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» World Revolving Never More «
GM( @Gummi Bunnies ) // Co-GM( @York )

Ah… were you actually paying attention when I spoke of my deal to you? … You should already know, but if I have to really sum it up to you… Ahem, I am simply deceiving the laws that be, whether it be the constraints of time, space, natural order, or even life itself. Deceiving all that for you to live a special kind of life, a life that’s one of a kind, a life that never gets boring and keeps you on your toes. I figured that it should be fun to start it off on a village’s festival day as well. Oh, and don’t worry, you’ll enjoy the experience, maybe revel in some surprises, or possibly wonder if it can last forever.

It turns out that we can have a brief meet-and-greet before we are to never meet again. So… mind telling me about yourself?

... who am I?

» Premise

This roleplay will be a story-driven narrative through the remote village of Hinamizawa on the day that the annual Watanagashi Festival is held at the Furude Shrine grounds. Every action will matter to some extent, much like a visual novel or choose-your-own-adventure type of game. With that in mind, the pacing will generally be short, but some events may cause a sudden domino effect. This description is fairly short and blunt since I rather not spoil the grand scheme of things, that's for you to find out. Simply take your time treading through the story as you become a part of it, and tread carefully, as everything is not what it seems. cough cough
Have I been through this... before?

» Rules

1. As we are on STC, all the site’s rules are in effect in this roleplay.
2. No godmodding. No meta-gaming. The final decision will be made by the GM and the co-GM, when regarding any case that may come up.
3. In order to avoid possible clutter in the thread, refrain from OOC comments in the IC thread and stick to at most 3 pictures/gifs per post. For OOC comments, there is this sign up thread and the group Discord. Feel free to PM me if you’d like an invite to the Discord server!
4. The following character limitations are: no duos and the character must be humanoid in appearance at least. Any powers and various outlandish weaponry/gear will be unavailable for most of the roleplay.
What does all mean?

» Character Sheet

Appearance: ( A brief description of your character. A picture is fine by itself. )
Name: ( self-explanatory )
Age: ( self-explanatory )
Canon: ( the form of media that your character comes from. if your character is original, list them here as "OC" )
Powers/Equipment: ( any special traits, supernatural powers, any kind of gear, etc. )
Short Bio: ( a summary of this character's history. A wiki link is fine too. )
Other: ( Miscellaneous information that doesn't fit in the prior categories )
Have we... ever met?

» Cast List

@Jeremi as Barret Wallace (Final Fantasy 7 Remake)
@Minerva as Daniil Dankovsky (Pathologic/Pathologic 2)
@Capri as Kamal Bora (Smile For Me)
@Yun Lee as Lewis Finch (What Remains of Edith Finch)
@Takumi as Saki Haijima (When a Magician's Pupil Smiles)
@Lucky as Zoey Clarke (Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist)
Can no one hear me? Or can I hear no one? Please… please tell me…
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jellicle clancy

Parsley Botch
Smile for Me
He’s a normal man with no powers.
He was born to Jimothan Botch, who he has a sour relationship with. Jimothan is a man who likes sports and women, while Parsley doesn’t like sports and is gay (he’s in denial, though). He went to law school and became a lawyer, much to his father’s reluctant approval.


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Name: Saki Haijima
Age: Unknown, appears to be in his 20s-30s
Canon: When a Magician's Pupil Smiles

Saki can create physical magical barriers in quick succession (faster than the normal 30 minutes it takes most magicians to do so) and can survive being stabbed through the heart, to the surprise of the Magician Leo Koenig who believed he had died. He has high amounts of magical energy (that's shown as an almost water like substance that's part of their life force) that can also heal wounds, however not all of his abilities seems to have been shown in canon. Due to his high amount of magical energy, he has contracts with many Spirits, and keeps a mental barrier up in his apartment to hide said spirits from the eyes of normal people.

Once a Magician forms a contract, they don't need to eat, their spirit doing it for them. If a Spirit is poisoned, it affects the Master and imobilizes them temporarily. If the Master is killed, the Spirit has about an hour left to live. A Spirit is affected by their Master's emotions and mental state due to being linked closely with each other, and in a sense, act accordingly to whatever mental state or emotion their Master is in. Though they've been seen to mostly act like children in most cases. An example of this would be Saki's main contracted familiar Levi (pictured above).

Levi is Saki's main contracted familiar. The spirit eats so much and is always hungry that Saki has to live in a "rundown" apartment. Levi can fly and change sizes to be larger than Saki himself, and is usually used as transportation and on one occasion, injured Ouka to keep him from attacking someone, and another time also carried both Ouka and Shou in it's mouth. It tried to eat Shou on their first meeting, and Saki almost let it until convinced not to, much to Levi's disappointment. Saki and Levi seem to understand each other well.

Short Bio:
The strongest Magician of his world, Saki doesn't care about being the Controller. Once when he was younger, he only held back half of his power so he wouldn't have so much expected of him.

Four months before the series takes place, he meets Ouka Namae right after the boy had killed his father and frantically wrote a message to his "other self" in a notebook. Saki had to stop Ouka from going on a killing spree, and had taken him as his apprentice to pass onto him the strongest magic. However, he plans to keep Ouka "half alive" to protect the world, and has made an enemy out of his ex-friend Leo Koenig, the current Controller and second strongest Magician.

Other: I'm taking some liberties with him based on what was revealed in canon. He won't have Levi with him, and he won't have his powers and such with him. Due to the fact that he doesn't need to eat, he seems to eat at least once, possibly to keep up appearances.
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Booker, are you afraid of God?

Name: Daniil Dankovsky, Bachelor of Thanatology
Age: 28
Canon: Pathologic/Pathologic 2
Powers/Equipment: Supreme intellect in the science of death. A set of medical and scientific equipment, including a microscope.
Short Bio: The Bachelor


jellicle clancy
Replacement for Parsley Botch


Kamal Bora
Smile For Me
An average, everyday man
A dental assistant, he worked with Dr. Boris Habit in setting up The Habitat, a place where sad people can stay in order to be happy. One day, it rained and caused Martha (this giant mouth in the courtyard that produces laughing gas) to rust. Dr. Habit stole all of the resident’s assigned toothbrushes to clean it, however, Kamal never got his back, causing his teeth to become dirty. Dr. Habit made fun of Kamal’s teeth to the point of Kamal quitting his job and booking a residence at the Habitat.
Taken before Flower Kid came to the Habitat in canon​


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The Convergence Series GM

Name: Barret Wallace

Age: 35

Canon: Final Fantasy 7 Remake

Powers/Equipment: Has a gatling gun for an arm.

Short Bio: The loud, boisterous leader of an extremist cell of Avalanche, an anti-Shinra resistance. He believes that shutting down Shinra's mako reactors is the only way to stop them from destroying the planet. He lost his right hand sometime prior to the beginning of the game and had it replaced with a Gatling gun, which he wields in combat.

Other: Taken from the end of Part 1.
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