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Wintergreen's Character Dump!

Discussion in 'Character Depository' started by Wintergreen, Nov 10, 2018.

  1. Wintergreen

    Wintergreen The Heart of The Party

    Well future wintergreen don't forget to put your characters here okay?
  2. Wintergreen

    Wintergreen The Heart of The Party

    Demigod Role play: Distant Heritage

    Full name : L.J Einsrose (I-nn-zen-rose)
    • Nicknames : Reddy
    Age : (14-20): 18

    Appearance :
    • Face claim : Black hair, His hair is messy when he wakes up, covering his eyes, but if he comes it over to the right it will stay in place. He has light blue eyes that really pop and are his most noticeable feature. His nose is average-sized. His lips are a darker pink and has chapped lips, They have some cracks.
    • Description : Has a slender frame. Size: 5’7. His nails aren’t clipped “sharp”
    • Clothing Style : Has a variety of different shades of red long sleeve shirts. Has a red scarf from his mother he always wears. Always wears blue jeans that stick to his legs (Not skinny jeans) with red shoes.
    Personality : He has two sides two him. He doesn’t have multiple personality disorder. If he is alone or in a new environment with new people he is quiet and calculated. And if he is in the room with someone he sees as an enemy he liked to play games with them. If he finds people he likes he takes it easy and becomes and easy going goofball. Though when he is being silly he usually lets his guard down. The only time he is serious around his friends is when it's asked or required. He is very protective over his friends.

    Biography :
    • Parents :
    Father: Guardian.
    Mother: Lucia Lynn Einsrose
    Legal Guardian (Father): Todd Smith
    • Education : High School. Has learned a few things about physcology from his legal guardian.
    • Bio : At the young age of 3 L.J lost his mother to a mysterious incident. He was adopted by a simple town cop named Todd Smith. Who claimed to mostly broke down on kids partying. Little did L.G know he was actually a government official working directly for the government to find demigods. Ever since he adopted L.G he noticed his ability to sometimes notice people near them without directly looking at them. Suspecting him to be a demigod he tried to hide the fact by hiding who he was and trying to fit him into normal society and had him, L.G, and his Brother Brady go do regular family activities. This still didn’t ever stop L.G’s true nature of overprotectiveness of his friends, which got him into plenty of fist fights at school.
    Extra :
    • He has a necklace that he mysteriously received as a gift one year. Its had a Sword with wings on it. He always wears it as it makes him feel comfortable and somehow more at home.
  3. Wintergreen

    Wintergreen The Heart of The Party

    Pandora Systems RP.

    Attached Photo:

    Jack Isles

    Age: 34

    Height: 5'11

    Weight: 181

    Job: Firefighter

    Psychological Profile: He puts up a cold barrier and is very cold towards people, often isolating himself from them, only finding comfort talking to inanimate object. Regardless of how mean he can be, He often throws himself into danger to help people out.

    Familial Background: Once upon a time he was a normal everyday man. He had a wife and one daughter. He had a job and was the 'man' of the house. He had a pretty regular job with a decent income to pay all the bills. His life was good and simple. As fate would have it, that would all change when his daughter and wife got in an accident. This drove him into depression. He couldn't keep his job as his mental illness got in the way. He locked himself up and eventually got kicked out of his home. An opportunity had arisen known as Artemisia. He wanted a second chance at life as his was becoming hell. When the Pandora system came into production he couldn't afford it as he wasn't making enough money. So he started as a volunteer as a firefighter in an attempt to eventually get full-time. However when all hell broke lose he really thought he had lost it and he finally broke. He had been driven somewhat insane. He is very cold towards most people and will often talk to inanimate objects. He has a hard time believing whats going on.

    Nationality: American-German

    Observed Strengths:
    1. He has above-average strength.
    2. He can take a hit very well. If he had a stab or shot wound he wouldn't react by making grunts or screaming in pain. If he did it's because he was trying to get a reaction out of you. He can manage pain well.
    3. Has lady luck on his side. While often getting into misadventures he manages to pull through because of how lucky he is. He's got a thing with timing.

    Observed Weaknesses:
    1. Not very Charismatic. Often mean. And sends mixed signals even if he likes someone.
    2. He is 38 and his athletic ability isn't the best. He has below-average agility.
    3. Being a madman has its benefits. But mostly it doesn't he often times throws himself into danger getting himself into hairy situations.
    4. Kittens

    • He carved "BRIAN!!!" into his fireaxe for an unknown reason.
    • He carries the necklace he once gifted to his daughter around. It is made pure silver. It has a heart with wings and her name "Lily" carved into it. It is very girly in appearance.
    Last edited: Dec 3, 2018
  4. Wintergreen

    Wintergreen The Heart of The Party

    War of the Beasts Character Sheet(s)

    Name: Guinter L. Gowsenheir

    Age: 700 years

    Race: Elf/Vampire

    Appearance: Has green eyes. His hair is short and black, it is always messy as he doesn't comb it. He appears to be younger than he is. He has no facial hair. His skin is a cery white pale.

