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What is your greatest weakness as a role player?


My greatest weakness for table-top roleplaying is that I always want a bit of dialogue with a proper story behind my character. If I don't have those, then I have a very shitty unorganized character sheet, I always want to say something, and I do stupid things. This is right now happening in our current Pathfinder campaign and I'm thinking about retiring my man. For plain old roleplaying, it's that I get bored with the roleplay because it either dies, the topic/genre becomes uninteresting or the story never changes. No proper plot, just the exposition over and over again.

Wolfy Dalfyry

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I'm terrible at descriptive writing, and I used to have trouble confirming things with my partner(s), along with planning the RP before we start. I used to just jump headfirst into an RP and made something happen, but it was never something good.

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The writing part. I have trouble finding the words and other things to actually say what I want to say. Also dialogue. I'm actually quite awful at making characters talk. Most of the time I roleplay, my dialogue ends up being "Person A casually greeted Person B, and asked them how they were doing." I've been trying to improve it, but it's a slow process.


The start. I am afraid and nervous about meeting new people with new roleplays, even though it is the thing I want to do. I look at how everyone writes, the details and the love and I compare myself. Nothing so grand, but it psyche myself out. Also the possibility of losing time for nothing gets me. What if I find a roleplayer, think they are great, and then. Well thats just it. Well then..... what?

If you want to get into the personal nuances of writing... well I would say I may be to quick with my hands and write something my character would not have done. While I like to think I have an understanding of grammar, my hands fly to fast and I mess up. I have a habit of having the pace of the roleplay be slower due to my response habits where I give a brief summary of the post I responded to through my character's eyes, and then respond officially. And a great many more things, there is so much I need to grow on that I hope I am still able. Thank you for reading.

Lady Spriggan

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I feel like I spend more time trying to world build then I do trying to develop plots or developing really good characters.

Lila Renn

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I have problems with writing a character who isn't defiant or stubborn. I don't really know how to write a weak-willed character, though I've tried before. If anyone has tips I would love to know!

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Simple, straightforward question. I'm thinking on what sorts of topics and guides I might want to write in the future, but, I don't even know what exactly people feel they're weakest on. So I figured I'd ask the question here, and see where people think they're most deficient. Writer's block? Lack of knowledge? Lack of people to write with who like your ideas? Your writing is deficient? Grasp of language is bad? What is it, where do you think you're weakest?
I think that my greatest weakness is that I don't like people not doing things EXACTLY like I want them to and also that I can't roleplay anything else than Sanders Sides


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At times I am not detailed enough, and I focus on the characters and sometimes forget to detail the room or even what they wear. It's because I am impatient to get to the relationship, the feelings, the dialogue. But I am getting better.


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I tend to stray from the canon or established storyline for the sake of comedy or ships. Most of my rps are heavily reliant on ships, and the story ends up being centered around them.
And I also never have anyone to rp with irl so that's why I'm here! Hope I can get approved soon tho


Proud gf of a sweet angel~
I have problems with writing a character who isn't defiant or stubborn. I don't really know how to write a weak-willed character, though I've tried before. If anyone has tips I would love to know!
I also have this problem sometimes. I'm not great at explaining things but I'll try;
A weak-willed character should argue very little, and if they do choose to, they'll often lose said argument. This can make for a very powerful scene later on if they are determined enough to win! If they have a friend or family member they trust, they'll likely do whatever they ask unless there's a good reason not to. They tend to follow another, more strong-willed character around (an example of this is Tsubaki and Black Star in Soul Eater).


I think one of my greatest weaknesses as a roleplayer can be sticking to a character bio for the duration of a roleplay. I like to change and develop characters in response to other characters in the rp, either to create more contrast with the other characters or to fit in more with the tone of the story. I’ve never rp’ed with anyone who minded it, but I wish I was better at committing to my own ideas. Something to work on, I suppose!
Language in itself is hard when you speak multiple languages already, english was not my native language it is the third language I am trying to master in a graceful way.
Boy, oh boy is it hard to master. I find it hard to spell words the right way and to do correct grammar, however, I am a sucker for learning.
As for role play in itself, my big weakness is making characters that have good intentions for others or to play characters that are generally good as a person. I feel a much deeper bound to characters that are anti-heroes or evil at nature, I also find it hard to write anything that is settling in real life. Fantasy and fandom are my two go-to genres.
Also finding words that sound better or have more of meaning is something I think is hard to do, and not reusing the same words again and again.

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My weakness would be that I tend to get ahead of myself. I have already created scenerios [dangerous scenes] that could progress the story. I have already thought of what my character would do and how they will get injured and/or poisoned [I am a sucker for making my characters suffer].

Then comes the fan-girl mode I so dispise. No matter what RP I join, I already have a pairing [I will drag these said pairings to my grave silently]. Since most of the RPs I stumbled upon just gets abandoned, I created those pairing fanfics out of frustration.

I also can't make a world on my own.
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Too many details in my head and I can't keep up so I just skim it or forget about details. Also, sometimes I have very little to say when I rp and then there is the fact that I get distracted and forget what I doing or where I was going and my own posts don't make sense. I have bad grammar and my spelling could use a lot of work.....Sorry I forgot the question, I am ranting now, I will stop.


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I am terrible at coming up with a plot line on my own. I always need assistance, if not just following another's idea.


Knowledge. E.g. I can't write properly about the forest because I don't know much about the trees, plants, it's inhabitants.


lol i tend to focus more on my own characters development sometimes. at least im conscious about it, but it's hard not to keep adding drama and backstory to my ocs at every turn


i like to read fight scenes in a roleplay, but im so bad at writing them. also i feel like my characters tend to get stuck in the same mood too much, making them a bit basic. if i try to change thier mood for a little scene theyre gonna be like that for the next 20 posts and i wouldnt even mean it


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I loose motivation too easily to write out a long reply and then usually the rp dies down. Im also not good with just doing wholesome things because it gets me too bored