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1x1 Vortex Theory

Discussion in 'Convergence In-Character Forums' started by Atomic Knight, Nov 5, 2017.

  1. Atomic Knight

    Atomic Knight Bear With Me The Convergence Series GM


    Victoria Chase was pissed.

    How could she not be? How was she expected to continue her life like nothing totally fucked up had happened? Her parents breathed down her neck constantly, expecting her to maintain the near-perfect GPA she had practically killed herself up to this point to maintain. Now the stress was suffocating, and Victoria couldn't deal with the fact that everything had changed. Everything.

    Max was gone. Victoria hadn't even liked her much, but knowing what had happened to her in that strange dream world was enough to keep her up at night. That girl was the last person Victoria expected to be this upset about. She sometimes broke down, finding tears on her cheeks and images of that rope around Max's neck flashing through her head.

    Even worse was Nathan, who had also mysteriously disappeared. What the hell, Victoria kept thinking to herself. What was up with that? He hadn't been a part of that nightmare at all, and yet he had disappeared just as seamlessly as Max had, leaving a void in Victoria's life that she didn't think she could ever replace.

    No one even seemed to care. Barely anyone knew Max, and Nathan was hardly very well liked. Like Rachel Amber before them, their disappearance seemed a minor blip in Arcadia Bay life. Was this karma? Victoria had been happy in a way that Rachel had disappeared, but all this...? This was just too much.

    Perhaps strangest of all was the changes Victoria wasn't minding. She had somehow made friends during that awful incident, and they had so wonderfully decided to crash the party that was her life. Diana had needed a place to live and Victoria wasn't able to turn to her parents or the bitches at Blackwell for help, so she found help in the unlikeliest of places-- Kate Marsh, the girl who Victoria helped ruin the life of.

    She'd visited Kate in the hospital and somehow the girl said she forgave her. At the time, it had made Victoria so flustered that she could barely deal with it, but when she needed support, she knew just who could give it to her without judgment. Kate's family was pretty cool, and they probably felt bad themselves, so when Kate pretended Diana was a friend of hers who needed a bed... well, Diana was right at home.

    Then came Stiles, which had been so much harder to explain.

    How Kate didn't hate Victoria's guts was beyond her, but Kate pulled through and now Victoria's friends from other dimensions were living with the girl she once bullied.

    ... So freaking weird.

    "Stiles," Victoria said to herself one early morning, "please pick up the phone." Thanks to some kind of multiversal group, Stiles managed to get his cell phone working in Victoria's world, which allowed Victoria to thankfully not think about it much. She was phoning him at the crack of dawn before she had even started her morning rituals because she needed someone to talk to. As a boy who seemed to like her, Victoria figured he would have minded less than Diana.​
  2. Lucky

    Lucky Gay Panic

    Mieczyslaw 'Stiles' Stilinski was wide awake.

    How could he not be? It was hard enough sleeping with his ADHD, but even harder after all the things that he had gone through. He had lived through a world where he met his new friends, but had also watched countless people be murdered. He had come back to a base where the same thing happen and things got even worse. After living through two events like that, sleep was hard, next to impossible for the young man.

    To add on top of that fact, Beacon Hills had become a ghost town. Nobody who he ever knew was left there. No Lydia, no Malia, No Melissa, no dad, none of them. They were all scattered across the multiverse, either still missing or helping the organization that Scott and him had left behind due to conflicting differences on everything that had gone down there.

    To add on topic of that fact, he knew that out there in the world was the void version of himself. The nogitsune who had appeared in his nightmares back in the Coalition base. There was only one problem, unlike everyone else's, his and Scott were real and they had disappeared. He worried what they were doing out there.

    The thing that worried him about this was that Scott was the least worried of all of this. He had been the one who had gotten Stiles to calm down about the situation. Of course, it may have been Scott's True Alpha that had gotten him to calm down, but he didn't want to dwell on that fact for too long, least he feel bad.

    Of course, with most things, some changes weren't so bad. Arcadia Bay was a nice place, even if it wasn't his first home. It had grown on him and he did like being able to still be able to be close to the people who he had become friends with over the course of his nightmarish adventures. He felt good that Scott, Diana and Victoria were all there and that he could talk to them about the things they had experienced.

