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Witch Hunt [1×1]

Discussion in 'Fantasy' started by Jannistory19, Mar 16, 2019.

  1. Jannistory19

    Jannistory19 The Eager Rper

    Mia scoffed at the man when he spoke again. Her eyes rolled as she reached for her bag of food, taking a piece of it as he talked.

    Seriously, she had to go. Surely, making a scene in the coffee shop was no way to begin a morning. Not to mention that she liked coming here - to be kicked out of this place would be humiliating to her. She had to get up to go somewhere. The unnecessary aggression was not how one made conversation.

    'Damnit Mia, get on your feet, before you say something you don't mean,' her brain tried to tell her before she got out of hand.

    "What? Oh, the small man has a job? And you want to go and see the world? What, you work at home? You want to smell the flowers and shit?" Mia smirked. Fuck, she sounded like a bully right now, and she disliked bullies very much. There was nothing wrong with smelling flowers.... Unless they had wasps on them.

    With the man's last statement, Mia sensed his friendly demeanor weakening. Not a lot, but enough for her to notice. She couldn't help but to smirk a little as she leaned in closer to the man, leaning her head on her hands; but she made sure to not smirk too much, lest she reveal her sharp fang. Her eyes held this creepy sense of mischeviousness, taunting the man with them.

    "Why? Because I can. Problem?" Mia asked with a head tilt. Before he would answer though, Mia stood on her feet in a flash, grabbing her snack as she gave the man a glance.

    "Well, hope you have a good day. I have places to go..... People's days to ruin. Tah."

    That was the last thing she said before she briskly walked out of the coffee shop, a smirk in her face the entire time she was in front of the man. Of course when she was out of his sight, Mia gave a deep exhale and went to a dark alleyway to hide herself away from everyone.
    Last edited: Jun 13, 2019


    Alex sighed. He was so happy Mia was gone. He had another hard truth to add to his list of hard truths. Women were men creatures most of which probably came from Hell. At least in his experience.

    He watched Mia go. He didn’t want to continue talking to her. That shy girl now had a monstrous image in his mind, especially with that grin.

    For once in his life he felt his kindness was worthless. All he wanted was to see her smilie. A happy smile not that sadistic smirk. He felt defeated on the inside. When Mia disappeared he walked out and away.

    He wished he was back in his home. So he could drink himself away. He didn’t like most of these people. At least in hindsight. These city people. Who seemed rude and mean, and tried to hit each other and be here and there.

    He walked to his car and got in. He slouched down and turned on the radio. He would listen to some music. Maybe he should walk to he park. It was his off day. He shouldn’t be on duty. But now he wanted to bury himself. In work.
  3. Jannistory19

    Jannistory19 The Eager Rper

    God! When was Mia ever going to talk to someone normally? What the hell was all that in the coffee shop? That man did nothing to her; he literally helped her sit down after she tripped, and there she was, just blabbing out some weird, mean shit.

    Some of it was strange, but the majority of it was mean. She took note of that fact. Mia shivered at the fact that she behaved so rudely. She had always strived to keep to herself - that was unfortunately one of the reasons why. Actually striking a conversation made Mia so uncomfortable that her brain for some reason just switches her behavior from terribly quiet and shy, to crude, aggressive and snarky.

    Mia never really took too much thought into it though. She figured it was just her being herself. It was still embarassing though. Maybe she should go back and apologize? No.... after what she spewed at him for the last ten or fifteen minutes, that man was not going to want to hear anything she had to say, nice or otherwise.

    With a sigh, Mia stated down the dark alleyway that she was currently standing in, and wondered what to do. Going home would just be a doorway to a spiral of anxiety and irritation -- not good for someone like her to experience.

    Perhaps something that was thrilling for her, to get her mind off of what had happened. While she was sure she'd never see the man again, she didn't want to keep thinking about him in the future.

    ... Perhaps a little art run? Mia experimentally shook her bag and was rewarded with the metallic clang of her spray cans. Why did she not take them out the night before? No matter, they were going to be needed now.

    With a smirk, Mia went down the alleyway, searching her mind for a place to go.

    Half hour later, Mia was spraying the side of an abandoned building. No message, just there to let off some steam. Maybe a swirl or even a cute shape, but nothing that suggested malice behind the painting. The young woman sighed as she painted the wall with an orange color.


    Alex went to the park he wanted to pet some animals at least they weren’t jerks most of the time. Ooh maybe he should get a pet snake. Hell yes he was gonna get a pet snake.

    He took up a spot on the bench to feed some ducks. Gosh he was so much like an old man already.


    Someone heard a spray can top pop. What was going on back here? They slowly approached and peaked around. A young woman spray painting? That definitely should not be happening.

    “Hey! What do you think you’re doing!?”

