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What's The Hardest Thing About Writing?


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Just about everything is hard for me when it comes to writing, but I guess character creation is probably the hardest to me. Most of mine turn out pretty flat and uninteresting. And the only thing they have going for them is probably the archetype they're based off of.


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I'd probably name three things as the things I find the hardest when writing:

1 - Choosing names for characters and places. Really, I'm terrible at choosing names for my characters and places. For characters it's a bit easier as I can go to those websites meant for parents searching for names for their babies, and I just use that and choose the name I like best for the character I'm creating, but it's harder with places because I'm not too creative for that. Also I tend to obsess too much that the name of my fictitious city, store or school doesn't already exist in real life, so yeah, I'm bad at naming places.

2 - Get writing! One of the things I find the hardest is to know when to end the planning phase and start the writing phase. Sometimes I keep on planning and planning and planning, and then I realize I never actually started writing. Sometimes my idea will become so complex that I feel intimidated by it, or I get too obsessed with getting it right that I don't start writing, worried that I won't be satisfied with what I've written.

3 - Character Descriptions. I'm great at developing character personalities, backstories and motives, but where I struggle is when I get to character appearances. I'm incredibly uncreative for character appearances, so I struggle a lot with this, and many times I'll end up with the most basic and bare-bone description of a character's appearance you could think of.


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For me, it's to find the right words, to smoothen my text, to make them look... well, "special" The correction itself may be a problem from time to time due to my foreign being. However, I have a lot of joy while writing my texts, since I go in not only with my head but also heart. I'd like to add the fact and existence of plotholes. It doesn't happen often but sometimes I forget to add a backstory or background of higher importance. This happens especially when I am too much into the story or character and forget that the readers don't know all of the background information like I do.
location, and imagining what I cant see, my world is historic fiction, has to be real as possible, so I use google maps, and sometimes it doesnt come out right, so when I try to write a story of Selena is russia, Caleb in florence, and Kali is egypt, I need to really work on the reality of the cities, ans when the googlemaps isnt able to pinpoint, It urks me


I definitely have the most trouble coming up with interesting events and plots to move the story forward. Ask me to write about two characters having fun training together, and I can do it justice. Ask me to come up with all the offscreen reasons why this inquisitor is in town,. and why he's attempting to apprehend the MC, and I find myself quickly miserable.
It's a big part of the reason I'm giving this RP thing a shot! I like my characters, but I have a ton of trouble keep a story moving in a way that feels realistic. I feel like I'm juggling too much.


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1. Naming things. I can't tell you have long I've spent trying to figure out names for characters or locations, sometimes spending days or weeks before something finally hits. I'm terrible at naming characters but I try to above "plain" sounding names so that might just be my own problem there. XD
2. Character Descriptions. If I don't have an imagine or art work of a character, it can be a bit difficult to write out the description of the character. I know what they look like as clear as day in my head, but sometimes putting it into words can be a challenge.
3. World building can be another big challenge for me. As fun as it is to build a world from nothing at all, it can be taxing and draining, especially if you're going for a large world that spans over more than one book or rp.
4. Actually writing. Sometimes writing itself can be the hardest thing to do, be it for a rp or a story. Other days, the words flow well and come non-stop, but then there are days when it's a real struggle to come up with even a sentence. An "off day" as I call it when that happens.


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Whether it's for role-play or not, what do you seem to have the most trouble with? For me, it's naming. Yeah I have trouble with plot development and world-building quite a bit, but even after I manage to get through that, I find myself stuck yet again because I have no idea what to name the heroes, villians, places, everything. I feel like this bothers me a bit too much.
Hello, Yui, I personally like to use a naming generator and sometimes change the names slightly to my liking. Here is an example of my world Iceneom. All of the words are generated except a few (and many I modified to my liking).



For me it's probably maintaining interest and the writing itself. I love coming up with new ideas and they have a habit of taking over brainspace fast and supplanting existing stories I'm working on. There are some stories I always come back to though.

As for the writing, it might sound odd but I love coming up with stories more than actually writing them. Writing is often a pain in the ass since it takes a lot of concentration and focus which I simply don't have.


For me it's probably maintaining interest and the writing itself. I love coming up with new ideas and they have a habit of taking over brainspace fast and supplanting existing stories I'm working on. There are some stories I always come back to though.