    It was good to have reminders of these things and he did still have the journal that Wanda had carried and he had turned into his own. He knew he should have given it to the Coalition, but he wasn't about to trust when he had first arrived and he was right about not trusting them after that whole internal fight they had had. He tapped his pencil, debating what to write in the journal. There was so much to write about.

    Where should he even start about his feelings now that he was safe?

    It may have been cleared if he had actually slept the night before or had a board to organize his thought. Or taken his Adderall. All of those may have helped him to focus.

    .... It was too late for that now though.

    Stiles put his pencil down when he heard his phone ring. He answered it quickly, so that he wouldn't wake up Scott, Diana or anyone else in the house. He knew only one person who would call this early in the morning. Victoria Chase. He answered the phone, as he debated how to start a conversation with her. He decided to go with the best way to start any conversation. " Hey, how are you?" He asked. He already knew her answer, but it would be rude to not at least ask.

    @Atomic Knight
  3. Atomic Knight

    Atomic Knight Bear With Me The Convergence Series GM

    "Fine," she said, deliberately gruff. She sighed loudly through the phone, falling back onto her bed to stare up at the ceiling. "I didn't sleep much. Again. And you'd think it would be easy considering how fucking quiet it's been around here lately--" Victoria paused to make a frustrated noise. "I don't want to go to class today."

    Victoria paused then, mind swimming with drowsiness and defeat. She needed to go to class, or else her parents would kill her, but she didn't want to go to class because she had a class with Mr. Jefferson, who she did not want to see. It was so stupid. Victoria liked photography. Hell, she probably could say she loved it, considering all the work she put into it. Why did it have to be like this?


    "Listen, today's going to suck, so can you maybe stop by Blackwell today and keep my company? You know, moral support? Maybe bring Diana too, if she's up for it." Diana had been to the school a few times, but there wasn't much for a non-student to do around here. Victoria just... needed people around her whose names weren't Taylor or Courtney. "I don't know if Kate plans to come back to school anytime soon, so don't bug her about this, okay?"
  4. Lucky

    Lucky Gay Panic

    Stiles knew that when she sighed loudly that she was not okay. It was something he had learned a long time ago. "Join the club, I can't remember the last time I slept either- I spend many nights awake either remembering how things used to be or thinking about those ... those...I don't even know what to call them, calling them events seems wrong."

    He wished he could be a greater comforter or even go to class with her. He had wanted to transfer to Blackwell, but it's kind of hard to prove you passed classes and have a good GPA when your school doesn't exist in the universe that you happen to be in. He wondered what he could say to make her want to go to class or for that matter, make her feel better. It would probably be the same thing that made him feel better.


    Stiles looked on the floor as she listened to what she had to say. " Sure, I can do that. I really don't have anything planned to do today and Scott's been looking into getting a job with the vet since he is so good with animals," he replied, looking at the journal and tossing it to the side. "I didn't really plan on tell her about it. I might mention it to her parents if they ask where I am going, but I might not," he replied back to her, feeling kind of good about being honest with her.
  5. Atomic Knight

    Atomic Knight Bear With Me The Convergence Series GM

    "Stiles, I..."

    Victoria paused for a long moment, long enough to forget why she even suddenly said his name. It was just something about this strange situation. In no time at all, her life was completely backward and nothing made sense. What was she supposed to do? "... Um, okay, just meet me in Blackwell's parking lot in thirty minutes or something. You can get ready that quickly, right? The earlier we meet, the less likely I am to go off the edge, got it?" She said it like that as a joke, but it certainly didn't sound like one. Today was shaping up to be one of those days.

    "Anyway, you're talking kind of quietly... I can not believe a super-religious family like Kate's are not up before the sun even begins to rise. Better hope Diana isn't in a crabby mood when you wake her. You know she's taken all this harder than both of us."

    Victoria paused briefly, trying to think up more to say, but nothing really came. She just let out another quick sigh, offered a quick goodbye, and turned off the phone.

    Outside, despite the time of the morning, Victoria heard some of the girls in the dorm hall cackling about something. All she could do was groan.

