern the multiverse, strange laws that cause peculiar coincidences. One such rule is that of fixed points in time-space, which causes timelines to split in a way that creates similar universes with slight changes. For example, the Pokémon timeline is split into multiple universes depending on the actions of Legendary Pokémon. This universe has Xerness awakening from slumber, and another has Ylveltal awaken. That same effect created the Prism Tower in a similar position to the Eiffel Tower."

"You're making my brain hurt, Rachel. Ilona isn't even listening..."

When the princess of the sun had drawn her sword, the lupine Pokémon ran behind its orange-clad partner, causing him to stumble and fall to the ground.


"Hey! Two-on-one isn't fair! Have the other Trainer put her Honedge away! You're scaring Mightyena!"

The orange-suited man took a short moment to look at Ilona's sword more closely, and then exclaimed, "What the hell?! That isn't even a Honedge! It's just a sword! Now that isn't fair at all! You could seriously hurt someone!"

Miss Y looked to Ilona and shook her head disapprovingly. "Or you could hurt yourself. Put the sword away, please. That's still a person's Pokémon. We want to battle them, not maim them!"

The man in the orange suit scrambled to his feet and recalled his Pokémon to its ball. "Look, how about we reschedule this battle? Preferably when you're not accompanied by crazy sword girl! Team Flare will rise again... later!" The man struck one final F pose and ran off, disappearing into a red-roofed cafe.

Miss Y exhaled deeply and took a good look at Ilona before seeing Macy, Rachel, and Solgaleo running up to meet her.

"I suppose you're one of Macy's friends," she said with a small laugh, "and by Arceus she sure knows how to pick them. Where in the multiverse do you find them, Macy?"

"Actually, Miss Y, we found Illie right here in Kalos! Though apparently she's been to this place called... Actually, I don't think she told us. Illie, what region does Sora live in?"

Miss Y and politely waved hello to Ilona. "It’s nice to meet you, Illie. My name is Yvonne. Though that's a little hard to roll off Macy's tongue, so she calls me Y. I don't know what Macy told you, but I'm a Pokémon trainer. As a trainer, I would advise not pulling out a sword to fight a Pokémon. You have a partner right there. Let the Pokémon battle," she said, pointing to Solgaleo.

Meanwhile, the Meowstic next to Yvonne walked up to Solgaleo, watching it curiously. She meowed softly, and Solgaleo made a small noise in reply. The two continued this back and forth, almost like some kind of conversation.



Unbeknownst to Macy, Ilona actually did somewhat listen to the explanation that Rachel had to tell about this world. She didn't understand it all, but was fascinated by the parts that their guide would explain about Paris and how it was related to this world. "You don't say?!" the girl excitedly gasped. "I look forward to seeing more sights from this marvelous world!"

Ilona blinked, surprised when both the orange suited man and the girl battling them would disapprove of her sword. She lowered it with a frown. "I intended not to harm the pokémon, I only wanted to help." In truth, Ilona was actually used to the Lost Boys of Neverland encouraging her to draw her sword whenever a little trouble started to brew. So she was somewhat confused upon hearing someone telling her that she shouldn't use a sword to help.

Oh well, at least drawing her sword had scared away the orange-suited man, right?

When Macy would ask Ilona where Sora was from, the girl paused thoughtfully. "Alola. She's from Alola. But it's been... a very long time since I've last seen her." Plus, Ilona wasn't exactly sure if this time period and version of the pokémon world was the same one that Sora was from. It was always hard for the girl to tell.

"Anyhow, it is nice to meet you Miss Yvonne," the princess greeted with a bow and a smile. "I've no experience when it comes to commanding a pokémon to battle, but I suppose I could try my best if Solgaleo doesn't mind," she said, looking down at the kitty pokémon.



"Alola... Alola... I'll have to make a note to go visit that region at some time. I believe a couple friends of mine were actually planning on taking a vacation there," Yvonne mused.

