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Open "We the Unwanted"

Discussion in 'Bulletin Board' started by ArQane, Jan 3, 2017.

  1. ArQane

    ArQane With blood comes life, with life comes death. We the Unwanted GM

    We the Unwanted
    “I swear an oath to protect my clan, as the clans have sworn to protect me. To spill my blood for my family, and the brother families that have joined us to perish this greater evil. My duty as a Guardian grants me the strength to guard, protect, and serve— to my last breath.”

    Now the clans have formed a kingdom, and that kingdom has broken its oath.


    A millennium ago, the Clan of Eruvia launched a campaign to establish full control over the world, spreading quickly from the west and overtaking smaller clans in their path. In a desperate attempt to stop them, smaller clans mustered up a task force filled with their most skilled of fighters to overtake the juggernaut army that was threatening to conquer them. The Guardians, so they were called, miraculously pushed back the incoming threat, but experienced isolation from their homeland whilst being the frontlines for years.

    During this time, the smaller clans lived in relative ease, and eventually set aside their differences, uniting together into a large kingdom. Decades have past before the Guardians finally managed to defeat the Eruvians, but come back to find out so much has changed. The new ‘Kingdom of Luina’ took in their heroes with uncertainty, worrying that the returning heroes would somehow break the peace and prosperity that took them so long to build up. The Guardians, needless to say, were taken aback by the hostility, and soon the Kingdom and the Guardians became separate peoples that coexisted in the same lands.

    It was then that the Guardians finally broke. They pointed angry accusations at the Kingdom, and some even started violent uprisings and threatened the crown. The Kingdom retaliated with war against the Guardians, launching a series of successful campaigns against them. The Guardians, knowing that defeat was imminent, created a massive fortress, located outskirts in the Geraldi Province, to separate them from Luin forces.

    For hundreds of years, this fortress will be left alone, surrounded by wilderness that the people of the Kingdom didn’t dare to inhabit. The stories of the Guardians were told; the savages that went rogue after being graciously accepted back into the Kingdom. Anyone who were to wander too far into their domain would pay with their life. This brings a period of peace to both the Kingdom and the Guardians, but it is shadowed by the growing weariness of both groups.

    The roleplay starts off during the attack of the fortress by Luina’s new king, Rufus Andelorn. You are to choose between playing as a citizen from Luina or a Guardian. By the end of the attack, the fortress will be destroyed and the Guardians flee into the Kingdom to hide amongst the crowd. The NPCs will be both Luina citizens and Guardians alike, and players are free to create NPCs with the approval of the GM.

    Guardians- Guardians all have a shield tattoo etched into their skin once they were put into service. It is located on their right shoulder, and is the only tangible way in identifying them. They are much more combat skilled than normal civilians or soldiers. They are somewhat like special forces. After the fall of the fortress, they have been scattered apart individually or in small groups, and do not know who one another are. If they were caught, they could be executed by the King’s Guard.

    King’s Guard- The police in the area. They are, in certain areas, corrupt and have the authority of killing anyone they flag as Guardians. The higher up officials of the King’s Guard could be equal in strength or perhaps even more dangerous than Guardians, but their biggest advantage is their numbers and influence.

    Luins- The citizens of Luina. They were raised to assume that the Guardians were savages and murderers, and are scared of opposing the King’s Guard. Some of them dislike the King and his forces, but others idolize him.

    The roleplay is very much freeform, but make sure you check in with the GMs if you were to make any major changes to the plotline. Also, keep updated with everything announced to make sure your story is up to date. Player interactions are encouraged, and should take place between the two or more players involved. If there is a dispute, try to resolve it with the GM. Now it begins.

    The hunt for the Unwanted.

    MAIN PROVINCE (Helios)
    Andelorn- The Royal family that has been ruling ever since the unification of the Clans. They are proud and dominant, controlling the throne for centuries. The King’s Guard are loyal to this family above the others, for they hold the position of the crown. They control the capital province, Helios. The Helios Province is the largest and wealthiest of the four, being the center of commerce and the best in terms of quality. The province concentrates most of its wealth in the center (known as the “Upper Level”), and along the borders (the “Lower Level”) are mostly slums filled with immigrants of the other provinces that had been blinded by the aspect of getting a better life in the capital. They are also are the ones that vigorously sought out Guardians for execution. They go so far as into dispatching soldiers into the other provinces in occasion to scour the villages for them.


