What is your favorite music instrument?


Well, just as the title says, I am wondering what your favorite music instrument is. I saw a bunch of threads related to music but none to instruments. I hope that this hasn't been asked already, but I thought I might!

My own favorite instrument would be the piano, with the violin being a close second.


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I'm another piano fan, or keyboard, whichever is available to me. I also really like ocarina, though I can't play mine to save my life. Vocal is also an instrument according to my teacher that gave me vocal lessons... So I guess those three combined?

Lucinda Fae

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Vocals and the violin for me! The human voice has so much potential, and the violin is able to envoke such a wide range of emotions. I envy those that can physically play an instrument.


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I really love the violin and cello~
Reed wise~ I use to play the clarinet. That Was pretty fun but after school band I never kept up with it.


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Guitar, that's the only instrument I play after all. But I'd also love to play drums, piano, violin or cello. Tho my main goal is to play the piano I guess, even though that doesn't seem possible for the near future.


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I really like trumpets. If you’ve ever watched The Trumpet of the Swan, there’s a beautiful song he plays that completely captivates my heart. And in a few other songs I just love the long solos that have such an alluring melody. I can never get tired of it.


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I'm biased to like the clarinet, I took lessons for nearly a decade in school, got to have some appreciation for it now. Also biased to dislike the flute. They're the lesser form of the clarinet but win more popularity contests. I'm all cool with the piccolo though, they're also under appreciated.