    Lucky likes this.
  6. Lucky

    Lucky Gay Panic

    Stiles knew that no good things would follow that statement.

    He waited through the long pause. He wasn't sure why he waited through the pause, but he did so anyway. He took a deep breath and looked at the ground, hoping he hadn't woken anyone up. Well, particularly Scott and Diana. They both got pretty mad at him when he woke them up this early. He looked over out the window. " Sure, I can meet you in thirty minutes or so. I got Roscoe, it should take me no time flat to get there." He looked over the window, hoping that she was joking, but he couldn't tell from the tone that she was using at all. It was difficult to say the least.

    "Yeah, I know that she took it harder than the rest of us. I will make sure not to wake her then, I am sure that I can do that," he said. As she said her quick goodbye, he knew that something was wrong. He quietly opened a drawer and got out some clean clothes for himself.

    He took them into the shower and finished as quickly as he could. After a good fifteen minutes and a shoved granola bar in his mouth, he was heading out the door with his jeep keys.

    Stiles went outside and turned his jeep. Thankfully, Roscoe wasn't being moody and started up immediately. Of course if it hadn't, he had his secret weapon to fix it.

    @Atomic Knight
    Last edited: Dec 16, 2017
  7. Atomic Knight

    Atomic Knight Bear With Me The Convergence Series GM


    Of course, as soon as Victoria had dared to venture into the girl's washroom, Courtney and Taylor were hot on her heels, talking about something Alyssa had done that morning. She had tripped on the washroom floor, apparently. Whatever, Victoria had thought. Usually, she took a sense of pride out of having girlfriends who were desperate to keep her updated on whatever went on around them, but now Victoria wasn't sure she cared. There were some things she was better off not knowing, and perhaps her two "friends" needed to mind their own business.

    "Okay, bitches," she said to the pair, coming out of the washroom about ten minutes before she was to meet Stiles. "I might not make it for first period, so I'll need you two to make extra notes for me. Can you do that?"

    Courtney and Taylor exchanged looks that Victoria could not quite identify. It was rare for her to miss a class.

    "We can, Victoria," Courtney said, "but what's going on?"

    Oh, there it was, a look Victoria could recognize. They wanted to know if this was about a boy. The two girls had seen her talking to Stiles briefly, and when they asked who he was, Victoria had told them it was nobody. She had no doubt they had managed to sneak in a look at her phone contacts at some point too. The thing about Victoria's friend group was that they snooped on each other as much as they snooped on others.

    If only these bitches knew what Victoria was hiding.

    "Oh, nothing~" Victoria said, managing a fake level of cheer she had perfected over the last four years of her life. "My father wanted me for an early breakfast. You know how busy he is!" It was funny to imagine her father giving her that much attention. Maybe her friends knew that, but Victoria doubted they paid that much attention to her home life. "Anyway... I really have to go now. You two better be off, don't want to be late for class, right?"

    With a too-perfect smile, Victoria was off, leaving Courtney and Taylor in her dust.



    It wasn't long before Victoria was waiting in the parking lot, her arms wrapped around herself. It was getting colder out now, and soon Victoria would have to upgrade from her comfortably snug but-not-quite-warm Hermes jacket. "Stiles, you better be on time..."

  8. Lucky

    Lucky Gay Panic

    To put it mildly, Stiles and Roscoe had a problem this morning. That problem was that Roscoe decided that she didn't want to work today. As soon as he turned the key into the ignition, his jeep should have roared to life, but he had barely gotten a whimper out of his car. That was never a good sign in his book. He would be lying to say that this never happened to him. It happened more frequently than he ever cared to admit. It was the reason all of his friends said he should just invest in a new car, but Roscoe was his first and damned if he would betray her.

    Out of all the days that Roscoe could betray him, he really hated that today was the day, it decided to happen. He really wanted to not be late to meeting Victoria, but that was starting to seem less and less of a possibility.

    He took a deep breath and went to the trunk of Roscoe to check on the only solution he could think might work.

    When he opened the trunk, he sighed. The tape was not on top.

