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Witch Hunt [1×1]

Discussion in 'Fantasy' started by Jannistory19, Mar 16, 2019.

  1. Jannistory19

    Jannistory19 The Eager Rper

    It was late at night in Silver City. Moon was high in the sky with its bright lighting, and the streets were quiet..... Somewhat. Night life was sometimes gang-affiliated, so a quiet night was scarce.

    But for this night, it was perfect for a little fun.

    With the streets quiet on a night like this, a young woman named Mia strode down the street with her hoodie up. Anonymity was a strong desire for a woman like her, and if one was easily caught, it wasn't a good thing. She kept her senses heightened for danger, as anything could happen at a time like this.

    Her backpack jiggled with unknown objects as she traveled, and the young woman slowly sniffed the air as she walked. She could pick up various scents, but none were alarming as far as a specific scent was or in how close they were to her. So far so good.

    When Mia finally got to her destination, she slowly put her stuff down and opened her bag. Looking up at the building, the young woman smirked and scoffed at the building - it was a recently new nail salon that had replaced the library that had used to be there. Mia was furious when it was announced - she had no use for such a building. She had read books from that library for years, and now it was going to be replaced by a building full of suffocating chemical fumes and snobby women who stare at themselves all day?

    Bullshit. Nobody was going to enjoy this building.... At least nobody but her when she was finished. Pulling out multiple cans of spray paint, Mia smiled and began her work. It was fun to paint on a night like this.


    By now Alex has been a few years into the job, but as the newest member of the precinct he was still treated much like a rookie. So all the sham cases and stolen items were his responsibility.

    He sat at his desk five minutes until he could go home. It was never easy when you could just go right now. However right on cue there cane something to ruin his day.

    There was a reason he was still treated like a rookie. He was a human on a Supernatural police force of Angels demons and reapers. Of course he was not privy to this information.

    So when a simple case of vandalism came in it was deemed safe enough for the new guy. With that Alex went partnerless to the scene, which with traffic, distance, and an already liner hour before the call was made, gave Mia more than enough time to work.

    However eventually Alex would get there, pull over and go walking towards the Alley way. He wanted to go home. Why did someone have to ruin his night?
  3. Jannistory19

    Jannistory19 The Eager Rper

    An hour in the night, Mia had sprayed quite a bit on the nail salon. All her frustrations and disapproval was sprayed onto the building - most of the work was just random shapes and squiggles, but other parts were actual words or phrases. At one point, she even made a small 'game' or Tic-Tac-Toe on a window.

    Mia had to take brakes every once in a while, but otherwise she had was constantly on the building. When she was done, the nail salon looked like a giant canvas that was sprayed on by a teenager. She snickered at her handiwork. She wondered how some folks would think about it. She figured that most wouldn't approve of the destruction of property, but she shrugged her shoulders and smirked to herself. She didn't care how people would feel about it - but it would be entertaining to know.

    Suddenly, a sound came to her... a car pulling up on the street...? With a few sniffs, Mia picked up an immediate scent that was nearby. It was human, and it was heading her way. Damnit.... She had to go now. Quickly putting her stuff away in her bag, Mia went down the way opposite to where she heard the sounds. She had to leave through the alleyways now, and she had to recall the quickest pathway back out to the streets. Hopefully the person approaching the building didn't see her.


    Should he see her? )
    Alex really just wanted to go home. He shut the car door and came around the corner, at first he didn’t see Mia, he more of heard her in the dark before a glint if light hit her clothing.
    “ Hey! Stop and come back here!” He yells after her before running back to his car to both call it in and to try and cut off her escape route by driving around and blocking one of the alley exits.

    He ran unit the alley way trying to find her. Everything about police training said run her down but his brain said it would be better to stop her exits.

    Of course if she did make it to the streets He wouldn’t be able to find her. So he news trying to think ahead. He was stumbling in the dark he couldn’t see to well. An advantage she majorly could use agisnt him.

    ( sorry for it being so short. I was tired but didn’t want to keep you waiting)
    Last edited: Mar 19, 2019
  5. Jannistory19

    Jannistory19 The Eager Rper

    Mia ran down multiple alleyways to get to another exit. She eventually found another exit towards the streets, but she heard footsteps in that same direction. She growled and turned around, trying to find another way out.