    Geraldi- Family of the Geraldis Province, located north of Helios. They are commonly referred to as the Mining Guild. They live in the snowy mountains and woodlands mining for minerals and smelting ores. A lot of the lumber is chopped here, for there is large stretches of forests in the region. They also craft weapons, on occasion.

    Rollos- Family of the Rollon Province, located (south)west of Helios. They are commonly referred to as the Crafter’s Guild, for they make up the majority of the engineering and innovation in the city. They live in an area where natural resources such as stone and wood is abundant.

    Khesens- Family of the Jensen Province, located (south)east of Helios. They are commonly referred to as the Farmer’s Guild, and they provide most of the agriculture and livestock that circulates the market. They live in the south where the soil is more fertile. As expected of their occupation, they are the most poorly treated. Younger folk from the Jensen Province often despise the anarchy, or seek to rise above their peers in the ladder.

    Character and RP Info
    Think castle fantasy, but without the magic. This is very much a Medieval RP, having a ruler taking into control of a large province, which feeds to the heart of the kingdom. Over the course of the story, the individual decisions of each character can alter decisions made by the NPCs. You can freely create NPCs to help your character fit into the story more, but only once it reaches approval should it be accepted into the RP.

    This RP will eventually involve both PvP and Player Death, so please avoid Godmodding or Mary Sue-ing your character. Everyone makes mistakes, and your character should not be excluded from that fact. Take into account injuries or goals your character has, and make sure they aren’t instantly completed, or instantly healed. Actions, no matter from whom, take time (as do wounds). Also, note that your character does not know everything that is going in the RP, rather, only things that they experienced, hear about, or is around them at the time.

    Dead players can always feel free to create new characters, and we will kill off AFK characters if they leave a hole in the storyline. Characters that do not fit well in the story could be evaluated and force killed, if necessary.

    Read more
    Last edited: Jan 22, 2017
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  2. ArQane

    ArQane With blood comes life, with life comes death. We the Unwanted GM

    I'll be drawing the map of Eruvia sooner or later, to get a provide image of how the provinces are separated and such.

    You are not expected to design a character yet. In fact, not everything is set in stone, so just holler if you are interested. If there is enough people, I will polish everything up a bit.

    We are now recruiting. Please submit a character application if you are interested, and it will be evaluated.
    Last edited: Jan 9, 2017
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  3. Blood Born Angel

    Blood Born Angel Emissary of Oblivion

    *Plops in the thread*
    You got me. I'm interested.

    ~Edit~ A start on my character sheet. Just so I have it going.

    Caelum Asteri

    Gender, Age:
    Male, 36

    Role (Family):

    Appearance and Personality:
    Caelum stands at 5' 11" and is well toned and extremely fit. He has an unruly head of spiky black hair with a stubbly chin, and dark blue eyes. He could be considered handsome if he ever cleaned himself up, but he hardly shaves and doesn't take care of his clothing at all. His outfit is an assortment of rags from all the traveling and fighting he does.

    Caelum is a man of honor, but also a warrior at heart. There is no peace for him, but he does his best to keep it between others. He is kind, compassionate, and helpful in nature. It doesn't matter how hard the work, he will give it his all to lend a hand. He is also a deadly killing machine. He uses his skills in mundane ways, but at the heart of things his strength and fortitude was bred for battle. He doesn't play games, and will end an opponent with a single strike if the opening presents itself. Some might call him a monster, for when battle ensues he will cleave his way to victory just as swiftly as he lends a helping hand to those in need.

    Strengths and Weaknesses:
    Caelum is a hardy individual. His endurance and fortitude are immense, and his stamina is nearly inhuman. It is also his downfall though. When in combat he cares little for his own safety. If a wound means the safety of an ally, or the death of an enemy, he will gladly take it - no matter how grievous it ends up being.

    He is also extremely wise. Caelum takes in a great deal, even if it may not seem like it. He can see the ebb and flow of a battle, and tell where enemy weak-points are in individuals and entire ranks. He is a master strategist, but for more social matters he might be a bit dense. Not for lack of knowledge, but lack of any idea on how other people think when it comes to regular interaction. He simply chooses to do whatever comes to mind first. Which isn't always the best option outside of combat.


