Witch Hunt [1×1]


The Eager Rper
Mia shifted on her feet as the man got up. He seemed to recover quickly. His suggestions made the woman narrow her eyes slightly, as if he was giving her a suspicious piece of candy.

"Oh yeah? Well don't get too comfortable. I only helped you up so it wouldn't look like I was harassing you. Can't have that image floating around among the parents and police and such," Mia said with a snort.

She began to walk down the path slowly but surely, searching her mind for more things to say. "And what if I don't want to be approachable? What if I like being like that? Hmm? And besides, I have friends. Lots of friends. You just don't know them," Mia snorted. She walked down the bike path, where her position threatened to cover her presence as she walked on.
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Alex again felt a shift in her disposition, needless to say again he felt the angry woman emerge. She got defensive again. It was like he was in a viper pit and he had to tread carefully.

“Well ouch. That one actually hurt.” He kinda stared dumbly and followed after her quietly listening to her go on about her image. “You know reputation isn’t all that matters you know? Oh what am I saying I’m sure it matters to your community.” Alex gave a defeated sigh why was he trying to help this woman again?

She played devil’s advocate. Again he was beaten. So he was honest with such. “Well I guess you win. I probably won’t see you again and you go hang out with your friends. And I’ll just drift in the wind again. It’s as simple as that. I just hope you’re friends have your back.”

Alex got quite and walked next to Mia quietly. Was he stupid or to soft? This woman really didn’t want his help. And why did he even want to help her anyway? Some cardinal desire, lust or love? He kinda liked her, but he doubted the feeling. Why would he like a woman such as her? Aggressive and shy... something was different about her at least.

The path was pleasant and a breeze had set in by now. Alex put his hands in his pocket as he watched a golden leaf drift slowly to the ground. One even blew into Mia’s face. Before of course they came to a big leaf pile that someone hadn’t jumped into. A mistake which demanded fixing.


The Eager Rper
Mia stopped walking at the man's statement. Reputations. She never really wanted one, but she had to make one in order to survive. She was pretty sure this soft man wouldn't understand her circumstance. "Well.... Reputations are all I have. Otherwise, people will walk all over me," Mia stated as she kept going.

The small jab at her having 'friends' made Mia lower her eyes towards the ground. Friends. What was so good about them anyway? No, don't ask that. She still knew about it. Some stuff anyway. And the thanks went to -

A leaf interrupted Mia's thoughts. She sputtered and moved her arms to get it off her face, thinking it was a bug at first. When it dropped to the ground, Mia snorted and shook her head, before glaring at the man with a huff. She and the man soon walked up to a leaf pile. Strange, was someone collecting leaves?

"Well, we can go down this way, or that way," she said as she looked down the paths.


All she had was a reputation? That shouldn’t be all the things someone had. He opened his mouth to say something but shut it. He reminded himself of was pointless.

Alex giggles a bit as the leaf blew into Mia’s face. It freaked her out he could tell. But it was so cute! The look she made anyway.

“Hmm seems we have s problem. I say we go right” Alex jumped into the leaf pile scattering leaves every which way. A shower of red yellow and brown.

He got up and looked at Mia. “Unless you you want to go first young lady?”


The Eager Rper
Mia mentally scolded herself as she walked down the bike path. What was the purpose of doing this anyway? Talking to someone, who obviously has the mentality of a child, when she could've been scouting out for places to 'explore'.

Her ears twitched when she heard him giggle at her. Case and point. The moment he jumped into the leaf pile, she shook her head slowly. She took it back, that was case and point. Jumping in a leaf pile? How old was he, three?

Although.... She couldn't deny how pretty the leaves were. The colors were nice to see. But it reminded her of autumn, and of how close it was before she'd have to bundle up more. How she hated the colder weather; it was a vicious cycle of trying to stay warm from the cold air and rain, but then turning around and eating whole tubs of ice cream in one sitting. By herself. Her sweet tooth was especially fierce during those times of the year. Not to say that it wasn't bothersome during the rest of the year.

"You are childish. You wouldn't catch me dead jumping in leaves. Though I'll admit they're pretty," Mia said as she walked up to the man. She picked a couple of leaves off his shirt.... Then, she saw something. His face. That smile. Did jumping in the leaves make him smile that much? He looked so innocent.

She realized she was staring too long and frowned with a scoff. "But I hate what they represent though," the woman said a she quickly turned to the left path.
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Alex hit the leaf pile, gosh he’d been wanting to jump into one forever now. The leaves took flight and flew every which way. It was life a tornado of gold and red.

