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New User um hi ;w;


isabela madrigal
hello im new here im currently searching for someone whos open for darker rps (of course if you have any triggers andyour comfortable telling ill respect that and keep that out of the picture)
im not going to state my age but im a minor
you can call me evan
i go by he/they
i tend to rp stuff about danganronpa and ocs with the accasional other fandom rp
i tend to play maki or my 400 ocs
im real nervous when we first start and sometime dont know what to say so please be paticent
i tend to de age characters or play and my children ocs its just what im comfortable with but if you dont like that im fine with playing teen and adults too


Anonymous Me
Hi, welcome to the site. We do have a variety of likes and dislikes here when it comes to writing. Let me know if there is anything I can to help you navigate the site.