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Witch Hunt [1×1]

Discussion in 'Fantasy' started by Jannistory19, Mar 16, 2019 at 8:54 AM.

  1. Jannistory19

    Jannistory19 The Eager Rper

    It was late at night in Silver City. Moon was high in the sky with its bright lighting, and the streets were quiet..... Somewhat. Night life was sometimes gang-affiliated, so a quiet night was scarce.

    But for this night, it was perfect for a little fun.

    With the streets quiet on a night like this, a young woman named Mia strode down the street with her hoodie up. Anonymity was a strong desire for a woman like her, and if one was easily caught, it wasn't a good thing. She kept her senses heightened for danger, as anything could happen at a time like this.

    Her backpack jiggled with unknown objects as she traveled, and the young woman slowly sniffed the air as she walked. She could pick up various scents, but none were alarming as far as a specific scent was or in how close they were to her. So far so good.

    When Mia finally got to her destination, she slowly put her stuff down and opened her bag. Looking up at the building, the young woman smirked and scoffed at the building - it was a recently new nail salon that had replaced the library that had used to be there. Mia was furious when it was announced - she had no use for such a building. She had read books from that library for years, and now it was going to be replaced by a building full of suffocating chemical fumes and snobby women who stare at themselves all day?

    Bullshit. Nobody was going to enjoy this building.... At least nobody but her when she was finished. Pulling out multiple cans of spray paint, Mia smiled and began her work. It was fun to paint on a night like this.


    By now Alex has been a few years into the job, but as the newest member of the precinct he was still treated much like a rookie. So all the sham cases and stolen items were his responsibility.

    He sat at his desk five minutes until he could go home. It was never easy when you could just go right now. However right on cue there cane something to ruin his day.

    There was a reason he was still treated like a rookie. He was a human on a Supernatural police force of Angels demons and reapers. Of course he was not privy to this information.

    So when a simple case of vandalism came in it was deemed safe enough for the new guy. With that Alex went partnerless to the scene, which with traffic, distance, and an already liner hour before the call was made, gave Mia more than enough time to work.

    However eventually Alex would get there, pull over and go walking towards the Alley way. He wanted to go home. Why did someone have to ruin his night?
  3. Jannistory19

    Jannistory19 The Eager Rper

    An hour in the night, Mia had sprayed quite a bit on the nail salon. All her frustrations and disapproval was sprayed onto the building - most of the work was just random shapes and squiggles, but other parts were actual words or phrases. At one point, she even made a small 'game' or Tic-Tac-Toe on a window.

    Mia had to take brakes every once in a while, but otherwise she had was constantly on the building. When she was done, the nail salon looked like a giant canvas that was sprayed on by a teenager. She snickered at her handiwork. She wondered how some folks would think about it. She figured that most wouldn't approve of the destruction of property, but she shrugged her shoulders and smirked to herself. She didn't care how people would feel about it - but it would be entertaining to know.

    Suddenly, a sound came to her... a car pulling up on the street...? With a few sniffs, Mia picked up an immediate scent that was nearby. It was human, and it was heading her way. Damnit.... She had to go now. Quickly putting her stuff away in her bag, Mia went down the way opposite to where she heard the sounds. She had to leave through the alleyways now, and she had to recall the quickest pathway back out to the streets. Hopefully the person approaching the building didn't see her.


    Should he see her? )
    Alex really just wanted to go home. He shut the car door and came around the corner, at first he didn’t see Mia, he more of heard her in the dark before a glint if light hit her clothing.
    “ Hey! Stop and come back here!” He yells after her before running back to his car to both call it in and to try and cut off her escape route by driving around and blocking one of the alley exits.

    He ran unit the alley way trying to find her. Everything about police training said run her down but his brain said it would be better to stop her exits.

    Of course if she did make it to the streets He wouldn’t be able to find her. So he news trying to think ahead. He was stumbling in the dark he couldn’t see to well. An advantage she majorly could use agisnt him.

    ( sorry for it being so short?)

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