"Well, I'm happy to spark an interest in a young trainer to learn to battle, but first you have to be ten years old and get a trainer's license. You get a nice little Trainer Card and Pokéballs to hold Pokémon whenever you do. You can ask Professor Sycamore to help you with that. He should still be at his lab. Macy knows where it is." Yvonne smiled and gently patted Ilona on the head.

In the meantime, Macy appeared to be rummaging through her purse, and eventually produced the electronic pass card from earlier. As she did, she handed it to Yvonne with a flashy twirl, saying "Ta-da!"


"Hey, you found it! Thanks, Macy. I knew I could count on you," Yvonne replied. She took the pass and placed it within her own bag.

Macy looked up at Yvonne with curious eyes and asked, "Miss Y, what does that little card do?"

She replied, "This pass lets me ride the train to Kiloude City, a very special place. I'm supposed to meet my friend Xavier there, so thank you so much for finding it!"

Yvonne squatted down to Macy's height and patted her head to say this next part, "Unfortunately, this pass only counts for one human and six Pokémon inside Pokéballs. I can only get myself and my team over to Kiloude. However... If you could do whatever you did to warp to me again, Xavier is already over there. Perhaps you could just warp over to him. Here is what he looks like." Yvonne reached into her bag and pulled out a picture of her friend.


Solgaleo, properly finished with his Pokémon conversation, addressed the entire group with his psychic speech, "I would be glad to take you across the region to meet this good friend, but I am very tired after the journey all the way here. If, perhaps, you could give me some rest, I can carry the group of us later." Solgaleo proceeded to lay down on his belly with his front paws underneath his mane. He began to purr, which sounded pretty loud resonating through his metal body.


"Don't worry, Solgaleo. Macy's magic necklace to the rescue! I can make a portal for us that leads straight to Mister X!"

"Lady Macy, I would advise very much against that course of action. It takes a long time for me to gather enough aura into the necklace to travel between universes. If you're going to make a portal, I suggest you say goodbye and we move along back to home and prepare for the next mission."


"But I don't want to leave Miss Y and Illie!"

"Well, I agree we shouldn't leave a Traveller like Lady Illie here, as this isn't her home, you really need to get to your home and rest. I promise, Lady Macy, that we shall return. For now, goodbyes are in order."

"Aww, okay. Goodbye, Miss Y!" Macy ran up to Yvonne and jumped into her arms for a giant hug. Yvonne laughed and squeezed her tight. She said her goodbye, then released Macy in order to hug Ilona, saying goodbye to her as well. After a full round of goodbyes, Macy's necklace began to shine with the same blue aura from earlier.

"C'mon, Illie! Stand close." Macy crossed her arms and a blue orb of light appeared in front of her, hovering in the air. She then opened up her arms, spreading them wide, and a circular portal appeared, swirling and glowing with an air of magic.


Suddenly, energy began sparking from the portal. Crashing and popping could be heard by the group, and a dark sense of dread filled the atmosphere. The portal began to shift and shake. Its bright baby blue color bled into an ominous dark red. Macy and Ilona could feel the force of the portal as it drew the pair closer and closer.


"Come to me..." whispered a voice from beyond the portal.

"Illie, hold on to something," Macy cried. Her efforts were futile, as the force of the portal eventually overcame them. Its strange energy lifted Macy and Ilona off the ground and threw them through the portal. It swiftly closed, leaving behind Yvonne, Rachel, and Solgaleo, and throwing Macy and Ilona towards who-knows-where across the multiverse.

"Yeah, Alola is a pretty nice place," Ilona replied with a thoughtful smile. "Except for the bad people called Team Skull. I ran into them once and they're very mean. They... did something awful to a very good friend of mine," she said with a sad sigh before moving on in their conversation.

"Oh, well, I'm actually twelve-years-old. So I should be old enough to become a pokemon trainer," the girl stated. "Although, I fear I will have to turn down your offer. It would probably be in my best interest not to become a trainer. The Sun has another destiny in story for me." Not only that, but Ilona was terrified that if she became a trainer, she might accidentally teleport and leave one of her pokemon behind. Doing such a thing to an innocent pokemon would be awful.