    She couldn't afford to be seen - her life would be upended if the police caught her. Going down another pathway, Mia turned and ran straight for a good moment before she skidded to a stop - she hit a dead end.

    Damn it. She had to turn around.


    But the footsteps echoed across the bricked corridors -- it was difficult to pinpoint where her pursurer exactly was. She had to stay put to maximise her chances of escaping.

    A short growl exited out Mia's throat as she backed up a few inches, her eyes narrowing as she slowly scanned her surroundings for a place to hide.


    Perhaps behind the dumpster? Mia scrunched her lips in disgust, but she didn't want to be caught in any scenario. At least if she escaped she'd clean up. With a sigh, Mia rushed to the large metal box and crouched beside it, keeping her ears out for all sounds.


    Sorry phone problems)

    Alex has lost track of his target he ran towards the sound of the footfalls. Of course when they stopped he stopped.
    He looks around and rushes down an alley way, the foot falls would go the opposite way of Mia.

    Alex unable to find the suspect after about 20 minutes of searching probably what was the same alley way, gave up and went back to the car. Unfortunately no help ever came and the suspect had gotten away, man this sucked.

    He drive back to call it a day, grab his stuff and head to the bar to take a load off. He has the next few days off. After having been on duty for a few days he was happy to have a break. Maybe he’d meet a cute new face.
  7. Jannistory19

    Jannistory19 The Eager Rper

    The footsteps continued to recede and approach Mia's hiding spot for a good while. Mia kept herself absolutely quiet for the entire time, and when she was sure the cop had gone, she slowly stepped out of her hiding spot. With her home on her mind, Mia was quick to leave the maze that was the alleyways and take the shortest path to her dwelling.

    It was a decent little place, but not something worth bragging about. Mia was adamant about keeping a low profile, and with her one bedroom apartment with a minimalistic amount of belongings, it was easy to keep herself on the lower end of the attention spectrum.

    When she finally got home, Mia put her stuff away, and got dressed for bed. All the excitement made her sleepy, and she wanted as much rest as possible before the sun came up.


    Alex by some miracle made it home and drank himself to sleep. It wasn’t healthy and he wouldn’t normally drink. But it’s the only way he slept good. He didn’t change our if his clothes he fell into bed and let sleep take him. To and he was tormented here. He walked into work again. Only to be laughed out of the office and assigned to do kitty cases to make children happy. Humiliation was all he felt.

    He woke up in the middle of the night in a cold sweat and began kicking stuff off. Yes this was his life. It was full of regret. And satisfaction left unfilled. He went back to bed he was finally off tommrow.

    He woke up late and looked st the clock, 10 oh well guess he’d take a walk it was a nice day to be st the park. So he went and explored around the nieghbor hood before finding a nice coffee shop. Wasn’t his thing but he needed a hang out spot so he ordered a muffin and sat down.
  9. Jannistory19

    Jannistory19 The Eager Rper

    When morning came, Mia woke up with a groan. She didn't want to get up, but she eventually would have to if she was to wall around the town for decent targets. She had work later on, and if she was to have merchandise, she was going to have to scout out the buildings.

    After refreshing herself up and putting on clothes, Mia walked out of her place and onto the streets. She mentally thanked nature that it was near summertime, and that she wouldn't have to worry about the cold mornings.
    But first, she had to eat breakfast. The night before proved to be a bit more energy taking than she wanted, so she had to make up for the energy she lost. Mia cursed the man that happened to find her at the time, and wished she would never have to deal with him again.

    With a sigh, Mia decided to go to the coffee shop down the street. It was the closest one to her place, and she liked the sweets that they offered.
    When she got there, Mia walked in and ordered her favorite drink and brownie to eat. She walked to the table that she always took -- the table that was right against the furthest corner of the floor -- and sat down, ready to eat her food.


    Alex sat down enjoying the small , alright, but overpriced items the place sold. But it had a nice view. He watched a young woman enter. She was kind of cute. And he entertained the notion of maybe going up and saying hi to her.
    Only to think better of it.

    He waited longer playing on his phone a bit considering eating more, then eventually prepared to leave. Gathering up his things he carried them to the trash and dumped it.

