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Interest Check What's Left...

Discussion in 'Bulletin Board' started by Wintergreen, Jul 4, 2019.

  1. Wintergreen

    Wintergreen The Heart of The Party

    There once lied a world full of human life and their tools of life.

    There was a continent of incredible science; all the technology and architect were unimaginably advanced. They had used laser, plasma, and tesla for their arsenal and power source. These were the people of the future.

    Yet there was another continent, one that had traditions over modernization. They found hidden power in mystic gems with unexplained power - Magic. There society was fueled by the mysterious power and even let them live in modern like homes.

    All had changed when the 1st Battalion had attacked. A race with unknown abilities that had forced mankind to the brink of extinction.
    Their unique tactics had brought man to their brink, the 1st Battalion had destroyed mans tools.

    "....yes, everything man uses is a tool, tools create, disassemble, or keep stability. If I gave you a weapon, which one of the three would you do?"

    Setting: 16 years after the 1st Battalions awakening. The world is overgrown by nature, a sort of apocalypse. Many of mans materials, weapons, and housing have been destroyed. They have been withered down to not be able to fight back. Now man must use what they can scavenged to fight back. The 1st Battalion can sense life energy, which is very weak, unable to sense individuals, however when grouped up humans are easy to find, because of this reason people tend to stay alone or in smaller groups.

    Tone: It's an apocalypse, so more of a darker tone, with little slices of happiness.

    Technology: There are modern weapon, futuristic weapons such as laser guns, and medieval/magical weapons. More modern weapons require ammunition which is rare. Laser technology requires some sort of battery while some automatically charge overtime (it can still burn a fuse). And Medieval is more often than not - magical. These weapons can break, they only have magical properties while the rune is inserted in the weapon, additionally the rune is powered by Mana, a resource found in magical plants and wildlife. If said things are burnt the rune will absorb the gas into the stone.

    Roleplay: The goal is to survive day by day, to suppress the 1st Battalion threat. Human life isn't guaranteed and morality has been filed low, To survive is the minimum, but the ultimate goal is to find a reason to go on in this terrible world, to find purpose where little remains.

    The player also starts without a weapon. This could be a starting goal of the character.

    The Threat
    Battalion: Definition being used "a large, organized group of people pursuing a common aim or sharing a major undertaking"

    They are an ancient race that had ruled the earth before humans, they were the first race to ever exist, the prototype race before all the others. They went into hibernation for over a 1,000,000 years. They are now back to take back what was once theirs.

    Anatomy: They have an exoskeleton with small soft spots non-distinguishable from the rest of their body, it is a weak point of theirs, if hit it will do lethal damage, but it will release an acid liquid that damages human tissue. They have an opening in their forehead (Mind Socket) to store an orb, this is their weapon of choice. Also known as the Mind Gem, they draw on the orbs power to conjure attacks against enemies, however to use the orbs continents they must open the slit in their head and expose the orb. If an orb is with drawn from their head and isn't replaced, they will slowly die overtime. Essentially the orb is like a power core for them, they are born with a generic one that has no special features. Even though they have no noticeable eyes they can still see., similar to how a bat can see, but more accurate.

    Humans can use the Mind Gem, but once it leaves the 1st Battalions body it requires organic energy: Blood, Brain fluids, or alternatively it can be implanted in the forehead to be powered by a persons electrodes.

    Life sense:They can see life energy, but it's not the best, they can only sense life energy when in large quantities. Such as when 20+ people are grouped out.

    Mind Gem Use: They can use/exchange Mind Gems in their head. They use the electrodes in their brain to power up the gem and use it's abilities.

    Durability: They have extremely advanced durability due to their exoskeleton.

    Strength: They have above-average strength, but they do not have supernatural strength. They might be as strong as a weight lifter.


    Their head consists of a fleshy crown on top of their head, extra hard exoskeleton that make up their lower face, And a Mind Socket that is on their forehead.

    The Mind Socket when it opens to reveal their Mind Gem

    When not in combat they wear their wings like a long robe to cover up their body.

    However when in combat/or for transportation they expand their wings out.

    Their weak spot location

    Character Sheet
    Age :
    (18+ Preferably)
    (The clothes they wear, considering clothes are a rare resource the player could have their entire wardrobe here, most people have 2 pairs if their lucky, but some people have more such as 5+)
    Equipment: (This includes items as well, though the player starts off without a weapon)
    Abilities/Skills: (Notable abilities/skills they have that make them stand out from others)


    I would be interested in this.
  3. Wintergreen

    Wintergreen The Heart of The Party

    ooooh, really!!! Sorry, just overjoyed


    You seem lonely my bro. Should I wait a while for more people?
  5. Wintergreen

    Wintergreen The Heart of The Party

    Nahhh, not lonely, just hyped. Um Yeah, it'd probably be fine to wait awhile, beacause that gives times to create a character and such while we create our characters.
  6. Wintergreen

    Wintergreen The Heart of The Party

    I'll create a group chat for the peeps who join.
  7. Jackythejack

    Jackythejack Member

    Oh this seems interesting.
  8. Wintergreen

    Wintergreen The Heart of The Party

    We started it but are stillaccepting people. And by started i mean only 1 post. We can easily write you in.


    We gotta get em in the ooc! Heck yes wecomento the party
  10. Wintergreen

    Wintergreen The Heart of The Party

    Well they gotta confirm they wanna join first.
  11. Jackythejack

    Jackythejack Member

    I’d join, yeah. I gotta go to sleep atm though.
  12. Wintergreen

    Wintergreen The Heart of The Party

    That's perfectly fine, i'll add you to the OOC. Glad you joined the team, welcome :)


    Welcome to the team!
  14. Wintergreen

    Wintergreen The Heart of The Party

    Honestly feels like i though, this is a different way to make friends
  15. Space Man

    Space Man "Free Yourself Roleplaying" Refugee

    I really like this idea! I hope I'm not too late to ask to join this!

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