Vessel of the gods (Space Fantasy Exploration RP)



Vessel of the gods: A space-fantasy exploration roleplay
Hello all! I’ve returned with another idea, if anyone would want to give it a shot.
In Vessel of the gods, you guys would be exploring sectors of space within a high-magic fantasy setting. With your vessel at ready and nowhere to go but onward, the ultimate freedom awaits the people of the New Heaven Monastery-Ship.
Thousands of years have past since the old world passed away. During the death throws of the old World of Dust, when water was scarce and starvation was plenty, a strange force visited the world; the Born of the Void, the dust-worlder’s salvation. Coming on arcane wings of magic with a vessel that defied gravity, light and plied the stars in the sky, they took in the dying dust-folk, and built them a tiny living replica of their once glorious world. The Sphere, as it were named, would bring about an exodus from the World of Dust and enter them into a new dispensation; The New Heaven.
Those Born of Void visited, guided, and trained the dustfolk on the endless voyage, and then disappeared entirely from new heaven. Decades passed.
The Dustfolk began to run short of food and water, and fearing the worst, applied their limited knowledge of the vessel to steal control and gain access to the ships ability to establish portals. The Born of the Void have not been heard of since, and for all the time the Monks of the New Heaven have studied the vessel, all they know about parts aside from the sphere is that lethal amounts of alien, arcane energy pervade the air in other corridors.
The Situation
In the last few years, something has been ‘wrong’ with your vessel. The nights are longer, the days colder, and the plants that provide air for new heaven’s denizens are starting to fade and die. Grand Master Typhera, the divinely elected captain and prophet who claims to speak to the ship itself, has not but a few weeks ago sent out an announcement, just as panic started to set in. Typhera explained that in the top level of administration over the ship, there has been a mutiny; Arhibin, who used to be Typhera’s topmost advisor and friend, has led a rebellion against new heaven and their mission to find the “Promised Land”... And in doing so, used his advanced arcane knowledge of the vessel to magically tear loose parts of the ship and send them through space to an unknown location. How he did this or where they went is unknown to Typhera, but the monastery believes strongly that this is the cause of the ship’s recent malfunctions. The monastery does know where Arhibin and his rebels escaped to after the mutiny was squashed; a nearby planet, of which all that is known is that there is clean air and a layer of smog preventing all visibility from space to the surface. Typhera has mobilized all able denizens aboard New Heaven to find and retrieve Arhibin alive, so to learn the location of the stolen parts.
Sectors, and our characters
Beside the various races that come from the World of Dust (an ordinary-race-themed desert world), the New Heaven travels to new worlds all the time, recruits the gifted the monks believe they can train from any world, to replace an slowly shrinking crew of descendants of the Dust-folk.
I intend to keep this RP open to new players in batches; Their will be certain times new players may introduce themselves according to the sector where our ship is IC. During this time, I’ll have ‘recommended worlds’ for player to say is their world of origin, or if players prefer, they can also make one up.
The New Heaven has been to many worlds and all our characters are assumed to be from worlds we visited prior to the start of the RP, or possibly native to the ship. Before we get into making characters and instead of making the worlds we’ve already been to myself, I’d like to get your input to make planets we have visited already, so you can have exactly the sorts of character you want.
Some things to bear in mind about the setting if you invent a world:
1: Magic is everywhere.
2: Space is hard to traverse, and not very many organizations know how to do so.
3: This is still a true fantasy setting; we are just concerned with space in this RP.
We can discuss that on this thread, and I’ll keep an up-to-date entry on each planet we make together. I’d like to work on that for a good three days to a week before we start, so just launch any ideas my way and I’ll help you make it work as a planet.
Thank you for reading this! Please let me know what you think.


So, quick query about this RP: what technology should I expect the average person aboard to have. As in, should I set myself with ye old spears, shields, and swords, or should I expect cybernetic implants, limb replacing surgery, and plasma rifles?


Interesting question! While technology levels vary, the last real-world epoch the worlds we're going to has been through is probably the age of sail, maybe some Victorian stuff for flavor. Past that, with magic and such, societies advanced toward other aesthetics - think MtG-type magitech, if at all. Predominately the planets we'll visit are medieval or classical, with a few details of the aforementioned tech levels thrown in to taste.

Did I make myself understandable there?

EDIT: the ship itself runs on magic, by the way. It's almost entirely arcane.


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Sounds awesome! I'd be down for some fantasy space-fairing.


Sorry I missed that, Shadras, I had RL stuff I had to catch up with...

For characters, I'm still working on those sheets. First though I wanted to figure out you guy's home-planets a bit before getting into characters. I don't need a lot from those who wish to make a planet to be from, and if you don't, I'll be posting some premade worlds later that we would have already visited prior to the RP.


@Mizzrym Hey! Absolutely, Mizzrym. Glad to have you. I've been very busy with finals this week, so little movement on this front. But the weeks juuust about over, so I'm gonna get on the stick and supply you all with those starter planets. Remember, working with me to make your own planets is acceptable too, just hit me up if you have ideas.


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cool beans.
The scope for planet and race creation and those that are open from the get go would be helpful.


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:emoji_eyes:... I see that you're back to the land of the living, Lazzie. Got room for few more par'ners?


Absolutely! Glad to have both of you.

