Vessel of the gods (Space Fantasy Exploration RP)


Everything I feel I need to know is in the individual character sheet, though be liberal with details there to make sure there are no surprises. If you want to tell me what you come up with as you create it, that's a good way to do it too.


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Name: Azai Dua Ot (translation: Seven Stacked Stones)
Age: unknown
Sex: genderless (they/them)
Race: spirit
World of Racial Origin: Ka'ha Nui
General Description of Homeland
Azai originates from one of the larger landmasses of the Great Circle. Prominent from orbit, the large island holds both spirits and the imperialistic kastudani within its borders, who near constantly clash for land. On the southern edge, away from the war-torn central region, is a large woodland. This is where Azai resided for the majority of their life.
As a fairly powerful spirit, Azai is somewhat divorced from our shared reality. They resemble a fox in their features, but have an elongated, serpentine body, which holds five pairs of limbs. Azai has an aged appearance, with slit eyes and faded pelt. A shoal of small, blue sprites surrounds the spirit.
Azai is deeply connected to the arcane. They see magic, and by extension, spirits, as originating from somewhere beyond the Great Circle, and theorizes that Ka'ha Nui and New Heaven have a common ancestor. They believe this 'promised land' is the center of all magic, and upon arrival, hope to meet the creator of spirits.
Strengths (list at most 2)
Azai can manipulate gravity in a 10 ft sphere around them, and are highly resistant to magical effects.
Weaknesses (list at least 2)
As a spirit, Azai is physically frail and vulnerable to anything nonmagical. On top of this, Azai cannot defend against any antimagical attack or effect, nor exist in an antimagical space.


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Name: Nur
Age: 177
Sex: Male
Race: Malac
World of Racial Origin: Hethala
General Description of Homeland: Hethala is an ocean world with the surface covering roughly 95% of the planet's surface. The only places of dry land are small islands, most of which are barren with sparse vegetation and wildlife. The inhabitants live deep underwater, living underneath the surface in the darker depths of the sea. There are three species on the planet, the Malacs, the Ti'Fol and the Abessos. The Malacs are crustacean sentient beings with four armored legs, a powerful pincer that they can use to grab and pinch, and a tough pressure resistant carapace. The Ti'Fol, a humanoid species that are hairless and are capable of producing electric shocks from their palms and have spots on their arms that can produce lights. The Abessos are a feral species who live in the darkest parts of Hethala, occasionally coming up to raid and steal from Malac and Ti'Fol settlements.
Description: Nur is a young Malac as 177 years is considered to be relatively young for a Malac, as they can live to around 500 years. Nur is covered in a spiny blue carapace. He stands at 6'7ft tall on four crab like legs and has asymmetrical arms. His left arm is reletively normal, armored and ending with a hand with three fingers and thumb, and his right arm is larger with a powerful pincer that can be used to crush, grab and hold things.
Biography: Nur is a young bright eyed Malac, a bit naive but good mannered and well meaning. He used to be a guard
Motivations: Nur simply wants to explore and discover. He was tired of the calm and boring life of what's basically a beat cop and had an insatiable wander lust ever since he discovered that there was more outside of the waters of Hethala. The young man left his homeworld behind in order to explore the void of space and perhaps bring some of his wanderlust back to his planet.
-Nur's carapace is extremely durable and strong, being able to deflect small arms fire without much issue. This carapace also helps his overall strength, allowing him to carry around 300lbs and drag around 500lbs without much issue.
-The Malac can live indefinitely within an aquatic environment and has no issue breathing underwater. They can also survive water pressures of up to roughly 2400 without much discomfort, but it is dangerous if they go below 2500 ft, and fatal if they go below 2550 feet.
-Despite being an aquatic being, Nur cannot swim as he weighs 550lbs.
-Nur is unable to carry weapons or gear that requires two hands to use unless it is a two-melee weapon.
-Nur has little sense of temperature or touch, meaning he can't really get a gauge about how hot or cold something, and has difficulties picking up fragile things without breaking them.
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Planet name: Uiza
Uiza is a an abnormally massive planet taken over by sun light drowning forest of decay and life run amok, towering fungi that peek s high into the atmosphere casting endless night on much of the planet save for near its south and north poles. Creatures here are known only as the Uiza and have fought, killed and slaughter each other since all known history. Craters from crude weapons and haphazard magics can be seen even from space as the blanket of decay dips and zags along Uiza's scars. Brittle civilization lights the night as the liquid lights of endless war wax along the clouds all brooded over by the Uiza-Jiybal--the clear eyes. On their moon those few that had withstood the punishment of their planet and grew to command logic and sense fled the brute insanity of their home and made a more enlighten place to grow and expand, here the Uiza-Jiybal try and help their kinsmen while also trying to go and deal with other races.

