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Vessel of the gods

Discussion in 'Fantasy' started by Lazzamore, May 29, 2019.

  1. Lazzamore

    Lazzamore WAAAAAAAAAAAGH!!!

    The people of New Heaven woke up that morning to a dark sky and cold air. It was not early, and it should not be wintertime (even if it was, this was still rather cold.) No, the days were growing shorter, and the air colder. Every day a little more.

    Three pillars loomed overhead: a faint, pale light flickered from them to make the morning air tolerable. The inside of the ship was an inverted sphere, land on the sides with gravity pushing out.

    Outside the temple-city was dusty fields and plateaus stretching up and out into the clouded sky. Greyish brown with sand was it. “It used to be green once,” the elders would remark “Brighter than the moss on the temple-cities walls that provide the air. Ah, the days were longer, brighter, and warmer, then. Those were the days.”
    By Mid-day the sun-pillars were fully lit, but somehow still strangely dim. It had never been this dark before. The people gathered outside the gates to the Inner Sanctum, with the seers and monks lived, to hear the address from the Grand Master himself. Dread and panic were in the air around the people, then Grand Master Typhera spoke.

    “My People! my Brothers and Sisters! Friends and Parents and Children!” He cried. The air grew silent. “I have terrible news. I ask only for your courage against what I am about to tell you. the New Heaven is wounded! She and spoken to me to inform me of her wounds and asked for our help! We – Yes, I – have been betrayed. Arhibin the Master, and my friend, has for reason unknown to us attacked the new Heaven and tore away pieces of our ship. Today he and his team of traitors escaped custody to a nearby world, and only he knows where the New Heavens pieces have been sent.”

    “But know that I mean not to dismay you, no... I mean to muster you to show courage and love and to protect your home! We will soon have a portal to this strange world opened, and I need all of you contribute to our survival – For our voyage will not end today! No, Today I muster all of you in our landing parties and then some, and all volunteers, to go to this planet and find Arhibin, alive. Do this, and take heart, for by our courage, we will repair New Heaven!”

    As Typhera finished his speech, Monks began calling names for able bodied crewmembers to join the regular ground-teams, to hunt Arhibin down and capture him. Today, if you are not already in a Ground-team, you will be: They just called your name.
  2. ChelonianCommander

    ChelonianCommander Strength of Steel, Will of Iron

    Altathe was busy harvesting and preparing the rest of his food supplies for the month. The young man was a shoo in to be part of the ground team. He was part of the security detachment and with his natural strengths and advantages, he was a clear choice to take on this manhunt. The largest downside however would be the amount of time Altathe can spend on the planet. The Wyrm needed food from his native home in order to survive, specifically his homeworld's special energy to keep his body functioning and with a limited supply of his own personal foodstuffs to go around on planet, he'll have maybe two weeks, maybe three if he rationed it properly. He would either need to bring his own food, or have his food delivered to him weekly.

    Once the wyrm had his affairs in order, he flew over to the meeting point of the ground teams, looking around to see if anyone else was already there.
  3. Mizzrym

    Mizzrym Active Member

    Watching the Empty-skins rattle about with their declaration to hunt this debaser Arhibin Naivk thinks about would madness had to occur to harm this otherworldly ship only to have his thought derailed as he hears his name yelled out, A strange open mouth grin unfolds from his jagged face.

    "Yes, yes, Uiva-Jiybal-Naivk gets to go too! Joy, smile joy. Smile means good" he bellows out in a dry hiss as he shambles up in his bi-peddle guise. Venting his teeth close-mouth open smile that was smashed by his tongue as he slugged words out at the monk who gave an uneasy but profession smile as he informed Naivk of what and where's of this man hunt but any questioning of what had happen got answered with meaningless words. Naivk thought *was good smile, smile was good. Naivk, you so good at job.* Jerking suddenly a full one eighty but only with his upper half surely bothering those at his back.

    His head fills with thoughts of those who he would meet, surely this time he could make some valued friend-types and grasp a better understanding of the "civil" world of these empty skins. Rushing to his home, a fleshy pit with a normal house shell on the outside and gathering some basic gear. Of the gear an main arm Phrouk and a side arm he called only "orb". Phrouk was long and heavy rifle, it had a single smooth side with a clear barrel of shorts before the smooth white bone like top pushed into hard flesh like the gums of a mouth that fitted teeth so tightly compressed that they made a small edge at the end of the rifle but as they got closer to the stock they got more flat and blunt, Orb on the other hand looked like a large spider that was held by its abdomen with its legs and fangs pointed out. While Phrouk was a bit more static Orb squirmed as it was at his side hidden under his robes, with both having a hint of "its alive" to them.