    Ugh, he hated when that happened. He moved his lacrosse gear and found the tape underneath all of it. He imagined that Scott had hidden it so that he would just get a new jeep, but he was stubborn. At that note, he went to the front of the car and placed the hood up to see what was wrong with Roscoe this time. He was sure that he could find it. There was always something that was easy to see and didn't take long to work out.

    He looked into the interior of the car to find the problem.

    As he looked over at the engines, he found the one spot that was without duct tape and it was rattling. He threw several layers of duct tape and wrapped it around him. He took a deep breath and looked at the ground, hoping that would do the work. He was lucky that he didn't have to worry about oil spilling on his clothes. As he turned the key, the engine roared to life. That was good. It was very good indeed that it was working for once in his life.

    Stiles smiled, happy that it worked and took off as fast as he possibly could to get to Blackwell.

    Stiles looked over at the road and took the fastest route and pulled into the parking lot, managing to get right next to Victoria. " I'm never late, always fashionably early..... even if I broke about seven different speed limits at certain points to make sure that was possible."

    @Atomic Knight
    Last edited: Dec 16, 2017
  9. Atomic Knight

    Atomic Knight Bear With Me The Convergence Series GM



    Victoria clicked her tongue as if Stiles had been naughty, but she smiled at him playfully. She stepped forward and hugged him without really thinking, surprising herself as she did it. She let out a small gasp and kept the hug short, pulling back before it meant anything, really. Honestly, today just felt off, and Victoria was happy to see Stiles. He felt grounded to her in a way she could not quite describe. It was almost as if her life before she had met him seemed almost unreal, making Stiles and Diana both feel somehow more real than everything else.

    "We'd seriously be in trouble if you got yourself arrested, Stiles," she said, putting her hands on her hips. "So, try to be more careful? At least... I'm glad you were on time to see me." She smiled once again and lingered for a moment, thinking about what she wanted to say. What was the plan for today again? Victoria knew she needed someone to talk to who wasn't her usual bitch squad.



    She began to speak, but a loud honk cut her short and made her spin her body to catch a beatdown truck driving dangerously close to her and Stiles. Victoria fell into his arms as the truck rushed on by. The driver, whoever they were, didn't seem to give one shit about it. "The hell's their problem?" Victoria snapped, glaring at the truck as it settled to a stop at the other end of the parking lot. She sighed and pulled away from Stiles once again, but held on to one of his hands with her own.

    "... We should go somewhere private to talk."

    Last edited: Dec 16, 2017
  10. Lucky

    Lucky Gay Panic

    Stiles had been so used to getting tsked by others, that he was mostly immune to the effect. He was more surprised when she hugged him, not expecting it. It was nice, even if it lasted for a few brief seconds. It made him feel warm and fuzzy on the inside too. He felt that through all the craziness, he was more grounded than most of the other people here and that was a good thing to say the least. He wondered why being here felt so surreal, yet felt like it was the right thing. He wasn't ever to quite figure out what word he was looking for when he thought of that feeling.

    " I guess it would be kind of hard to explain how I got here, though, it was worth it to be on time." He was holding himself to those words. When he spent time away from her, the day started to drag, but he never would admit it aloud. He wondered why she had wanted to see him. He hadn't thought of a reason on his short drive here, but he was always better with a bigger picture than a small one.

    He listened.

    Of course, before she could finish her sentence, an old truck drove past them. Where the hell had that come from and was it trying to kill them? He knew that was a little too close for comfort. " I have no clue what their problem was... probably didn't care or don't have much to live for. At least that is something that my dad used to say about driver's like that quite honestly though." He noticed that she was holding his hand and he truned back to his old truck before deciding what to say next.

    " Got any suggestions? Roscoe can probably take us somewhere more private than here."

    @Atomic Knight
  11. Atomic Knight

    Atomic Knight Bear With Me The Convergence Series GM

    "No kidding..." Victoria shook her head, eyes on the truck. It seemed a bit familiar, but she couldn't really place it. If it was anyone who actually went to Blackwell, no doubt most of the school would be talking about someone with such an awful excuse for a vehicle. She decided to put it out of her mind as she began to pull Stiles away from the parking lot and out toward the football field. "I've got a better idea," she said, the edge of her mouth upturned toward a smile. "Just about no one should be out here this time of day..."

