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What's The Hardest Thing About Writing?

Discussion in 'Writer's Circle' started by Yui, Aug 28, 2018.

  1. Yui

    Yui Member

    Whether it's for role-play or not, what do you seem to have the most trouble with? For me, it's naming. Yeah I have trouble with plot development and world-building quite a bit, but even after I manage to get through that, I find myself stuck yet again because I have no idea what to name the heroes, villians, places, everything. I feel like this bothers me a bit too much.
  2. NujabesLives!

    NujabesLives! Music for the soul

    World building is probably the biggest issue I have when it comes to writing. I have a severe case of ADHD-have had it since I was a child-and it's very much detrimental to when I want to write something. If it's more than a couple of pages then it's simply not possible for me to do it. I have fellow colleagues who can write out essays and entire worlds filled with various flora and fauna that they came up with on the spot.

    I can't really do that but I still try to have fun writing regardless. I'm just not likely to be hired for scriptwriting or plotting out a video game/book anytime soon.

    As for your issue, I wish you the best of luck. When I usually come up with names I try to take them from people I know in real life or the last thing I played. What I also feel helps is naming your character after some kind of pun. Dragonball is very good at this with the saiyans being puns named after vegetables. I hope this helps in someway.
    ChelonianCommander likes this.
  3. ChelonianCommander

    ChelonianCommander Strength of Steel, Will of Iron

    I agree with NujabesLives. I think that world building is rather hard, especially doing so in order to keep people entertained and invested enough to do so. For me once I set up a world, making a plot or story becomes easier.
    NujabesLives! likes this.
  4. NujabesLives!

    NujabesLives! Music for the soul

    I'm currently running a Dragonball themed world and while it's a lot of fun to see people get invested in the world you've made/crafted as your own despite it being a canon setting, it's nice and makes you feel overjoyed.

    But then you have the challenge of keeping up with that enthusiasm and keeping things fresh.

    I wish you the best of luck @Yui Worldbuilding is no easy task but there's no reason that a budding RPer shouldn't be encouraged to continue to hone their craft and get better.
  5. Yui

    Yui Member

    I tend to try and create the plot, story and character development first. I feel that it's makes the world-building a tad easier especially if you're a fantasy lover like I am. For me, at the very least, it helps me figure out the overall theme I'm going for. For example, I'm currently working on a world that mixes Japanese mythology and yokai (mostly because it's always interested me.) and typical fantasy. I have some of the world completed, but for the most part I've just been making characters.
  6. NujabesLives!

    NujabesLives! Music for the soul

    It's pretty cool that you've managed to mix your interests with that of already pre-established mythology. I can respect that a lot. More creativity than I've had in a while that's for sure lol

    I'm a bit slacking on my Japanese myths however but are you gonna incorporate the Kappa at any point?
  7. Yui

    Yui Member

    I'm not sure about the Kappa, as I actually don't know anything about that particular yokai. These are what I do have however so far: The Kitsune, The Tengu, and the Kejoro. Unfortunately, there's literally only one page of info for the Kejoro, so I might just make something else entirely and just base it off of what little information I know.
    Last edited: Aug 30, 2018
    NujabesLives! likes this.
  8. countofcristo

    countofcristo New Member

    I have a problem of using up all my good ideas in the first five pages, or rushing some of it, to get to a part I'm really excited about.
  9. Emory

    Emory Active Member

    I'd say the greatest challenge I personally face as a writer is deciding when to stop planning and start writing and when to stop editing and finalize the project. I have a habit of over planning or editing my work too harshly, but that's normal for most writers. Sometimes you just got to know when to let the bird fly.
  10. GreatestSoldier

    GreatestSoldier New Member

    When it comes to what I find to be the most hardest thing about writing.....it’s the fighting scenes. No matter what, I just can’t picture what a fight looks like and describe it perfectly in words. I don’t know if it’s just me but that’s what I find hard.
  11. DankFish

    DankFish New Member

    Hardest thing about writing. For me, it's world-building. While you're building your own world, you have to do so much stuff like Language, History, The Culture, Religions, Historical Figures, Landmarks, and many more. I haven't tried it personally but even if I haven't tried it yet. It still sounds daunting and hard.
  12. Jackythejack

    Jackythejack Member

    Word building is probably up there but another thing for me is just letting characters have personalities without letting them suddenly merge together or having them end up like a boring sack of potatoes. It happens more often than you think. No one lacks sacks of potatoes.

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