It was after this conversation that Miss Y would invite their group to go with her and meet her friend. Ilona listened as Macy would decide to make a portal to where Mr. X was located, but would be advised by Rachel to instead make a portal and leave this world. More interested in traveling with Macy at the moment, Ilona agreed to go with them, hugging Miss Y before they would depart.

Afterwards, Ilona moved to stand by Macy, watching as her new friend would open up a portal for them to travel into. She felt a bit nervous about the voice that whispered from beyond the portal, but had no time to really worry about it. "What should I hold onto?" she questioned. "And where are we going?"

Before she could have her questions answered, however, she was thrust into the portal with Macy, Rachel and Solgaleo, off to their next chosen destination.


The Mother of Fortune

Everything happens for a reason. Little girls aren't sent halfway across the multiverse on an adventure without a clever excuse for them to be there. Stories are woven between worlds, and the threads of fate that make them are pulled into a tapestry regardless of where they lie.

Up until this point, the two circles of the Moretti's and the murder games had remained separate. Now, though, by meeting a princess made and molded by malevolence, Macy had joined together these stories. Not everything in the multiverse had to revolve around a Murder Game, but those involved in them are destined to make changes across worlds, whether big or small. The threads of fate were intertwined.

Thefore, it's important to follow these threads to their source. Looking back along the strings of events reveals that the actions of two children hold much more influence behind them than they know. For example, Embassy Crossing, a small world which had so far failed at being both an embassy and a crossroads, was greatly stirred by Macy's circumstance.

Three ladies, young goddesses, called this small universe home: Sisters Athena and Amara, along with their mother, Fortuna. On that day, Fortuna appeared to be the most agitated by the occurring events.

"Athena, Amara!" she called. Despite their usual disobedience, Fortuna's harsh tone beckoned them to come with haste. Her face was ambivalent, but her posture and general aura of authority emitted anger.

"Yes, Mother?" the sisters replied in unison, appearing before their mother in a flash of light.

"I'm disappointed in you. Do you know why? I had slaved for hours upon hours to make you both a nice gift. I know you were wishing for a nice little adventurer to do some Herculean task for you and be the hero in your name. So I made a perfect little adventurer. I manipulated timeline after timeline to make sure this one little Moretti was pure and innocent, at least compared to the rest of her family. And you went ahead and peeked at your gift! Completely ruined the surprise."

Athena opened her mouth, preparing to speak, but a sharp glare from her mother nailed her mouth shut again. "Hush, child. I'm not mad you opened it early, though," Fortuna continued, "because Macy was meant to meet you anyway. Sometimes mistakes happen and she discovered the multiverse too soon. What frustrates me to no end..."

Fortuna's hand rose to here forehead to try and massage the brining anger out of her temples, to little success. " that someone stole the aura-powered necklace and gave it to Macy. Do you two have any idea what kind of trouble that has caused?"

"We didn't give it to her! The spirit of the necklace must have chosen Macy herself or something," Amara said, jumping to their defense.

"Really? The spirit locked away inside the necklace, supposedly powerless in there, managed to open a portal to another universe?"

Athena chimed in next, "Mother, perhaps you can consider the fact that maybe the reverse happened. Some Moretti might have gotten Macy into the Embassy right where she could pluck the artifact away."

"Bull shit, Athena. I saw you give the necklace as a gift to Macy. And because of you, that necklace, that powerful artifact, is now traveling alongside the second biggest source of Malevolence this side of the multiverse!"

"Malevolence? What's that?" Amara asked.

"Malevolence is darkness and evil incarnate. It's spawned from despair, anger, hatred, and all manner of dark emotions building up throughout the multiverse. It's the last thing you want around a Moretti because it drives them crazy. That stupid family believes themselves to be important and destined for greatness, and malevolence is just the kind of stuff for them either to fight or to use for their own gain. In case you don't know the force I'm talking about..."

