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Wayfarer's Point

At the heart of Nexus sits Wayfarer's Point - a towering spiraled structure that dwarfs the city below. The central halls of the building have become a crossroads of sorts between the Shattered Isles worlds. It is the one place within the city that one can typically find filled with all manner of foreign life. One especially will find no shortage of merchants and vendors marketing rare and exotic goods from their respective worlds. It is equally filled with people who make a living of traversing across worlds for profit or adventure. If one is seeking adventure or work of their own, then Wayfarer's Point is likely to provide.

Wayfarer's point is something of a small city unto itself, but its existence is one of true neutrality. So long as Wayfarer's Point serves to aid Nexus' purpose in unifying the physical fragments of the universe, it has been permitted to exist within it. One will find no system of law or government within, but rather it is a location shared by all worlds and remains beyond the reach of any singular one. It equally maintains no self-sustaining infrastructure, but rather it thrives on the steady flow of traffic to and from the various worlds to maintain it.

The Shattered Isle worlds can be accessed via stabilized rifts that have been contained within large archways throughout the building.
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Adriaan and Whisper had only just arrived back in Wayfarer's Point a short while ago, but both seemed comfortably at home in the bustling place. Both where frequent travelers, and both where in good spirits this day. They strolled side by side through the large open halls of the building, though to call it a building would be an understatement. The ceilings where so high and the crystaline windows so vast that one might as well have been outdoors. Shadows flitted across the ground as all manner of creatures flew overhead, and smaller creatures both sapient and non-sapient wove their way through the legs of larger beings. All around them the din of voices mingled with the alien chirrups of exotic animals.

"So, journeyman," Adriaan said with a wink. "What are you planning now?"

"I think I'm going to stick to the city for a while," Whisper replied. "I only passed the tests because they where impressed with my geography," she said with a wrinkle of her nose.

"Hey now, anyone who can throw a punch is a dime a dozen," Adriaan said. "I should know," he added with a grin. "Someone who fancies themselves a proper scholar are much harder to come by. The guild knows that. Besides, you'll get a handle on your telekinesis eventually."

"Yeah, I know. Still, I think the city will be a good place to get away from distractions. Some training will do me good," she answered.

"Well, you know me," Adriaan said. "I never am much good at sitting in one place for long. While you where taking your tests, I picked up another job. "A child got pulled through a rift," he explained. "By swarms of rats from the information. Good payout, but you know me. I'm just in it for the fun."

She did know him. She knew him well enough to know that it wasn't fun that led him to venture through a rift. Unstable rifts where one of the most dangerous ventures a Wayfarer could make, as there was no guarantee it could be stabilized long enough to return again. No, it was his sense of chivalry. Adriaan was always apt to picking up the contracts no one else would. Not many would risk their life for a single child that by all rights was probably already dead when there was plenty of other safer and equally lucrative contracts available.
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“Jesus fucking Christ! What the fuck is all this shit?”

Will Mojave looks around the bustling area.

Freaks, the whole lot of them.

“Blue skin? Who the fuck dyes their skin? Kids these days! Always trying to get attention,”

The man storms around, trying to locate his son, who’s stuck in a tree elsewhere in the Nexus. He doesn’t know that, though.

“LELAND!? Where are ya, boy!?”​
Coming to Nexus was quite an experience for the vulx. She had seen cities, met their people, witnessed their magic and their complicated tools- but this? It was different.

The buildings were mountains, its people swarmed in the same manner as an anthill. Some of its people weren't even people, but beasts, roaming around as freely as anyone else. She caught sight of those that looked very much like her, but most were catfolk, while others sprouted tails too numerous to be her kin. Ignoring them, she pushed on, claws clicking softly against the ceramic floor. Alert, she caught snippets of conversation here and there, but hardly anything useful, until...

"... pulled through a rift."

First, her ear swiveled.

"By swarms of rats from the information. Good payout..."

Then her body followed, facing what was at first a great pair of wings. A flutter of instinct pulled her forth: Catch it, it said, and it willed her to take two steps before she paused. Her yellow, slitted eyes scrolled pulled away from the wings, looked more at what they were attached to. A man, one almost like her with his frosty hair and pallid complexion, but then utterly unlike her, what with how groomed and dignified he was, like an emperor's songbird. Still, the words he had spoken held her interest, and she suppressed the feeling that willed her to chase the white dove.

When she was in front of him, immediately in front of him this time, she looked straight in his eyes, as though to challenge him. "I was listening," she began, sharp canines just barely peeking out when she opened her mouth. "Are you going alone?"
Adriaan seemed surprised more than anything as he raised a questioning brow and threw a side-long glance towards Whisper as if to say, "do you know her?"

Whisper returned the look with a slight shrug.

"Uh, do we know you," Adriaan asked scratching at his head sheepishly.

The woman didn't seem familiar. But she had certainly placed herself rather pointedly in their path.

Meanwhile Whisper had taken note of a riled up old man storming about the area, hollering for someone. He seemed a bit out of sorts, and Whisper nodded her head in his direction.

"I'm going to see if he needs some help," she told Adriaan before slipping away to leave him to the strange woman.

"Sir?" Whisper asked cautiously as she approached Will. "Are you alright?"

Unlike many of those that wandered past him, Whisper appeared more or less human like him. Her pale skin and white hair where perhaps peculiar for a young woman of her age to one unaccustomed to the Nexus, or worlds beyond their own. But they certainly weren't the strangest thing in their immediate vicinity.
"No," she replied. "Why would you?"

