Whose Your Favourite Fictional Character?

It changes pretty regularly, but I really love Jaskier from the Witcher universe. Because I am really into poetry and song and taking life easy!
Or maybe it’s Loki, like the Norse hood from the myths. Not so much from marvel universe. Although I like almost every interpretation of him. He is also sharp witted and an excellent speaker. He knows how to get what he wants without being a great worrier or hurt people. He fights with his wit!
Thank the gods someone knows the difference! Lol, fun fact: Hela was actually Loki's daughter, and he is actually Odin's adopted brother, not Thor's.
My new favorite character is Thomas Shelby from Peaky Blinders. He is a very intense character with a lot of facets. You see his gentle and loving side but he'll turn on you on a dime and he trusts no one, even the people you think he trusts. He's fantastic.
Pretty self explanatory, whose your favorite fictional character? whether from a a novel, movie, comic book, cartoon, manga et cetera

My favorite is Hannibal "the cannibal" Lecter :p
In the Sci fi world I'll pick The doctor (doctor who)
In the HP series I pick Tonks and Bellatrix
Overall I think Tonks wins, she reminds me of myself in a way