A glow of aura appeared around Fortuna that quickly turned dark. Rather than produce light, the aura appeared to steal the light from the surrounding area, building a large shadow behind her. A chill ran down her daughters' spines. "...This is malevolence."

Amara asked, through her quaking, "If you hated this family and didn't want any of them near evil, why the hell did you make one a heroine?"

"Because I thought it would be moral and just to see if one of them could be brought to the side of light before I burn the rest of their family to the ground. Now, it seems that poor Macy will have to burn as well, if she becomes corrupted by that princess's Malevolence."


Pain of the Past: Part I

Unbeknownst to a young Ilona and Macy, the two girls would have a visitor watching them in the shadows. She hidden by a large building and peered out from behind it, her long red coat flailing in the breeze and locks of loosely tied blonde hair following suit. Like the young children before her, this woman wasn't from this world, nor was she even from the time period of this world. The time traveler, however, recognized these children. She knew one of the girl's better than anyone else in all of the multiverse, in fact, because they were actually one in the same.

A very nostalgic, older Ilona found herself wandering the streets of Lumiose City, tracing the steps and actions taken by her younger self. On occasion, the young woman enjoyed reliving the past and looking upon events she had once taken part in as a child. It helped to quell the loneliness and boredom she felt as she wandered the endless multiverse. She was well aware she had to be careful not to be seen by younger Ilona and was always very cautious to stay much further away from the girl. After learning what she had from the ODMA and her adventures with the group she had time traveled with, she was always more careful now than she ever had been about meddling with space and time.

The girl tapped her boot against the street, the sound of it echoing in the alleyway she remained hidden in. The blonde scarcely realized she was doing this, however, because she was more focused on the thoughts swirling around within her own mind. When young Ilona and Macy departed from the world, she suddenly broke from the trance she had been in and stepped out into the open, beginning to pace anxiously.


"Why," she said to herself, "don't I remember that girl? Why don't I remember any of this?" she questioned aloud, her blue eyes wide, yet filled with confusion. As Ilona had stated--she didn't remember Macy or going on any adventures with her. She didn't remember ever coming to this city. She didn't remember the snorlax they had encountered, Miss Rachel, Miss Y, or anything she had just witnessed. Sure, she had been in the pokemon world before, but she couldn't recall this area in particular. And it made absolutely no sense. A girl with powers almost similar to her own? Ilona knew there was no way she would ever forget a person like her, not in a million years. It was as if she had a gap in her memories.

The blonde began to pace faster, the mystery becoming more and more frustrating to her. She most definitely had a gap in her memories! But how? And why? The only way Ilona could figure out why was if she somehow retrieved the lost memories, but the girl didn't even know how to do that.

After a moment of pacing, the girl stopped and leaned against a building, letting out a sigh as she would reach into her coat and pull out her usual leather journal. She flipped it open and began leafing through the pages thoughtfully. The only solution to her problem, Ilona surmised, was that she should find a world which contained powers to restore memories. As she passed through the pages in her book, one in particular caught her eye--a note she had made about a world she had been to once long ago.

"Mist Haven, that's it!" she said, poking the page with her finger. Mist Haven was an enchanted forest of magic and wonder. If any place would have the ability to restore memories it would be that one. Nodding thoughtfully to herself, Ilona vanished in an instant when she made the decision to go there.

But maybe she should've been a bit more careful.

Overwhelmed with excitement, the girl hadn't thought to make sure she was well hidden from any possible danger upon appearing in this new land. Almost seconds after appearing, she was greeted by a sword pointed at the end of her nose. Ilona raised her hands up instantly to show the wielder that she held no weapons of her own.

"Demon!" hissed the owner of the sword, whom Ilona would see to be a well armored woman with a brooding look in her eyes. Despite how threatening and strong this woman appeared to be, Ilona showed no signs of fear. It took a lot to scare Ilona these days, on account of all she had been through and how well-versed she had become in using her malevolent powers.


"Who are you?" the armored woman added after a moment, when Ilona would say nothing. Ilona simply smiled in response.