However the moment was ruined by Mia she looked unhappy. She must’ve thought him a child with a look like that. It made him feel bad. So Alex slowly removes himself from the pile.

Alex has been gathering all the leaves back up so whoever had gathered them wouldn’t have their hard work ruined. Mia spoke up and of course it was condescending or st least that’s how he felt it was.

“Do pray tell, what would you do for fun? Are you an artist by chance? You seem like the shy artsy type.” He blushes faintly as he got to look back at Mia’s face. She looked angelic in the light. He held her hand when she tried to return to the path. “Hey I know you don’t like it. But you are just breath taking when you’re in the light like that. Will you stay just s minute more?”

It gave Mia the chance to stare as much as she wanted if she took him up on the offer. It would look as if he were in a bed of autumn. The leaves mixed and mingled with his hair and cloth. His smilie has worn off, for an odd expression.

The moment of joy gone. However while that precious smilie had since faded, his face still looked innocent and peaceful.


The Eager Rper
Mia turned her head slightly at the man's question. Her spare time? She narrowed her eyes a little, but didn't see the harm in the question. Though, he did mention something rather specific.....

"I guess I could be, what you say, 'artsy'. But not on a canvas or anything. And I do prefer to paint alone," Mia said as she tilted her head slightly. When the man tried to compliment her, she blinked and crooked the corner of her mouth with a suspicious scoff. Where was this man's mind? Where in his mind did she look 'breathtaking'?

She sighed at his request for her to stay a little longer in front of him, but she decided to entertain him. "Fine. But I better not see or hear anything about a fucking shrine surrounding me anytime in the future," the woman scolded.

She stood still and looked at the man; his frame was littered with the colorful leaves of the trees. It made him look like one of those pieces of artwork made by a kindergartener when asked to make something that reminded them of Fall. Shaking her head a little, Mia picked more leaves off the man's shoulders, mentally acknowledging how strangely whimsical it made him look.

But then his smile went away. Hmm... She didn't know how to feel about that. He still looked innocent enough. Her brown eyes narrowed slightly before she blinked away. Her shrouded head shifting to the side as she looked to the man.

"What are you thinking about?" She asked.


Alex saw Mia’s eyes narrow. That was never a good sign. Was it something he had said? He just figured she was the kind who’d express herself.

“Ahh that’s cool. You’ll have to help me make art some day. I bet you can make some beautiful things. One day I’d like to take part. That is, if you’ll let me.”

Again he smiled since Mia was willing to stand in front of him. She was beautiful he’d give her that. His mind wandered a bit. Maybe one day he could hold her close. Then she got onto him about a shrine. “ Why would I do that? You aren’t a goddess. At least not yet.”

Alex got still as Mia took time to pick the leaves off of him. Maybe she did care about him. Nah it was her being a semi decent person. She wasn’t self absorbed maybe he could take her on a date? No no no bad idea. She’d probably hate having to dress up nicely to go some place fancy. Maybe she liked gin?

She tilted her head. He didn’t understand. What was the look about? Then she caught him off guard. What was he thinking about.

“I’m thinking about the prettiest woman in the world right know. Do you know her? She has these soft brown eyes. That are always locked and angry. Her skin is soft, but you can’t get near it. She has a lovely face, probably stolen from her mother. She’s lovely but she’s definitely dangerous. Do you know who I’m talking bout?” He practically sang to Mia. He wondered if she’d get it.

“Otherwise I’m thinking about all the pretty flowers and this gorgeous bike path.”


The Eager Rper
"Hehe... I don't think you'll like my work. It wouldn't be called 'beautiful'. It would be better if I kept my stuff hidden," Mia said as she shrugged her shoulders. This man was trying awfully hard to woo her. It was.... Unsettling. Why try anything on her? Did they think she was under a spell? Was he under a spell? She'd heard that spells could do that. But then who would be trying to o get after her?

When the man answered her question, she reeled her head back a little in surprise. Then her eyes adopted their usual unimpressed glance as she scoffed softly. Now he really was trying to woo her. Why? They'd only met a twice so far.

"No, I don't know who you're talking about. But I did say something about lying and flattery the last time we met. No, maybe I didn't... If not, then I'll say that acting like a lovesick puppy is not how you talk to every woman. I don't know what game you're playing, but I ain't playing.

You'll have a better conversation telling a flower that they're pretty. At least they are pretty," Mia said with a solemn tone in her voice. She turned around and walked a few steps down the path, turning her head to see it the man would follow.