    He walked towards the door and was about to push it open then his hands lands on top of another hand.
  11. Jannistory19

    Jannistory19 The Eager Rper

    Mia ate her food in silence, though she was still trying to figure out who's scent she was picking up. Her eyes scanned the room of the main floor, until she soon gave up and opted to just eat her food.

    Several minutes later, the door of the shop opened, which made the small bell attached to the door ring a bit. Mia habitually looked up to the sound to see a man walk out of the door, and had accidentally got in the way of another man. Mia didn't take much mind of it, putting her back head down as she took another piece of pastry, until the second man made a fuss out of it.

    She looked back up to see a burly man confronting another man, sizing him up and giving him an aggressive stare. Wariness was quick to settle in her head, as was it for the other patrons of the coffee shop - some parents with children were quick to keep their children close to their side's to avoid them getting too close, and the baristas stopped what they were doing to stare.


    Alex had frozen, he had stopped in the doorway. He didn't know why he just kinda did it. This something that had some unexpected ramifications. A big man had stepped into the door and confronted him.

    Hey now calm down! I can use the other door or you can back up and let me through and I can back up!” this seemed only to anger the man however and he began to yell and shake his hands at him. It wasn't a pleasant experience so he backed away and went to sit back down he didn't want a fight. He also didn't know how well that would go down at the precinct and what would happen to his record so he tried to let sleeping dogs lie.

    He returned to his seat at the window and watched the big man carefully. It was a tense situation it felt like he was being stared through guess he was weak after all. But he didn't want to spend his day off in the ER.

    He looked around the small coffee shop turning around and he spotted a lone woman. Something about her seemed off. So he tried to wave to her. Maybe he should say hi?
  13. Jannistory19

    Jannistory19 The Eager Rper

    Mia watched the confrontation between the two men in her corner. Her gaze was focused on the aggressor, waiting for the moment in which it would be best to step in. There were children in the building, and she hated to see them fearful in the presence of their own parents.

    Thankfully, Mia didn't have the need to interfere, for the situation got somewhat defused, if not entirely so. She growled softly to herself as the aggressive man moved out of the building, and was left with the second and more skinnier man, compared to the first one.

    Mia lifted an eyebrow with interest, in spite of herself. She turned out to be drawn to his scent - it wasn't so heady and masculine like most men would have if they covered themselves with the men's body products, but rather light and easy to take in. She liked it.... But then she took in the scent of alcohol. It was faint, but it was there nonetheless.

    Mia took another bite of her pastry. Her thoughts soon turned on her own self. What was she doing smelling scents and complementing them for? The man probably put some hard liquor in his coffee.

    But she refrained from her judgmental stance. Many people drank alcohol, and it didn't have to mean anything. The young woman sighed. A part of her was bored with sitting still; it wanted to interact with others. The majority of her said 'no', and argued that she didn't have time to talk. She had better things to do.

    Like what? Going to the park to stare at those people?

    Going to the park to clear the mind.

    Going to the park to look like a suspicious creeper.

    Then why do we go there?

    Because if we did anything else, we'd be tempted to do something that would get us in trouble.

    Hmmm. Talk about lack of self-control.

    Shut up.

    Mia made the mistake of looking up and seeing the man waving at her. She froze like a deer in headlights for a few seconds, but was quick to hurry and look down. He saw her looking at him, right? She saw him and he saw her.... She had to wave back right? Well she didn't have to, but that would be rude. With a nervous swallow, Mia looked back up and waved back to the man, unwillingly showing her shyness and hesitation all at once.

    What did she do now? She acknowledged the man, and even waved at him.... only one answer came to mind.

    She had to talk to him.

    Mia cringed at the idea. Why did she have to? Couldn't she leave? And yet, she felt a part of her not want to be so incredibly rude. No. She couldn't stay. She had to go before she grew too nervous and gave something away. Mia got on her feet, grabbed her food, and walked as fast as she could to leave the building. But somewhere between her chair and the man's chair, Mia tripped on something, her own feet perhaps, and she stumbled a little ways directly to the man's table. Mia squealed and extended her hands out and caught herself on the edge, her eyes wide open as she panted softly to herself.

    After a few moments of silence, the young woman straightened herself out and cleared her throat awkwardly, eyes gazing at everywhere else but the man.

    "I'm.... Excuse me... So sorry. I didn't mean to be in your way," Mia said with a sheepish chuckle.


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