"You have no need to fear me, Miss Warrior. I apologize if I startled you. My name is Ilona and--"

"Lies!" she hissed, moving the sword even a centimeter closer to Ilona's nose. "You're the Dark One, aren't you? You appeared here as if by magic. Only the dark one has powers such as those!"

Upon further inspection, Ilona could see a look of confusion and hesitation in the warrior's eyes. Seeing this look would only reassure Ilona's already calm feeling, and she would drop her hands entirely. She then began to walk a casual half-circle around the woman, smiling as she did.


"The Dark One, you say? A long time ago I traveled to a world called Neverland. There, I met a mean pirate who was obsessed with someone called the Dark One. I wonder if this Dark One is the same person you're talking about?" she mused. The woman would growl in response.

"Don't play games with me. I asked you a question," she stated, taking a step closer to Ilona and once again pointing the sword at the blonde's face. Ilona would give the woman no reaction, this time not even raising her hands.

"I think you've answered your own question already. If you really thought I was this Dark One--whom you seem to find so threatening--you would've attacked me already." Ilona smiled and held out her hand. "Care to tell me who you are, miss? My name is Ilona--not the Dark One--and I didn't come here by use of magic. If you'd kindly put your sword away, I'd be happy to tell you how I came here and why."


The woman scowled and sheathed her sword, but refused to take Ilona's hand. "Mulan," she told the time traveler, her tone void of emotion. She would then turn and start to walk away without warning, pausing for a moment to glance over her shoulder and speak with Ilona. "If you want to talk, follow me. It's not safe here," she stated, gesturing for Ilona to follow her into the woods.

To Be Continued...
Chapter Two:
A Breath of Fresh Air

The land of Hyrule was close to its liberation. The Hylian Champion, Link, was charging towards Hyrule Castle on the back of his trusty steed Epona. In the four corners of the kingdom, giant mechanical beasts stood alert. Each beast projected a beam of light that was aimed at the castle. They were prepared to strike at a moment's notice. On Link's command, they would fire at the beast that laid within: Calamity Ganon. The beasts were aided by the spirits of four powerful champions; their spirits had been locked inside the beasts for a century.

But now was the time for action. Calamity Ganon's reckoning was at hand. All it would take was the Hylian Champion's blade.


They all had suddenly disappeared. Link, the Champions, the beams of light from the four beasts, and even the Zora prince Sidon had disappeared in a flash of light.

The multiverse repaid the loss of champions with the appearance of two young girls: Princess Ilona, the daughter of Elsa and Solaire, alongside Macy Moretti, an altruistic adventurer with a very poorly defined past. The two girls appeared by flying through a portal of dark energy. They left the portal with enough momentum to send them sliding along the grass. Whatever they had been carrying flew out if their grip as well. For Macy, this included a violet purse and a golden locket. They flew a few feet in front of Macy. Likewise, Ilona's rapier had loosened itself and sat a few feet farther than where she landed.

"Ow... ow... ow..." Macy mumbled. She bit her tongue on saying words she considered crass, but a "darn" nearly escaped her lips. She didn't know many crass words to let slip. She struggled to her feet. Dusting off her dress revealed rhat the fall had torn a couple small holes near her knees. "That's going to be a bother to fix. Rachel, Illie, Sol, are you alright?" Macy spun in a circle to get a good view around her. Unfortunately, all she could see was grass below her, a trail beside her, an Ilona behind her, and the dark, imposing shape of Hyrule Castle in the distance as it overflowed with the Malice of Calamity Ganon. The duo's companions, Rachel and Solgaleo, were nowhere to be seen.​

"Waaaaaah!" young Ilona cried as she would slide across the grass in the new land that she and Macy would find themselves in. No matter how many times the child had teleported to random locations that caused her to fall from the sky, slide across the ground, or run into something, Ilona had never quite gotten used to the feeling. At some point, she tumbled onto the ground and began to roll, becoming tangled up in her own cloak. "I-I AM QUITE ALL RIGHT AH HA HA-- Are you alrighty, Miss Macy?" Ilona slowly sat up after she stopped rolling, trying to pull free of her cloak she had been cocooned in. "Where... are we?" she asked, trying to rein in her senses and examine the area.

