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We the Unwanted

Discussion in 'We the Unwanted' started by ArQane, Jan 11, 2017.

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  1. Love2write

    Love2write Writer of worlds

    Shade watched Adran rush off to deal with Donovan's father and looked out back across the wall at the approaching army. Too think, if it hadn't been for Illya...she would be near the front marching with a legion of men at her back, following her orders as given to her by the commanders. Now the very men she would have led not two weeks ago, she would have to kill. She prayed the faces of those she knew personally would never cross her path, but she was already steadying her heart for the moment they did. She grabbed a bow and slung a quiver of arrows over her shoulder. She twirled the arrow between her fingers and notched it in the bow, at the ready.

    Shade hears Adran storm back up the steps to the wall a few minutes later, his breath somewhat labored. He informed Donovan that his father drank the tea then looks to Shade, concern in his eyes. "How are you doing?" He asks her.
    "How I am doing does not matter at this point. But, I am ready to do what must be done...for the Guardians." She replies darkly, staring out at the approaching army, the bow and arrow notched and ready in her hands.
    She glances over at him. "Have you seen war before, Adran?"
    "No, only read about it." He gives her a curious look. "Why do you ask?"
    "I saw it in your eyes. Your hope and determination. But you must steel yourself. You will not be able to save more than 10% of the men you watch fall from injuries in battle this day. As a doctor, your first duty in this siege must be to get the men who can still fight back on their feet and give those who are lethally wounded a painless death. If you must choose between a man who will be able to get back up and fight and a man whose recovery will take much longer....you must always choose the man who will be able to get back up and fight as soon as he's been treated."
    Adran nodded. "That I do know. It's why I'm up here, these men will be the first to sustain injuries from archer fire."
    "Good. Be sure not to put yourself in any unnecessary danger. Losing a doctor in the middle war would be bad for all here." Shade adds.
    "Same goes for you. This army is going to need negotiators when we're through here. I can't secure peace all by myself."
    "I am solider first this day. But I have no intention of dying if it can be helped. Still, if neither of us survive..." Shade holds out a hand to him. "I am glad to have met an honorable man like you."
    He takes her hand, wanting to do so much more than just shake it. "I'm glad to have met an honorable woman like you as well Shade. Now lets win this war. For the good of Luina."
    "For the good of Luina and the Guardians."

    Shade looks over at Donovan. "And you dwarf." She smirks at him. "We survive this, the next round of drinks is on me."

    She notes the young female she'd spoken to earlier pacing the battlements like a terrified caged animal. "Esra." She calls to her, drawing her attention. When the woman was within arm's distance she put an encouraging hand on the young woman's shoulders. "Stay close to me and I'll do my best to keep you safe."
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  2. Pupper

    Pupper Active Member

    Isolde Bennett
    Impregnable Fortress, Geraldis

    Isolde rushed to the gates with the swarm of people preparing for an imminent battle. As she drew closer she noticed Donovan, Shade, and Adran on the wall. Isolde knew she would be needed on the ground, her expertise lay in her position there, but knowing her friends were on the wall sent a worrisome chill through her spine. The woman knew that she would not be able to protect everyone there and as she looked around at the familiar faces she prayed for them. Isolde approached the wall but remained on the ground, she looked up to her friends and yelled at them; "stay safe! I don't want to have to drag your foolish asses off the battlefield if you get injured." She attempted to stomp her feelings out with a hardened statement and then cleared her mind. A heavy breath drew from her lips as she readied her halberd; A Guardian must not be clouded by feelings for those around her, she must be free from thoughts, free from worry, and free from fear. A Guardian, she must be prepared to die for these people and protect, without losing sight of the greater goal. Keep yourself focused, listen to your breathing, and be prepared to die.

    Claius had joined the ranks on the ground, Isolde had noticed him out of the corner of her eye and it brought a strange sense of relief knowing that he would be at the gates with her. Amongst the mass of Guardians, the two them were of the highest ranks currently gathering at the gates and Isolde knew that the people would feel more at ease with Claius being there with them. She approached him, "What's the plan Clay?"
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  3. ArQane

    ArQane With blood comes life, with life comes death.

    Claius Vondale (Impregnable Fortress, Geraldis)
    "What's the plan, Clay?" Isolde had asked.