    With a bit to much zeal he rushed over to the meeting spot opting to go over objects in his path if able rather than around, getting closer to the meet point he slowly turns his wild tendril fueled dash to a more normal bi-peddle one but forgets to much his fake leg work with a fake sway making him look as if he was peddling an unicycle while being perfectly balanced, just gliding along happy as can be with his grim mug silently screaming with the terror of his open mouth and "Friendly" smile.

    Spotting a rather large creature looking about he sends out a poorly rehearsed wave mixed with his strange smile to the wyrm but while he just wanted to wave the smell of some sort of corrosive chemical that came from this wyrm reminds him of home making him naturally gravitate closer as he eye balled those others that would come.
  4. Shadras

    Shadras Illogical

    Kota’s message was delivered directly, having not attended the calling. Such was the respect the order gave him, as he looked out into the fading light. Though, the message came as a pleasant surprise. After all, they usually left him alone in his chamber. Content to let him weave clothing and provide him with bolts of cloth or thread to form garments for his fellow voyagers. He smiled, graciously, at the message. Truly, it was a kindness to be deployed on such a mission. Although, much of it didn’t come as a surprise. The lights had been dimming for awhile now. It was something he paid attention to. The fading light and the dying grass.

    Still, the fact that there was a betrayal in the first place was…disconcerting. He wondered what could have driven Arhibin and his followers to lose faith. Or maybe they never had faith. It was a matter for thought, that was certain. For now, he decided not to dwell on the matter and focused on the planet. While he kept it behind a calm demeanor, as he asked after the conditions on the planet, Kota was quite excited for it. A chance to be under a real sun, with a true sky. Certainly, it was claimed that the ship they voyaged on was just as good as a planet, but Kota had always felt that there was something off about the ship. As if it lacked that needed piece to truly feel like a home.

    After obtaining details of the planet, he packed the adequate clothing and food in a light rucksack and made his way to the meeting place.
  5. ChelonianCommander

    ChelonianCommander Strength of Steel, Will of Iron

    The Wyrm looks around and saw that two of the people who he will work with on this mission and 'smiled' at them both. Altathe couldn't really smile as his jaws were unable to perform such motions, but he bear his teeth in what could be considered a smile for his people. He didn't know the two much, as he spent most of his off time tending to his Hydroponics, but he knew their names. Kota the human and Uiza-Jiybal-Naivk the...something. Kota seemed easy enough to get to know when it came down it it. He looked like a hairless version of the apes found in the Sun Brood's territories, except he was smarter and, to his knowledge, didn't have the ability to completely regenerate lost limbs and organs. Naivk however was...a mixed bag. The creature seemed nice, but was completely alien to him and unnerved him with how many...features he had. Altathe was no stranger to strange beings, having lived in the corrosive swamps which many Broods of the Venom genome lived in, but even he was a bit unnerved at how strange Naivk looked.

    When Naivk smiled at him, or at least what he thought was smiling, Altathe smiled back, or at least smiled as best he could. Despite his feelings towards Naivk and Kota, he would need to work together with them both so his own personal feelings would need to be placed aside. He walked up to the two and and bowed his head. "Greetings both. I assume you're both here to find the people who stole from the ship?" He asked as he raised his head from the bow.
  6. Blue winter rose

    Blue winter rose Active Member

    Vanya woke up, rolled up in a multitude of blankets. It was colder much colder than she was used to and it wasn't even winter yet. She was only there for a short period of time and had no idea if this normal. Although she had heard the whispers. She turned around, it was still dark likely midnight still. Sleepy she lit a light and held up to see the clock. For a moment she didn't believe what she saw. No way it was that late already, the clock must be broken.