As for the writing, it might sound odd but I love coming up with stories more than actually writing them. Writing is often a pain in the ass since it takes a lot of concentration and focus which I simply don't have.
I find a lot of myself in this post. I recently wrote a timeline of sorts dictating the key story points of how the last few World of Warcraft expansions could have gone that would have made the world feel more alive. That’s… okay. It included a lot of variables from old and present Warcraft lore. It was fun to do. But it is so much easier than fleshing out characters, establishing relationships between existing characters, choosing the right moment to expose key character traits (strengths or weaknesses) and so forth. Actually I guess I did two WoW timelines, one based on a more specific writing prompt about the blood elf leader Lor’themar Theron as Warchief during Legion. It was a hit relaxing, too, even though I’d never serious considered the possibility before.

In line with those same problems in your post, @Rosewood, I have trouble picking up the same spark that held my interest before. I have trouble recalling the same… writing priorities that formed the impetus to write for a project. For fanfiction and crossover writing ideas I would still have my appreciation for the setting, characters and themes at play, but the angle I wanted to tackle in said setting? The combination of writing opportunities that made the costs of writing seem like a price worth paying? Gone or tattered with holes that are hard to recover.

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Honestly, I'm not sure. I think it's either getting it written out or coming up with ideas. It always drives me nuts when I can't think of anything, and some of my best/dumbest/craziest work comes to mind when I'm supposed to be asleep or when I don't have access to something where I can't get it written out.


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1.Please don't make me describe scenes. I will actually freaking cry.
2. Describing my character's looks/personality. I will also cry trying to do that. So if my character's description is short or their backstory is short it's because I suck and describing.
3. This kind goes with number 1 but describing the world as a whole and describing the setting as a whole. It's stressful.
4. My ADHD. I will sit down to write back to my ( Partner's name) and I'm like YES! I GOT THIS! Opens Pinterest ok I'm really committed now I 1000% got this. You know what I need music! Opens youtube watches that for 4 hours. I try to write a reply every day so if you see me writing a reply like 10 minutes before midnight its because stress is the only thing that will force me to work without getting distracted. Freaking mental illness :rolleyes:
These are the main ones for me <3


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I find the Beginning of a story that you have a thought of the middle or the end to be the hardest. Do you wanna start it with how the world was created? Or maybe have it where something drastic happened and you pull the reader into figuring out why it happened to begin with...
Personally I look to my favorite stories for Inspiration on how to open a story. With most of my writing being Fanfiction related I like to work in how the main cast got to their start point in hope to not loose my inspiration.

Another hard thing I Find when it comes to Starting a new Story is maintaining Interest outside the first 3 chapters. sometimes something new just pops into my head and I run with that story only to look back at my old writing and have it tossed out or mold over in my PC files. It makes me sad that I can drop a story just as fast as I had started it.


Sometimes I have to use ideas I seen either in movies, television, and books to give the inspiration for the role play and help expand it from there.


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Interestingly or not, I kinda have problems writing in my actual mother tongue. For some reason, I don't know how. I feel more comfortable writing in English, even in German at times. Well, I come from Bulgaria and the Bulgarian language is enigmatic. And surprisingly, it's such a rich and beautiful language, it has words for almost everything. Has almost all the sounds in the world you can imagine. But I somehow can't write in it! I mean, can't really do much creative writing. No songs, no role-plays, even no short stories. Funny enough, I'm often praised for my creativity about playing quizzes on my language and also while writing coursework, even my bachelor's work now. I don't understand why. I've written only one song in it and that's all. While in English, I can create everything!


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The hardest thing?

Well, there's actually keeping up with it. Varying from keeping it in a place where you can pull it out, either traditional note taking to saving onto flash drives and paste saving sites. Then, there's making sure that you're consistent with what you're writing, be it writing a story or roleplaying. The later is pretty important when you're doing group RPs.

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Hardest for me is to connect one idea/arc into another. Or change the scenery to begin another.

As for RP writing... Trying to make a scene as engaging as possible but it seems that when I do this, I am reported for directly attacking the writer. Mind you, this is in the RP, this is what my character does. They are not omnipotent or anything.

Why am I even ranting here... anyways that are the hardest thing for me.


The one thing I despise now is when you find someone who wants to rp with you as they like your idea so you go over details before it actually starts. That way you don't say something you don't want to hear. Of course, when the day arrives to start it the other vanishes without a trace. No feedback of any kind if they vanished off the face of the Earth.