Before he could reply, she held up a hand to silence him. "This is not important. I am a hunter of beasts and in need of money; you have mentioned rats and a reward. I am able-bodied and can help." She placed a hand on her chest, keeping her eyes locked on his. "Meriwa." She then pointed to him with the same hand, raising her brows.
"Well ah.... how many rifts have you been into?" Adriaan inquired as he rubbed at the back of his neck.

He wasn't quite sure what to make of the fox woman. He wasn't sure whether to take her beast hunting as serious business when paired with such pointed interest in hunting rats. Which he supposed isn't the strangest thing for a fox to be doing... But with the life of a child in play... a few inquiries into her experience wouldn't hurt.
"One," she replied. "Why does that matter? Tell me your name." An ear flicked backward briefly as she stared.
"Adriaan," he answered. "Adriaan Kavaki."

He frowned thoughtfully as he mused upon her question. In reality, it didn't matter if it meant a greater chance of saving the life of the child. But only if she weren't a liability.

"Well, they're unpredictable, and unstable," he explained. "Things can go wrong, very quickly. And you never know what you'll find on the other side. You could wind up on a world entirely uninhabitable, or devoid of oxygen, or filled with toxic gasses," he explained. "It'll be dangerous. What sort of skills do you have?"
"None more dangerous than starving to death," she pointed out. "I am a hunter-" Meriwa jerked her thumb towards the spear on her back. "I am able to seek strength through my prey. From my birth, I faced a world that has tried to kill me. It has yet to do so." She gestured to him once again. "And what of you, Adriaan?"
Adriaan raised a brow at her words. The woman was... peculiar to say the least.

"Well, if you're okay with no breathable air, then I guess I won't stop you," he replied with a quirky lopsided grin.

"But maybe a quick demonstration first. It'll be good to get a feel for each other anyways in case we run into a scrap and need to watch each others backs. Come on, I know a place."
The words meant little to the vulx and she found no humor in them. When he proposed that they flaunt their skills to one another, then suddenly he was making more sense. Nodding, she followed him wordlessly.
The area was bustling as usual with merchants of all sorts, the sounds of each unique language crying through the streets as peddlers tried to hock their wares to the passerbys. Except for one. Arturia knew no one was left that would speak her tongue. The cloaked figured moved through the crowds with almost a dancer's grace, heading towards where she knew she'd find the advertisements for quests.

It had become almost routine now for her. She'd never stop at a shop, she'd never speak to anyone. But she'd grab a mission without looking at it, turn around and head out for it. It just so happened that she stopped this time, noticing the one advertisement for a quest. "Sierrans, eh..?" She said, her accent thick and unused. It startled the man who kept the board.

She put the flyer she had pulled previously back and grabbed the one for going to the Sierrans. "This is the one, I think.." She muttered before walking away.
A rope dropped down in front of Arturia as soon as she started to walk away. Above, a gigantic vehicle, shaped like an insect she would see zooming over a lake, except this one was over her head. It hardly made a sound, save for blowing around the potted foliage around the city block. Sliding back the cabin doors was a tall, commanding figure dressed in a bellowing cardigan and a mask that hid most of her face.

"Couldn't help but notice that you seemed interested," she called down, cheeks rising a tad. "Hop in, if you can. We'll get you signed up and on a mission within a few minutes."
The woman raised a slender white brow at the spectacle laid above her. She had gotten used to expecting anything from this strange land between worlds, but she had to admit this was a first.

"Hop in, if you can."

If. She. Could? With a blank expression, the woman knelt for a moment before leaping up into the air, catching the rope only about mid way before she land gracefully into the air ship effortlessly.

"Am I signed up?" She asked, her accent thick, moving towards the back of the airship to find a seat.
The woman's cheeks raised, pushing gently against her eyelids.

"Certainly," she replied, closing the cabin door behind her. "We've got one more stop before I start the briefing, so make yourself comfortable."
The elf brushed a strand of white hair from her face. "Fine." She snorted, finding a seat towards the back of the airship. "But what for anyway? I don't need any supplies."
Astoria and Kaster arrived inside. A beautiful place, this. They walked around, listening and looking for possible paying jobs.
Beikelan strode into the building of Wayfarer's Point. God was it beautiful. The large spiral structure, made him feel like an ant. Nothing new there. He walked up to a café, a waiter stood there, looking bored out of his mind.
"May I have a table please?" He asked, putting down a few coins.
"Of course," The waiter replied to him. "Right this way sir." Beikelan followed the waiter to a small table and slipped himself into the comfortable seat.
"Thank you." He replied gruffly as the waiter walked off back to his station.

Beikelan picked up the menu, glancing over it for a few minutes before a waiter came over to him
"Ill just have some water and a burger please." He told the waiter.
"Yes sir," The waiter replied and went away.
Astoria narrowed her eyes from under her hood at the man that had just sat down at the cafe. A possible job? He looked alone. And he had just bought a burger. Maybe he had money to spare. Astoria hated stealing, but if nobody was going to give them a job, she just might do it.
Kaster saw her eyeing the man. "What are you thinking, Ria?"
Astoria looked up at the prices of the cafe. "I'm thinking those prices are cheap. Better than we gonna get anywhere else. The food might be horrible as crap, but at least it's cheap."
Kaster nodded. They went to the waiter and asked for a table for two. When the waiter sat them down near the man, and they were asked what they wanted, they each ordered the cheapest thing on the menu, a muffin. It turned out to taste as cheap as it was, but at least their stomachs had something in them.