    She got up and walked up to the clock to make sure it was still working. Outside she heard noice. Maybe her clock was right? Quickly she got herself into some clothes and walked outside to hear the man announcing better. Her heart sank, a traitor. The planet was dying. But she wasn't going to let that happen. Not now she had find a place she could call home or at least a place that didn't actively pushed her out. The girl ran up to the meeting place as quick as she could. She had been part of the ground teams already and didn't need to be called up.
  7. Enki

    Enki Basileus kai autokratōr Rhomaiōn

    Alexia stood there among the others at the time of the alarm and announcement. She spent half of her time as the blacksmith on the ship, repairing differing metal items along with what ever else is needed. The other time she worked with ground-teams that needed to do some stealth or scouting, as her keen eyes helped in the situation. After working today as a blacksmith for the last four hours or so she had a small lunch break of 20 minutes going on right now so she decided to go for a jog, which granted her the chance to make it to the announcement in time. 'Oh... This is bad.' Alexia thought to herself as she heard the announcement and then soon made her way to her room to open her locker that had her equipment in. She took her weapon, along with one wizcore for both pockets as spares.

    Alexia soon rushed back to the room where people's names were called, and she was just in time for her to be called. She walked up to the group of four people as she saluted them with a small wave of her hand.''Reporting for duty. Ready for what awaits us?'' She asked from the four others.
  8. Horicabu

    Horicabu lil Imp

    The New Heaven, above all things, reeked of age. The grass, the soil, even the stone and metal that ran far beyond the colorless walls, all carried time's harsh touch. This the Seven Stacked Stones understood, and the pondering of such dwelled long in their thoughts. Yes, the pondering of many things filled their every moment. The nature of New Heaven, the consideration of the Grounded's rites of sociality. Even the nature of magic itself, which the Grounded found most useful. Azai was happy to share their knowledge and pondering, which they did. Often. Perhaps the Grounded saw Seven Stacked Stones as wise. Or senile. Sometimes, they look one and the same.

    When they weren't busy instructing the Maglings on the manipulation of space and time, Azai holed themselves up in the hollow of a particularly old tree, and reminisced on bygone times. It had been many a long circle crossed since the days of Ka'ha Nui, where Seven Stacked Stones would spend many thoughts on material matters. Though they loved the New Heaven, it was undeniable that-

    "Azai Dou Ot has been selected!" Blared the Grounded shaman.

    ...it was undeniable that Seven Stacked Stones was now on the ground team, and now the Seven Stacked Stones loved the New Heaven a little less.

    Now the Grounded were doing their salutary rites...and, by the Trees, curling their mouths at each other! One of them even waggled their tongue at them!

    "Lo, me?! Ready to leave my beloved elm? Must they select even the elders for this iresome job?" Azai cried, flying in a tight circle. "I would daresay of all here, I am most nary!"
  9. Mizzrym

    Mizzrym Active Member

    Gaunt eyes lick long the stride of the countless aliens that slowly mass to the meeting spot with the as he squirms with joy to meet them but paused to the greeting of Altathe, With a loud creek of bone as he snaps his head around to face the wyrm dragging his body long with it. Arms open wide as if he was praising the sun while taking a step closer.

    "Uiza-Jiybal-Naivk Greets... "

    stopping to fact check his thoughts.

    " ...Wyrm-Adult?-Al Ta thhhhe ? Human-Adult-Kota"

    His barbed tongue uncoiling out of his mouth stressing that T-H sound.

    "Naivk hopes he spoke truth of long-scale-friend Al...ta...thhHhhe…."

    his face dents with stress, wanting to move on in topic he raddle off the follow up.

    "Ah...hah...Navik has heard not of the reasons why for actions of the Arhibin-person, has not asked the questions yet. Arhibin-person turned hand but no details known...will ask, must tell us right? What reason would there be to lie or keep from those that would defend home?"

    Shaking his head side to side as he spoke with the active swing of his hands almost bumping into Koto who gave him some what of a spook as he slide back with the extended reach of tendrils. " Sorry, not see. speaking to long-lizard." Turning to Altathe with the glow of approval, was it a compliment? None could say. Speaking as he refits himself between the other two

    "thoughts on time-now, Human-Adult-Kota?"
  10. ChelonianCommander

    ChelonianCommander Strength of Steel, Will of Iron

    Some more people arrived at the meet up spot and Altathe was put off by how strangely Navik greeted him. Was the creature dying? Or was this common throughout his species? The wyrm wondered, but he simply smiled back and replied as best he could. "Yes, I'm 117 years old. Is...that old for your kind because I reached adulthood about 52 years ago...it's uh...it's nice talking to you. I got to go....talk to someone else now." He said and walked over to one of the new arrivals, the pointed eared elf that had hurried over.