The people: The Uiza had started out as a mindless mass of cells slowly growing as it hunted down others grew and grew till some sense of intellect raddled their empty minds with clear goals and desires none of which were good, Now they lay some sorta of egg or fleshy pod if not some of mammal like birth. Being a potentially immortal race due to that they can grow renew themselves through the organic matter they consumed very few lived so long as a handful of a few decades. Most of the general public on the planet are contorted nightmare of flesh, eyes and mouths only taking on some sane shape after they reach Jiybal. These few that have ego and sense take on shapes to better use technology, explore and communicate with other races however are often seen as a plague or monsters as their presence makes others uneasy, That said they tend to take on some semi bi-peddle shape and keep hidden under lengthy robes. The race goes along the organic side of magic and technology using their own bodies or other living things to do what technology would do for other reasons, most of their weapons or clothing look like they would crawl away from you if allowed. This distrust and even hate have slowly pushed the Uiza into a criminal element as those ne'er do wells prize the unholy poisons and bio chemical weapons they can make aside from the shock value they or their gear can cause.

When speaking or in the address of others they in formal settings speak Race, State and name--for humans it would be Human-Adult-John doe as speaking your race state and name is often the first major feat for those that enter a state of Jiybal

While they grow and expand both as a race and individually through the consumption of life this is not a fast process, it takes many years and often demands a long refinement before its slowly used to change the body.

living on a planet of spores, viruses and vile toxins of every nature their immune system is insanely aggressive. Magic and the arcane are all about healing, flesh and elements of poison, disease and the resistance of radiation. No base elements or "normal" magics.

Name: Uiza-Jiybal-Naivk
Age: ? Somewhere around 81 years
Sex: Male
Race: Uiza

Home land and world: Uiza and Uiza, The moon has no name and just shares the name of the planet as its all the same in their eyes, however only those with Jiybal are allowed to be on the moon. Homeland details: City of Gajit on moon after living on Uiza near the Capped mountains, a length of stony volcanoes choked by fungi and ruined cities.

Description: Naivk is just about 5'11 inches tall while keeping his fleshy mass with held in his silken robes, the robes are smooth and kept clean with a radiant flush of red and purple on them. His body is scaled and thick skinned with a mucus that allow his tendrils to smoothly glide him along the floor with two "duster" tendrils that lag behind and lick it back up so he does not leave a trail behind him as well as keep his balance while looking as if bi-peddle. Two major fleshy tubes that harden or soften as he strides act as would be legs working up his lower body ending as they hide under a carapace like shell haired with scales. His torso smooth and slick with muscles under the careful line of the fleshy carapace as to ensure ease of movement. Arms are clad in a now more heavy shell that feeds into three claws with a hooked nail. The neck is rather exposed with scales and bony spines being along the spine entering the skull as the face while having some scales is mostly flesh and skin. Having no cheeks but rather a folding bone layered over with a thin pan of flesh defines him with a angled face that push into thin pale lips. Eyes are gaunt and sly with a sickly pinkish green hue. Standing with his robe on he just looks like a tall oddly weighted, his shell and skin are blended greens and browns flushing into hues upon the face and hands. some spots on his back are speckled with the faint hint of a glow while the hair on his head seems to squirm just slightly so ending just above his chest.

Biography: Naivk is a calm and cheery person, ignoring his unpleasant visage his desire to talk and learn about others is much as the violence that haunts his mind still. Being born and forged in the madness of Uiza leaves wounds on the heart and mind and while the sanity brought on by a state of Jiybal holds his impulse that foundation of violence chips away at him always.

Motivations: Naivk has been sent to live on the ship to observe how to live better and more civil life and take back what he has seen and experience in hopes to stop the coil of self destruction his people strangle themselves with. The new heaven seen as a melting pot of many races and cultures and composed by something clearly in the apex of civilization and technology. He is sure to find what he wants here but being an Uiza has forced him to linger off to the side be it for their or his safety.