@Alex Azure
"My dress is a little torn and dirty, but my body isn't hurt. As for where we are, I'm not sure," Macy replied.

She stepped over to Ilona and offered a hand to untangle the cape and get the princess on her feet. Once she was sure Ilona was safe and unharmed, she flashed a bright smile. Her smile beamed warmth and comfort, but only lasted until she turned away, staring at the castle in the distance.

"Usually Rachel is the one to tell me where we are and what the day's mission is. However, I can't see her anywhere. I don't know where I'm supposed to go from here, but if I had to take a guess..."

The dark force surrounding the castle roared. The sound echoed throughout the land of Hyrule. It shook the earth beneath them with its power. A malevolent voice spoke, "Come to me," yet its voice only reached the ears of Macy and Ilona.

"I would guess that it's there. It seems important, but that's a lot of dark aura."
Ilona straightened up, gratefully accepting the help Macy offered to free herself from the tangled cloak. Once freed, the child checked herself over and brushed off her arms, even pausing to pick a few blades of grass off her attire. After entirely regaining her senses, Ilona rose to her feet and glanced at Macy--offering a smile back at the other girl. It was kind of nice, the princess thought, to have a friend with her who she could relate to.

"Oh wow, I wonder where they went? Solegaleo isn't here either," she said, her blue eyes quickly sweeping the ground once more to see if she could find him, at the very least. However, he was nowhere to be seen. Ilona turned her gaze back to Macy. "That place looks kind of dangerous!" she chirped, swallowing a lump in her throat as she would rest her eyes upon the ominous castle. "Are you sure we should go there?" she questioned, somewhat hesitant.

The young princess had visited places that may have looked even scarier than that castle, so she wasn't really afraid, Ilona just wanted to be careful when her heart told her that something didn't feel right. But still, maybe things wouldn't be so bad? She did have Macy with her, after all. Having a traveling companion automatically made things safer, at least, she hoped.

@Alex Azure
The princess may have not been afraid, but Macy was quaking in her Mary Janes. With every moment she stared at the ominous castle her fear and shaking rose in intensity. When it reached its peak, Macy tore her gaze away from the castle.

She noticed all of their scattered items as she turned her gaze ans promptly decided to pick them up. As she did, she replied to Ilona, "I think you may be right. Dark Aura isn't something I usually mess with. The voice calling us there doesn't sound very welcoming either. It might be a good idea to gather some information first. Just because it's our final destination doesn't mean it's our immediate one."

Once Macy had gathered all of her own items in her purse, she picked up Ilona's sword and handed it to her. "As for Solgaleo and Rachel? They might have gotten stuck. There is a tiny amount of space between portals, and they could be stuck there. Rachel will be able to open a portal to un-stick them, but it may take awhile. Time doesn't always go in a straight line when going between worlds. I'm sure you understand." Macy's hand still shook as she passed the sword to her friend.

If the pair of girls were not headed towards the castle, then four other options remained as destinations.

To the Northeast, there was a large volcano spewing smoke and heat. Unbeknownst to either of them, a race of people lived there that Macy just might find familiar. However, it must be kept in mind that this is a volcano. It's gonna be a little hot.

Due East was a very wet and rainy marshland. A river would run in opposition to their travel, but there seemed to be a decent enough path to reach a city of some sort. Monsters were infesting the rivers, though. Fair warning.

To the Northwest, there was a tall mountain range. The peaks were so high, it looked like the only way to reach them would be with the ability to fly. There was a city that could be easily reached, yet the path there might be easier to bear with warm clothes and some sort of steed. Snow was clearly visible at those mountain caps.

And finally, the longest trek eould be to the Southwest. A large desert would stand between them and the people there. Fortunately, an oasis would allow a spot of rest on their journey.

Macy was much more of a follower than a leader. She offered Ilona the choice of where they should head next.