((Jebuz, Mia is not giving Alex the time of day man))


Alex was disappointed and once again stung by Mia. He wasn’t love sick was he? Although A flatter He was definitely one of those. However nothing seemed to work on Mia. She got up and began to walk away. Oh well. He got up and walked behind her before catching up to her. Probably for the best she seemed mean just like the last one....

“It’s not how I talk to every girl. Just one. One special girl. But I don’t think she likes it so I guess all I can do is quit.” He gives an exaggerated sigh. “Well would you be interested in hanging out again sometime? I usually don’t have a whole lot to do on my off days. Which is nice. Because I usually don’t feel like doing much.”

He quietly walked with Mia looking around the path and pointing out flowers and trees to her as they went but nothing truly caught his eye like she did. Why did he want her? Was it the mystery, or was it the fact she was as mean as a rattle snake? Maybe he was just desperate. He felt alone and trapped and she was defientely alone.

Didn’t matter though. He hand looked soft. Maybe he should take it? No she’s slap him. “Well how was your day? Was it good at least?” He Awkwardly asked about her day so it wouldn’t be so deafeningly quite.


The Eager Rper
Mia stopped walking when the man said he spoke like that to special girls. Why...? What did he see in her? Seriously? She was wearing a black hoodie, some jeans, and some tennis shoes. What was there to see? A small flutter bounced around in her chest. What was that? She didn't understand what was happening, and she wasn't sure how to go about it.

She shook her head to snap herself out of her thoughts, and looked over to the man with a small frown. Now he's asking her out? What was with this man? Hadn't she entertained him enough? What does she say to that?

But... there was a part of her that wanted to go with him. She wanted to talk to others didn't she?

... No. No she couldn't. She'd just keep being mean to him. Despite how easily it came to her, Mia didn't like being so mean. She just couldn't help it. So she couldn't do that to this man. His voice pierced through her head, and she vaguely caught the words he said. She thought it was true - the trees and flowers were prettier than her. Though, soon enough, all the remaining leaves and fading flowers would soon be replaced by nothingness and bare branches. Fall was coming. She'd have to stock up on food so she can stay inside the house.

"How was your day?"

The man asked. Mia barely caught that. She shrugged her shoulders as she stared straight ahead. "I suppose it's fine. Nothing too great to note...."

Mia took a brief glance at the man next to her. Once again her mind scolded and teased her for how she was walking with a man. Alone. She must've bumped her head between last night and today.

"But..... I guess things are out of the ordinary today."
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Alex didn’t get a response from Mia about meeting up again. So he walked with her s bit more. And watched her think. What was it? He couldn’t tell. But she looked conflicted..... something was going on inside her head and he couldn’t place it. So he does the oldest trick he knew. What gran dad told him, to figure out he loved grand Ma.

He put his hand on Mia’s shoulder pulled her close and looked her in the eye. He lightly put his forehead to her forehead.
“It’s not the hoodie, it’s not the shoes, and while you look pretty, there is something about you, I can’t shake. It’s like I feel some kind of resonance. No more cheesy lines. Just let’s hang out and see if it works ok? So how about some coffee next week?”

He smilies and let’s her go his alarm on his watch begins to beep and go off. He looks at her expecting an answer. His eyes were full of hope. He was excited. Positively shaking.


The Eager Rper
It all seemed to go normal - the walk, the conversation. At least somewhat.

But then, out of nowhere, the man did something to her. He grabbed her shoulder, without warning. She let out a startled gasp, her body tensing as she was suddenly brought closer to his face. There was a low growl that was stuck in Mia's throat, but she somehow managed to keep it down as her forehead touched the stranger's head.

What the hell was happening? She was halfway through the motion of shoving the man away from her, but then he spoke to her. She blinked in shock. The hell? What did he feel about her? What did he sense? A resonance? Was was that? The entire thing was beginning to scare Mia. Nobody had ever talked to her this way before.

Is this what happens when she offered to walk with random men? If she saw this happen before she walked down the pathway, she'd never said yes to him when he asked. But all he wanted was for her to go out with him for coffee.
Mia gulped a little bit. He began to smile again after his offer - something about that smile made her want to say yes. He seemed to full of hope, hoping that she'd say yes.

"I.... Ahem...."

What now? Were the words caught in her throat as well? Damnit, this was not funny. Her hands quickly hid in her jacket pockets, something Mia wished she could just as easily.