    Victoria, to her displeasure, was wrong. She spotted two other sitting in the bleachers, a large boy, and a smaller girl. Victoria recognized the boy as Daniel DaCosta, almost always seen with his sketchbook in hand. The girl was named Stella, though Victoria barely knew anything about her. They kept within different circles entirely, though she had seen Stella stay after class to speak to Mark Jefferson a few times and had worried at the time if the esteemed teacher had somehow liked this mousey girl more than herself.


    Victoria couldn't help but look sour when she saw Daniel, for he had won the Everyday Heroes contest that she had dropped out of after 'the incident.' Victoria knew she would have won if she had stayed in the contest, for Mr. Jefferson had practically told her the night before her life was flipped upside-down. Still, after everything that happened, Victoria didn't feel right at all winning anything associated with heroes. As much as it sucked, she had to admit that she didn't entirely mind Daniel winning instead.


    "Look who it is," Stella said, her voice tinged with amusement, "Queen Victoria Chase. You look upset."

    Victoria let out a tired breath. She knew Stella was trying to goad her. Victoria had bragged up a storm about how she was going to win the contest, so everyone had to be thinking she was embarrassed now. "Shouldn't you be in class?" she shot back, putting one hand on her hip.

    "Ah, Victoria..." Daniel shook his head. "Stella and I are just doing some studying. We're already familiar with today's lecture."

    Victoria scoffed. Of course, she knew all about today's lecture as well. It was just a part of her image to show up every day and make sure Mr. Jefferson knew she was fully aware of the material. It was more work than most of her classmates realized.

    "You're not one to miss class," Stella said, eyeing Stiles. "Who's this guy?"

    "Oh, him? He's..." Victoria looked to Stiles, unsure what to say. She didn't even realize the two of them were still holding hands until just now.

  12. Lucky

    Lucky Gay Panic

    Stiles was surprised that she agreed with him and wondered if she recognized the idea. He looked back at his truck and waved goodbye for now. He wasn't sure why, but he had a feeling that he should have gotten a parking pass of some sort before hand, but he didn't think to do it. He noticed that she didn't let go of his hand and dragged him towards the football field. It was kind of a weird thing for him to encounter since his school used their football field for lacrosse. It rarely ever saw any other sport... not that he was good at lacrosse.

    He paused and noticed that they weren't alone on the football field for once and looked around wondering if she knew them, but didn't want to ask her. If she didn't, then she would get annoyed at him. So Stiles did what he rarely ever did. He kept his mouth shout for the time being, waiting to see if he could supply anything. It felt a little worse and he knew that Scott would tease him if he ever found out that he had done such a thing too.. He tilted his head, wondering if he either of the students were going to introduce themselves.

    Stiles took a note of the sour look on Victoria's face and wondered if she and him knew each other or it was some ritzy prep thing that he wouldn't understand. He wondered if she would tell him later about why she had gotten a look, but he doubted it. He tilted his head back to a straight motion and wondered if he would learn either of their names. As of right now, he only knew the name of seven people in Arcadia bay. And of those seven people, four were Kate and her family, one was Victoria, one was the dead girl Max and finally Victoria's teacher since she mentioned him before.

    Stiles would have tried to defend her, but he also didn't want to come off as standoffish to people he just met.

    Stiles made a quick note that Stella had seen trying to goad Victoria, but he didn't have a defense and he was happy that she hadn't tried to make a bad remark back. It was a small good step, but he didn't mind the fact it was minor. Just that it was a step in the whole process too.

    He turned to the other male and then back to the girl. He had learned a name. Stella. Though I wasn't very helpful though in learning names.

    He noticed that she scoffed and assumed that she probably knew the information like the back of her hand, but he didn't dare to say that a loud. He took a deep breath, hoping that nobody asked who he was. He realized that they were still holding hands though.

    Stiles had hoped he could go invisible like Corey in this moment, noticing himself being eyed.

    " I'm Mieczyslaw Stilinski, but my friends call me Stiles." He paused, thinking of a believable lie. " I'm a.... family friend." He cursed under his breath for not thinking of making a more convincing lie.