Strengths: 1) Arcane alchemy creation within own body: Able to take many substances and mix them into a compound inside a boil some where on his body. 2) Inject: can use the compounds he makes as venom inside teeth or claws.

Weaknesses: 1)Not a Fan of Fire: Fire catches on the Uiza with great greed, their bodies are often a mass of chemicals that explode or act as an accelerant, while stressing the means to protect himself it is still a major risk. 2)Trusting and aggressive: Naivk himself is a happy and talky person in a rather aggressive way getting him into trouble as much as his empty minded trust, he then also tends to forget the unpleasant image he is for other races taking or saying things that can be taken the wrong way when in reality he is just worked up with glee.

so what do you think?
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I like it, Mizzrym.

Also, I have put together the ranks of the monastery itself which controls the ship.

- Initiate: All monks begin as Initiates, they are in the process of learning the magic to interface with the ship or act as simple scribes and squires to the Monks and Seers.
- Monk/Seer: Each Seer is given a part of the ship to magically control, where as monks are management of the new heaven civilization, which comprises of farmers and peasants living aboard the ship, on pilgrimage to the Promised Land.
- Master: By the rank of master, the monks and seers are advisers to the grand master, and experts in there field.
- Grand Master: essentially the Captain, a prophet and leader who speaks to the ship and manages all functions on the pilgrimage.


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Yo! I've got a crazy idea!

Lazzie, you talked about how tech can be steampunk, but instead of coal being the fuel magic is used as the main source of fuel, right? I am unable to think about one thing on my own here: How would workers lives be different from OTL due to the fact how fuel on which machineries run is wholly different?


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Out of curiosity Lazz, may I change characters just this once? I'm thinking of going full on sci-fantasy and make what's basically dragons in space.


Name: Kota Verdonion
Age: 27
Sex: Male
Race: Human
World of Racial Origin: World of Dust
General Description of Homeland: Wavy grass downs where the wind blows through the unending fields of grass and wheat. Broken only by the occasional slab of stone. I would sit with my bedroom screens open, and watch the wild horses gallop across the land and imagine my all the ancestors of my family upon their backs, sweeping free across the lands.
Description: A simple 5’10’’ bald man with grey, yet distant, eyes dressed in a simple, patched brown coat with a ruddy red tunic underneath. Stitched to its chest is a dragon, wheeling around and biting upon its own tale. A far cry from the fabrics he molds and creates that have such rich color and vibrant designs. Yet, he never seems to wear much else.
Biography: A soft spoken man who keeps mostly to himself. Weaving gently in his cell within the village of the ship or staring off into the strange inverted sphere of the land as if he could see something there. In truth, Kota has little love of this space travel and longs for the times when they stop at planets and can see the open sky with the land stretching out all around, and not have the nagging feeling that the land itself was a lie in the back of his mind.
Motivations: To see if his family is in The Promised Land.
· Fabric magic: Able to guide, weave, and thread strands of fabric to make or unmake clothing as well as direct the threads where he wills with only a touch.
· Monastic combat: True to the fantasy form, Kota is skilled in martial combat that sends him flying across the battlefield. He keeps it quiet though.
· Korsakoff’s Syndrome: The early stages with mild anterograde amnesia, which is the inability of form new memories and learn new information or tasks. While not yet severe, it is growing steadily and sometimes causes him to forget recent events.
· Distant: While kind and friendly enough, Kota keeps a notable distance from all others, opening up to fair and few, making it difficult to draw him out of his chamber. This distance is only exacerbated by his growing Korakoff’s Syndrome.
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@ChelonianCommander : Sure thing, we haven't started yet, feel free.

@Shadras : Great job! I like it! Only thing is I imagined the ship a bit different from you, I think, read my response to Enki to see just how much so.

@Enki : Okay. So society on board the New Heaven (unless i'm misunderstanding you) differs from normal in that most of the "high tech stuff" goes to interpreting the ship itself. The monastery seers use mostly magic to "communicate" with the vessel, while others, outside the monastery, form a rudimentary economy/community to support the monastery, which is basically a medieval village of passengers waiting to arrive at the Promise land, help however they can. They primarily exist because the monks are benevolent and to supply the regular crew with a sense of 'home'. This is all possible because the parts of the ship that people live in is a GIANT bubble of land like a dyson sphere from star trek (land surrounding a point of light). The rest of the ship is generally not habitable; anyone whose ever entered died of radiation poisoning.