Mia couldn't help but stare at the man. She didn't want to admit it, but she somewhat respected him for asking someone out that he barely even met. He was so brave.... Or he was so stupid and desparate.

But she couldn't talk crap about him, at least, not after what she was going to say now.

"I s-suppose we can. I g-guess...." Mia shyly stuttered.


Alex smilied happily and pet put a war hoop. “Thank you! Thank you so much! Sadly I have to go now. But thank you so much!” Alex ran off to get home. Waving at Mia cheerful and so full of hope and energy.

He had a date with his special someone. Of course once he though Mia was out of ear shot. He yelled out “SHE SAID YES” at the top of his lungs

After Alex left the part he realized he didn’t have her number, which was a massive blow because now he wouldn’t know if she would be able to come or if something would have happened to her.

He sighs and lays down in his bed with a fresh bottle of vodka by his side. He would have a quick glass or two and be off to dream land in no time. Although he still felt bad that he had to go in such a hurry. The night was still young he He was unwilling to loose sleep when he had to be right back up tommrow.

Of course for Mia, she could easily go around and explore now. Without Alex to get in the way.

Alex downed his second bottle and was out like a light, his doors we’re locked and he Had his windows barred up to protect his home.

It’s wasnt s Fort Knox but it certainly wasn’t a cake walk.


The Eager Rper

Mia stood still in a shocked stupor as the man damn near ran away with a renewed, excitable and bouncy air to his stride.

What the hell did she sign up for?

'What the actual hell was that? Why did I just say yes?' Mia asked herself. When did she just accept date requests? Oh god, what was she getting herself into? Then something popped up in her head.

'Wait.... When am I supposed to meet him? He didn't say anything about the time.'

Great. What the hell was this? And she wasn't going to chase after him. This wasn't some romantic comedy movie. Her life wasn't some chapter out of a romance novel.

Maybe he'd forget about it? No, that was stupid as hell. How would he forget his own date?
Ack! No! Don't say that. It wasn't a date. But didn't he say that? Mia whimpered to herself under her hood as she walked down the bike path. Damnit. She knew that she'd regret letting the man walk with her.


Hours later, night had settled. Mia had stayed home after leaving the park, wallowing in her desicion. Even after hours of thought, she still couldn't figure out the reasoning behind accepting his request. She sat down while eating her bowl of noodles, contemplating why her brain even considered going out with someone as the likes of that man.

He annoyed her with his cheerful and positive nature, and his smile was as if there was nothing wrong with the world. She snorted. She was thinking on the situation for far too long. She had to go out and distract herself before she made herself grow anxious.

Putting her bowl down, Mia got on her feet and refreshed herself. Grabbing her bag, she went back outside and began walking to the inner streets of town. She remembered that had some scouting to do - hopefully the possibility of a little confiscation would distract her from her..... social predicament.

She walked towards the part of town that housed those in the upper middle class. They owned rather nice things, and she needed to restock her inventory for her trinket shop.

She didn't know which house would be a good target, but all she wanted the inhabitants to be asleep. She didn't care how long she had to wait - the later in the night it was, the better chance there was for her to catch them unawares, and she could do her business undisturbed.

She didn't know how long it was before she spied an apartment complex. Smaller space, but not necessarily less stuff. She nodded, deciding that it was best for her to do a small job here. The other buildings would make it easier to hide and get away from whoever would be willing to chase her.

With this in mind, Mia made her way to the gated community. When she got within the gates, the hooded woman then proceeded to scout the windows of the homes to see who was awake and who would be asleep. While there were a lot of pros to trying a thieving job in an apartment complex, there were it's cons as well. Smaller spaces meant a higher chance of messing up and bumping into something.

There was also the chance of her entering an establishment that might've had people who were awake. It was because of these reasons, among more, that she decided to scout those who were alone. Those who were alone at the moment, or, more preferably, those that lived by themselves.

Passing by a building, Mia caught the sight of a home that was what she called 'blacked-out' - when the whole home was dark. The presented window was dark. Titling her head, Mia traced the window to the most probable door parallel to its window. Walking around, she slowly and quietly walked up the steps and put her ears onto the door.

She couldn't hear anything. That could've meant several things. But she decided to take the chance that the household was asleep. After nearly five minutes, Mia managed to open the door, and slowly entered the apartment. She took a listen to her surroundings as she quietly closed it shut.


Silence. So the inhabitants here were asleep. Mia took a sniff of the air and immediately scrunched up her face. Alcohol. So someone here drank. She never liked the stuff. There as also another scent that caught Mia off guard. She couldn't place it, but it smelled very familiar. She shrugged it off, and put herself to the task at hand. Finding valuable stuff.