In other news, I finished the last three planets the ship has visited. If you wish to make your own, please do. That is essentially included in the CS. I will like your post if your character needs no modification to be put in the RP, otherwise I'll let you know what might not line-up!
Ka’ha Nui
The Great Circle
Overview: The Great circle is a massive field of oxygen currents warmed by the curious, possibly magic star it orbits; Somehow, it defies known laws of the universe by being what is essentially a system-sized circle of sky with only the sun’s gravity and a single other orbiting body to keep it from drifting away. More amazing still, the Great Circle is populated by culturally rich and spiritually minded groups of people, dwelling on planetoids drifting through the clouds.
Gravity: Since the great circle shouldn’t technically have gravity, much scholarly thought goes into what exactly does give the system it’s gravity. The general conclusion is that since the system spins like a wheel, objects inside are being pulled away from the sun from the resultant ‘Artificial Gravity’, and all ‘island planets’ inside eventually fall out of the great circle, only to be replaced by space debris and comets caught in the field.
Sample People: People from Ka’ha Nui tend to fit a ‘sliding scale’: The more humanoid they are, the more ordinary they think and behave, but the more extraordinary creatures are rarer and generally have much more potent capabilities. More then half of the population of Ka’ha Nui are spirits of some form and not mortal at all. Their are many, many nomadic tribes in the Great Circle, but a common power is detailed below.
Kastudani: Imperialists from the far rim of the Great Disk, or “Guretsudo” as they call it, the humanoid Kastudani of the Kanato Empire tend to punish religion societally; In fact, the empire has declared all-out war against the gods of the Great Circle.


Ruined World, consumed by “the Hellfire”
Overview: The Hellfire (also known by “The Living Flame”, among other sinister sounding titles that ultimately fail to describe the entities nature) is an extra-dimensional being made of living, burning energy, bent on consuming this universe. Hellfire appears in completely random areas across the universe, appearing in a new place of conquest periodically. It’s range is so great that it is near impossible to discern a pattern. But the living-flame, as that name suggests, is a sentient (if not bloodthirsty and immensely short-lived) group of individuals. No cases of mercy have ever been reported, and the only time any societies have ever been able to openly communicate with Hellfire is when they either magically or somehow technologically matched the invading flames in power, and brought the war to a stalemate (the best anyone has ever done against Hellfire.)
Avodia is one such world never graced with enough time to be able to match Hellfire. The people there were taken by complete surprise and annihilated utterly within a decade. The few remaining refugees are mostly aboard the New Heaven, as there is no reason to suppose those who didn’t board the ship when found would have survived very long.
Sample People: Avodian people was once a chivalric, medieval society with little connection to magic. Today, handfuls of survivors are all who remain.
Slintfolk: The Slintfolk are an enigmatic and passionate race of strange, Insectoid warriors. With a fiercely independant culture that relies an honesty and honor, most slintfolk died in vain fighting the Living Flame, though some do remain among the Avodian refugees.


A decent into dreams
Overview: After quickly collecting new refugee crewmembers and leaving Avodia, the New Heaven encountered a fleet of other void-faring crafts, who magically communicated with the Arch-master. They introduced themselves as “Onkian Slave-lords”, a caravan of merchants and slavers whose whole society was bent solely on the slave trade. They gave the New Heaven a rare and welcome present; they explained to the arch-master the nature of the planet they were travelling towards.
Trenople was it called; said to be the prison of a sleeping siren goddess named Trenn. The planet was a stop for the new-heaven despite being out of the way, in hopes of resupplying water by investigating the abundant water that makes up the surface of Trenople.
However, the Arch-Master was quickly informed by the Onkian Slavers that the planet, though ripe with rain and mist, is full of dangerous visions of the Goddess, and few who enter unprepared ever leave.
Never-the-less, many went to the planet, a pyrrhic victory: The New Heaven received enough fresh water to continue their journey but lost many crewmembers to the powerful siren-like creatures of the world and gained very few new crewmen back.
Sample People: The creatures of Trenople are almost always aquatic, as permanent islands simply don’t exist in the oceanic prison-world. While the tides might reveal sea-stacks and muddy sandbars, they are quickly covered up again. the people of Trenople get by only through the appeasement and worship of the sirens and illusions in the planet. The spirits spawned by Trenn’s dreams, collectively known as ‘Sirens’ here, are easily the superior power of Trenople Politics.
And here's the Character Sheet!
World of Racial Origin (You may or may not have been on the New Heaven your whole life, but what planet does your race hail from?)
General Description of Homeland
Strengths (list at most 2)
Weaknesses (list at least 2)

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I have a question. You stated description as a part of the character sheet. What do you mean with that? Appearance, personality a combination of both?


Mostly Appearance, though it could include countenance and how you come across to others if your so inclined. A good Description covers at least your character's physical appearance, and may or may not include ways their personality affects that appearance, like with dress and body language.

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Ok thank you, I think I can work that out. I am thinking of creating a world for myself, with lots of big forests and elves who have a bound with nature spirits. I still need to work it out a bit more but, would something like that be fitting?


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So can we make our own races? If so I'm thinking of making an ocean world with dozens of small islands scattered around the world, small in the sense that the largest land mass is as big as Rhode Island. The planet is inhabited by three major races, a race of crab like people, a race of fish people and a race of merfolk.