    Personality: He is more calm and tries to be calculating. He is un-trusting of people and even himself sometimes. He is often times short worded and quiet towards people. His empathy towards others and the dead aren't show emotionally and he often overlooks it, and talks about strategy. This often gives them the impression he is "cold".

    Rank: N/A

    Bio: He once lived in a long forgotten land hidden in the forest, they were ignorant of the world and kept to themselves. A raid was taken on their city, for they were a city of runesmithers, any who did not join their forces were killed. Even though it was a small raiding party, to his people it was war. He ran away from his city at a young age to try and escape them. While he was running an arrow plunged through his shoulder, he started to bleed to death, but he kept on moving. Eventually a stranger had offered to save his life, he quickly accepted, And then he got bit and turned into a vampire. He was never trusting, not even of himself, but because of the few bad first impressions with people he decided it was best to isolate himself from people. Many years had past since then. He locked himself away to work on rune(s) and weapon crafting, his goal was to make one of the best rune works in history. But he had to go out every so often to get supplies. He was walking through the city to get some food. The war was always near, the fight for land. The hawks company was near the town. After buying some food he wanted, he started to walk back home. In the forest he saw a mysterious werewolf, a few people approached him, the blood on their blades still fresh. He stepped in the way and saved the werewolf boys life. Ever since the wolf felt he owed him great gratitude. He gave his services away to him to show his gratitude. They've been together ever sense locked away in the forest. He continues to work on his master piece every day.

    Wargear: Has chain mail under all his clothing. he wears a white button up over it. He wears a red vest, it has yellow rose designs on the bottom left and right, and one huge rose on his back. He wears black pants with black shoes. Lastly he wears black gloves. He wears a belt that carries most of his runes, around 4-7. He has two sheathes on his belt to hold his daggers. On his back he has a polearm, it looks like a wooden staff, but when he activates the run the wind blade appears and it becomes a spear. He is more a light fighter so that's why he wears less armor than most. He has a thick brown coat for when it gets cold.


    Name: Ellroy Densivine

    Age: 80 years

    Race: Human/Werewolf

    Appearance: He has blond hair combed over to the right. He also has a thick blonde beard/mustache. It is carefully trimmed. His eyes are a dark blue. He has a dirt on his face. He has light freckles. And his skin is a pinkish color.

    Personality: He is very social. But he often times sends mixed signals because how he is. He is mean to people he dislikes, but is also mean to the people he likes, but he is also nice to the people he likes. It can be very confusing for people which can send mixed signals. He is a complete brute in battle, but will not fight without a cause (he will fight in the case of self defense). He does have a short temper

    Rank: Sergeant

    Bio: He was committed to a cause. He joined the Hawks mercenary group when he was very young. He always thought he was a good fighter and had a reason to fight, his family was poor, so he fought to make a quick buck. Soon after his family died in a fire. He had lost hope for a reason to live. One dark night, he was very drunk and wandering the forest, it was all a blur, but he soon found out he was a werewolf. He was in great despair with no reason to live. But soon Charles had hired them for a war. This gave him a reason to fight. This fueled his fight, he didn't want to make history, But he believed that their side was the winning one, and the winners are the ones who right history. He didn't wanna be on the wrong side, he devoted himself to the hawks company because it was all he had life. But one night, he was caught in a fight with the enemy forces, he was ordered to tactically retreat, but he was followed into the town full of innocents, so he ran into the forest to isolate themselves. He turned into a his wolf form, but they were overwhelming him. But as he almost died a vampire saved him, his name was Guinter. He owed him a great gratitude. So he decided to stay with him and protect him. After all the years of being together they had bonded into good friends. While he is itching to fight to help the hawks, he is more worried about keeping Guinter safe.

    Wargear: He wears medium armor, it covers his torso and shoulder, it's also a fur coat, it has a fur hood, and has some of the coat hanging out from under the armor. His sleeves are all fur coat. He has armor gauntlets. And he has brown pants, with feet armor that go up to his knees. He carries two axes on his side to dual wield. He was given a dagger as a gift, he holds the dagger in his mouth for combat. He is a brute but never without a cause.

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