Alex’s apartment was small and cramped. Mia was standing right in the largest room that Alex owned. His living room. It was clean and well kept, like it had never been touched.

There was a small bar for cooking , washing, and preparing food with a pantry. Unlike he living room it seemed slightly used, but far to clean to see heavy use. A few apples and other fruits laid on the counter.

Then there was of course the bed room, a soft light shone as a TV played quietly. The reek of alcohol was strongest in the bed room. Of course there were some valuable things in there.

There were several paintings that looked fantastic and that were old. Hanging on that bed room wall. There was a safe under the bed, which Mia couldn’t know about just yet. Another safe tucked in the corner. There was a a old hand gun on the night stand. It was loaded, and there in case of home invasion. While guns were valuable this one was old and collectible.

There was a lock box and a ring box in that very same night stand. Several old family members’ rings were inside the ring box. There were many trinkets and odds and ends. Things of mostly little value to others.

For instance one of those was a key chain, it had many things on it, such as a real crocodile tooth and a real shark tooth. A photo from the 1878 of a poor family. They stood in front of s big building that had burned down a long time ago.

There was Alex’s watch. A 1978 Rolex, it still ticked due to its mechanical battery being powered by kinetic force. It was off by an hour. The bed itself was probably 60-80 years old with a hole worn in it for Alex to sink into at night.

On the wall was bits and pieces of riot gear which had seen better days. A scarred helmet stared down and into the room. It smelled faintly of flame. And the glass was scratched to hell. It once belonged to a friend.

A detective badge laid on a dresser with the next day’s clothes. Everything was laid out nice and neat there. Along with a bullet proof vest. There were a few shock plates with bullet holes in them.

The oddest of things was a bag behind the door. It reeked of perfume, Well for Mia it reeked for a human it would be faint. It had some women’s clothes in it. A cat mask that felt entirely evil and a picture. A black winter jacket full of fur was on top. It had lots of valuable jewelry in it. As well as a unliscenced gun, with a knife. Alex has written an Apology note on it. A long, winding note with little spots from where water had hit it. The hand writing was terrible as if written in great distress.

As most people do, Alex wore a face to hide what he didn’t want shown. He smilies and acted cowardly and tried to bring out the good in people, but his room did not match that happy and carefree energy he had spent so much time building. It was startling.

The room was a mess on one side anyway, the other was clean and untouched. The sheets had been wadded up. Alex was mostly wrapped up with a quarter empty bottle hanging off the bed. A beautiful ring on his pinkie. It had been a gift from her.

Clothes laid in the floor and there were bloody spots in the floor. It was unclear how or why they were there. But with some reasonable doubt it was obvious who’s it was. It had been Alex’s Blood.

Without his clothes and long sleeves, the bruises and scars on his body were now visible. Long, careful cuts. That ran deep but avoided the major arteries and veins. Clearly meant to dig at muscle. Belt lashings, around the shoulders and back. Nail and teeth marks that hadn’t fully recovered yet.

There was a box of change under Alex, heavy, but not as heavy as it use to be, filled with coins some rare some not, mostly the usual fair. But still a lot of them. It was meant for a long and amazing vacation that wouldn’t happen anytime soon.

It wasn’t much but it was Alex’s. Mia was an uninvited guest who was about to shatter his little world. The only question was what or how much was she willing to lug and haul off?

Alex turned and rolled to the other side. Pulls the cover over his head, and curls up on the far side of the bed. He gave a pathetic whimper.


An orange jumpsuit. He was locked in a cell, he was going to die soon. They had sent him into this room for a test. Slowly the huge metal door opened. And before him was a smiling god.
A cat 24 Feet tall with quadruple the usual amount of limbs smiled down on him. He was expected to play a game and entertain the god of games.

It ended poorly, as he was beaten and swiftly, eaten alive. Thank gosh the dream ended. It went to black and the next dream began. This one much more traumatic.


The Eager Rper
Mia took extra care to tread carefully as she looked around the apartment she was in. Her eyes took a moment, but eventually, her night vision kicked in. As she sniffed the air, Mia the first thing that was recognizable was the stench of alcohol. So this person drank. No matter. It made it easier for her, since drunk people slept more heavily. At least in her experience.