    Claius wished he could tell her a definite, confident answer, but the truth was that he didn't know what to do himself. The prowess of the King's Guard was still unknown to him-- even Shade could not give them an accurate approximation of the army's might. But what worries Claius the most was their numbers and resources. Even though the Guardians had a geographical advantage, the King's Guard had far more men and supplies to keep up their numbers throughout the duration of the war. True, there were enough supplies for the Guardians to come off of, but how long could it last? A week? Two weeks? Even after all the calculating and censuses, Claius was still unsure of himself.

    The war, the dwindling supply of food; there was too much to worry about all at the same time.

    "We have to fight." Claius said. It was the only thing that he could think of, but one thing was clear as ever. If the morale of the Guardians were to die, it would be the end. "Remember everything we did in the trainings. Today, it is no different. Once they break in we are to bottle up their forces. Make sure only a few come through the breach at a time, and be careful about not letting even one soldier pass. As soon as the defenses on the wall is flanked, our fortress is surely to fall. And remember this. Your family's life is on the line."

    He swung his axe on his shoulder, and stared at the bolted doors. "We wait until we see the enemy. Should they be foolish enough to come in, we let them have it."

    His eyes narrowed. These men were the ones who killed Illya in cold blood. Illya, who reluctantly stepped down from attacking them. Illya, who always looked out for others before herself. Illya, who was kind, and strong, and brave. She was a friend since Claius's childhood, and remain a friend in his heart forever.

    They were were not to be spared.
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  4. ArQane

    ArQane With blood comes life, with life comes death.

    Rufus Andelorn (Impregnable Fortress, Geraldis)
    Rufus squinted as he saw the Guardians assume their posts on the fortress walls. It reminded him of an array of ants taking formation on a small stone.

    Asking to be crushed.

    There was a lower murmur in his army as they stood awaiting orders and Horus was in the front lines, riding back and forth in front of the army yelling words of inspiration. As if on queue, the army roared their battle cry and smashed their polearms into the ground, creating a resonating crash that echoed through the mountains. He noticed Horus dart a glance a two him, and Rufus drew his sword, raising it in the air. Horus's next line, though Rufus was too far to hear it, was obvious.


    The army started forward like a stampede; thousands of men all converging towards the fortress that was anchored near the base of the mountain. Rufus considered joining them, but decided to stay in the back. Though he had practiced swordsmanship when he was younger, he was not about to readily test the Guardians' skills with the blades.

    As the army drew closer to the fortress, he slid his sword back into its sheathe. Rufus was rarely offered entertainment as wondrous as the battle that he was about to witness, and he decided he would relish it while it was there in front of him.

    "Come," he said to his Royal Guard. He urged them forward, and their horses all began to walk slowly towards the scene. "Let us get a closer look. It's much too far to be able to make out anything from this distance."
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  5. ConquerorFox

    ConquerorFox Conqueror Esra Fox

    Esra T. Montaque
    (Geraldis, Impregnable Fortress)

    The girl already was aware that she probably should not show how worried she was, or it could potentially make all of the other men and women nervous as well, and if that happened they would not be as prepared. She was concerned though, if more people died... her shoulders slouched down and Esra sighed.

    Then someone said her name. It took a while for her to notice the noise but when she did she was just surprised to see it was the woman from the morning she actually went outside. Approaching slowly, and admitted quietly. "Thank you... I'll have your back at distance, I promise..." the hand on her shoulder, it wed truthfully reassuring. Esra showed a gentle smile, "you remind me so much of Illya... she always gave off an attitude that let everyone know she would do her best to protect them..."
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  6. Zul'Zae'ju'Jin

    Zul'Zae'ju'Jin the Hugger Troll

    Lawrence Huxley [Impregnable Fortress, Geraldis]

    Lawrence stood with many others, ready and waiting and the mood could not be more varied but there was that singular upkeep of promise. No one was prepared to surrender willingly no matter how afraid they truly were. He nodded to himself. It was a good thing. People were kidding themselves if they weren't scared but what was important was how they dealt with it, used it even.

    He glanced as he saw movement and recognised Claius join them on the ground and allowed for a small smile of approval. Lawrence never held much interest in position, he was more interested in just the fighting and helping his comrades. Still, there was merit in the man's presence.