Any questions here?


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Name: Dale Willowtree
Age: 36
Sex: Male
Race: Duster/Ka'ha Nui halfbreed
World of Racial Origin: The World of Dust/Ka'ha Nui
General Description of Homeland:
Dale doesn't truly have a homeland of his own. Not belonging to the magical rings of Ka'ha Nui, nor the arid planes of the World of Dust; Dale's homeland is wherever he is currently. Although he does feel a particular connection to New Haven and it's conglomeration of species and life styles.
Dale Willowtree stands at respectable six-foot-one with amber skin and soft green eyes. His general physiology predominately resemble that of a humans, with the most notable exception being that of a pair of slender bulls horns protruding past his mop of wavy dark brown hair. Adorning the horns are several pieces of simple jewelry mostly comprised of bronze bands and piercings. The majority of his cloths are plain yet well fitted, over which he always wears his garish coat. The coat falls past his knees, splitting off into four sections at his waist. The inside is a dark grey while the outside is a pastel green; An weeping willow is embroidered onto the back in a gold thread, it's branches cascading down the coat including the sleeves.
Dale strongly believes that the only thing one can truly leave behind his their kindness or cruelty. This sentiment drives him to leave every place better then he found it, giving as many good turns and smiles as he's capable of sharing.
-Optimism: Dale's optimism and quick tongue makes it easy for others to trust him
-Dexterous: Dale is note only quick with his tongue, but with his fingers and on his feet as well. Slight of hand and street magic are a favorite pastime for him.
-Overconfident: His complete confidence in himself often lands him in trouble.
-Magic vulnerability: Dale's Ka'ha Nui blood gives him a stronger connection to magic then many creatures, unfortunately in his case, it only makes magic more effective against him and does not aid him in the use of magic.


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Empire of Dragons
Overview: Ventali is a large planet which orbits a gas giant. It has an average surface temperature of 31c and a radius of a little over 9300km. The planet is a rich planet of many minerals and usable ores hidden within its crust. On the planet, all life is reliant on a crystal only found on Ventali known as Primal Dust. This Dust are physical crystals that radiate magical elemental energy which all life on the planet needs to consume to survive. These crystals are found practically everywhere in all shapes and sizes, to being microscopic grains of dust like particles that are mixed in with dirt, sand, soil, water that is absorbed by plants, to crystals and mineral veins mined up from deep inside mountains and quarries. Every plant and animal on Ventalia needs Primal Dust to survive and it is due to this consumption that the animals and plants are all rich in magical energies and can call upon this energy in many different ways in the form of breath attacks, energy pulses, summoning primal spirits and even regrowing entire limbs and organs in the case of some species. The most prominant species are known as the Wyrms, a reptilian race who had scratched the surface when exploiting their planet's unique resource. Primal Dust is used to fertilize soil, treat water and heal injuries while Primal Crystals are used to reinforce weapons and armor, carved into jewelry and currency, and with the right nohow, one can create what are known as Primal Cores, which radiate energies which can be used to power vehicles, weapons and buildings.

Gravity: Ventali's gravity is around 4gs. because of this the life form that evolved on Ventali tended to be larger and stronger to be able to survive underneath the heavy gravity, with most being able to glide or fly as the simply fall on earth can lead to death on Ventali.

Sentient Life: Ventali's only known sentient life is a species known as the Wyrms. The Wyrms are a reptilian wyvern-like race who have a lot of variations between each individuals, but usually have similar characteristics, specifically being around 8ft tall and roughly 20ft long, with long extended necks, clawed feet, strong tails, and being capable of flight using between 2-4 powerful wings. Wyrms live in vast city states known as Broods, which is a collection of tens of thousands of related and similar looking Wyrms. Due to the nature of the planet and the magical energies of the Primal Dust, no two Wyrms Broods are the same as the Primal Energies mutate and change each generation slightly, even if children Broods come from the same parent Brood. This rate of mutation per generation has since stabilized as the Wyrms became masters of their own planet, but every so often a mutation might arise and a group of children might not look exactly like either parents.
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@Enki : Okay. So society on board the New Heaven (unless i'm misunderstanding you) differs from normal in that most of the "high tech stuff" goes to interpreting the ship itself. The monastery seers use mostly magic to "communicate" with the vessel, while others, outside the monastery, form a rudimentary economy/community to support the monastery, which is basically a medieval village of passengers waiting to arrive at the Promise land, help however they can. They primarily exist because the monks are benevolent and to supply the regular crew with a sense of 'home'. This is all possible because the parts of the ship that people live in is a GIANT bubble of land like a dyson sphere from star trek (land surrounding a point of light). The rest of the ship is generally not habitable; anyone whose ever entered died of radiation poisoning.
That... did not answer my question.