Her eyes scanned the cleaned area, and noted it to be the living room. Not too bad. It was better than her place, that's for sure. Her eyes glanced at the kitchen, and the decorations that covered the walls.
There didn't seem to be much to partake in, so she slowly and cautiously stepped into the bedroom, which she assumed to be the one with the t.v. that was still on.

Upon entering, the stench of alcohol was overwhelming, threatening to make her faint the way it hit her senses. She hissed softly as she shook her head, a low growl rumbling out of her throat as she glared at the person that laid in their bed.

Drunken piece of crap.

Another scent was brought to her attention soon after. A feminine scent. Perfume? So strong. Her head tilted to the direction of the nscent
'I wonder what treasures are sitting around here,' Mia wondered as she crept further into the room. The tv made it easier to detect the object in the room, and she was somewhat intrigued with what she saw. Paintings, guns, safes.... Oh? A safe? Those often held valuable items right? She tiptoed right to the safe in the corner, but right as she was upon it, a scent flowed to her nose.

What was this? It was feminine in nature, and it was strong, almost as strong as the alcohol, but not quite there yet. Perfume? She turned her head, intrigued at the new scent presented to her. She followed her nose again, and it led to the door, with a bag hiding behind it. Curiosity slithered into her mind, and after trying to resist the temptation for a while, she peeked inside for the contents of the bag. Clothes that belonged to a woman. Daring to put a finger inside the bag to move things around, ahe also spied a gun and a knife inside... Why? The hell was this for?

Soft hisses echoed in her mind, a warning signal that suggested danger. Who was this person? And why was this in a bag? A note was in the bag as well. She couldn't read much of the writing, but she also didn't want to.

Despite her apprehension about the contents of the bag, Mia put her wariness aside and took the jewelry that was in it, and put them in the bag that hung on her back.
She backed away slowly as she eyed the person in their bed, making sure that they didn't wake up. After several moments, Mia took the time to scour the room, noticing certain places being cleaner than others.

Another thing she noticed was the splotches of blood that stained the carpet. What the fuck? What was this? She stared at the floor, then to the person in the bed. Who the fuck was this person? Why was there blood everywhere? Did she just step into some scene like those suspenseful killer movies? But the scent of the blood made her freeze. It smelled vaguely familiar. Masculine.... And it recently smelled like..... Someone she hoped wasn't the case.

Mia slowly stepped over to the side of the bed where she could see the face of the sleeping person, and was shocked to see it be the man who asked her out earlier that day!

'What the hell? What am I walking into?' Mia thought with a nervous breath. All of a suden, she was nervous to see the man. Why did he have woman's clothes? And a knife? And a gun? And blood spots on the floor. What was this man do behind closed doors? Suddenly Mia had a horrific realisation:

She had a date with this man. This seemingly cheerful and friendly man really turned out to be a drinking..... Mia couldn't even find a word for him. There was one word that stuck out like a thorn in her side, and she prayed that it wasn't the case - murderer.

What if she was staring down at a sleeping murderer who preyed upon young women....? And what if she was next?!
Panic slowly bubbled within her. What the hell as she supposed to do now? What if she rejected him, and he would grow obsessed with her and try to kill her immediately?

'Stop it! That's not going to happen!' She scolded to herself. Damn, did Mia watch too many of those movies. Once Mia's imagination ran off into the deep end, it was sure enough going to take her with it, spewing out scenarios like a broken printer does with paper.

It was then, while she was zoomed in on the man's face, that she saw the scars and bruises littering his skin. She tilted her head curiously. Now what was this? Why was he scared so? Marks and bruises all up and down his body, tooth and nail marks along his arms and back, that seemed to have been recent - but not too recent.

Questions flooded Mia as she studied the body before her. What was wrong with this man? Why was he like this? He never seemed to be the wounded, damaged type that hid his problems with drink. At the time, she had leaned in while examining the man, her hands oh-ever-so softly pressing against the spaces of bed beside him.


Alex felt something pressing on his bed, something had moved his covers, it had to be a dream. But he grabbed a hand a soft hand. He grasped and pulled the figure into bed. He dropped his bottle of vodka on the floor. It shattered and released a foul smell. It would leave a size able stain.

Alex wrapped his arms around Mia. He began to tremble and weep. He pressed his half naked body against Mia. She wasn’t going anywhere while he was lucid. His mind stuck in a dream that was entirely self made began to ran.

He pressed his face against Mia, and breathed in her smell. Didn’t smell right to him, but he want strong at smelling. His hands fumbled with Mia’s clothes. He knew how to please the person his mind thought should be in bed. One hand snakes it’s way inside Mia’s shirt and felt her soft stomach. The other rubbed her breast.