    They come over to Mia and look at her art work distracted long enough for her to get a head start.

    “You’re a vandal!”
  5. Jannistory19

    Jannistory19 The Eager Rper

    Mia gasped when she heard someone approach her. She growled and turned slightly to see how far they were. The person wasn't close, and they were distracted with her work. She used the time to quickly gather her stuff and Run off, leaving the person behind in the shady and cold part of the city.

    For the next few days, Mia decided to stay at home. Her scouting was kept at a minimum, so she didn't have many places to take from. She'd have to go back out and see before she went to work the next night.

    But for now, Mia decided to relax and take a walk in the park. It was nice to see the trees swaying in the breeze and to observe the people that she couldn't talk to for her life. Sitting at a distance was much better than sitting near others. She'd find a tree to climb when she got there.

    So off she went, walking down multiple blocks from her apartment to get to the large park filled with grass and flowers and trees..... And people....

    When she got there, Mia slowly scoured the large area of property, looking for the best place to settle. She soon spied a large shady tree with a free bench; it was distant from the playground, was close to the nearby forest, and was quiet considering where it was. With a smile, Mia began her walk toward it.


    It’s was a beautiful, the flowers were in bloom, birds chirped all around. With beautiful flicks of fowl flying over head. With plenty of old people wandering about the park. The reds and greens and yellows were bright and soft, enough to stir joy in ones heart.

    A old tree much older than all the people here, save a very select few. It’s wood had begun to darken, but it refused to let it’s leaves stop their grow. It would not yet give up on the world. This tree, hung above a particular park bench.

    Alex has always worked hard, and today was another day of hard work to bad it was for a run around and spent doing paper work. He walked to the bench not noticing Mia, almost as if a phantom sent to haunt her, he sat on the tree taking a moment to look and admire the view. A smile crept across his face as he took in the red sky cause by the setting sun. He turned and he saw Mia. His blood ran cold.

    Ok no big deal just ignore her. She’s shy! She wouldn’t bother trying to speak to him unless he tried to help her or speak to her.

    He hadn’t noticed it at first but she seemed to emit bad vibes, thuggish vibes. And he didn’t like that. It harsher his mellow. However the bench was public property so he’d share it with her begrudgingly. He looked the other way and waited for her to pass
  7. Jannistory19

    Jannistory19 The Eager Rper

    Mia was staring up at the sky, enjoying the relative quiet that this spot had offered. This park bench wasn't close to the big playground and huge green field where the people could run around and play in.

    Instead, this bench and large, old tree was settled near a calm bike path. This particular bike path led into forested areas, which was why it sounded more 'wild' in this place moreso than othets. Which was why Mia liked it more. Though, one would barely be able to see her contented smile past the hoodie she had over her head.

    Whenever she left her place, she was always wearing her black hoodie. She had developed a sort of defense mechanism surrounding it when she was younger, and she never left it since.

    Besides, it was good to wear on those cooler days and nights.

    She soon sensed someone approaching her. She took a second's glance, but never took the time to actually see who it was next to her.

    That was, until the wind blew past her face. She inhaled at the same time the wind blew the stranger's scent to her face, and she almost panicked when she recognized it. She slowly and discreetly sniffed the air a few times more just to be sure.

    No. No way. That damn man from the coffee shop?!

    Mia breathed slowly, nervousness almost overspilling through her emotions, and cocked her head to the side. "Well fuck me.... You come to this park as well huh? What are you, stalking me or something?" Mia asked.
    Last edited: Jun 19, 2019


    Alex has sat down and gotten comfortable when he heard her voice. God damn it. He tended hi but relaxed outing on his confident face.

    “well I am by no means a regular. I came here to check it out and this seemed a good a spot as any. So no not stalking. Unless you are hiding something? Do I need to look into you? No bodies beneath floor boards nor any kids buried in that green field are they?” He mostly jested to turn her sourness back on herself but he was sure he was not doing a great job.

    She was cute and pretty and the way the sun hit her face? Made her look amazing. However Alex did not want to be around this woman despite her looks and her wit.

    He promptly got up and began to put some distance between himself and her. That way she couldn’t slap him without having to walk a few feet before. However, his better nature begged of him to give her another chance. And begrudgingly, he stayed to see his things would turn out this time.

    Probably with his feelings hurt again and even less will to step outside his home for anything.

    “So what brings you to the park?”
  9. Jannistory19

    Jannistory19 The Eager Rper

    Mia scoffed at the weak jab the man gave her. How amusing. She gave a small smirk and brought her hoodie further over her face. "Oh okay. Someone who likes to make those morbid jokes. You know, they say that those that smile a lot are the ones that you need to watch out for the most. So what about you? Are you the one with skeletons in your closet? What about a little heartbeat under your floorboards? Hmm?" Mia slowly asked.