    @Atomic Knight
  13. Atomic Knight

    Atomic Knight Bear With Me The Convergence Series GM

    Victoria smiled sweetly, not missing a beat with Stiles' lie. "And I don't get to see him very often, so I figured he was a little more important than class this morning. I'm sure you understand." Daniel nodded along with a smile, clearly oblivious to both the lie and the tension between the two girls.

    "Well, it's very nice to meet you, Stiles," Daniel said eagerly, offering a handshake to the other boy. "My name is Daniel." He didn't bother standing, so it would have been on Stiles to take the step forward. The action caused Victoria realized they were still holding hands, so she quickly decided to pull away, trying to be natural about it. She didn't know much about Stella, but some girls thought of her as a bit of a gossip, so the last thing Victoria needed was some random rumor about Stiles going around.

    Stella gave Stiles a small wave. "I'm Stella."

    Stella honestly seemed a little weird to Victoria, though that might have been because she was mostly a mystery to the queen bee. There wasn't much that went on among her classmates that Victoria didn't know about so that an outlier like Stella existed had always been an oddity to Victoria.


    "So, now that introductions are out of the way, we'll just continue on our way," Victoria said, eager to go. This exchange was making her uncomfortable. It almost felt like she was mixing two different lives. Stella exchanged a glance with Daniel, but it was the boy who spoke.

    "Ah well..." He seemed embarrassed but managed to forge ahead regardless. "Victoria, I was just wondering, if it was okay for me to possibly sketch you? You don't have to say yes, but I would greatly appreciate it."

    "I-I, um--" Victoria blinked at Daniel, a little surprised he would be so forward. Perhaps winning the Everyday Heroes contest gave him some confidence. Normally, Victoria would have laughed at the offer, but with Stiles here, she felt reserved. She looked at him, almost wanting an answer from him here.

    Last edited: May 22, 2018
  14. Lucky

    Lucky Gay Panic

    Stiles was relieved that Victoria had went along with the lie. It was one thing if he had come up with it, but another if ti somehow worked. He noticed that Daniel was oblivious to the tension between the two girls, but he had seen this kind of tension before between other girls from his school as it would be.

    " It's nice to meet you too, Daniel," he said, looking over at the other boy who was offering him a handshake, but it seemed that he would have to step forward to do that. He hadn't even realized it himself that he was still holding her hand either, but it would be awkward to hand shake if he had one free hand. He decided after much careful consideration that he would take a step forward and take the handshake from Daniel, smiling as he did so. It felt good to get to know him and not screw up.

    Stiles gave her a small wave back too, happy about it too.

    Stiles looked over at Stella wondering if she would be the type to spread rumors. He couldn't gauge much about her and wondered if she was a good person. He looked at the ground, wondering what else there was to say. It felt awkward to mix their two worlds together, even if it shouldn't seem too weird.

    Stiles could tell that she was eager to go and he wasn't too far behind. He really didn't like the awkward conversations and introductions with strangers. He wasn't even sure why, but he noticed the exchange and wondered if Daniel wanted to ask Victoria something about something that happened.

    Stiles looked over at him and wondered what type of sketch it would be, but he didn't dare to ask. If he joked and was sarcastic, he might come off as overprotective and flirty and that wouldn't look good for either of them too.

    " I really want to see a lot of the city before I have to get back home. Try some of the food and see some good things about the town before too long. I'm sure if we had the time, Victoria would love to pose... but we had so many plans. Maybe you could do it tomorrow or later today," he said to them, hoping it would work.

    @Atomic Knight
  15. Atomic Knight

    Atomic Knight Bear With Me The Convergence Series GM

    Daniel nodded but looked a bit sad. Victoria was rather grateful for Stiles that he was the one to bite the bullet and say they had to go. She really didn't know Daniel well at all but it just felt wrong to let the guy down for some reason. Victoria hated how soft she was apparently becoming.

    "So... yeah." Victoria awkwardly smiled. "Another time perhaps?"

    "Yeah... of course," Daniel said, trying his best to sound neutral. Stella just crossed her arms and gave Victoria a look that wasn't pleasant.

    Whatever! It was time to get out of here.

