Wayfarer's Point


Suddenly, the avian gasped as he began losing altitude. He tried righting himself, but that resulted in him twisting and thudding to the ground, tumbling head over heels, before his head banged into a wall. For several seconds, he lay there, stunned, rubbing the large knot that formed on his forehead, moaning.
Slowly, Alexander rolled onto his back and sat up. Glancing about, he noticed some people were staring, some in horror, others in concern. Ashamedly, he ducked his head, once again rubbing it and moaning as it throbbed. Using the wall for support, the birdman carefully stood and started forward, swaying a little, talons clicking on the smooth floor.
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Disdain smiled at Zane, "I'm-" And of course a large bird-thing had to crash into the ground before she finished her sentence. "Lovely.." She adjusted her ring for no apparent reason, straightening up, "I'm Disdain, Nice to meet you." Then looked at the avian man. If it was an animal atleast then.. Disdain had to test this.. Monstrosity/Bird. If it cant feel the aura in the air its not an animal. She flared her power, a small pink mist lay in the air. Disdains aura flared once more, and a thick pink mist danced around them, before disappearing.


Out of the corner of his eye, Alexander noticed a bright pink fog flickering around a young man and woman. He stopped, turned, and slowly moved in its direction, blue orbs round.


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Zane peaked an eyebrow as he regarded the bird-man on the floor. "Nice to meetcha, Disdain." Normally, he might be remarked on the unusual name, but he was a bit distracted. As the downed man regained his feet, Zane noticed a pink mist surrounding them.

It made Zane feel uneasy, so he hardened his own aura, pushing away the mist. He reckoned his new friend was the source, and from the look on the bird's face, so did he.

As the mist vanished, Zane relaxed his shield. Trying to ease the tension, the high-schooler addressed the clumsy flier, raising a hand in greeting as he spoke.

"Hey there! That was quite the tumble. You hit that wall pretty hard; you gonna be alright?"


When the fog disappeared, the avian picked up his pace until he stood before them. He offered the young man a sheepish smile and replied in his high voice, "My head's gonna be sore for a few days, but I'll be fine, thanks, kid."


The avian set off down the hall in a light jog. He glanced in wonder at the variety of beings who passed him by. There was a two-tailed cat with blonde hair, a snake with wings, a griffin, and many, many more. He passed by a vendor that appeared to be selling cups of fudge bites covered in chocolate sauce. He approached the stand, and a young elf smiled brightly up at him. "Hello there, how are you?"
"I'm good, thanks," the birdman said.
"Would you like some free fudge?" he held out one of the cups.
"Oh, yes, please!" Alexander said with a happy squawk.
"Excellent!" he placed a cup, napkins, and a fork on the table.
"Thanks!" the bird accepted the items and moved to a small group of round tables and sat down and began eating, humming under his breath.