    He kept a hand on the hilt of his sword, an old but trusted friend and the only gift he had kept from an otherwise abusive father. It would not be long now. There was that calm before the storm, shrewdly broken by the cheers and stamping on the opposing side. It caused a ripple around him and he spoke, gaining glances from those who knew he rarely spoke without meaning or intent, "Hold the line." He could agree with the tactics explained, if they could not hold it here then all would be at risk. No matter what, they had to hold the line.
  7. Pupper

    Pupper Active Member

    Isolde Bennett
    Impregnable Fortress; Geraldis

    Isolde smiled at Claius's resolve. "I had no doubt in my mind that we would be fighting today, Clay. There's no way I will let my family down, you should know that about me already. Let's give them everything we've got then!" The woman moved to the front of the gates as she heard the army outside preparing for battle, their war calls echoing through the fortress. She turned to face the mass before her and raised her halberd in the air. "Guardians! We are prepared for this! We are made for this! Our ancestors are watching, they will be looking over us!" The woman's voice boomed over the crowd, brushing their faces with determination. "TODAY IS NOT THE DAY WE FALL! TODAY IS THE DAY WE RISE TO THE CHALLENGE, THE DAY THAT WE SUCCEED. FOR WE ARE GUARDIANS AND GUARDIANS DO NOT FALTER!"
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  8. Love2write

    Love2write Writer of worlds

    Shade Biggs (Impregnable Fortress; Geraldis)

    Esra showed a gentle smile, "you remind me so much of Illya... she always gave off an attitude that let everyone know she would do her best to protect them..."

    "I will do my best to honor her memory." Shade nods sincerely. She stiffens as the King's Guard roar their battle cry and charge the hill. She raises her bow, taking aim. She waited for the command to fire as the soldiers drew closer. Her hands shook slightly, the adrenaline kicking in along with the knowledge of what she was about to do. When the order finally came, it was almost a relief to release the arrow. She was a guardian now...and the battle had just begun.
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  9. Rue

    Rue Acting Maniac

    Adran Triveron (Impregnable Fortress; Geraldis)

    Adran held his breath as the Guardians loosed their first volley of arrows. A majority of them hitting their marks, including Shade's which he'd been keeping a closer eye on. Even still, the resulting casualties weren't even a fraction of the King's soldiers. They would reach the wall, it was only a matter of time. Adran kept an eye on the King's soldiers, looking for any threat they may pose to Guardians on the wall.
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  10. Imperatus Rex

    Imperatus Rex Semper Imperatus

    Rajiana Pendragon (Impregnable Fortress, Geraldis)

    Rajiana braces the handle of his sword tightly as they near the fortress. The ominous structure caused a nervous lag as they moved into position. He saw soldiers gritting their teeth and whispering prayers under their breath, they weren't all seasoned warriors. Rajiana was raised with swords, but warfare was a completely different skill.

    The commanders blew their horns, "CHARGE!"

    His heart skipped several beats when he heard the chilling screech of the authorities, and the other soldiers broke out into a sprint. Rajiana drew his sword and ran as quickly as his armor would allow him. The soldiers were yelling loudly, trying to keep their morale high as the horns blew deafeningly. The archers atop the walls of the fortress draw their arrows and fire a volley, landing seemingly aimlessly around the field. A scatter of arrows landed on their marks, and the yelling turned to blood curdling screams as men called in pain along the battlefield.

    Rajiana is missed by an arrow by an arms width margin it seemed, but he kept charging forward trying to keep his head together. It started to occur to him, he was in a war, and his life was fragile. It only takes one arrow, or one slash, and he would be lying cold on the ground. The army charged with determination even as the volley pinned soldiers to the soil.
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  11. Silence

    Silence Anonymous Me Staff Member Benefactor Warden

    Richard Kingsman (Attacking Impregnable Fortress, Geraldis)

    As they came closer to the walls the man's brow lifted in surprise. This was all that they had feared for so long? The rag tag Guardians hiding behind an ancient dilapidated wall that would collapse in the matter of a day after they began the real siege. They may not even need the mechanisms of siege if his men could get through the gates. They were rotten and the Guardians rather than trying to keep them closed had opened them and prepared to be overtaken. "Men to the wall!" Pointing to one group he sent them with the ladders to begin trying to take what they could. "Detachment to the gates!"