As we get to make our planets from which our characters are from I want you to imagine this: A planet has steampunk tech that runs on magic instead of coal and oil. Imagine that workers have no rights, as they often do when industrialization begins. How would this fact that magic is used to fuel different machineries make the lives of workers with no rights different from what they were in our world? How much more better/worse would life be? I plan on doing a character coming from a planet where a pseudo-communist revolution happened due to the lack of workers' rights and my character had to flee and ended up on New Heaven, with an eventual goal of returning back and reverting the changes and damages that my character and others of the same or higher social standing experienced.

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Here is my character sheet, what do you think?


Age: 25 (elves are able to get around 200 years old but, those who are able to bind with a nature spirit tend to live longer up to 300 years or sometimes 400 years. They reach maturity around the same time humans do)

Sex: female

Race: Elf

World of Racial Origin (You may or may not have been on the New Heaven your whole life, but what planet does your race hail from?): Florinia

General Description of Homeland:
Florina is a relatively small planet that is mostly covered with lush forests. It is mostly around 15 degrees Celsius during the day at the poles of the planet and around 30 at the equator. Elves have adapted to live everywhere at the planet. Near the equator, most elves have darker skin, hair and eye colour. There are multiple other animals and plants roaming the planet depending on the environment and distance of the equator
Besides temperature, there are three main types of environment, the mountain areas, the oceans with the islands and the bigger masses of lands. The mountains areas tend to be a bit colder and the elves living there also tend to be smaller than those on lower attitudes. In the middle of the bigger masses of land, there tend to be less rain and then the areas nearer the oceans. (like our own planet) The only real difference with the island is that those are more deserted.
There are a couple of large elf kingdoms who live up in the trees. They basically have giant castles build into the trees. These castles are built around seven giant trees and a whole lot of smaller trees and are most common at the mainland. In the mountains, there are more elves who have adopted a more nomadic lifestyle.
The elves mostly live in harmony with the trees as much as possible. They are able to bind to a spirit. However, not everyone is able to that. Those who can often times get seen as leaders and have a big amount of power.

Being a bit taller than 5 feet, Vanya is relatively small especially for the area she came from. She is also skinny. What makes her look younger than she actually is. She has a dark brown skin colour and black curly hair. She has relative big eyes dark brown eyes. They are not bigger than human eyes are though. She does have the more pointed ears of the elves but, apart from that she just looks like a very attractive human.
She does take an effort in how she looks. Using it to gain a bit more status and respect from other people.

Vanya grew up in one of the tree castles near the equator on the mainland as the daughter of the main priest. She was the eldest and was a big candidate to become the next one in line. She had spent most of her life working on her magic. At this point pupils weren’t bound to a nature spirit but, they were learned to contact them.
When it was her turn to have the ceremony at age 16 and be bound with a nature spirit, she failed to bound with a spirit. This in one day downgraded her in rank. She was allowed to stay at the temples but, wasn’t more than a maid. Doing tasks like cleaning and preparing food. Before she had done things like this as well but, who were once her equals now looked down on her. Even the ones she had called friends. As for the other servants they also didn’t saw her as equal either because after all she was still the daughter of the high priest. As a result she never really belonged anywhere.
When the vessel of gods visited her planet she joined in the hope to find a place where she wasn’t an outcast.

Finding a way to live a purposeful life and to find a group were people were she belong. Basically to say it shortly to find a home.

Strengths (list at most 2):
-Due to her size and the fact she is quick on her feet makes her very good at hiding.
-She is quick to react to problems trying to find a solution ( but, prioritising those is a different story)
-She has some magic. When there are plants nearby she can ask them for help.

