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What's your favorite thing about roleplaying?

Fleshing out characters that you get to be in another world in your head. I love to pretend to be other things. From creatures of the night to people from supernatural worlds, I love to put myself in their positions.


Gotta say the stories. Roleplaying brings so many players and characters together, each with their own backgrounds, motivations, personalities. It gives every encounter and event more depth than one person could create, because there are conflicting biases and perspectives from a purely individual standpoint. That leads to further stories, with every character shaped by their experiences in a different way. One post could cause or affect arcs and stories that would've been lost in obscurity without it.
Agreed. The stories are everything; along with the character building and development. I love seeing a character grow or develop relationships with other characters and having those relationships mean something. I love getting lost in the story lines and being able to step outside of myself for a while. I can get away from everything around me and dive into this world that I'm helping to create. I can be someone else for a while.

It's downright therapeutic.
I know everyone likes RPs for different reasons. For example, I love the different characters that are described during. It really puts a picture in your head! The universes described are fun too.
This is gonna sound weird, and that's because it is. I like roleplaying because i get to live vicariously through characters who are exorandy and go through interesting situations


I love how you just get teleported into this entirely different universe. You can just write to your heart’s content, and it’s such a great way to channel your energy. Plus, you get to experience some really neat characters from it!

Fiora Ally

My favorite thing about roleplaying would be the ability to be someone else, almost like a masquerade. Rather than confining myself to who I usually am, I feel free and shapeless. It's become one of my favorite past times, and a kind of sanctuary for me.


Escaping into another world fiction that I have created with someone else. I like the idea of feeling like a writer that is telling a story but I am co-writing it another person.

I also like living in different world as someone else or like playing a character who is quite close to who I am. In role-playing, the possibilities are endless.


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I enjoy role playing because it allows me to space out from real life. I get to have a second life that I can fully control and enjoy!
i really like when a rp gets me to cry im really good at writing about dark stuff and i really enjoy being able to cry about it too since i tend to put a lot of personal emotions in my original characters so sometimes it just help