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What style of writing do you use the most?

What kind of writing style do you prefer when writing or RPing??

Ex. "Rachel: *grabs toothbrush and brushes teeth* "
Ex2. "Rachel entered the bathroom and reached out an grabbed the toothbrush by the mirror"

Personally I use the 2nd example style but I used to use the first when I started out
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I used to use the first one when I started out RPing way back in the day, especially when I found out about chat RPing, but I've been using the second style (novel style) far more often ever since then. Nowadays, I couldn't fathom the thought of going back to chat RPing format.


Always the second choice. It is more comfortable to me to put details however small they may be.


I use the first one for ironic purposes in group chats, but the second one for anything 'serious'.