Weaknesses (list at least 2)
- She finds it difficult to trust other people and has problems with sharing her emotions.
- She can come over as quite bitter from time to time.
-Sometimes she tends to point her direction on small less important tasks to avoid doing dealing with the big problem.


@Blue winter rose : Your character sheet looks good. Thanks!

Oohh.. Now I think I understand. Sorry.
There's very little universal rules regarding magic to alter how a industrial system would function, mainly that the more magic is channeled the more potent effect it could have, and the more exhausting it is for the wizard channeling.
As for your scenario, I would say their would be little functional difference. MAYBE the work sites are cleaner, but magic is meant to be done differently everywhere, so I really want it to be up to you, and whatever is most convenient to your characters bio.


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Here is the character I'm going to use and I posted the species a bit earlier. Are they ok and do you want me to edit this post so that they're grouped together?

Name: Altathe
Age: 117 (A Young Male. Wyrms reach adulthood at the age of 65, and has a life expectancy of 500)
Sex: Male
Race: Wyrm
World of Racial Origin: Ventali
General Description of Homeland: Ventali is a large planet with high gravity, around 4g. Many life forms tend to be large and bulky, with the ability to glide or fly. It has a variety of climates and environments with a rich mineral content and a unique energy source known as Primal Dust. The Primal Dust allows the planetary ecosystem to be in constant. Due to this constant shift, the planet can look completely different after only 2000 years and planetary maps are constantly being updated as mountains sometimes spontaneously rise from the ground, and entire jungles blossom overnight.
Description: Altathe is roughly 21ft long and stands low to the ground at roughly 4ft high, but with his neck and head raised, he came be roughly 7ft high. Altathe is part of the Venom Brood, with green scaly skin, a set of reptilian sails that start from his head and runs down his neck, a pair of leathery green wings with a wingspan of 28ft that can be used as arms and hands, two powerful legs, two clawed feet, a spiked lashing tail, snake like fang, and the ability to breath foul smelling corroding acid from venom sacks located in his neck.
Biography: Altathe is a young bright eyed Wyrm, a bit naive but good mannered and well meaning. He used to be a guard, but after a few decades of being nothing more then a beat cop, Altathe had a wanderlust that wasn't easily quenched. He wanted to explore outside of his relatively small planet and gave up this family name, brood rights and profession to become a security officer of the Monastery ship.
Motivations: Altathe simply wants to explore and discover. He was tired of the calm and boring life within his brood and wanted to see what else was out there, outside the atmosphere of his reletively limited constantly changing ecosystem.
-Due to Ventali's gravity, Altathe is much stronger then a person, being able to carry around 300lb without much issue and drag around 500lb.
-Altathe's biology gives him various abilities that can be rather beneficial to him, such as the ability to spew acidic venom, flight and experience working in 3d environments, and rapid healing bordering and limited regeneration.
-Due to the reliance on Primal Energies found only on Ventali that every plant and animal requires to survive, Altathe can only eat food that has been exported from his home planet.
-Due to his large size, Ventali can be rather clumsy in small quarters and is somewhat claustrophobic and might have some difficulties entering tight places.
-His age means that the Wyrm is somewhat naive and doesn't have the wisdom or experience most other people his biological age might have.
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Hm... I like what you got, Chel, but there is one thing that stands out to me: Can Altathe only eat what's found on Ventali? Infrastructure doesn't really exist to shuttle food back and forth, is my thought. Didn't you mention Primal Energy can be extracted from Ventali Plants - Maybe he grows supplementary Primal energy on the ship? (there's lots of space in the living quarters, it's a whole bio-sphere)


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Hm... I like what you got, Chel, but there is one thing that stands out to me: Can Altathe only eat what's found on Ventali? Infrastructure doesn't really exist to shuttle food back and forth, is my thought. Didn't you mention Primal Energy can be extracted from Ventali Plants - Maybe he grows supplementary Primal energy on the ship? (there's lots of space in the living quarters, it's a whole bio-sphere)
Altathe can eat other foods, he just needs Primal Energy for his body to function properly. The plants contain primal energy, but only because the plants absorb the energy from the ground. However it is possible to bring in hydroponics to grow crops using water treated with Primal Dust, assuming the ship has enough space for a small one.