    From his place he watched with satisfaction as many of the Guardians were forced to duck with the incoming arrows. They were making satisfactory progress. "Prepare arrows!" As long as he could keep a consistent volley the Guardians would soon find themselves with men attempting to take the walls. The Kings Guard far outnumbered them and he was counting on that detail. They would overwhelm them with the sheer number of men that were attempting to take the wall. A sly grin came to his face. Once and for all they would see this menace to the kingdom destroyed. Glancing back at the king he nodded his approval of the entire affair. "It is a plan well laid your majesty." One that could not be failed. This day marked the end of the Guardians.
  12. Silence

    Silence Anonymous Me Staff Member Benefactor Warden

    Donovan Blackmoore (Impregnable Fortress, Geraldis)

    Once more Donovan was forced to duck with a volley of arrows that whizzed overhead. If there was one benefit of being short it was in the fact that he didn't have to stoop so low as many of the others to avoid the incoming darts of the enemy. He barely got his head up and he peered over the edge to see the advancing men when another volley was loosed. "Damn it!" Donovan waited for the arrows to pass overhead before he moved over to be in place for the first set of ladders to be put against the walls. Arrows began to fly faster overhead and he knew after only a few minutes that he would have to remain standing at some point.

    They were going to breach the wall and kill their own men if they had to, to gain the advantage. "Watch the ladders." A hallow thunk sounded as one came to rest on the edge of the wall. "Not yet." Donovan knew that they would move the ladder over and simply try again if there wasn't anyone on it to start with. "Wait till it starts to shift with the weight of men."

    When he saw the very slight shift of the ladder he jumped up. "Now!" With a shove he sent the ladder back and the men that had begun to run up the rungs. One was near halfway up and then he noticed that one ladder had been forgotten along the side of the wall. There was a young boy huddled near it still too afraid to take action. "Push the ladder you fool!" When the boy didn't move Donovan stayed hunched and ran over over to where he was. "Get up and help me." Pushing the last ladder back he nodded to the boy. "They'll split your dumb skull for sure if you let em get away with it. Just keep up the work."

    For now the officers had taken the low ground at the gates and Donovan was managing the wall with the exception for the calls from the doctor for them to hunch. "Keep it up. We can kill these bastards all day long." Taking up his position again he waited for the ladder to begin shifting and he pushed it again. Of course the archers figured out when they would push and began firing at that time. An arrow skimmed his cheek and Donovan glowered. "Kill em all boys!" Taking a loose stone he threw it with all his might on the soldiers below and watched it dent the helmet of a soldier so severely that it caused the metal to dig into his skull.

    It was about time that they got their own archers from behind the walls to begin shooting back and take down the numbers of men that were approaching. Glancing at Shade he noticed a certain hesitation and he gave her a firm slap on the back. "You remember whose side your on eh?"
  13. Love2write

    Love2write Writer of worlds

    Shade Biggs (Impregnable Fortress, Geraldis)
    The white's of a man's eyes. In the distance, soldiers in this number looked like ants and there was no emotional attachment to the arrows that struck them. This close though...so close she could see the whites of their eyes, that was when the pain of taking a life began. Especially when that life was of a man she'd once spoken too or trained with. She saw a few familiar faces among the army that seiged the walls.

    Shade pulled the arrow back on her bow, noting one man in particular who was familiar. A sharp slap on her back drew her attention to Donovan. "You remember whose side your on eh?"
    Her eyes narrow and she reaims her target, launching the lethal item straight into his face. He fell, never to rise again. He'd be one of many...and a part of her hoped she wouldn't survive to live with the pain what she had to do today.
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  14. Rue

    Rue Acting Maniac

    Adran Triveron (Impregnable Fortress, Geraldis)

    The arrows flew past him, his ears picking up every sound. He saw a couple of Guardians get hit and fall off the walls. He wanted to jump down after them, but knew that if they weren't dead by now, they would be soon. One of the Guardians had taken an arrow to his left bicep. He crept his way over to the man and asked him to hold still as he removed the arrow as gently as he could. While bandaging the arm he gave instructions to the man. "You wont be able to use it for the remainder of the battle. Grab a sword and be ready to help the forces below with your good arm."

    He looked sad as the man departed. With such a debilitating handicap, he would likely not survive the fight, but it would still be better for him to die having taken a couple kings guard down with him. He checked on his friends, Donovan seemed to be handling himself well, removing ladders from the walls, Esra was returning fire, as was Shade. Shade's eyes were filled with sorrow however, it was clear that she regretted what she needed to do. He scowled at Donovan's question regarding her loyalty, the heat of battle was no time to question your allies. His attention was pulled away by the scream of another Guardian and he went off to investigate.
  15. ArQane

    ArQane With blood comes life, with life comes death.