    "Uh....hi. I know you don't know me, but....do you mind at least pretending to talk to me. I'm....sort of avoiding someone right now." He asks her. Like most others, he towered over her and looked more like an animal then an intelligent creature. Without the ability to speak, then he might have been considered as such as the stench of venom and toxic chems wafted from his mouth.
    Last edited: Jun 7, 2019
  11. Blue winter rose

    Blue winter rose Active Member

    Vanya did a step back as the giant dragon kind of creature came in her direction. She still wasn't used to creatures like that being able to talk or at creatures like that in general. There were dragons at her planet but, mostly in stories and they likely died out a long time ago. Although some people claim they have seen one. The first time she had caught a glimpse of them he nearly had peed her pants.

    "I kind of want to hear if there are further orders," Vanya said as she tried turned away from the creature in an attempt not to breathe in whatever he was exhaling.
  12. Lazzamore

    Lazzamore WAAAAAAAAAAAGH!!!

    As the day grew a touch colder and the light shifted to a more red hue (a sign of evening), Three dust folk men, two wearing garb of high-ranking Seers and the third a Monk, opened a nearby door to the inner sanctum and exited to the courtyard in which these six ground team members found themselves.

    The meeting rooms were small; roughly 20 feet squares with no roofs and spartan, slate walls, and two doors on opposite corners (one of which led to the inner sanctum, apparently.) the Monk stepped forward as the two Seer's began murmuring and placing their hands on one wall, channeling some kind of magic through it to awaken something as the wall started to vibrate softly. The Monk spoke: "Hello! Nanu! Welcome! Mayo-Kaw!" He shouted these various culture's greetings a little too happily. "Are we so VERY ready?!" he asked, punctuating the question with a punch into the air and a broad smile "I know I am! I am Brother Drom! My friends here are firing up your portal," Drom gestures to the Seers "...gonna take you all the way to the planet we believe Arhibin escaped to! OH! But I gotta 'brief you on the mission' first!" he heartily guffawed at that.

    "The world down there we know has breathable air, water, and an ecosystem. What we don't know is just about anything else - Isn't that fun?! - because of some form of fog all over it that's obviously magic in nature, so you can bet it'll be exciting!" You can almost see him trying to spin the situation into good news. "My superiors tell me to give you these..." He hands the new team of six palm sized stones, one for each of them "They're to tell us if your still alive - an unused precaution, i'm sure! - and if you ever need to communicate, just say your team's name - 'Red Serpent' -into it, and you can talk directly to me, to let me know in the unlikely and unfortunate event you'll need rescuing or Arhibin turns out to already be dead. Of course, if that happens we'll all dead me..." Drom stopped himself from his rambling, realizing he's saying something probably unhelpful. He never stopped smiling, though.

    Drom went through various other guidelines and safety warnings, plus basic advice that was simply rehashing what they teach all who join the New Heaven. Finally, he proclaimed it would be an hour before the portal opened, but he would remain to answer questions.
    Blue winter rose likes this.
  13. Mizzrym

    Mizzrym Active Member

    Rocking his phrouk rifle about as he shambles over to greet Vanya but stops as she reacts to the large creature that was Altathe, with a growling hum he fixes up his robes and better hide him away and opts to just give silent wave. The same given to those others that would fold in.

    These would be monks came as the day died, listening to them explain the details Naivk grew more and more itchy with movement and restless squirming that may bother any one else to close to him. Listening, listening, talk talk talk but no information on what this man we were to hunt down. The up beat tone of the monk came off as condescending or maybe as if he was speaking to idiot-Non-Jibyals, Whatever it was this tone of confused joy for a matter so grim as accused betrayal was disrespectful through his eyes making the crime and the weight of whatever was done seem light. He waited in this state of growing aggression till this Drom would stop speaking, when he did in physically rose himself coiling tendrils in or around whatever was in front of him to make it out in front however before he spat out his questions he paused for a second silently thinking *must be kind, bleak-flesh creatures don't like aggressive tone...must...hold...*

    His size melts back into the heavy folds of his robes as he spoke with a clear under tone of aggression but its direction did not seem to be at Drom but rather that lack of key information.
    "Dust-Adult-Drom, given much yes but not core, what has creature Arhibin done? taken? What has he done to home to harm it so? We must know the nature of what we hunt so that we hunt it keen-like"

    shaking his head up and down while a flush eye gawks to the odd stone, from under his robes a small tendril reached out and coiled around one of the stones and shot back under.