    She chuckled lowly before sighing. Her hoodie didn't prevent her from seeing the man get up and scoot away from her. While she couldn't blame him for how she reacted before, she still felt a small pang of sadness at the gesture. Whatever. It's fine. He wasn't the first one who was wary around her.

    "I felt like going somewhere that was both public and private at the same time. This spot seemed to be the farthest from the playground that didn't completely enter the forest. I like the quiet it brings..." Mia said before she heard kids screaming in the distance.

    "Well.... At least relatively quiet. I'm not good around..." Mia paused as she took a glance towards the man. Why should she spill everything at him? She barely knew him. She shook her head with a small snort. "Never mind. I just like being alone." Mia said with a sigh.


    Alex watched Mia carefully. He couldn’t see her eyes which brought to mind that thought of a snake. Deceptive and cunning. Although the supposed he could turn her turn around into a rather morbid joke. No no he shouldn’t, but he wanted to embrace the idea.

    He cracked a grin wide enough for her to see. “Why yes. They’re often the only ones who keep me company at home.” He snickers hoping it was intimidating enough to keep her bad attitude in check.

    “Sadly, there will always be noise. No mater where you go. It always seems there is a end to the quite. So you’ll just have to get use to the noise.....”

    “You wanna go on a walk?”

    He looks at her before offering her a hand he expected her to smack it away. “You seem so lonely. Don’t you need a friend?”
  11. Jannistory19

    Jannistory19 The Eager Rper

    Mia turned her head slightly to see the man make a smart remark and a smile. She couldn't help but to chuckle at his words. "Oh well then, I'll make sure to go and tell them 'hi'. They must be starved, with you feeding them they have to be," Mia responded back.

    She shrugged her shoulders when the man said that it would always be loud. She knew that. She just didn't want to be right there at the playground. Who likes sitting so close to the playground that you might as well stick your ear right in the mouths of the children? While they're screaming?

    The man's offer for a walk made her turn her head a little. Why? Why ask her for a walk of all people? It's a waste of time. She didn't want to go walking around. His last words bit at Mia, even though he wouldn't mean or know it. She huffed and shook her head. Now what was she doing?

    "What? And you're gonna be that friend? I don't need friends," Mia sid before slightly wincing at her snappy response. Don't do it. "I'm... I'm fine."


    “Yeah! Totally not like snipping and snapping at random people in you’re wake of destruction sounds very much like you don’t need friends. You are on the path to destruction. Sorry, I know I’m preachy. But you’ve got some nasty words in your head.”

    He shrugs walking around the bench so she’d have to turn her head if she wanted to see him. He perched to be in her ear but also to see her eyes.

    “Why do you despise people? I could understand why you’d hate me. But clearly you need to do something. You are just far to aggressive. It’s a dangerous way to live.”
  13. Jannistory19

    Jannistory19 The Eager Rper

    The man's words made Mia snort a little. "How dramatic. 'In my wake of destruction'. You watch too many movies." The woman said with a huff. She sensed the man walk around the bench and tensed up. What the hell was he doing? She made a soft growl and turned around to see him, the pupils in her eyes shifting, but they went back to normal after a split second.

    "You ain't got a clue of what's in my head. If you knew, you'd never want to speak to me again," Mia hissed.

    His question made Mia think a little, despite the growing amount of animosity in her voice. Hating people? Her?


    Did she hate people? She didn't think so. But she didn't like to interact with them either. She sighed and shook her head. "Silly man. I don't hate people. I just don't want to deal with them. I'd rather deal with myself. And it's better to deal with myself, by myself. I have enough trouble in my life without other people's bullshit intertwining with mine." Mia explained.

    The woman blinked and looked up at the sky. "And I don't hate you. I haven't seen enough of what you do to even hate you enough, if at all. Unless you're some racist political that wants to do some drastic movement, then you're fine.... Unless you are a rasict.... Are you a rasict?" Mia asked with a glance.
    Last edited: Jun 23, 2019 at 2:33 PM


    No. I’m not racist or political. Honestly if I was racist don’t you think it would’ve been obvious by now? Or that you probably would’ve heard about me. I can’t even think of a reason why to hate a whole group of people. It just seems.... so.... so.... wrong? It just seems unfair to all the people.”

    He came back around a bit unnerved by her eyes surely he must be seeing things? He sat on the old worn wood and reclined back leaning into it.

    Could he touch her? Could he hold her? No definitely not. She’s hurt him. But it seemed like she needed someone to comfort her. He tried to think.

    “So how was your day today?”
  15. Jannistory19

    Jannistory19 The Eager Rper

    Mia gave another soft scoff. "Then you're fine. I won't hate you then. And my day is fine, I suppose. Why do you care about it?" Mia asked as she got on her feet. This was.... A strange turn of circumstance. Having a conversation with someone that didn't completely end in flames.