    Claius Vondale (Impregnable Fortress, Geraldis)
    Claius stood there weighing his Battle Ax impatiently in his hands. He had heard the commotion, and knew that his men along the walls have already engaged with the enemies and, without a doubt, suffered injuries from the enemy's onslaught. Feeling powerless as your people fell around you. That was the anguish that was going through Claius's mind. He gritted his teeth together. Soon enough, when the enemies broke through the walls, he will have his vengeance.

    A muffled thud sounded from the other side of the wall, which meant that the enemy soldiers have already reached the base of the fortress. They appeared to have been ramming the gates in an effort to break it down, but at their current state it was futile to try breaching the fort when the archers and soldiers above were showering them with arrows and stones. Claius stood there as he listened to the battle cries and commotion from both armies. It had been a long time since the mountains have been this rowdy.

    Absentmindedly, he asked out loud, "this is where it comes down to, huh?"
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  16. Zul'Zae'ju'Jin

    Zul'Zae'ju'Jin the Hugger Troll

    Lawrence Huxley [Impregnable Fortress, Geraldis]

    Huxley kept a loose grip on the hilt of his sword certain they would be cheek to jowl soon enough. The wait was always the measure of any fighter, marking an ability to hold and keep their patience. It was a calm before a storm ready to strike at any given moment. He looked towards the gate as it sounded and saw some around him startle by the sound. "Steady," he breathed, his fingers flexing loosely and he steeled himself for what was to come. Nothing pretty he knew. Death and blood seldom were but it was work Lawrence was suited for well. He reached behind himself and his fingers felt the small two-way sheath with his little daggers hitched within. They were nothing fancy, purely functional and more of a defensive in many ways. The touch brought a sound mind as he breathed deeply.

    The cries of the men were a strange kind of song but one that brought its own securities. He nodded to himself, hoping their archers were making every arrow count. He glanced over as he archer his back inwards at a stretch, grunting softly on his exhale of breath. His gaze rested on Claius and shifted his weight as he nodded lightly, "Could be worse places to be holed up in." Lawrence was able to think of a few as he peered back towards the gate. He tilts his head a little, they were still trying the gate it seemed but those above were not making it easy. Good, he mused, nothing in life ought to be easy. There was no flavour to it otherwise.
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  17. Pupper

    Pupper Active Member

    Isolde Bennett - Impregnable Fortress, Geraldis

    Isolde stood her ground at the front of the group, near the gates. She could feel the men on the other side bashing into its giant doors, the vibrations moving through the ground and into her feet. This moment was something she had been training for her entire life, this very moment of war. Her resolve was unwavering as she watched the gates with a serious face, she was amongst her family which brought her strength. Many of the soldiers surrounding her were soldiers that she trained, she just prayed that they remembered everything she had taught them when the moment came for the gates to be breached.

    Isolde's hands readjusted on the halberd, she momentarily looked around the crowd and then to Claius who was standing near her. She smiled softly though was careful not to show too much emotion in the face of battle. "Claius." she spoke to him, "I wanted to thank you for joining us on the ground... I'm glad you're here with me."
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  18. ArQane

    ArQane With blood comes life, with life comes death.

    Rufus Andelorn (Impregnable Fortress, Geraldis)
    Rufus had gotten impatient as he watched the bodies pile up along the fortress walls. He had expected a quick victory, especially since they had at least triple the manpower of the Guardians. Any hopes of a sweeping victory slipped away as he observed the King's Guards' performance on the battlefield. At least ants are smart enough to work together. He thought in disgust, these men don't have an inch of common sense on how to fight a war. No matter how talented any individual swordsman were, their strategies were lacking, and the enemy were picking them off from a safe distance.

    The day was getting dark, and the men were getting tired. Initially, Rufus planned on sending in backup soldiers to keep the Guardians from rest, but the slaughter he'd experienced proved that he would need to retreat to develop a strategy. Besides, the Guardians had nowhere to run. Regrettably, he swung his horse around and instructed Horus to withdraw the men. He caught a glance of Horus's hardened look; a look of disappointment and betrayal. Good, Rufus thought, perhaps this would be a lesson learnt to properly discipline your men.