He gasped out, thinking he could finally apologize. He whispered in Mia’s ear. His arms shaking as he touched her sensitive areas inappropriately. It would only escalate through the nigh.

“H-honey! I’m sorry! I-I’m s-so Sorry. I p-promise I-I’ll.-“ he coughed and shivered expecting to get a solid punch to the groin. His eyes began to water.
“I-I’ll list-listen next time! P-please do-don’t leave me again! I-I left the house- hi-just like you like it! I-I promise I was g-going to give your things back! I just wanted you back dear! Please! Please don’t leave!”

Alex pulled Mia tighter. If she wrapped her arms around, she would find spots where her nails could naturally just sink in. Spots where nails had been dug into Alex’s soft flesh. If she leaned into his shoulder she could find a bite mark. Human teeth all the way around.

If she went just below his ribs, there was a perfectly, shaped scar. It was the dimensions of a combat knife. There were other such scars on his lower body.

Softly a tear touched the side of Mia’s face. Alex was weeping. But was it tears of joy or sadness?
“Please. Honey please don’t leave me. I promise you won’t have to beat me again! I’ll give you all my energy... I promise please dear don’t go.”

Alex blurted out everything in jibberish. Blubbering and softly sobbing as he thought someone he held special was back. Someone he was trying desperately to please. Softly Alex kisses Mia’s check his whole body trembling.

For Mia however, whom had no connection she may enjoy what was happening she may not. Her back pack had been pushed off and Alex already had her bra off. His hand has slid into her shirt. He gripped her breast and rubbed them this way and that. Playing with them tirelessly. His hands were gentle and he treated her with a softness. Slowly he worked up to pressing on her breasts.

His hand jittered and shook as he rubbed Mia. When she didn’t strike him, he laid a leg over her waist. He presses her tightly against him. Before he lays his head under her chin. She liked feeling above him. He was all to happily to go back to the way life was for a moment.

He had Mia’s shirt off and in the floor. Usually home invaders weren’t treated as nicely as she was. Alex presses his head against Mia’s chest as he listened to her heart beat. Hopefully she had one.

Alex settled down and softly held onto Mia. He wasn’t letting her go just yet, but the groping, which by golly had probably been magical, as when the punishment for not playing with a woman’s boobs was being stabbed, or worse, you had some pretty damn amazing ways to please a woman.

“Pl-please. D-don’t leave me. I’ll do anything you ask sweetie. Please sweetie please!” He has Mia half naked. The tables had tuned on the the little thief. He had her back, her jacket and her shit was probably sitting in the vodka puddle.

There was a very clear picture, of what had happened here, and further more what was still going on. Mia could feel and see, and even hear the evidence. It was Alex’s blood in the carpet. But who was he begging to come back? He didn’t have a wedding ring on his hands. But he definitely had a nice ring. She could feel it gripping the bottom of her tit.

He leans in and kisses Mia’s neck. Trying to get this woman she was suppose to be to stay, before resting his head back on her chest. Still trembling.


The Eager Rper
Mia failed to realize the situation she was about to be thrusted in. As she stood leaned over the man in his bed, she was suddenly grabbed and dragged into the bed. She gasped as she was involuntarily drawn closer to a half naked man. What the fuck was happening?!

"Oh shit," Mia whispered to herself. Panic rose within her - What if this man woke up, and she was in front of him? What would happen? Would he call the police? Would he hurt her? Kill her?

She jumped a little when the vodka bottle fell and shattered on the floor. She winced, thinking it would wake the man up, but it didn't do a thing! How out of it was he? She felt herself being grabbed even closer to the man's chest, and to her horror, she heard and felt him smell her neck. She growled softly, trying her best to push away from the man without waking him up, but he had a tight grip.

'Fucking hell.... I have to get out of -'

Mia frowned when she took notice of a scar in the area just under his ribs. What the hell? Was that a knife wound? He was stabbed? Or was it just a slash? It felt a bit too wide to feel like a simple scratch across his skin. Was he attacked by someone? Was he defending himself?
Her eyes suddenly widened when she felt hands groping her stomach... And chest. She tensed up, rejecting the sensation of a stranger's hand feeling up on her body while she wished to be free. What the hell kind of situation did she get herself into?!

She shook her head with a soft but angry hiss as the man continued to touch her. Anger welled up within her to the point where she opened up her mouth, wide to show her fangs. A single bite would finish him. She wouldn't be stuck in his bed anymore. She'd get up and leave without ever seeing him again. Fangs went forward to bite the man, but at that moment, the man cried out, and rather loudly.

