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Wintergreen's Character Dump!

Discussion in 'Character Depository' started by Wintergreen, Nov 10, 2018 at 4:14 PM.

  1. Wintergreen

    Wintergreen The Heart of The Party

    Well future wintergreen don't forget to put your characters here okay?
  2. Wintergreen

    Wintergreen The Heart of The Party

    Demigod Role play: Distant Heritage

    Full name : L.J Einsrose (I-nn-zen-rose)
    • Nicknames : Reddy
    Age : (14-20): 18

    Appearance :
    • Face claim : Black hair, His hair is messy when he wakes up, covering his eyes, but if he comes it over to the right it will stay in place. He has light blue eyes that really pop and are his most noticeable feature. His nose is average-sized. His lips are a darker pink and has chapped lips, They have some cracks.
    • Description : Has a slender frame. Size: 5’7. His nails aren’t clipped “sharp”
    • Clothing Style : Has a variety of different shades of red long sleeve shirts. Has a red scarf from his mother he always wears. Always wears blue jeans that stick to his legs (Not skinny jeans) with red shoes.
    Personality : He has two sides two him. He doesn’t have multiple personality disorder. If he is alone or in a new environment with new people he is quiet and calculated. And if he is in the room with someone he sees as an enemy he liked to play games with them. If he finds people he likes he takes it easy and becomes and easy going goofball. Though when he is being silly he usually lets his guard down. The only time he is serious around his friends is when it's asked or required. He is very protective over his friends.

    Biography :
    • Parents :
    Father: Guardian.
    Mother: Lucia Lynn Einsrose
    Legal Guardian (Father): Todd Smith
    • Education : High School. Has learned a few things about physcology from his legal guardian.
    • Bio : At the young age of 3 L.J lost his mother to a mysterious incident. He was adopted by a simple town cop named Todd Smith. Who claimed to mostly broke down on kids partying. Little did L.G know he was actually a government official working directly for the government to find demigods. Ever since he adopted L.G he noticed his ability to sometimes notice people near them without directly looking at them. Suspecting him to be a demigod he tried to hide the fact by hiding who he was and trying to fit him into normal society and had him, L.G, and his Brother Brady go do regular family activities. This still didn’t ever stop L.G’s true nature of overprotectiveness of his friends, which got him into plenty of fist fights at school.
    Extra :
    • He has a necklace that he mysteriously received as a gift one year. Its had a Sword with wings on it. He always wears it as it makes him feel comfortable and somehow more at home.

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