    Not to mention it was the same person she talked a lot of mean crap to. He must be a masochist. Her body shifted towards the forested bike path, contemplating on whether or not to go. The screams of the children were annoying her to say the least, and she really just wanted to walk someplace quiet. A sigh came out of her mouth as the young woman rubbed the back of her head indecisively. After a couple of moments, she decided to make a regretful desicion.

    "You said.... You wanted to take a walk?" Mia asked as she looked over her shoulder.


    Alex was surprised by the turn of events. Almost caught off guard. He looked Mia up and down expecting some kind of trick or meanness getting none he smilies happily.

    “I’d love to take you up on that offer.” He popped up off the bench and got up next to her. The light struck him just right, he looked like that stereotypical depiction of an angel. The halo of light a blindly awesome face.

    He holds out his hand gesturing for her to go forward.
    “Ever take a walk with someone else before?” He couldn’t help but check her out. He kinda passed earlier since she’d been so mean.

    It was at this time Alex tripped daydreaming over the cute but mean girl. He gripped the only thing he could find, her. And before he knew it, he was laying soundly on top of Mia. Alex blushes and let out s pitiful. “I’m sorry. I’m so so sorry. I’m sorry.” Muttering it over and over again as he expected to get slapped and berated by Mia.

    Fear shone in his eyes before he looked at her and tried to be cocky.

    “What did you want on top?” He cracks a nervous smile as he roll off of her.
    Last edited: Jun 25, 2019 at 7:59 PM
  17. Jannistory19

    Jannistory19 The Eager Rper

    The man accepted Mia's offer.... Really? Even after she was super mean to him a couple of days before? Such a strange man. But Mia was even stranger for asking him for a walk. She put her hands in her pants pockets as she walked down the path, subconsciously listening out for signs of bikers or other walkers.

    The man's question made her think. But it wasn't for very long really. She never walked with anybody for any leisure related purpose.... or any purpose really. She gave a slight frown, but opened her mouth to give him an answer....

    But just then, the man tripped somehow and grabbed at her clothes. A yelp exited Mia's mouth as she suddenly saw the world spin around, and she abruptly stopped with her back and head on the ground.

    "Owww! You little.... watch where you're going!" Mia growled.

    His taunting statement made Mia tilt her head in confusion before she realized the hidden innuendo behind it. She blinked in shock - then embarrassment. Never has anyone spoken to her like this, and frankly, she had no clue how to respond. Her face felt hot with her growing blush, and she stuttered as she scrambled to get on her feet.

    "Why of.... Of all the th-things to say....! I would n-never...... Fucking ridiculous how immature men are in this day and age. Serves me right to offer a walk with a complete stranger the likes of yourself! You're lucky if I don't rip you to shreds right now," Mia snarled as she dusted off her jacket.

    Her body was incredibly tense, and she wanted to beat the smartass out of the guy, but she also wanted to leave the park and go home. Being home alone with her own thoughts would be better than to be told sexual jokes and whatnot. Her fists clenched together as she looked down on the man, really deciding on whether she should smack him silly.


    Alex felt terrible, he had just tripped in the girl he liked then tried to deflect the situation with humor. Stupid! That what she wouldn’t want.

    He pulled his legs in close curling up and covered his head. He waited to get hit. He waited for her to strike him. Maybe if she was feeling nice she wouldn’t make him bleed.

    He pitifully looked up at Mia.
    “Sorry bad taste I’m sorry. Please forgive me. I only wanted to be comical.” He couldn’t quite read Mia yet but she looked angry and gave off s generally unhappy vibe. And as such if scared him.

    “I didn’t mean it like that. I didn’t mean it like that at all.”

    ( sorry for so little )
  19. Jannistory19

    Jannistory19 The Eager Rper

    Mia sighed when the man cowered on the ground. Damn, did she really make him that scared of her? She barely even touched him. What the hell was his job if he was this timid? Was he a secretary or something?

    She looked around to see if anyone was watching the scene go down. Surely if anyone saw, they'd most likely assume that she was mugging him or hurting him. She didn't want that image on her, and at the same time, she didn't want him to just be on the ground like that. It made her feel like a bully.

    With another sigh, Mia hesitantly grabbed the man's shoulders, and pulled him up. She looked to the side with fiddling fingers before turning around. "No.... Maybe I shouldn't be so...harsh? I... Like comedy.... I think."

    Off to a good start. It was a good start for Mia anyway.

    "Umm.... I don't know how to do all.... This.... I've never walked with anyone before, so... Look, this is not my strong suit, as you can see. I'm not... Good at this... um, are you okay?" Mia slowly asked.

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