It was enough to shock Mia from piercing him with her teeth, and have her reel her head back. Her eyes blinked in confusion as she listened to the man, trying to figure out what the hell he was talking about.

He kept moving, and Mia had to move her own body to prevent anything from jarring his grip away from her. Yes, it was contradictory to what she wanted to achieve, but the more he was allowed movement, the less of a chance he would wake up.
Despite everything in her being saying to not do so, Mia wrapped her arms around the man. She hated it, but not as much as she would when she'd find the marks on his back. She growled again when she felt nail marks on him. Like someone had dug their nails into him. Why?

His cries made something ache in her chest. What the hell was this now? It as almost as if she felt something for him.... Sadness? No.... maybe.... She gave a frustrated growl.

Pity. Yes, that had to have been it. This man was a lost soul.... But something just made her purse her lips together at the pleads he was making. Why would he want to be with someone who was beating him? How weak was this man?

Apparently not too weak to not strip her in his sleep.

If he touched her one more time.....

And then he took off her bra. Fuck, what was he doing to her?! This madness had to stop! She wasn't who this man thought she was! Stop rubbing her! And yet, even though she was despising everything that was happening to her, Mia couldn't help but to feel that small twinge of what she could only describe as pleasure from the way he was touching her.

It was.... Gentle. Soft. Loving. Another word came to her.... Erotic? Yes, that was the word. But was it the intention? She thought so. Or did she wish it so?

The man's shouts jarred Mia out of her head once more. Fucking hell, she was not expecting this when she broke into the man's house. The young woman couldn't hold back the moan that came out of her mouth, and she bit her lips as she prayed to make herself shut up. She had never been felt up like this before - it almost made her jealous of the woman who used to be in this bed.

The man then kissed Mia's neck. She moved her head to the side to allow the man to do so, and in doing so, she saw her shirt, bra and backpack on the floor, sitting in the puddle of alcohol under them. Goddamnit. She was going to have to wear her shirt again. And she would have to withstand the disgusting stench of vodka as it suffocated her all the way home.

Fuck. What did she have to do to get away from this man? Too much was happening. She tried once more to slowly pry herself away from this man, hoping that he'd stay limp enough for her to get away.
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Alex heard Mia’s soft moan. It wasn’t her moan. But hearing a moan made him happy in his head. He pulled Mia tighter and pressed into her nipples. He softly kissed her neck and licked, kissed, and blew on her veins. He would send a shiver through Mia before she left his bed gosh darn it!

The He rolled onto her smaller frame he knew what has to be done to please her. He wrapped his arms around her waist and gently sucked on Mia. It started as him slowly kissing and licking his way up her body, but then stopped at her breast.

Alex Pasionately licked and played with and pleased himself with Mia. He wanted to hear her moan more since it satisfied a part of him that wanted to please the woman who should be in her place.

He worked Mia over for Two hours. Finally Alex’s body went limp. He laid his head on her breasts. He painted softly. “ please don’t leave me again.” He told Mia softly and sweetly.

He got still, and for a moment, it may have even been safe to leave. Then he softly whispered about the Woman in the Park “She’s pretty, and cute but she’s so special. I’m not sure why she’s so mean. She could be so awesome. But something’s dark about her. Not outside but inside...” He hushes.

Alex goes limp. But his body is so warm. His arm laid across her stomach, and his legs intertwined with her’s. His other hand is under her body and on her shoulder. It’s quite a mess of tangled limbs. Alex’s hair was soft and ticklish. And evidently messy. A rat’s nest had formed Mia could easily fix it.

Softly Alex slept. He was at Mia’s mercy. But he was no longer messing with her body. Instead he was softly cuddling her. She could so easily save Alex from his nightmare. This never ending nightmare of hoping only to get punished when it finally came true.

Alex softly muttered in his sleep again. “Wanna keep you safe.” He softly told Mia.
It was awkward for a bit and then Mia’s worst fears came true.

Alex opened his eyes. And yawned before blinking. “I- wh-who are you?” He looks Mia in the eyes. “What time do I need to come pick you up? By the way. The date is Thursday.” He rolled to the other side of the bed and went back to sleep.

Then Alex finally realize, it wasn’t a dream. His eyes shot open and he checked the other side of the bed. He rolled over and grabbed his gun. And scanned the room. Mia has a major advantage, she was both wide awake and could see much better in the dark.
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