@Neko Shogun

The young princess' gaze followed her friend's and she found herself gazing upon the dark castle as well. Although she didn't shake as Macy did, a shiver ran up the child's spine. "I can agree with that," the girl said with a nod. "I'd rather not go there. I am not fond of visiting places where the Sun cannot be seen." Plus, Ilona didn't exactly trust herself. At any moment, the princess felt as if her teleportation power could kick in and she'd vanish from the world--leaving Macy behind. The last thing she wanted was to go to a dark place and vanish, leaving Macy there alone.

"I will pray to the Sun that they will be all right then," Ilona replied, her thoughts flickering to Rachel and Solgaleo. Although she was worried about them, Ilona was used to losing track of her companions. Whenever she lost control of her teleportation abilities, Ilona found herself separated from new friends almost all the time. For the longest time it had caused her to cry, but after a time she had simply learned to pray for the Sun to protect them and tell herself that they would be okay without her.

"I-I do understand, I think," Ilona replied, before taking her sword from Macy and considering where they should go next. The girl wasn't exactly a leader herself, but she wasn't really a follower either. Due to having lived her young life in a multitude of different worlds, the only thing she had learned how to be was flexible. If someone needed her to be their leader, she was fine with leading--so long as she knew what was going on in the situation. If a leader already seemed to be present, however, Ilona was also fine with being a follower.

"How about we go... that way?" the princess suggested, pointing toward the Southwest location. "I don't know anything about where we are, but we should start by going somewhere, right? If you'd rather we went somewhere else I don't mind talking it over." Ilona had only decided upon the desert location because it looked warm and she wasn't really a big fan of the cold.

@Alex Azure
Unfortunately, just as Ilona didn't like the cold, Macy wasn't a fan of the heat. She much would have preferred the coastline or the icy mountains. However, she went along with the journey to the southwest. For one reason, a decision had been made and she thought it would be rude to interrupt. For another reason, the desert was at least not a volcano. Worse heat could be experienced.

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"Let's get on our way then!" Macy cheered.

The two began their trek into the desert. Following an old dirt road proved fruitful, until eventually grass and gravel gave way to miles and miles of sand. Their still seemed tp be a path leading through the sand to guide them towards the nearest settlement, but nothing in the sky or on the ground could save them from the heat.

Macy's first steps onto the sand were shaky. The loose sand shifted beneath her feet. She nearly slipped and fell on her behind, but by some miracle remained upright. With either time or support she would learn how to walk as if it were even ground.

That was only one obstacle. The next was the heat, and it was clear that Macy wasn't taking it well. When they were halfway to the nearest settlememt, she was already sweating buckets. Her face was flush and she was digging through her purse to find some method of colling herself off, to no avail.

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She turned to Ilona with an exhausted sigh and asked, "Do you think you could ask your friend Mr. Sun to turn down the heat a bit, Illie?"

@Neko Shogun
Since Macy seemed cheerful enough about this decision, Ilona was fine with it at first. Despite the fact that Ilona didn't mind the heat so much, it still bothered her a bit. It was desert heat, after all. Still, she managed to tolerate it enough to press on. The princess began to feel more uncomfortable, however, when they would eventually leave their dirt path and end up on mounds of sand. It was a little troublesome to walk on, but Ilona tried to remain positive. She pretended she was walking along a beach and eventually they would come into contact with an ocean.

It became hard to distract herself, however, when she realized just how much Macy seemed to be struggling with their journey. She looked back at her friend, frowning when she saw how flushed her face looked. To top it off, she looked absolutely exhausted and seemed to be having a struggle with walking on the sandy ground. Unsure what to say, Ilona only hoped the two of them would find shelter sometime soon. They could only last so long in the desert, especially considering the fact that they didn't have a lot of supplies.


"I fear I haven't control over the Sun," Ilona replied to her friend, releasing a sigh. She then turned to look at Macy, her blue eyes scanning the girl worriedly. "You look very tired! Do you think mayhaps we should stop and take a break?" Ilona wished she had some water to give Macy. She could always try teleporting away to look for some, but she was worried about losing control over her power. If she teleported too far away, there was a chance she wouldn't be able to find her way back.

