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What was one mistake you always made when you were new to roleplaying?

Discussion in 'Writer's Circle' started by Imbion, Dec 24, 2017.

  1. Dorian

    Dorian New Member

    Okay, so it would probably be a shorter list if I said what I did right rather than wrong, lol! ;-)

    Of my many mistakes I think I struggle the most with the speed at which the plot progresses; either it is too fast or too slow. Previous RP partners of mind would likely be laughing, knowing first hand the much more grevious mistakes I make, but there you go. :)
  2. cassidy

    cassidy california gorl

    i was the ultimate edgelord/drama queen. no joke at all. i felt something was a bit boring? catch me breaking a character’s arm or starting a fight. thankfully i’ve calmed down much more with that, so i’m not so cringy in that aspect anymore (thankfully).
  3. MelodyMeister

    MelodyMeister The Self-Admitted Newbie

    Well, I did post here when I was new, so I’ll think back.
    ((Hasn’t actually changed that much))
    Well, it’s true, my characters seem to act exactly the same, must be typeplaying. I mostly play young girls, so that’s probably why they end up with the same personality.
    Looking back, I realise that my writing style is still absolutely atrocious, and I have a problem with run on sentences.
    And of course, my title is The Twink for a reason, I write what I know, and that’s probably why my characters end up so stupidly weird.
    I don’t do godmodding, and I’m careful with powerplaying, but I do accidentally do meta gaming.
  4. NujabesLives!

    NujabesLives! Music for the soul

    One problem I feel I ran into quite often when roleplaying was during my formative years(so around when I was 10-11) I'd been in drama classes at school quite often up to that point. I felt it helped me work past emotional issues and gave me a chance to interact with others my age who had similar interests that weren't sports(because I was terrible at those.)

    But in doing so, I became so intertwined with the format of 'script writing' that I'd often have characters speak like

    Character X: so and so how's the weather today?
    Character Y: Why as it happens it's lovely today!

    Rather than the format that's typically used these days which is third person, at least for the most part. I feel unless you're writing a fanfic/singular story with your character as the lead, first person shouldn't really come into RPing.

    I was also pretty bad at grammar, still have my problems these days. But having grown up I've cared less about typos and run on sentences than I did when I was a kid and scared of the reactions I might get from my peers.
  5. ChoosingTulip

    ChoosingTulip New Member

    One thing I always had trouble with was godmodding. Yeah, one of the basic rules of thumb, and that was my main issue. I always controlled the action that’s happened to my opponent or I would throw a bunch of different moves and attacks at my opponent at once, giving them little to no chance to react to all of it.
  6. Fatality

    Fatality Music person

    When I first started role playing, I mixed up in and out of character without any warning,

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