    The army pitifully fled from the fortress as the Guardians sent their last volleys of arrows. The sight of the remainder of men running feebly from the fortress annoyed Rufus. He had provided them with every advantage... supplies, numbers, tactics-- yet they still haven't even managed to breach the walls of the fortress. Even worse, the Guardians will be refreshed and ready for the onslaught that will follow due to their incompetence.

    He guided his horse back to the camp, where soldiers already began to collapse and whine. Some threw their weapons down and dropped on the ground, not even bothering removing their armor. He got off his horse and walked towards the exhausted men, who all fell silent as he approached them.

    "Today, we suffered a humiliating defeat. The King's Guard, the strongest army in the world, has been bested by the insignificant forces of the Guardians? We, who have dominated Luina for centuries, were fended off by a band of rogues and outcasts?"

    "Their prowess is legendary, Your Majesty," an lord protested, "they--"

    "I will hear none of it." Rufus snapped. The lord shrank back in his place, not making a sound. "The wall is not a formidable opponent, nor is the arrows that they fire. Yet we cannot even get past the enemy's gates? Unacceptable."

    "Unacceptable!" A soldier from the crowd shouted. Rufus caught sight of a young man who had picked himself up, sword raised to the sky. He smiled to himself in spite of his rage. He will learn the name of this soldier after the war, perhaps giving him an honorary title of a Knight or as a vassal to the King.

    "Unacceptable!" The army chorused, all rising to their feet. Rufus nodded slowly.

    "Tomorrow, we will advance on the enemy's base once more." Rufus roared, "I expect no less than victory, Oh greatest army in the world."
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  19. ArQane

    ArQane With blood comes life, with life comes death.

    Claius Vondale (Impregnable Fortress, Geraldis)
    Claius heard the cries of death fade as the King's Guard appeared to have retreated. For a moment, he thought that the war was over, but the painful reality was unavoidable. A sizable force like the King's Guard will not relent after the first taste of defeat. They will continue fighting until they are victorious, or until they realize that winning is impossible. Sighing to himself, he lowered his battle ax.

    "So they didn't make it through, huh?" He muttered. It was a mixed feeling of frustration and relief. Each second longer where the fortress walls stood their ground proved that defending their homes was not an impossible task. Perhaps, if the King's Guard suffered too much casualties, they will retreat completely, allowing the Guardians to properly fortify if they ever were to return. But Claius was all the while angry; he had been waiting for his time for him to play a role in the battle, while the men on the walls engaged in crossfire with the King's Guard's archers. The time for revenge for his fallen allies and companions, but it never came. He decided he would check out the aftermath of their first engagement, and headed up to the walls.

    To his relief, the damage done was much less than he had anticipated. Very few men have been killed in the battle, and Adran and the others already have began to tend to the wounded. They still had an ample supply of arrows and rocks to continue defending from the walls for a couple of days. On the other side of the walls, the fortress's base was littered with corpses of the King's Guard, creating a terrain of flesh and bones that would further obstruct the King's Guard from breaking through. The walls seemed to have taken some damage, but not nearly enough to make a difference from how it was prior to the attack.

    Claius set a couple men to keep watch of the King's Guard as the rest of them went to rest. Today was not going to be a day for celebration, but it certainly was a victory worthy of one.
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  20. Love2write

    Love2write Writer of worlds

    Shade Biggs
    After hours of shooting arrows and dodging volleys the army finally retreated. Shade released one last shot, watching yet another young lad go down. The bodies piled against the walls were mind-numbing. This was the king's war. Was this what he wanted? All this unfettered, horrific bloodshed? What evil, what bloodlust possessed him that he would send young men and women to their deaths in such a way...for no cause at all except that of a lie?

    She turned seeing the carnage and and pain around her. Few had been killed on their side, but it was a few too many. Many more were being treated by the exhausted Adran who'd begun a pile of bloody arrows that they could clean and re-use in the next attack. She herself had been lucky not to be injured, though her bruised ribs ached and her fingers bled the countless arrows released. Tired soldiers began to shuffle down to the hall or their bunks. There would be no celebrating tonight, but at least the moral had not yet been broken.

    Shade too made her way down the wall and gathered a two plates of food. One for herself and one for Adran, whom she knew would not break to rest till every injured had been tended too. She finds him amidst the wounded who'd been carried off the wall and nudges his shoulder, offering the plate. "Take a break. Eat. You need your strength if you are to help them regain theirs."
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