    "Oh, and congratulations on winning the everyday heroes contest!" Victoria said, pulling Stiles by the arm across the football field. She watched Stella and Daniel long enough for her to see that Daniel looked happy for the compliment before she turned away.

    "Ugh," she groaned, moving quickly now. "Wanted to just talk here, but with those two watching us, we may as well just hang out in the parking lot. Might as well walk and talk, I guess..." Once they reached the parking lot, Victoria quieted down. She felt a bit vulnerable talking out here around the vehicles as if people were inside them. She wasn't sure why really.

    "Okay, so... you remember during... the incident, we found out who had been murdering those girls? Well..." Victoria looked up at the school building. "The guy who did it, Mark Jefferson, is our teacher here. He is-- er, was, my favorite teacher, like, ever. But, I don't know. Something is all wrong. I'm uncomfortable around the real Mark Jefferson now, as if he has anything to do with the guy in that... dark place."

  16. Lucky

    Lucky Gay Panic

    Stiles almost felt bad for the other boy, but he couldn't exactly express that without going back on his word. He kind of reminded him of one of his old lacrosse friends Danny, but he didn't dare to speak those words a loud, instead focusing on Victoria and wondering how he had gotten so lucky.

    At least, they promised to do another time, even if it might have been a lie.

    Stiles didn't say anything in response and wondered how Victoria was going to close this out without making the other girl more angry than she was.

    It didn't like she was going to do it, but she had surprised him before.

    He shouldn't have been surprised when Victoria saved it by being nice before she pulled him across the football field. Well, it looked like he was going to leave his baby behind for now. He doubted that anyone was going to steal her, she was pretty much scrap metal.

    " Yeah, walking and talking is something that I am used to doing honestly and I get that it is easier to talk when there aren't so many people around us," he said, looking over at the parking lot and happy that they had gotten back to a parking lot, but he wondered why she seemed to be on edge. It looked abandoned to him and he imagined that it would be easy to talk.

    Stiles paused and decided to mention that it was kind of hard to forget the incident. Between himself and Scott, both had nightmares about the incident. " I get it. He reminds you of the Mark Jefferson from the Dark Place and that is understandable. Even though he isn't him, you still blame him even if it had nothing to do with him... I know the feeling," he said. He remembered the nogitsune and though it wasn't him, he still blamed himself for the things it did as him.

    @Atomic Knight
  17. Atomic Knight

    Atomic Knight Bear With Me The Convergence Series GM

    "Yeah, but, I don't know..."

    Victoria looked down in thought and placed her hands on her hips. She agreed with Stiles' sympathy, but he wasn't quite right. She had never, ever, ever thought that the real Mark Jefferson was a bad man in any way, but had to admit everything from the Dark Place had forced her to examine her life and her school in a different light. Jefferson really did things a lot differently from most teachers. He was cool and always had time for his students, right? But... when Victoria really thought about it, it was pretty much just his female students he had extra time for.

    But, aside from like Daniel and Nathan, did she really see and of the guys around Blackwell care that much about photography? It could have just been a coincidence.

    "I keep going around in circles and it's just so frustrating. I need to do something. Something like..." Her breath caught in her throat. What was she even thinking?

  18. Lucky

    Lucky Gay Panic

    Stiles considered what he was going to say next.

    He didn't want to make her more upset. It felt weird to think that the only reason he understood so much about Victoria's personal demons was because he had some of his own from the games he had been in- but also from being possessed and seeing the worst part of himself. He still hadn't actually told her about that- but his world was different and he didn't want to freak her out about something that as a part of a past. It was better to wait for her to be in a better place and tell her about his past. It was probably the reason he had been chosen to be in the dark place.

    He really should consider going to a school in the area, even if it wasn't his school. He did still have to finish his high school experience at some point in the future as well too.

    "Skip school for the day and just drive around town and just get away from it all for a day?" He asked, supplying a suggestion to her. " I mean, if that's what you want to do."

    @Atomic Knight
  19. Atomic Knight

    Atomic Knight Bear With Me The Convergence Series GM

    Victoria suddenly looked up at Stiles and stared at him. That had not really been her idea, but when she thought about it that was a much better way of clearing her mind. Arcadia Bay was a pretty dull place for her at this point, though the idea of showing Stiles around made Victoria feel strangely energetic. She nodded and leaned against the vehicle next tot hem. "Let's do it then," she said.


