Vessel of the gods (Space Fantasy Exploration RP)


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Hey guys! Sorry; I see now that their are some questions I missed. What you did was fine, @Blue winter rose , absolutely.
@Enki : I'm not certainly opposed to the idea for the character as she is, just so long as firing her gun is held back by scarcity of material, or perhaps if it was not inherently superior to all other weapons. Which of those is up to you, really.

Anyways, been meaning to post for days but been pretty busy/distracted. Expect something from my IC tomorrow morning, though!
Mhm. How about this: She can use her rifle 4 times per each gem. She has about... 6 gems, one of which is in her gun and two she took with her. So she has 12 shots to use right now. I plan on sparing the last gem for a crafting session where she uses it to craft an enchanted artifacts that serves some other purpose than offensive.


Hey guys... Sadly, I am here with bad news. I am going to be busy this week with family, as something came up and I will be too busy to really give this the participation it deserves. I'm sorry guys, but this means that I'll need to put this on hiatus for a little while util things cool down.