    Lifting his head with a grunt and bellows out with hands held high "And drop to planet to look over whole body?! have you some idea where ? no support? air ? you lock down planet and make us scan or maybe remove fog? Uiva-Jiybal-Naivk has much to know as much was left out...Sorry for tone, Naivk just..." claws roll along their knuckles "...eager."
  14. Shadras

    Shadras Illogical

    Kota idly wondered how most anyone knew his name, least of all this Uiza-Jiybal-Naivk. Being a recluse, he didn't very much meet people. See them, certainly. One could hardly not, when one lived by a window. But, meeting them was, generally, an entirely different entity as fabrics and clothes he sold were handled by someone else entirely. He lightly stepped out of the way as Naivk stumbled, nullifying his need for an apology completely, and observed how discomforted the dragonkind, Alathe if Naivk was correct, and swoop off. A shame, he thought, surely there is nothing particularly wrong with Uiza-Jiybal-Navik. After all, the vessel was one of tolerance and learning to understand. One could no do that unless one first simply accepted that the universe was full of differing customs. Certainly, Kota knew he wasn't one to talk when it came to social activities, but he had yet to turn away a visitor from his humble home.

    "I imagine soon, Uiza-Jiybal-Naivk," he began, then the monks came out, "ah, here they are." However, what they spoke was not to his liking. Vague and too upbeat, though not an iota of his discomfort revealed itself on his face. Beyond the mention of the fog itself, there was little to no new information on the situation. Kota didn't trust this, nor how much they were rushing into the chase with, perhaps, only these six people. Little to no preparation, a strange planet that they believed Arhibin had fled to. Lastly was Dorn, with positivity as the fog he talked. Something was off. Something was up. Something that felt to be a bit more than Arhibin. He didn't bother to demand for answers, not yet. For now, Kota simply decided to keep an eye on it all.
  15. Enki

    Enki Basileus kai autokratōr Rhomaiōn

    Alexia took the stone and looekd at it, thinking to herself as she tried to memorize the code name for the communication. ''...Red Serpent, you say? Alright.'' She said as she pocketed the gem soon afterwards. ''You mentioned something about a fog that's magical. Do you happen to know if it's, y'know, harmful to us? Like will inhaling it hurt us ever so slowly or if it works as an anti-magic field of sorts?'' She asked as she stood there. She was concerned that this previously mentioned Arhibin may have, on purpose, chose to hide in this world due to its fog.
  16. Blue winter rose

    Blue winter rose Active Member

    Vanya listened to the man carefully, taking up every little detail. The tone of the man annoyed her endlessly. What was the point hiding that this mission was dangerous? Everyone already knew it would be. It was about life and death for this planet, most would be willing to put their lives at stake for that right. Still, the way he talked made her feel like he was holding something back for them. Something more than the things he did a clumsy attempt of keeping a secret. There has to be a reason he somehow keeps that a secret, it was not that they were already panicked.

    She took over the stone and moved her fingers over its surface. Before she put it safely away, making sure she wouldn't lose it. "Is there anything more we need to know about Arhibin or that planet, a weakness, the native population, the status of the planet?" she asked for more information.
  17. ChelonianCommander

    ChelonianCommander Strength of Steel, Will of Iron

    It seems that they if anyone knew anything about the planet, it was only the bare minimum or they were hiding whatever else they could know. Other then that, the group were going in practically blind. Find by him really. It wasn't like his own home planet gave up its secrets willingly. What bothered him was how they treated the news with some feigned excitement. It felt...unnatural to they Wyrm. Almost like they didn't expect them to come back alive. Upon getting the stones, Altathe looked over when the other members of Red Serpent began to ask questions of the planet. He decides to speak up for the monks. "If they knew anything else, I'm sure they would tell us. Otherwise we'll have to learn about the planet on the fly. Personally I think it would be better if we ask about what kind of support we'll be receiving and the hierarchy of the squad, like who will be the leader, second, medical, and such positions."

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