    Victoria turned her head, spotting a girl coming toward them. She sighed and put her hands on her hips, feeling as if this girl was very, very familiar. She was tall, wearing punk clothes, a beanie, and her hair was dyed a bright blue. It took a moment of staring into the girl's face for Victoria to have a moment of recollection. "Huh... Cleo Price?"

    The girl scoffed.


    "Cut the shit, Victoria. You know my name is Chloe."

    "Oh... yes."

    Victoria barked out a laugh. Fuck, she hadn't thought about Chloe Price in ages it felt like. The girl had dropped out of Blackwell a couple years ago or something... Victoria didn't really remember. Clearly she had fallen on hard times if she was here looking like this. Victoria wondered for a moment what she was doing here, but ultimately she didn't really care considering everything else going on. "Well, nice to see you, I guess." Victoria turned to Stiles. "Let's--"

    "Get off my truck."

    "Uhh?" Victoria stood up straight, realizing she had been leaning against that beat-up truck that had almost hit her earlier. "Oh, this is your monstrosity?"

    "Yeah," Chloe replied, her voice dripping with attitude. She was clearly in some kind of mood. "Got a problem?"

    "Well, you almost ran me over earlier," Victoria said, shooting a glare at Chloe. "Did you come by to terrorize the school?"

    Chloe didn't seem to give a shit. Victoria realized that Chloe really didn't have to worry about getting in trouble as the other girl took a menacing step toward her.

    "Maybe I have."

    A tense moment passed between them. Victoria exchanged a glance with Stiles, finding that she had forgotten he was there for a moment. This realization made her pause, unable to respond to Chloe.

  20. Lucky

    Lucky Gay Panic

    Stiles wasn't sure how Victoria was going to react to his suggestion, but he figured that it was a good thing to make a casual suggestion and one that she could handle. While Scott had taken the time to explore every place he could find, Stiles had kept mostly to research online- which wasn't as easy to do in a strongly Christian household, but he managed. He was about to reply when a voice cut his train of thought off.

    He didn't recognize it.

    That wasn't that strange since he was in a different world, even if it was one that the illusion has created. The girl was tall for sure, but he still as looking down at a little as he stood at 5'10, though the distance as actually very small. He wasn't sure if Victoria actually remembered her name or if she was remembering something that as close to it.

    Yup, he could read that there was tension there.

    Chloe. That name didn't mean much to Stiles- though he felt it should have.

    Well, that was certainly a way to react.

    He was kind of reminded a bit of the first werewolf he had a rivalry with. Well, second. He didn't really count Derek, since the man was at least thirty, and he just like being a teen and fucking with him. No, he was thinking of Issac, the first werewolf that Derek had turned ( and one of the few who lived). He acted the same way and he had to wonder if Chloe was a product of the environment that she grew up in or if she was just naturally this way. He guessed it was the former.

    He was about to respond when he was interrupted again.

    He was starting to suspect that this was going to be a common theme if neither of the two realized that he was there. It didn't make him feel good at all. He didn't like the feeling.

    As a truck owner, he got why Chloe got so defensive. It was just a natural reaction when that happen. It was common honestly.

    Well, that took a turn earlier, but he didn't need to know that this was going to turn into some sort of stand-off. It was just a fact.

    He really wished he had the right words, but he didn't actually go to the school and if this school was anything like the illusion version, some terrorizing wasn't a bad thing.

    Stiles was having a hard time following the conversation. Damn stupid meds were running low and his ADHD was coming back full force.

    A tense moment passed between them. Victoria exchanged a glance with Stiles, finding that she had forgotten he was there for a moment. This realization made her pause, unable to respond to Chloe.

    " Well, that's great. Have fun doing your terrorizing. We were actually just leaving before you interrupted, so bye, Chloe. Can't say it was nice to meet you, " he replied, gesturing for Victoria to get into his own truck as he opened the door. It was too bad the door got jammed and when it swung open, it slammed into the side of Chloe's truck. " I hate my life," he mumbled.

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