    History or Backstory:
    We don’t expect a sob story tainted with blood from fallen allies, but we want to see what caused your character to become the way he/she is as of the beginning of the RP.
    Last edited: Jan 7, 2017
  4. ConquerorFox

    ConquerorFox Conqueror Esra Fox

    Can I do such? If so I'll begin working on my character ASAP
  5. Ragenaut

    Ragenaut Jack Black Playing Blackjack with Black Jack Black Ages Eternal GM

    Gonna post to watch. I'm interested, but I'm gonna need to see if I have enough time to participate. I'll definitely join if I can.
  6. ArQane

    ArQane With blood comes life, with life comes death. We the Unwanted GM

    You can probably start brainstorming a character. I am very much planning to get this RP up and rolling. I'm probably going to round up at least 5 interested people before going in depth with everything.
  7. ConquerorFox

    ConquerorFox Conqueror Esra Fox

    Okay! I'll have the character made up soon, waiting for laptop to be charged up more, hate typing on mobile... Are there any specific rules for character appearance by the way? Besides no Mary Sues or Gary sues?
  8. ArQane

    ArQane With blood comes life, with life comes death. We the Unwanted GM

    Nope. Try to keep in mind that usually, larger people are stronger, and smaller are nimble and faster, etc. This does not mean that this is always the case; some less muscly dudes can be insanely strong, and can combat people much bigger than their size, so you can choose to opt in to that scenario.
  9. ConquerorFox

    ConquerorFox Conqueror Esra Fox

    I know! I was just wondering since some people prefer things different! Anyways, I already have things in mind :3 mostly done with my character form.

    EDIT: I have my character up, it is under my "information" on my profile.
    Last edited: Jan 7, 2017
  10. ArQane

    ArQane With blood comes life, with life comes death. We the Unwanted GM

    Ah. If you don't mind, we'll have a thread for you to transfer it onto later when we get the RP approved.
  11. ConquerorFox

    ConquerorFox Conqueror Esra Fox

    I don't mind at all, I just was unsure where to put it ^-^
  12. Jaxx

    Jaxx Some dude

    I am highly interested in this I'll have a potential character made up probably a bit later. Looks like a great rp for me
    ArQane likes this.
  13. Revelree

    Revelree Heartbreaker Ame Damnee GM

    I'm definitely interested, so count me in. Although when school starts for me I may get busy, but I'll try to be online as much as I can. :)
    ArQane likes this.
  14. Gilles De Rais

    Gilles De Rais The tiny master of evil

    Alright this seems my speed, ill have a character sheet in eventually, probably by Tuesday. Also, can i have a former kings guard character that was excommunicated or banished for uh... reasons?
    Caw-caw man likes this.
  15. ArQane

    ArQane With blood comes life, with life comes death. We the Unwanted GM

    Im probably going to make the RP official, and then we can discuss backstories and history and whatnot. At first glance, the idea is a good one, so we can definitely work something out.

    If we can help me out, who is up for using Discord for plotbuilding, and who is not? It makes communicating and brainstorming easier, but (in the instance we use it) we will still log finished products on forums.
  16. Ragenaut

    Ragenaut Jack Black Playing Blackjack with Black Jack Black Ages Eternal GM

    I'm gonna join in on this. Discord sounds good, just put the link here, please?

    I'd like to be a Guardian. He'd be a hunter, archer, and beast tamer, if that's okay.
    Evinia likes this.
  17. ConquerorFox

    ConquerorFox Conqueror Esra Fox

    Hmm, I am already starting to ship. Muahaha
    Ragenaut likes this.
  18. Ragenaut

    Ragenaut Jack Black Playing Blackjack with Black Jack Black Ages Eternal GM

    Lol. Who's your character?
  19. ConquerorFox

    ConquerorFox Conqueror Esra Fox

    In my 'information' on my profile
  20. ArQane

    ArQane With blood comes life, with life comes death. We the Unwanted GM

    Link is up. This will, if you all prefer it, be our main method of communication. Feel for to ask me for changes, etc.

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