@Alex Azure
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"Ah, yeah, you're right. Perhaps a break is the best idea at the moment." Macy prompty sat herself down on the nearest dune. Unfortunately, a loose layer of sand provided little friction. The young traveler began tumbling down the side of a dune. She became a blue blur, kicking up a cloud of sand as she wend head over heels. She landed on her posterior at the bottom of a valley between two dunes.

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"I'm okay," she assured the princess, "that was actually pretty fun! Though now I have sand everywhere. Hey, I think I see something! No time for breaks!" At the edge of the horizon, Macy saw a flash of light. An illusion appeared of her missing companion. Hope sent another gust of wind beneath her sails. She picked herself up and hurried towards the illusion.


Although the mirage didn't produce Rachel or Solagleo, it did produce an oasis, which provided a reprieve from the scorching desert heat. Upon following Macy, Illona could see the blue-haired girl with her face in a pool of water in the center of this oasis.

To the north of the pool was a building thag appeared to be some kind of inn. People of various types and sizes were congregated inside. A lady similar to a human, but with pointed ears; a large woman who appeared made of rock; a girl covered in feathers: and several large, dark-skinned ladies with red hair.

To the east of the pool was a small stand, run by another one of the red-haired women. It looked to be a small general store, selling cooking ingredients and supplies.

Right beside the pool were several strange creatures, covered in fat and thick skin, bearing tusks. If Ilona know what one was, she might liken it to a seal or a walrus.

Macy rose her face from taking a drink at the pool and said, "Now we can take a break. What luck, isn't it, that we found this place?"

@Neko Shogun

Ilona chirped upon hearing Macy agree with her idea for a break. She watched her friend seat herself on a dune and plopped down on the sand next to her. The sand felt hot, almost too hot to touch. Regardless, Ilona decided to play with it. She began to make a sandcastle, humming as she twirled her fingers through the heated grains. The young princess halted her innocent act, however, when she realized Macy had taken a tumble down the dune.

"Oh dear! Miss Macy!" she cried out, jumping to her feet. She quickly breathed a sigh of relief, however, when the other girl called out to her. "Really? Hee hee," Ilona responded, opting to slide down the side of the dune herself upon hearing that it was fun. After a fit of giggles, she slid down and joined Macy. "Hey, where are you going?" she questioned, trotting along after the girl when she would run off.

Following along, Ilona came to the Oasis shortly after Macy did. Her blue eyes lit up with joy at the sight she would see, happily rushing in front of the pool of water with her friend. She dropped to her knees in front of the pool, dipping her hands into the water. The blonde proceeded to splash her face, nodding eagerly in agreement with Macy.



After cooling herself down, Ilona rose to her feet and instantly found her eyes drawn to one of the strange walrus-like creatures. "Oh my! Thou art quite majestic!" she cooed, slowly shifting forward on her feet in an attempt to get closer to it. She reached out and tried to touch one of its tusks, hoping it would let her get close. "What do you suppose this creature is?" she asked Macy, smiling as she continued to extend her hand out.

@Alex Azure
As Ilona neared the creature, it turned away and burrowed into the sand, disappearing from sight in a matter of seconds.


One of the tall, red-headed women answered Ilona, "It's a Sand Seal. Don't worry, they're just shy creatures. They're very useful for traversing the desert. If you have a shield you can ride upon it while the Sand Seal pulls you along. It'll make it much easier to reach your destination and save you some of the heatstroke."

The woman, whose name was Frelly, looked at the two girls with a puzzled expression. "What are you two young Hylian vai doing out here in the desert? Traveling alone is quite dangerous. Where are your parents?"

As Frelly said the word Hylian, Macy perked up. Ilona could almost hear the gears turning in Macy's head at the mention of the word. As she was busy thinking, Ilona would have to respond to the tall lady.

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