What is the last song you listened to?


Well I love listening to music and the most recent song I heard is headphones by britt nicole. I don't know how many times I have heard this song but it's this so mesmerizing and optimistic.


Stay weird, kids.
"Prom Dress" by Millionaires... it's not appropriate for anyone who is not in high school at least xD

Before that, though, it was "Explode" by Written By Wolves... that song is a tad more appropriate for teenagers-adults. xD


Father of Falcons
The one going on loop in my ears, right now, because I'm apparently incapable of listening to different songs one after another. It's "Remains" by the Aviators--inspiration for one of my most recent roleplay ideas.

Old Scratch

I just finished listening to the Horizon: Zero Dawn soundtrack or at least half of it. It's four hours long. It sounds just as good as it did when I played the game which was amazing. I've been listening to more and more soundtracks, especially from video games. Even when I'm not actively listening, it's just nice to have in the background.


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Majesty (With Labrinth & Eminem) by Nicki Minaj. I like listening to whatever when I'm writing :)