Want to Help Give Back to Storyteller's Community? Donations Welcomed!


Demon Goat
Due to the growing costs of maintaining Storyteller's Circle, we have decided to go ahead and setup donations. But first and foremost I want to personally assure everyone that Storyteller's Circle will continue to be maintained by Dashmiel and myself, regardless of donations.

That said the more donations we receive to cover server costs, the less strain there is on us and the more funds we have available to work on developing the website through custom paid addons, premium skins, personalized ads, and other side-expenses.

If you are proud to be a member of our community and want to play a part in supporting its growth then we graciously welcome any and all donations.

As a gesture of our gratitude we will be offering small rewards to donors. Donations and their rewards are accumulative and stackable so five donations of $10 will garner the same perks as a single donation of $50.

Benefactor Rewards for $5 or more donations
Benefactor Banner
Benefactor Rewards for every $25 donated
1 Additional Name Change​

Benefactor Rewards for every $50 donated
One Stickied Thread (1 month)
Permissions Basket (2 months): View list of users who have read threads, ability to set auto-replies to private conversation messages, increased conversation participant limits to 20.
Feature your roleplay on the top of the front page articles (1 month)
Optional Facebook Ad (2 weeks)​

What this means: If you do a single donation of $50 you will get a Benefactor banner, 2 name changes, one stickied thread, a permissions basket, a featured roleplay, and a facebook ad. If you do 5 donations of $10 you will get a contributor banner after your first donation of $10, after your third 1$0 donation you will get 1 name change, and after your fifth $10 donation you will get another name change, a stickied thread, a permissions basket, a featured roleplay, and a facebook ad.

Large single donations of $100 or more will yield double the normal reward rate. This means a single $100 reward will yield 4 stickied threads, a permissions basket for 8 months, 4 months of featuring a roleplay, and 8 weeks of facebook ads.

Large single donations of $200 or more will yield double the normal reward rate, and the permissions basket will be rendered permanent. Should any items/permissions/perks be added to the permission basket in the future they will be automatically applied to users in this group.

Note(s): Stickied threads and features are limited to one active at a time. This means if you have an accumulation of 4 stickied thread or feature rewards you may sticky one thread/feature one roleplay for four months, or sticky four threads/feature 4 roleplays for one month each over a span of four months.

All Benefactor rewards are transferable to friends at request should you wish to feature someone elses roleplay, or give your name changes away.

Any donations in excess of our monthly goal will get rolled into the following month's expenses.


Demon Goat
Just a reminder! Our early donations successfully paid up the site expenses all the way through to June. That was an entire half a year! Unfortunately with June rolling in, so to has come the end of the surplus in donation funds. If anyone is wishing to help fund and maintain our community, now's the time! All donations are welcome and go to maintaining the server and general site expenses.